Hujrah Wahaj is not who she appears to be. The Photos and ergo narrative sold to the American people are BUNK. She is in fact quite educated and active in her Islamic faith. She reports for CNN, has a Twitter account, and runs organizations. To believe that this woman went to live in the frozen […]

FBI stated this morning that the leader of the Terrorist training compound in New Mexico was Jany Leveille age 35, girlfriend of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. Wahhaj is the son of prominent Brooklin Iman Siraj Wahhaj sr who is also a co-conspirator in the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center. The FBI is attempting to […]

The New Mexico district 8 Judge dropped all charges on 3 of the compound Muslims.

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The science of the using numbers to manipulate human behavior is nothing new. Numbers were neither discovered nor invented but somewhere in between. It has long been known that numbers represent the physical world and one can not only measure but manipulate the physical world through numbers. Or rather manipulate any organism which can understand […]

Taos Judge Sarah Backus ordered the destruction of evidence on the property of the alleged terrorist compound in northern New Mexico. The trailer the 5 adults and 11kids were living in was ordered removed on Aug 16th. However authorities failed to remove other items such as live ammunition which is still laying around the property. […]

Recounting a conversation I had 4 years ago with a man who told me an incredible story about how he went about marketing laundry soap before putting his skills to use as a presidential campaign advisor.

Monday, August 13, 2018, Judge Sarah Backus, released on bail four of the five suspected Muslim terrorists arrested at a compound in northern New Mexico where the body of a three-year-old kidnapped child was found buried in the back of a 100-foot tunnel under the compound. Judge Backus set bail at $20,000 as she did […]

A quick comparison of views and traffic between two platforms, YouTube and Real.Video. Given the length of time, subscribers, and traffic on YouTube; the views and reach on my channel there should outpace all other platforms, but this isn’t happening. My views at Real.Video are quickly outpacing YT. Friends have informed me that they are […]