The high strangeness involving the October 1 Las Vegas shooting continues. It is no secret that the numerology, dates, moon phase, and the names of key actors in the Las Vegas production have been scripted and choreographed to manifest and undetermined will. That the Las Vegas shooting is, in fact, an ongoing ritual, ceremony, spell, […]

The technocracy would have us believe that we are an accumulation of our social media presence. They would have you believe, and this belief reinforced through entertainment and the collective media cycles, that the memes, photos, and random thoughts you post online are a true reflection an extension of you as a human being. And […]

Continuing right along with the new segment series “crazy things people told me while on tour” in this video I relay a conversation with a 3-star army general turned head of United States epidemiology. It occurred back in 2011 while I was a concierge at a four-diamond hotel in Scottsdale Arizona. The gentleman was a […]

A three-hour conversation with a chemical molecular geneticist affords some interesting insight into the world of DNA research, as well as an unbelievable confession. What follows is a short recap of my conversation with a DNA geneticist which took place during a 15-hour tour from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon in 2014. This is the […]

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Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud, the early 1900s. The weapon rising and streamlining of modern-day mine control. You may think its something out of a sci-fi movie, and yes that’s part of the control mechanism as well, but mind control was perfected over a century ago and has been used against the populace ever since. Television, […]

An agenda, driven by horror. The left will stop at nothing to capitalize on any tragedy and further their agenda. From the coaching of school children to the hiring of lobbyists and viral media companies, CNN has been transformed into a mechanized globalist mouthpiece with only one agenda.

Nunes Memo In a not so hidden message to Freemasons President Trump released the Nunes memo on the 33rd day of the 2018 calendar year. There can be no possible way this is by accident, especially with the ramp up and news media coverage. Once again, this plays into lunar energies, this time harnessing that […]

Jason Bourne Predicts the Las Vegas Event. Like many other movies produced in the U.S. there is often a foreshadowing of things to come as it pertains to national tragedies. It’s as plain as day that the director of the Jason Bourne movie made a focused camera shot on the numbers #32 and #58 in […]

Testimony of Robert Cody Snodgres. In his own words, Cody explains his knowledge and involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing as a CIA black operator.

Senator Orrin Hatch introduces President Trump during his visit and speech in Utah as the “Leader of Earth” to off-worlders and or an alien species. This video explores States vs Federal land rights, public land, government control of public land, the vast unsettled land of the western U.S. and the ancient stories and legends of […]