Who is controlling Sherriff Joe Lombardo? Who got to him and why is he making a mockery of himself and the office of Sherriff by parroting the lies and impossible narrative forced upon him by the Aaron Rouse and the FBI? What is the true nature of the Sherriff’s office and why is this important […]

If I were to say Pyramid, sacrifice, equatorial moon phase, a religious day of sacrifice, sacred numbers and the drinking of adrenalized blood drinking; you may think Aztec sacrifices atop ancient pyramids. However, I’m actually speaking of the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The Las Vegas Shooting was among other things, an elaborately timed event, syncing […]

Evidence that Hillary Clinton has been arrested. It’s making the rounds that Hillary Clinton along with the Podesta brothers have been arrested on sealed indictments and have been questioned in the ongoing investigations headed by Robert Muller. It is rumored that the Podestas have agreed to turn themselves in and cooperate fully so long at the […]

Evidence presented that the entire Paddock family was sheep-dipped and being used by the CIA as assets. Evidence of brownstoning and asset management of the Paddocks by the CIA. Wikileak documents prove. Here we lay out the connection between the CIA and the Paddock family. We dig into the history of the Paddocks and explore Stephen […]

A breakdown of the numerological energies in Trump’s most recent speech as well as evidence of the DEEP STATE’S involvement in the Tehama shooting. Thus far, Trump’s administration has been extremely productive and successful is implementing its vision for the future of America.  A vision which is decidedly different from that of the Deep State and […]

A follow-up video on Trump’s Asia tour. This video breaks down the science behind the phases of the moon and its impact on humans.  Traditionally this science has been known as Moon Magic. Here I show not only the correlation between Trump’s international trade policy and the phases of the moon but the Trump’s larger goal to […]

What follows is a detailed analysis of Donald Trumps apparent and obvious knowledge of the ancient esoteric sciences and how he is making use of them to facilitate willful change in the physical world. Here I lay out how Trump or someone close to him is Crafting and Harnessing natural earth energies including MOON PHASES […]

What does it mean when a hard drive comes up missing from the suspect’s laptop of the largest mass shooting event in U.S. history?  Does it make it even more suspicious when the crime scene was sealed and the only persons having access to it are the FBI and LVMPD who are actively covering up the […]

Examination of the Breaking news of Stephen Paddock’s brother Bruce Paddock’s arrest for child pornography only days after the Las Vegas massacre. In this video, I break down how the FBI, CIA and other government agencies create narratives and spin events, creating false realities which the mainstream media disseminate at will. We also dive deep […]

Capstone Cathedral

February 11th, 2018 by

“Do not rebuke mockers, or they will hate you; rebuke the wise, and they will love you.” – King Solomon Masonic to the Core The design, numerology, and symbolism embedded in the Capstone Cathedral are without a doubt of Masonic influence. I didn’t know exactly I was going to discover when I began researching this […]