Radio & Podcast Appearances


Detroit Lazy Podcast

November 12th appearance on DetroitLazy  with Sean & Josh.  Your’s truly chimes in at 47:00 but I highly recommend listening to the entire show.  Not only are these cats funny, but they do a great job bringing together a wide variety of people and opinions to discuss current issues and topics.  Topics covered in my segment include U.S. Mexican border issues, immigration and economy, the Trump/Clinton race, numerology, and terrorism.


December 14th appearance on DetroitLazy with Sean and Josh.  Sean and Josh loved the first episode so much they wanted to do a complete show on speculation and conspiracy.  They bring me in at the 30:00 minute mark and from there we jump right into it.  Topics covered include PizzaGate, Trump, social trends and propaganda, secret societies, the moon, and Antarctica.