Masonic and Rothschild connections trace all the way back to the beginning of Macron’s rise to power.

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Hi ! I stumbled upon your presentation on Youtube and I paid attention to it because everybody feels something big is about to take place, and people don’t know what it is or what they can do if anything about it. Also at the end of the presentation I heard you asking if anybody might know anything about what is really going on in France. I happened to listen to some other presentations on line that absolutely clarified for me of what is going on there and what is exactly going on here. I listened to ProphecyAgainTv on the presentation: Macron Enacts Pope’s Carbon Tax and other presentations from this webside on the subjects of present day events such as : Trump: Fed Reserve is the Problem.Rothchild Fires Back and many other super informative presentations.
Another website I listened to its presentations from is I found the presenter/s topics very informative , among which I could name only a few: A Woman Rides the Beast, The Secret Behind the Secret Societies, Hidden Agendas, Revolutions,Tyrants and Wars, The Two Beasts Become Friends , A New World Order, The United Nations and the Occult Agenda and so on.
I hope this helped you a little to understand what is going on in Europe, in the United States and how this will create a domino effect throughout the entire world.

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