The high strangeness involving the October 1 Las Vegas shooting continues. It is no secret that the numerology, dates, moon phase, and the names of key actors in the Las Vegas production have been scripted and choreographed to manifest and undetermined will. That the Las Vegas shooting is, in fact, an ongoing ritual, ceremony, spell, a sacrifice that is yet to yield fruition is obvious to anyone who is even partially familiar with the occult.

That the scripting of this event ties into the Bible is no shock either. The Bible is very often if not always at the center of most dark energy being worked by the elite and the occultists of our world today.

In this video, I present the connection between Exodus 32:34-35 and the events that transpired in Las Vegas on the day. It is yet one more connection to the ritual that was acted out there.

We also discuss many other numerological coincidences and alignments in Vegas including the characters of Aaron, the golden calf, Thelema, US Route 93, and the latest Jason Bourne film.