The technocracy would have us believe that we are an accumulation of our social media presence. They would have you believe, and this belief reinforced through entertainment and the collective media cycles, that the memes, photos, and random thoughts you post online are a true reflection an extension of you as a human being.

And maybe, in the beginning, it was. But this online social world is now a replacement for the lives we live and often matters more than the true connections we make with whom we engage in the real world.

The scary part is that this online virtual avatar has now been weaponized and is being controlled and managed by the social engineers who are Google, YouTube, Facebook, and their ilk.

This is a short video outlining a personal experience and my frustration with a friend who has been completely mesmerized and fallen under the spell of the technocratic sorcerers. It is a plea for those of you who are awake to go out there and do your part and attempt to wake the others.