De-occulting John McCain 5-Day Masonic Funeral/Ritual

Was John McCain a Freemason? There is no outright evidence of this and he has no stated allegiance with the figure society. However, his life, and especially death, is replete with Masonic overtones. I Present my work and will prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that McCain’s funeral, which he planned himself, was indeed a Masonic ritual. John McCain was not only the 13th senator to ever “Lie in State” under the rotunda at the US Capitol, but he was the 33rd person to ever “Lie in State” there as well. What are the odds that John McCain’s body spent one day under each of these domes and traveled from the west to the east after a 3 day period of resurrection Pursuant to the Legend of the Phoenix bird hailed by the Freemasons in a city named Phoenix, Arizona by a 32nd° Scottish Rite Freemason by the name of Lord Darrell Duppa?