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The Physics of Astrology across the world.

What was the WHCA originally designed for? What is their true purpose? Do you even know what this organization does? Are they using the codenames of the First Family to signal intent in their public rituals? Did you know that they were primarily responsible for documenting both the JFK assassination and the attempted assassination of […]

The fate of Hillary Clinton has been foreshadowed. The Trump family has played their ritual hand and set in motion energetic forces which will drive the final nails into the Clinton’s coffins.

Masonic and Rothschild connections trace all the way back to the beginning of Macron’s rise to power.    

On 11/11 at 11:11 am something interesting happens at the Pillars of Pride Veterans Memorial in Anthem, AZ. The sun perfectly aligns the through 5 marble stone blocks and illuminates the great seal of the United States. This is a full production complete with marching bands, keynote speakers, ROTC recruits, and politicians. This monument is […]

It’s October 30, 2018, and Donald Trump has just sent 5200 troops to the US Mexican border. Like everything else surrounding our political system today, the occult runs deep through this event as well. George Soros, the globalists, and the Pope have done their best to construct a movement rooted in Latin American energies ancestry […]

It seems that the country as a whole isn’t buying the narrative storyline that this manufactured event is the work of a wackjob conservative. On the contrary, it’s more evident than ever that sorcery is afoot Of course there is the hoax itself, the impossible storyline that 9 bombs were sent out 13 days before […]