SETI Sorcery and the #72 (Numeric Vibrational Entrainment)

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September 13, 2018

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has done it again. SETI. It seems last night they discovered 72 signals emanating from a solar system far far away. I find this quite a coincidence as back in 1977 the received a similar signal for 72 minutes. This was known as the “WOW signal” The number 72 is found encoded into many deep state operations and esoteric works. This is because it is a foundational, or fixing, number. It resonates with the frequency of the human condition as we are all subject to it. We experience our lives unfold through what we call time and this time is in part acted upon by a phenomenon called procession. Procession is the advancement of the wobble of the earth due to its tilt off its main access. And this wobble would be 1° every 72 years. This video uncovers and exposes the number 72 and how it is being utilized energetically.

Cory Daniel
Cory Daniel is a professional certified interpretive guide and writer/researcher who currently lives in the Valley of the Sun.
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    Another weird ’72’—> 9-11-2001 and 11-22-1963 -> 72 days between these dates (excluding the years of course). Very strange, considering these events were extremely similar in how they unfolded —> right before everyone’s eyes. And it’s been stated multiple times how 9-11 is this generation’s JFK assassination.

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    This is an amazing find…Well done…I agree it is a signature of some kind. I would be guessing if I had to subscribe it to an orchestrator, however. Do you think these things may manifest naturally in this dimension or more planned out and executed by mankind working these energies?


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