[ De-Occulting the Uvalde, TX Robb Elementary School Shooting ]

What Happened 

Here is the official Narrative from our collective grimoire, Wikipedia

On May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos fatally shot nineteen students and two teachers, and wounded seventeen others at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Earlier that day, the perpetrator had shot his grandmother in the face, severely wounding her. After firing shots outside the school for approximately five minutes, he entered Robb Elementary School armed with an AR-15-style rifle and handgun without encountering any armed resistance. The perpetrator locked himself inside a classroom, where he killed his victims over the course of an hour, before being killed by a United States Border Patrol tactical team. It was the third-deadliest American school shooting, after the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, and the deadliest ever in Texas.


Salvador Rolando Ramos – What’s in a Name

Salvador = Savior

Rolando = Fame

Ramos = Bough, Branch, Bouquet


The shooter’s name could be interpreted to mean a few things

  1. A savior who achieves fame by reaching out with a (branch of peace)?
  2. A famous savior who wields a branch. 
  3. A famous savior who wields a wand

However, when you know the etymology for the word bough you come up with another meaning altogether. From middle English bough means “main branch or limb of person or animal, specifically an arm and shoulder.” But, more interestingly, figuratively a bough is used In Christianity to represent the Christian cross, but as the word refers to a branch that grows from the main trunk of a tree, another more common usage for the word is to represent “offspring or descendants”. So with this in mind.

  1. The descendant of a famous savior
  2. A famous savior who will be crucified/sacrificed
  3. The arm, or force utilized by a famous savior
  4. A savior who will achieve fame through sacrifice (of others)


From Middle English bough (branch of a bush or tree, especially a main branch; limb of an animal or person; something resembling a branch (such as a plant root or branch of a nerve); (figuratively) Christian cross; descendant, offspring) [and other forms],[1] from Old English bōgbōh (tree bough or branch; arm; shoulder), from Proto-West Germanic *bōgu, from Proto-Germanic *bōguz (shoulder; upper arm), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰeh₂ǵʰús (arm).

Whatever interpretation you make of the gunman’s name one thing is for certain. The killer was literally titled at birth with a name that resonates deeply with Christian mysticism and occulted undertakings. 


So Many Numbers

I’d like to start out the section on numerology by stating that this is the first time ever we’ve seen this many numbers thrown out to the media surrounding a “Mass Shooting”


Like most other American “Mass Shootings” there are significant and numerous undertones of scripted occulted numerology in this shooting. Integrated numerology intended which leads to a desired manifested outcome by those responsible.

#133-The High Signature

The “High Signature” is the combined numbers 13 and 33 sharing the common middle number “3” to form the number “133”

The “High Signature” or the number #133 can be found front and center in nearly every public ritual carried out these days. Especially sanctioned ritual hits, and emotionally charged paradigm-changing events like 911 and school shootings. Wherever one sees the combined 13/33 signature they can take it to the bank that both wings of the Freemasons Secret Society (The York & Scottish rites), or the body recruiting from this pool have combined their intent and sanctioned the action.

133 = 13 /3 & 1/ 33

So, where is it found in the Uvalde, TX shooting? When you subtract 365 years from the date of the shooting you come to May 24th, 1657. 

Pay attention at the : 42-second mark



Salvador Ramos purchased and had a total of 1657 rounds of ammunition in total. Using the number of bullets for the year, it is exactly 365 years from the date of the shooting. TO THE DAY. There are 365 days in a year or one earth revolution around the sun. OR, a journey through 12 constellations for the sun.

The number 365 is intrinsically a SOLAR, OR CHRIST-NUMBER. 1 Sun & 12 Constellations.


133,303 – Remove the 303 and we are left with “The High Signature”

Take the 303 from above and we have the 33 Degrees in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

But where is the 13 for the York Rite? 

It is in the number 133,303 itself. 1+3+3+3+3= 13 

So there you have it. “The High Signature” “Scottish” and “York” Rites all represented FRONT AND CENTER and spoken aloud to the world in ritual form at a makeshift altar. 


The Number #144 (The Chosen Ones)

The Uvalde, TX shooting happened on the 144th day of the solar year

Shooting right out of the gate is the number 144. Although this number is only mentioned thrice in the Bible (all three times in the Book of Revelations), it factors heavily into the prophecy, as well as the underlying foundational relationship between Christians and Jews. And of course, that factors extremely heavily into the U.S. government, U.S. politics, and international and middle eastern affairs. 

The Robb Elementary School shooting happened on May 24th, 2022. 

An Old & New Testament Number

The number 144 is a supporting Christ energy number and of course, has everything to do with the 12 tribes of Israel. Note, that it is not a number directly found in the Torah, although when the number is referenced in the Book of Revelation it refers directly to the 12 tribes of Israel. This, of course, is in concert with “signs in the heavens” and the “Great Tribulation period”. ERGO, the return of Christ.

The number 144 is achieved in scripture by the taking of 12,000 descendants from each of the 12 tribes of Israel during the end times.

Revelation 7:3–8:  saying: “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the servants of God on their foreheads.”
And I heard the number of the sealed, 144,000, sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel:
12,000 from the tribe of Judah were sealed,
12,000 from the tribe of Reuben,
12,000 from the tribe of Gad,
12,000 from the tribe of Asher,
12,000 from the tribe of Naphtali,
12,000 from the tribe of Manasseh,
12,000 from the tribe of Simeon,
12,000 from the tribe of Levi,
12,000 from the tribe of Issachar,
12,000 from the tribe of Zebulun,
12,000 from the tribe of Joseph,
12,000 from the tribe of Benjamin were sealed.

Revelation 14:1: Then I looked, and behold, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.

Revelation 14:3–5: and they were singing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. It is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These have been redeemed from mankind as firstfruits for God and the Lamb, and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are blameless.

Revelation 21:17: And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

HOWEVER, if understand that both Christianity and Judaism, as well as Islam, Hinduism, and all the other organized religions before them stemmed from the understanding of the Sun, not the Son, you can begin to look at this entire body of collective religion, numerology, priests, saviors, sacrifices, resurrections, etc in the light of ASTROTHEOLOGY.  Which is exactly what (in my opinion) Christianity actually is. And those who currently hold the reigns of the controlling institutions of our world are using the natural energies harnessed from celestial physics and human emotion, intent, and labor to achieve their desired goals. 

This is what is referred to as OCCULTED KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge which is reserved for the few and hidden from the masses. Religion is given to the masses in order to harness and control them within the system while keeping them blind and ignorant of the true meaning of our collective holy scriptures. Ergo, the numbers representing people, tribes, deities,  loaves of bread, virgins, warriors, trials, tasks, deeds, candles, brides, kingdoms, stones, years, temptations, stars, gates, etc are all alligorical in nature, and their true base meaning can be found within the solar cycle and humanities engagement therein.

#144 is the 12th Fibonacci sequence number, 13th if you count “0”

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …


The 1 and 12 ratio is the Christ/Disciple ratio and is used to bring in and manifest the numerological Christ resonance energies.

The number 144 is 12 Squared  

Anytime I see a number that reflects the number 12, especially in relation to mass shootings or high-profile murders, I sit up and take notice. For it is almost always a vibrational accompaniment or supporting number that has everything to do with harmonizing a Christ energy number. For in the Bible as well as in our government we will find that the number 12 always supports the number one. 13 Colonies. 12+1, Pennsylvania being the “Keystone”.  AGAIN 12 disciples + Christ

  • The Bible makes it a point to mention the savior of humanity only twice in his first 12 years, 1st and 12th. This is no accident as the number 12 is symbolic of God’s spiritual kingdom. Jesus was sent to prepare a spiritual kingdom in the heavens for all mankind. The Old Testament Book of Genesis states there were 12 sons of Jacob and those 12 sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • 12 patriarchs from and including Shem (one of Noah’s sons saved in the Ark) to Jacob (Israel): Shem, Arphaxad, Salah, Heber, Peleg, Reu, Serug, Nahor, Terah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – Genesis 11:9–32; 25:1–28:22
  • The New Testament tells us that Jesus had 12 apostles.
  • According to the Book of Revelation, the kingdom of God has 12 gates guarded by 12 angels.
  • Solomon’s throne of power had 6 steps leading up to where he sat, and there was a lion on each side of the six steps (12 total) – 1 Kings 10:18-20; 2 Chronicles 9:19
  • The 12 administrators of Solomon for all Israel -1 Kings 4:7
    Manasseh was 12 years old when he became king – 2 Kings 21:1; 2 Chronicles 33:1
  • 12 apostles will sit on 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel in the regeneration – Matthew 19:28
  • 12 wells of water at Elim – Exodus 15:27; Numbers 33:9
  • 12 loaves of permanent offerings on the golden table – Leviticus 24:5
  • 12 loaves of bread were broken by Jesus Christ for the Last Supper -Luke 22:14–19
  • Elisha was plowing with 12 yoke of oxen when he was admitted into the College of prophets – 1 Kings 19:19
  • It took 12 years before a young Israelite male could be admitted as a “son of the law.
  • The Bride of Jesus in Revelation 12, the Church, wears a crown containing 12 stars
  • 12 baskets of bread were leftovers after the miraculous feeding of the 5,000 – Mark 6:41–44
  • 12 men were appointed to explore or spy the land of Canaan – Due1:23
  • Prophetic writings in the OT are completed with the twelve “minor” prophets of the Old Testament: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.
  • The number 12 signifies the perfection of government or rule.
  • According to Bible scholars, 12 is the product of 3, which signifies the divine, and 4, which signifies the earthly.
  • The heavenly bodies are also connected to the number 12 since the stars pass through the 12 signs of the zodiac in their heavenly procession.
  • The number 12 has further significance, as it represents authority, appointment, and completeness. The number 666 is used to represent the devil and hell, whereas 12, 12, 12 is believed to signify God and heaven. The number 12 is also associated with the government of the cosmos.
  • The Virgin Mary stayed in the temple for 12 years.
  • Jesus was 12 years old when he questioned the scholars in the temple.
  • There are 12 legions of angels.
  • The tree of life in the new creation will produce 12 types of fruit.
  • The number of 144,000 servants of God is the sum of 12 x 12,000 (12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel)
  • The dimensions and description given of the New Jerusalem in the Bible’s Book of Revelation have multiples of the number 12.
  • The wall of the city has 12 foundations and the names of the 12 apostles.
  • The city measured 12,000 furlongs and the wall was 144 cubits, which is 12 x 12.
  • The number 12 is symbolic of God’s spiritual kingdom, both in heaven and on earth, when the earth and heavens will be created anew.
  • Daniel 12:12 “Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.” 1 + 3 + 3 + 5 totals 12
  • Twelve years of blood – “And a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years and could not be healed by anyone, came up behind him (Jesus), and touched the fringe of his garment; and immediately her flow of blood ceased.” Luke 8:43
  • The 12 stars of the crown -The twelve stars of the crown on the women in Revelation 12:1 is the foundation for the design of the European Union flag
  • The 12 Gates of Jerusalem – “It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates, twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed; on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates.

Twelve is also the number of full lunations in a solar year, and the number of years for a full cycle of Jupiter (the brightest of the ancient “wandering stars”), hence the number of months in a solar calendar, as well as the number of signs in the Western and the Chinese zodiac.

All of this is so because the number 12 is a component of the BABYLONIAN BASE 60 SYSTEM, the system used to measure the movement of the SUN/SON. 

More occulted numerology shows that #144 is also a Christ Resonance Number

You see that 1 Day equals 1440 minutes, it also equals 86,400 seconds. As we’ve learned above, 144 represents the 12 tribes of Israel while 86,400 represents the Son/Sun as the Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. 
Again, Numerical Christ Resonance

The Babylonian Base 60 System

Ramos had a total of 60 magazines for his Daniel Defense AR platform rifle

Officer Steven McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety stated in a May 27th, 2022, briefing that Ramos had a total of 60 AR platform ammo magazines, 58 were found on the scene and 2 at his residence. 

First of all, for all the non-gun owners out there. There is no way one person would or COULD carry 60 fully loaded AR-type rifle magazines into a combat situation. Not only does it not make any sense to do so, but it is also simply too heavy. 1 gen 3 30 round mag weighs 1 LB 1.1 OZ. Multiply this by 60 and we have roughly 66 pounds of ammunition. I questioned a Las Vegas sheriff’s officer and he stated while working, if he ever went into a situation where he  

I have written about the base 60 system in past de-occulting work and will cover it again here. The base 60 system is important to understanding the numerology involved in this type of higher magick reflects real physics and is foundational to the dark magicians who twist and mold the world to their will.  Their tool kit, if you will is comprised of the very underpinnings of our reality and makes up the very fabric of our natural universe. Again, they utilize HIDDEN or OCCULTED KNOWLEDGE. 

The base 60 system uses the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30. 

But why did Babylon use a base-60 system? Scholars believe that the base 60 system arrived out of the standardization of the many different measurement systems they had at the time. And the smallest common multiple of all the different units was 60. 

BTW, the number of minutes in a full day is 1440. Drop the zero of course and you are left with the above-mentioned #144. Note that the number of the sun is also 864, as the diameter of the Sun/Son is 864,938 miles across. This also makes the number 864 a Christ number. This is why these numbers are represented in the Bible through story and allegory. 

Numbers 111 & 112 

The rooms where the sacrifice took place were rooms 111 & 112 

Number 111

First things first here and we’ll be seeing this number a little bit later on as well, the number 111, is a solar number and harmonically ties into the Christ/Son/Sun resonance of this mass public ritual/sacrifice. If you’ll recall other de-occultings I’ve done, the number 111 comes up quite regularly and always has a solar tie-in. This is because of the numerology intrinsically hidden within it. 

The Solar Magick Square (Again, Sun/Son/Christ energy)


The number 111 is a numerical representation of the Trinity of God. It is also the sum of the chapters of the four gospels plus the book of Revelation. These all have to do with The Christ and his return. Interesting as well the French words “Le Fils de Dieu” (The Son of God) add up to 111 when using the English Ordinal Cipher



Number 112

The Last Pope

If you haven’t already put this together, this should really tie these two numbers together for you in the context of this mass public ritual. After all, this isn’t the first time the Catholic Church has participated in public ritual. LOL. In fact, it’s what they do. 

The alleged prophecy was first published in 1595 by a Benedictine named Arnold Wion in his Lignum Vitæ, a history of the Benedictine order. He attributed it to Saint Malachy, the 12th‑century Archbishop of Armagh. He explained that the prophecy had not, to his knowledge, ever been printed before, but that many were eager to see it. 

According to the prophecy of Saint Malachi, the 112th pope (Petrus Romanus) is to be the last pope ever in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  The prophecy states this. 

Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.


Skull & Bones

Of course, we’re going to see the Skull and Bones numerical fingerprint within this overt ritual, and we see it with the connected room(s) where the sacrifice took place. 

111 + 112 = 223

First things first, the caliber bullet Ramos used was NATO 5.56. This is nearly identical to the Remington .223 caliber. The only difference is that the 5.56 round is a tiny bit longer and holds exactly one more grain of gun powder. One can actually fire a .223 round from a firearm chambered for a 5.56, but not the other way around. 

The caliber of bullet used in the shooting is equivalent to the room numbers where the sacrifice occurred, added together. 


223 Mirrored is 322 or 3/22

Long-Scale Harmonic Resonance 

Columbine, CO % Uvalde, TX shooting connection 

This next finding was not discovered by myself, however, it was most certainly scripted into this mass murder ritual/sacrifice and is spot on. It has to do with the numerological relationship between the 1999 Columbine, Colorado shooting and this dark ops-sponsored terrorism. 

Birth Dates

Eric Harris – DOB April 9, 1981

Salvador Rolando Ramos – DOB May 16, 2004

This is a difference of 277 Months 8 Days apart between their Dates of Birth


Ritual Massacres

Columbine Highschool Shooting – April 4, 1999

Uvalde Rob Elementary School Shooting – May 24, 2022 

This is a difference of 277 Months and 5 Days apart between the Massacres 


May 24th, 1787 conviens U.S. Constitutional Convention 

It just so happens that on May 24, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina had a majority of their delegates present. New Jersey expected to reach quorum the next day. The very next day, May 25, was the beginning of the Constitutional Convention. 

May 15th-24th, 1787 – Preparing for the birth of America’s Constitution

(From Constitutioncenter.org)

The first gathering of these reform-minded delegates took place on the evening of May 16, in the home of Benjamin Franklin (where dinner was served in his impressive new dining room along with a “cask of Porter,” which, Franklin reported, received “the most cordial and universal approbation” of all those assembled). The Pennsylvania and Virginia delegates then met frequently during the days leading up to May 25. The presence of Ben Franklin and General George Washington gave the group both dignity and prestige, but it was James Madison, James Wilson and Gouverneur Morris of Pennsylvania who provided much of the intellectual leadership and who shared a commitment to creating a truly “national” government based on the consent of the people, not the individual states. Together these men would forge a radical new plan, the Virginia Plan, which would shape the course of events during that summer of 1787.  


May 16th through the 24th, Salvador Ramos prepares for the shooting

May 16th, 2022 – Salvador Ramos’s Birthday

May 17th, 2022 – Salvador Ramos buys an AR-style rifle

May 18th, 2022 – Salvador Ramos bought 375 rounds of ammunition.

May 20th, 2022 – Ramos bought the second semi-automatic rifle from the same store as the first.


 Rewriting the Constitution, Long-Scale Harmonic Resonance

The Constitutional Convention took place in Philadelphia from May 25 to September 17, 1787. Much the same way the gun debate was reignited the following day after the Uvalde shooting. 

June 8th, 1787, James Madison attempts the ‘Federal Negative,’ to expand federal power over the states 

On June 8th, 1787, at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, delegates from across the United States began discussing a curious proposal to expand federal power over the states. James Madison of Virginia had suggested that the new constitution include a “federal negative,” which would give Congress the authority to veto any law passed by a state legislature. He viewed this as a critical safeguard against unchecked power at the state level. In late May, Madison’s Virginia delegation had presented a plan for the constitution that included a watered-down version of the negative. Now, in June, Charles Pinckney of South Carolina revived the original version, calling it “the cornerstone of an efficient national Government.” Not everyone agreed with Pinckney’s assessment, however. Opponents charged that Madison’s federal negative would allow Congress to “enslave the states” and let “large States crush the small ones.” Indeed, the question of how much power—and what types of power—to vest in the federal government went to the very heart of the debate that unfolded that summer. Whether Madison could persuade his fellow delegates at the Constitutional Convention was far from clear, but there could be little doubt how much was at stake as the new nation struggled to find its footing in Philadelphia.

June 8, 2022, the U.S. Congress passes the ‘Protecting our kids’ act

House passes sweeping gun bill to raise assault rifle purchase age to 21; plan faces long odds in the Senate


It would appear the Uvalde shooting has been designed to create a narrative timeline similitude with the events surrounding the birth of our nation. There can be no doubt that the U.S. is going through a rebirth of sorts as we speak. I believe these rituals are designed as a catalyst to usher in both energetically through the incorporation of the human component as well as actually through using that human emotion in the manifestation of new legislation.  


The Ritual Use of Green

On 6th February this year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. During which she wore an evergreen colored dress. 

This was 122 days prior to Mathew McConaughey calling for gun control at the White House.

Where his wife brought for display a pair of evergreen Convers shoes with a heart on the toe of the right shoe. 


The Uvalde School Shooting took place in the span of 122 minutes from when Salvador Ramos crashed his vehicle and opened fire at 11:28 am, till he was shot and killed at 12:50 pm


It is blatantly obvious that it isn’t even the same pair of shoes



Busted! Saturday, December 7, 2013, this photo was uploaded to Mobile Toones as an IPhone Wallpaper Mobile Wallpaper download. Note the shoes. 

You can visit the page yourself here. https://www.mobiletoones.com/browse/free-mobile-wallpapers/s53-iphone-wallpapers/f79572-green-converse-iphone-wallpaper.html

But Listen to what Mathew McConaughey says about the shoes here. He says that Maite Rodriguez drew the heart on the toe of the right shoe. 



What does the name Maite Rodriguez mean?

Maite = Lovable

Yuleana =

It is worth noting that the color deep green is one of the colors associated with Jupiter in the science of magickal correspondence.  Aka, witchcraft and higher ceremonial magick. 

Rodrigez = 

Maite Yuliana Rodriguez = Lovable, Jupiter’s  Green Child, of Power/Fame


Well, it would appear that Maite is going to be used, as is a chosen victim of each and every one of these government-sponsored mass sacrifice ritual events as the poster child of gun control. And what better way to kick it off, than to have a favorite actor from “the right” to stand up and lead the charge. We’ll just put a pin in that right there.  Onward.

The name Zalenski also means “Green”. And we know Zalenski is a puppet to be sure.


Why is this important? Because Payton Gendron (The Buffalo Shooter) looked up to Brenton Harrison Tarrant (Christchurch NZ shooter) as his mentor. Brenton was trained in the military in Ukraine. Biden, Russia, Mass shootings, Destabilization, NWO… See the pattern yet? Let’s get back to green.


Green and Freemasonry/Occulted Knowledge

This is the symbol for the Freemasons Rainbow Girls  Society. The precursor to the Order of the Eastern Star for girls between the ages of 11 and 20 years of age.

Do you notice Green at the center? Where else have we seen that?

G = God

G = Geometry

G = 7 

G = Green

  1. Seven Bow Stations Teach lessons about the colors of the rainbow and their corresponding virtues:
    1. Love (Red) In all its forms
    2. Religion (Orange) The importance of religion in all its forms (based on love and forgiveness)
    3. Nature (Yellow) Its importance in your daily life
    4. Immortality (Green) The understanding of death is a part of life
    5. Fidelity (Blue) Emphasis on being honest and reliable
    6. Patriotism (Indigo) Encouraging citizenship to your country
    7. Service (Violet) Service to others which bind all the colors together

From http://freemasonrywatch.org/colours.html

Green has been directly associated with the ideas of resurrection and immortality…The aca-cia (the masonic evergreen) has been suggested as a symbol of a moral life or rebirth, and also of immortality. To the ancient Egyptians, green was the symbol of hope.

Uvalde and the Acacia Tree

As we’ve read above Acacia is known as the “Masonic evergreen”. What is the Acacia? Put a pin in this for a moment. 

Uvalde, Texas

(From Wiki) Uvalde was founded by Reading Wood Black in 1853 as the town of Encina. In 1856, when the county was organized, the town was renamed Uvalde after Spanish governor Juan de Ugalde (Cádiz, Andalusia, 1729–1816) and was chosen as the county seat. It is the southern limit of the Texas Hill Country or the most northerly part of South Texas. Uvalde is known for its production, dating back to the 1870s, of huajillo honey (also spelled guajillo), a mild, light-colored honey. 

The original name Encina means = Oak Tree
The original name Ujalde means “Place of Water” 

This last name appears to be Basque in origin. Interesting side note, Arizona is a variation of a Basque word as well and means “The place of the good oaks.” A little-known history is that the Basque followed the conquistadors into the American southwest in the 1500s. The Basque were primarily sheepherders and sheep need a consistent supply of fresh green grass. Oak trees start growing in the American Southwest around the 4000-foot elevation mark. Here you will usually find a more ready supply of water due to increased precipitation and cooler temperatures. But why is this important, and did you know? Uvalde is known as the wait for it………


Why is this important? Well, if you read above in the Uvalde name section it states that Uvalde is known for their famous honey which is made from the blossoms of the Guajillo plant. What is a Guajillo you may ask?

Guajillo = Acacia

Didn’t we just read above that the Acacia tree/Branch was one of the most important symbols/implements used in Freemasonry? 

From Masonicfind.com

The full excerpt of the above quote can be found here at sacred-test.com

This is a comprehensive article about the Masonic virtues, and ritual uses for “The Sprig of Acacia.”

“First. The acacia, in the mythic system of Freemasonry, is preeminently the symbol of the IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL-…

“Secondly, then, the acacia is a symbol of INNOCENCE.

“We Masons, describing the deplorable estate of religion under the Jewish law, speak in figures: ‘Her tomb was in the rubbish and filth cast forth of the temple, and Acacia wove its branches over her monument;’ akakia being the Greek word for innocence, or being free from sin; implying that the sins and corruptions of the old law and devotees of the Jewish altar had hid Religion from those who sought her, and she was only to be found where innocence survived, and under the banner of the divine Lamb; and as to ourselves, professing that we were to be distinguished by our Acacy, or as true Acacians in our religious faith and tenets.”…

“But it is needless to multiply instances of this symbolism. In adopting the acacia as a symbol of innocence, Masonry has but extended the principle of an ancient and universal usage, which thus consecrated particular plants, by a mystical meaning, to the representation of particular virtues”…

“But lastly, the acacia is to be considered as the symbol of INITIATION. This is by far the most interesting of its interpretations, and was, we have every reason to believe, the primary and original, the others being but incidental. It leads us at once to the investigation of that significant fact to which I have already alluded, that in all the ancient initiations and religious mysteries there was some plant, peculiar to each, which was consecrated by its own esoteric meaning, and which occupied an important position in the celebration of the rites; so that the plant, whatever it might be, from its constant and prominent use in the ceremonies of initiation, came at length to be adopted as the symbol of that initiation.”

Honey is the product of bees and the beehive is another forefront and important symbol of the Freemasons. This is also the symbol for the Mormons. Joseph Smith was also, of course, a Freemason.

From Masonicfind.com

The Blood Smearing Ritual/Initiation

You’ll recall the day of the shooting we learned that one little girl in room 112 survived by smearing the blood of a friend and classmate on herself and lying still in order to trick Ramos into believing that she was dead. She shares her story with Congress below. 


Do I believe the story she is telling here? Honestly and quite frankly, I do not, and here are my reasons.

  1. There are no tears.
  2. She doesn’t call her teacher by name. Not once. 
  3. She states that her teacher made eye contact with him in the hallway. The actual quote is “She went to go lock the door, and he was in the hallway, and they made eye contact”… How does she know if they made eye contact? This doesn’t seem like something an 11-year-old would think to notice, remember, or convey in light of just seeing her teacher’s head blown off. 
  4. “He shot my teacher, told my teacher goodnight, then shot her in the head.” 1. Do you know how loud an AR-15 report is, especially in closed quarters? 2. She is just watching all this and listening clearly between the gunshots and in between the shots and terror and ear ringing she heard and remembered Ramos say “Goodnight?” The first shot through the window wasn’t enough to send her 11-year-old mind into a panic? 
  5. “And then he shot some of my classmates and the whiteboard.” Again, here she doesn’t use any names of her friends or classmates. 
  6. “When I went to the backpacks he shot my friend that was next to me.” Wait a minute, I thought she was already at the backpacks? and AGAIN, why doesn’t she refer to he friend by name?  
  7. This is the one that first set off my red flags. “I thought he was going to come back to the room, so I grabbed the blood and put it all over me.” Grabbed the blood? Since when and better yet, HOW does one grab blood? is this just regional and cultural dialect? Could be I suppose however in my experience with the Spanish language I’d have to say that the verb used by non-English first speakers, in this case, would probably be “took” as in, “I already took my morning coffee.” And where did she put it all over herself? Besides, does anyone really believe that an 11-year-old girl would dip her hands in the blood of a dead friend and then smear it all over her body? This is fucking preposterous. 
  8. Then she stayed quiet and went and got her teacher’s phone and called 911. I’m going to assume the teacher had a smartphone and not a flip phone. This phone must have just been sitting on her teacher’s desk and not on what was left of the teacher after she got her head blown off at near point-blank range. And what? her teacher didn’t have an access code on her phone? AND Miah wasn’t shaking AND the blood on her hands and fingers didn’t prevent her from swiping the phone open and pressing the display buttons to get to the phone app?” 
  9. In the end, she says that she wants to “have security” and that she doesn’t feel safe at school because she doesn’t want it to happen again. 

In my opinion, this entire interview was scripted as hell and was set up as an aftermath propaganda piece to capitalize on the sacrifice as a push for gun legislation. Which it looks like they got. By the way, did you notice the ritual scripting in the video? The ritual scripting tying Miah’s interview to the Christ energy of the shooting? Her shirt. 

Live By The Sun

Live by the Sun or Son. On a Camoflague background (hiding), With 3 Sunflowers (Holy Trinity, 3 degrees of Freemasonry) 


What does the name Miah Cerrillo mean?

Miah means “greater”, “midwife” or “foster mother” (from Maia), “temple”, “palace” or “shrine” (from Miya), and “bright”, “love”, “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness”, “wished for child” or “beloved” (from Mia).

Cerrillo is a Spanish noun that means “Hill” 

St. Hubertus and the Smearing of Blood Ritual (Speculative)

St. Hubertus – Patron Saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers 


There is a reality and a mythos attributed to St. Hubertus. Here is the story as it has come down, somewhere in between I’d imagine. 

The following is taken in part from Catholic.org

Hubert was born in Toulouse around the year 656, he was the eldest son of Bertrand, Duke of Aquitaine. He nearly died at the age of 10 from a fever. As a youth, Hubert was sent to the Neustrain court of Theuderic III in Paris. There, his agreeable address and charm led to his investment with the dignity of “count of the palace”. Around 682 Hubert married Gloribanne, daughter of Dagobert, court of Leuven. Hubert soon followed his noble peers to the Austrasian court and was welcomed by Pepin of Herstal, Mayor of the palace, who entitled him almost immediately Grand Mater of the household. 

Hubert’s wife died giving birth to their son Floribert, and due to grief, he retreated from the court. He withdrew completely from any and all society into the forests of the Ardennes and gave himself up entirely to hunting. 

Legend holds that on a Good Friday morning, while the faithful were in church, Hubert was hunting in the forest. As he pursued a magnificent stag or hart, the animal turned and Hubert was astounded to see a crucifix floating between its antlers. He heard a voice saying: “Hubert unless thou turnest to the Lord and leadest a holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into Hell.” Hubert dismounted and prostrated himself, and after asking “Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?” is told, “Go and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you.”

The story of the stag first appears in one of the later legendary hagiographies (Bibliotheca hagiographic Latina, nos. 3994–4002) and has been appropriated from the legend of Saint Eustace or Placidus. It was only attributed to Saint Hubert in the 15th century.

Saint Eustace is revered as a Christian martyr. According to legend, he was martyred in AD 118, at the command of emperor Hadrian. Eustace was a pagan Roman general, who converted to Christianity after he had a vision of the cross while hunting. He lost all his wealth, was separated from his wife and sons, and went into exile in Egypt. Called back to lead the Roman army by emperor Trajan, Eustace was happily reunited with his family and restored to high social standing, but after the death of Trajan, he and his family were martyred under Hadrian for refusing to sacrifice to pagan Roman gods.

Hubert is honored among sport hunters as the originator of ethical hunting behavior. In some versions of the story, the stag is said to have lectured Hubert to hold animals in higher regard and have compassion for them as God’s creatures with value in their own right. For example, the hunter ought to only shoot when a clean, quick, and therefore humane kill is assured. He ought to shoot only old stags which are past their prime breeding years and forego a much-anticipated shot on a trophy to instead euthanize a sick or injured animal that might appear on the scene. Further, one ought never to shoot a female with young in tow, to assure the young deer have a mother to guide them to food during the winter. Such is the legacy of Hubert, which is still taught today and who held in high regard in the extensive, rigorous German and Austrian hunter-education courses.

Blooding: As a tribute to St. Hubert a tradition began at the time of his death in 727AD. After a hunter killed a deer, a knife would be placed on the wound so as to be covered with blood. With this bloodied knife three crosses of blood would be drawn onto the face of the hunter who shot the deer. One on the forehead, and one on each cheek. This was to symbolize Hubert’s holy encounter with the deer and Hubert’s blessing for the successful hunt. 

This common ritual varies widely today, but usually involves a parent or senior member of the hunt taking blood from a hunter’s first kill and applying it to his or her face. Some elders carefully streak the hunter’s cheeks with a blooded finger, while others hastily smear blood all over the hunter’s face.

Interesting as well, Hubert was the first bishop of Liège in Belgium. According to legend he was visited by Saint Peter, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, on his consecration. Saint Peter gave Hubert a golden key and told him that God had given him a special power against evil spirits. Angels from heaven also appeared and presented him with a stole. Soon afterward, Hubert is said to have miraculously cured a man who had been bitten by a rabid dog, and he became known as a protector against the deadly disease.
After his death, people began to make pilgrimages to Saint Hubert’s shrine in the hope that he would protect them from rabies. Those who were unable to make the pilgrimage turned to the monks at Saint Hubert’s abbey, who issued pieces of iron known as the keys of Saint Hubert. These ‘keys’, which were more often shaped like a nail, cross, or cone, were often hung on the walls of houses for protection against the disease. They were also heated until they were red hot and then placed directly on the body where the bite had occurred.
If you’ve ever wondered why a bottle of Jagermeister has a deer with a cross between its antlers, well now you know. 

Florida School Shooting (Stoneman Douglas High School shooting) February 14, 2018

Shooter – Nickolas Jacob Cruz = Patron Saint of Children, Supplanter, Cross

Date – February 14, 2018, = Ash Wednesday, the day a quarter of the world had “crosses” painted on their foreheads.

Interestingly – I found this article published the day of the Uvalde School Shooting

The article can be found here

Could just be a coincidence, however.


Canadian TV series “19-2” School shooting

Or 19-2. Were you aware that there was a Canadian TV show called 19-2 which originally premiered on February 2, 2011? The second season began with the Jan 28, 2013 episode titled “School”. The death count for the Uvalde School shooting was 19 children and 2 adults dead.


It shouldn’t be surprising at this point that the number 111 (one of the classrooms & Christ) is encoded into this timeline. 



Again 111 from IMDb. 11th overall episode and the 1st of the season 


Here is the original airing of the episode as aired in Montreal in 2013. It is in French

Daily Motion link here




This series was such a hit that it was remade and released in English in January of 2014, but followed the exact same storylines and plots. Here is the English adaption aired in 2015



1. Victim Count & Show Name

Advertising image of the 19-2 TV Show


2. Propping the Door Open Scene

There is a scene in the first minute of the episode where the door of the School is propped open by the police. This isn’t the exact same thing that happened during the Uvalde sacrifice ritual however, the elements are present, and really, what are the odds? This is the first school shooting where a propped open door has been a major point of the narrative. 





This however is not what Wikipedia or the mainstream press is currently pushing

I would also like to point out that you can hear the cop say into his mic. “We have an 888 inside (DJ?) high school, I repeat multiple shots fired.” First of all there is no 888 radio call in Montreal. But more importantly. 888 can easily be interpreted in the occult or more specifically Freemasonry to mean the Masonic 24-inch gauge.

It is a gauge used to represent the 8 hours a day one should devote to work, 8 hours devoted to sleep, and 8 hours devoted to family and god’s work. 

3. The Masonic Checkerboard

The first dead body the cops come in contact with as they enter the school is a dead student wearing a black and white checkerboard shirt.

4. Girl Pretending to be Dead

At around the 8:00 minute mark, there is a scene where a girl pretends to be dead. Just like the story told by Miah Cerrillo



5. The TV Series School Shooter and David Hogg

This still photo is taken from the English adaption aired in 2015. The other angry asshole is obviously David Hogg. 





This still image was taken from the original version in French aired in 2013 in Montreal. The asshole on the right is still David Hogg.


But then there’s the David Hogg / Adam Lanza Comparison Too!!!


Before anyone goes off and thinks that David Hogg was the person in the original or Engilsh adapted 19-2 TV series, please know that we know who the actor is, and as of 2017, he was still acting. My point here is to point out that the actor looks NEARLY IDENTICAL to the Piece of Shit communist operative David Hogg. The actor’s name is Victor Labelle and he is credited on the 19-2 IMDb page.  Although, there is no photo. 

It is rather amazing to me however that someone picked an actor who looks nearly identical to David Hogg to play this role.

The 19-2, Buffalo, Uvaled Shooting Connection, Ley line Magick

It should surprise no one that there is an occulted connection between Buffalo, and Uvalde, seeing that these two shootings have been referenced thousands of times as the reason for the recent legislation which has passed both the house and senate. Uvalde came on the heels of the Buffalo supermarket shooting, and while this was a bit suspect, I couldn’t tie them together until I discovered the 19-2 connection. Here it is.

The following Google Earth photo shows a straight line between Ecole Secondaire Monseigneur-Richard and Robb Elementary School. 

This energetically dystopic ley line was designed to pass right through Buffalo, NY. 

But why didn’t it pass right through the Buffalo Shooting site? Which you can see center lower third. Because it had to pull in energy from a more powerful charge. Niagara Falls.

It literally passes through the exact spot of the falls. But that’s not the only place it had to align with. If it went through the Buffalo Shooting site it wouldn’t have lined up with, wait for it…..

The Mt. Carmel Center, Branch Davidian Compound. 


Mt. Carmel 

(From Wikipedia)

According to the Books of Kings, there was an altar to God on the mountain, which had fallen into ruin by the time of Ahab, but Elijah built a new one (1 Kings 18:30–32).


In mainstream Jewish, Christian, and Islamic thought, Elijah is indelibly associated with the mountain, and he is regarded as having sometimes resided in a grotto on the mountain. Indeed, one Arabic name for Mount Carmel is جبل مار إلياس (Jabal Mar Elyas, lit. “Mount of Saint Elias”). In the Books of Kings, Elijah challenges 450 prophets of Baal to a contest at the altar on Mount Carmel to determine whose deity was genuinely in control of the Kingdom of Israel. As the narrative is set during the rule of Ahab and his association with the Phoenicians, biblical scholars suspect that the Baal in question was probably Melqart.


According to chapter 18 of the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, the challenge was to see which deity could light a sacrifice by fire. After the prophets of Baal had failed, Elijah had water poured upon his sacrifice to saturate the altar. He then prayed. Fire fell and consumed the sacrifice, wood, stones, soil, and water, which prompted the Israelite witnesses to proclaim, “The LORD, He is God! The LORD, He is God!” In the account, Elijah also announced the end to a long three-year drought, which had previously been sent as divine punishment for Israel’s idolatry.

Though there is no biblical reason to assume that the account of Elijah’s victory refers to any particular part of Mount Carmel, Islamic tradition places it at a point known as El-Maharrakah or rather El-Muhraqa, meaning the burning.

Two areas have been hypothesized as the possible site for the story about the battle against the priests of Baal. The slaughter could have taken place near the river Kishon, at the mountain base, in an amphitheater-like flat area. The site where the offering took place is traditionally placed on the mountain above Yokneam, on the road to the Druze village of Daliyat el-Karmil, where there is a monastery, built-in 1868, called El-Muhraqa (“the burning”, possibly related to the burnt sacrifice”). It is regarded as one of the must-visit tour sites in the area of Haifa

In the 1850s, as depicted by van de Velde Under Islamic control the location at the highest peak of the Carmel came to be known as “El-Maharrakah” or “El-Muhraqa”, meaning “place of burning”, in reference to the account of Elijah’s challenge to the priests of Hadad. This, perhaps not coincidentally, is also the highest natural point of the mountain range.
And there you have it. Mt. Carmel was originally a site dedicated to the worship of the Lord but had fallen in ruin. Elijah was sent to Ahab and then challenged his 450 priests of Baal to a sacrificial showdown. After the priests failed to call upon Baal to ignite the altar, Elijah called upon the Lord and 
Kings 18:38 Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. 39 And when all the people saw it they fell on their faces and they said, The Lord he is the God, The Lord he is the God. 40 And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Ga’al’ let not one of them escape. And they took then’ and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there. 

Seems there was an awful lot of burning of children to the God Baal going on at Mt. Carmel before Elijah showed back up. Strange that the poison lay-line runs from the Montreal School, through Niagara Falls (just as Elijah had water poured upon his sacrifice to saturate the altar) to Robb Elementary passing straight through Mt. Carmel Branch Davidian compound where the Fed Government including the FBI and ATF burned alive 76 Branch Davidians, including 25 children, two pregnant women, and David Koresh.

Are you beginning to understand higher magick yet?

That is some serious energy to pull into a mass shooting. Heap upon this the gun control attempts that follow each and every one of these structured mass sacrifice events and you begin to see that not much has changed from the days of Elijah.  


FBI counter Intelligence – Route 91 Harvest Festival to Uvalde, TX

And finally, I’d like to point out a similar tactic used by the Fed in the aftermath of these mass shootings, specifically in this case, by the FBI. 

You all remember the Route 91 Harvest Festival. If you’ll recall, in the aftermath of that Terror attack on U.S. soil by the hands of Isis and Antifa, orchestrated by Obama’s crowd, an agent by the name of Aaron Rouse showed up on the scene and began directing the local law enforcement in action and PR releases. Officer in charge Joseph Lombardo was overshadowed by Special Agent Aaron Rouse on day 2 after the massacre. If you’ll recall, day 1 (before Rouse arrived) Lombardo mentioned Isis literature in the MGM hotel room as well as other information pertaining to the shooting. However, day 2 Rouse showed up and controlled the situation completely. 


Here is Aaron Rouse explaining to us all about “Federal Nexus”


Did you know that Aaron Rouse served as 


That’s Co Intel Pro if you didn’t know

Then there was the Florida School shooting known as the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Here we have special agent Robert Laskey making a showing and again talking about standing by the Florida law enforcement, to support and give them every resource they need.  Strange that the FBI had previous knowledge of 


This brings us to the Robb Elementary School Shooting

FBI handler in charge of this orchestrated act of Government-sponsored terror would appear to be Special agent Oliver Rich. Where again you can hear him talking about assisting local law enforcement and mentioning “Federal Nexus.”


Check out Oliver Rich’s bio from the FBI




I’m going to stop here. I’m sure I could dive into this much further and uncover much more, but I believe I have made the point that the structure surrounding the events of the Robb Elementary School Shooting is steeped in occulted symbolism and ritualized higher magick. 

My goal is to show everyone that events like this do not “just happen” they are orchestrated. And furthermore, they are orchestrated according to principles and energies not known, observed, or practiced by the average person. This has been going on since the days of old for there is nothing new under the sun.  



 Sen. Wendy Rogers