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The Enigma

ENIGMA: Something hard to understand or explain. Derived from the Latin ænigma, meaning “Riddle” or the Greek aniigma/ainissesthai, “To speak obscurely, speak in riddles.”

What is The Phoenix Enigma? In its current form, it is the City of Phoenix itself. Like everything else in this corner of the world, having found a crack in the desert floor, Phoenix has pushed through and bloomed into being. A vibrant “riddle” of prosperity, thriving in a land which only extracts. In a past incarnation, The Phoenix Enigma is the ruins of and ancient civilization buried only inches below our streets and businesses today. A civilization which once mastered ancient hydrological techniques and who's infrastructure cannot be fully explained to this day.

What is The Phoenix Enigma? It is the subtle yet heavy and ever-present hand which has been laid upon this existing riddle of life and prosperity. A grid of control belonging to a not so ancient society. A finely tuned machine assembled with the wisdom of ancient and occulted knowledge. A machine which has successfully infiltrated every institution and system of our modern world, seeking to guide it and bring to fruition its own agenda.