Please join us for our regular live streams, which take place most evenings usually beginning at 6 pm Arizona time. Topics include The Occult, Christianity, Theology, The Science of Witchcraft, Ancient Knowledge, Politics, Metaphysics, Technology, Patriot Issues, Ancient Cultures, Conspiracy Analysis, The Deep-State Agenda, and much more. 



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We have been CENSORED & SILENCED on the following Marxist-minded platforms.

Trovo has joined the hoards of the tyrannical globalist oligarchy. I have been informed that I am now “Banned from Trovo forever.” 

FaceBook -Hit & miss. Zuck the Cuck censors us regularly Currently banned from broadcasting to FB.

ScrewTube continues to Censor us on a regular and ongoing basis, so we may or may not be here. Still, it is one of the best options for reaching the “Normies.” Please consider leaving this vile, Marxist organization, and supporting those who support your freedom of speech. Check out DLive. It’s AWESOME. As of 11/10/20, You Tube killed my channel.

Periscope- An outpost of the evil empire that hasn’t censored us yet. Ramping up the election, Periscope killed my channel.


The material covered in this broadcast is often presented in the spirit of a war-time broadcast, as the United States of America is CURRENTLY AT WAR with enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Strong opinion, foul language, and calls to action are regular occurrences herein. If you consider this measure of passion and national equity to be radical, insensitive, dangerous, or otherwise, please stop, and click here to return to your state-sponsored fluoride-induced coma.