[ Rick Holliday ]

Rick Holliday has known Thomas Schoenberger since their high school days in L.A. Rick himself admits that he is no lily-white individual however he has come forward to speak about Thomas in great detail. In this interview, Rick recounts nearly a lifetime of events surrounding Thomas including cocaine and cocaine dealing, cons, organized theft rings, and people winding up dead. In this interview, Rick states that he believes that Thomas Schoenberger tried to have him killed twice. Rick says that not only does he stand by his statements but that he has already gone to the FBI and the California DA on several occasions in regards to Thomas Schoenberger. He goes on to say that he is looking forward to open court hearings with Thomas so that all of this can come out in the open. 

After the initial release of this interview, Thomas contacted me to tell me that Mr. Holliday was wanted by the FBI and had warrants out for his arrest in California. Thomas provided me a phone number to the Obispo DA’s office and gave me a name to ask for. I called the number the following day and was told a few things. 1. The officer has known Rick Holliday for over 20 years. 2. That Rick is a Contact of his. 3. Rick has no warrants for his arrest in California. I was also contacted by another third party who claimed that Rick Holliday wasn’t who he claimed to be at all. That he had no property or resort in Costa Rica, and that he was a grifting bum. I checked out business licenses in Costa Rica and verified that he does in fact own a resort there as well as joint property and houses with his wife in CA. I can only assume that Thomas had someone call me to feed me dis-info.