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[ Stephen Schoenberger (Brother) ]

Thomas Schoenberger – Petitioner

Stephen Schoenberger – Respondent 

After the death of both of their parents, Dr. Stephen Schoenberger (Thomas’s brother) was left as executor of the family estate. This was done, I have learned, because of Thomas’s life-long abuse of the entire family. It was so bad that Thomas was cut off by his father at the age of twenty-two and told never to return to the family home again essentially disowning him. Thomas has since sued his brother Stephen for the remainder of the family wealth. 

I would like to add to this that last year (mid-late) 2019, Thomas in fact talked about this lawsuit to me and said that he would be coming into a lot of money soon. He spun me a story that his brother was some sort of monster and working with other gangstalkers in order to harass and stalk him and make him crazy while stealing the family wealth post both parents’ death.

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