Superstition Mountains Discussion with “The Paranormal Files”

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I caught this by accident, really glad I did! It’s so good to see someone speak about this in an informed, un-hysterical manner. Loved listening to you Cory, would love to visit the area, but am in the UK. Keep up the good work.

Living in Las Vegas and hearing that you know about Mt. Graham, portals and the water spirit connection to giants, I am stoked. This lines up with EVERYTHING in Genesis that churches don’t talk about, despite it being right there in scripture. I have no clue how I stumbled upon this video but I’m off to check out your other videos because it’s obvious that you know what you’re talking about.

Thank you Rachel……I appreciate your support.

I’m real glad I found this too. I believe we are all spiritual beings trapped in a human existence. I find these stories credible. I’ve been told that I have more Apache blood than E. Warren. Has ever had. When you share your knowledge it sits right with my vibrations. May God shine the eternal light of Knowledge. Thank you.

Hi Corey, I have been watching your You Tube videos regarding Issac Kappy. I have also recently started watching Michael Dade’s channel regarding Issac Kappy. I’ve just finished watching
his video…Issac Kappy #8. In this video he was talking about your channel (not in a nice way). I love your channel and I am a pretty good judge of character. When he started on your channel something did not feel right about what he was saying, so I went digging into his channel a little bit. If you go into his play list then scroll down to his last block of videos (Young Mack) click on it.
Then click on Young Mack Chasin Dreams. Watch the whole video 3.46mins. Do you see what I see?
I’m I just being a little bit paranoid or was my “Spidey” senses right?
Keep up the FANTASTIC work I have just started watching all your other video’s.. I especially like the Superstition Mountains with The Paranormal Files.
Best Wishes!

Patricia Holloway

Corey, doing research on the underground Trolls. I’ve read the only Native American tribe successful in warding them off was the Hopi Tribe. Other Native American tribes had to move away. If you could possibly point me in the direction of where to locate additional research, would be most appreciative. Thank you.

Thought you would find this interesting. Attorney Lin Wood is on twitter this morning talking about Kappy, missing children being raped and murdered and the evidence he has that Kappy was murdered for this information.

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