The Number 1

The Number “1”

(The number of God, The first, The Maker, The Source)


Meaning and Symbolism

  • In the Bible 1 Represents the perfect unity of the Holy Trinity
  • Symbolizes the male. The phallus, the active, the kinetic, the Creator.
  • In nearly every religion, 1 represents the Godhead.
  • It is independent of any other number, yet composes them all.
  • The number 1 symbolizes the Whole expressed in a single unit, constitution the base and perfection.
  • Symbolizes man living and walking upright. Mankind is the only creature on earth which embodies this characteristic. Perhaps this is what is meant in (Genesis2:7) It is often overlooked that the Book of Genesis tells us that God creates man two times. Gen1:27 and Gen 2:7. It is thought by Biblical scholars that it is the “breath of life” which caused Man to become a “living soul” is the defining characteristic between man and beast.
  • Aggrips stated, “The number 1 refers to the supreme God, which being one and innumerable, creates however numerable things and contains them in Himself.”
  • It defines the notion of the supreme, the first in a hierarchy of authority or power.
  • 1 represents the starting point, the beginning, the absolute origin and the outcome. The precursor, pioneer, initiator, new, original,.
  • Odd numbers are given to the greater God’s, while even numbers to the inferior or terrestrial. Number 1 represents the first of the great gods.
  • Theon of Smyrna wrote in reference to the number one that it is: “the principal and element of numbers, which while multitude can be lessened by subtraction, is itself deprived of every number and remains stable and firm.”
  • Older typewriters do not have a separate symbol for the #1 and use a lower case I (i) instead. Here we see a practical application for the philosophical concept for the #1 representing the “I” in the western Christian world.


In the Bible

  • (Genesis 1:1) In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. This may be the greatest verse in the entire Bible, encapsulating in the most grammatically concise wording, the base principles and laws of physics as they pertain to our known universe and its creation. This verse embodies and encodes vast amounts of knowledge and symbolism transferring to us the nature of the universe and it’s creation.
  1. Not only do the written words transfer knowledge here, but there is great meaning in the numerical coding of the chapter and verse.
  2. In the beginning” This tells us that there was a beginning, a start, a finite.
  3. God” This tells us that there is a someone/something outside of the beginning. Someone not subject to the laws of this creation.
  4. Created” This tells us that our known universe/experience/reality is a “creation” of the aforementioned God.
  5. The heaven and the Earth” This defines the creation.
  6. This verse explains the space-time continuum of Space, Matter and Time. Without any one of them, the other two are impossible. Without Space, there is nowhere in which to put the matter. Without matter, there is nothing with which to measure time or judge it’s passing relative to other matter. (The best definition of Time I ever read was: Time is a measurement of the decay of matter.
  7. Gen 1:1. Here we see that there are two number 1’s OR “I am that I am” which is what God tells Moses in Ex 3:14. (Pi anyone?) Other translations for this are “I am who I am” “I will be what I will be” “I create what I create.” The Bible makes a point in the very first verse, in fact, BEFORE the very first verse to denote that God came before existence. Then lays out the physics in “10” words. Or 1 word as “0” a place value and the 1st extension, “1”
  8. The letter “I” holds a value of 5 using the Septenary Gematria cipher. I+I = 10 (Most complete and perfect number) OR “1”. The fact it is being used in.
  9. Ex 3:14 (Pi) is no accident.
  • Any number multiplied by 1 remains that number. (Free Will). Like the creator, the number 1 does not force its will upon you. It will add to another and become greater but there is no force of multiplication intrinsic in the number “1”.
  • According to the Bible, Man is composed of only one soul.
  • Five books of the Bible contain only one chapter. 2John, 3John, Philemon, Jude, and Obadiah.
  • The Old Testament contains only one book with one chapter. OR 1:1. Obadiah.
  • There are 3949 words that only appear once in the Bible. 3949 reduces to “7” the number of “spiritual perfection and works of God.”
  • The number 1 is employed 1292 time in the Bible.
  • In the Bible, 175 numbers are used only once.


  • It is the first natural number.
  • 1 is neither a prime number nor a composite number, but a unit.
  • By definition, 1 is the probability of an event that is almost certain o occur
  • A binary code is a sequence of 1 and 0 that is used in computers for representing any kind of data.
  • In many physical devices, 1 represents the value for “on”, which means that electricity is flowing.
  • 1 is the numerical value of true in many programming languages.
  • 1 is the atomic number of hydrogen.
  • Group 1 of the periodic table consists of the alkali metals.
  • Period 1 of the periodic table consists of just two elements, hydrogen, and helium.
  • In baseball scoring, the number 1 is assigned to the pitcher.
  • In Formula One, the previous year’s world champion is allowed to use the number 1.
  • 1 is the value of an ace in many playing card games, such as Cribbage.
  • +1 is the code for international telephone calls to countries in the North American Numbering Plan.
  • “The secret of life is one thing, just one thing.” – Curly


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The Secret Teachings of All Ages. – Manly P. Hall