Alleged Deadman Switch

The following video is the “alleged” last video Isaac was said to have uploaded before his death.

First of all, a few things.

  1. THIS VIDEO IS NOT A DEADMAN SWITCH. A deadman switch, by definition, is a file, video, recording, photos, etc (information) that is immediately released upon one’s death. A deadman switch is sometimes constructed and used by a person who has had their life threatened because they are speaking publically about sensitive matters others would have them not speak about at all. The idea is to hold back the most damming and incriminating evidence you have and compile a file, that should anything happen to you, the file gets sent out to friends, media, law enforcement, FBI, etc. In essence, it’s insurance.
  2. It was never confirmed that this video ever came from any of Isaac’s accounts. I asked all his friends as well as the Famalam who had been closely following him near the end of his life and no one could state that they ever saw Isaac post this video.
  3. Our research has found that the origin of this video was an anonymous posting to 4Chan. The original posting didn’t have the “KAPPY’S LAST UPLOAD/DEADMAN SWITCH” worked into the video. The original anonymous posted clip was ripped from 4Chan and the above video was later posted to YouTube and began making the rounds. (This video seems to be a favorite of the 4Chan community. My feeling is, it is engineered disinformation and it is being kept alive with regular chat room drops and YouTube videos.
  4. There is nothing illegal in the above video. There is no one person or group of people this video would be able to blackmail for anything. If this was brought up as evidence in the court of law, the judge would dismiss it. It doesn’t prove anything.
  5. There is no frame of reference in the above video. There is no information/context of any kind as to who the girls are, where they are, their relation to the person filming, or what may be going on. They appear to be healthy, at ease and playing. There is most certainly no abuse or sexual abuse going on here either. Nor is there any interaction with any adults. My first thought was that it was a clip from a family vacation.
  6. If this is a deadman switch, it is the worst I’ve ever seen. There is nothing in this video that would keep Isaac alive had he sat on it and kept it as a dead man switch.
  7. The location of this spot has never been confirmed but it looks similar to a bathhouse in many Turkish hotels across the world. A comparison shows, however, that it is not the same room.
Mardan Hotel bathhouse
Anjana Spa

There is a Reddit room that discusses the above photos. Most seem to agree that it is the Anjana Spa but that in the end, this is most certainly not a deadman switch of any kind.

If this is a deadman switch it most certainly lacks the substantial weight to prove anything whatsoever.

One theory was that it may be the inside the temple on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, but this has not been proven, and after Epstein’s island got raided and the drone photos surfaced, I have my doubts that this is the location of this room. Unless Epstein’s Temple leads to underground chambers. But this is just speculation at this point.

Image result for jeffrey epstein island temple

I believe this 15-second clip of these girls in a bathhouse having been posted to 4Chan and attributed to Isaac was either an over-exuberant researcher who didn’t verify his information OR DISINFORMATION, put out purposefully to muddy the waters and send Isaac’s friends as well as researchers looking for answers down rabbit trails that lead nowhere. I personally lean toward the latter.

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