I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that Isaac was either in contact with Donald Trump’s administration, Trump’s Justice Department or at the very least, that Isaac believed he was speaking with the Trump administration. He made veiled and not so veiled comments alluding to such. This would also explain Isaac’s intense belief in the “Q” movement and his passion for it.

Connections to Intelligence

Every step of this investigation I’ve come across people who are either connected to the world of national security intelligence or discussing and trafficking in the information therein. Also, the very nature of the information Isaac was outing had everything to do with national security brownstoning operations. IE, PEDOPHILIA (The currency of the elite) HOLLYWOOD, JEFFERY EPSTEIN, SETH RICH, ETC…

  • Peter Priest and his open and known MI6/CIA connections.
  • Fiona Barnett
  • Defango working for the IARPA
  • The online disinformation social media matrix LARPers
  • The Seth Rich situation
  • The CIA in Hollywood
  • Hollywood in Albuquerque
  • Jeffery Epstein & his ranch in New Mexico

Everywhere Isaac turned it seems he was surrounded by the intelligence community.

Isaac made a number of statements talking about his contact with the Feds.

This was said in the main Famalam Chat Room

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Febuary he told a member of the Famalam, “I want reassignment”

May 12th, 2019 – while driving towards NM, Isaac mentioned to a Grammie in a phone conversation that “But I was never working for a foreign Government.” Here they also talked about getting out of one of the chat room. He said he was sorely lacking in faith but he was praying very hard.

May 12-13, 2019 – After Isaac tire blew in Bellemont, AZ he had a one-hour phone conversation wherein he indicated he had committed treason. He stated that he had been contacted by the Trump administration and they were very upset with him. It was this person’s impression that Isaac was offered some kind of plea deal, but he refused it.  He accepted his fate and was prepared to be executed for treason. (Like he stated in his last periscope.)

A friend close to Isaac said. “So many people came to Isaac with information, that Isaac basically became a government asset with the amount of data he had collected.”

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