ARRESTED FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (Bruce Paddock) Understanding the connection and deep state control

Examination of the Breaking news of Stephen Paddock’s brother Bruce Paddock’s arrest for child pornography only days after the Las Vegas massacre.
In this video, I break down how the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies create narratives and spin events, creating false realities that the mainstream media disseminate at will. We also dive deep into the pedophilia, brownstoning, spirit cooking, and control mechanisms engaged in by the elite in this country.
The average American consumer of news will look at events such as the Las Vegas shooting and view it as an isolated event within the context of a narrative that has been scripted by the media. Most people live their lives day by day and don’t seek out the details of events such as these. If they did they would realize at a certain point that it is all connected. That the pedophile rings, rigged elections, sudden heart attacks, and mass shootings are all connected at a certain level.