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Over the years many people have asked me what books I have read and recommended for studies into the occult. I thought I would list those books I recommend here on the site. While not all of these books fall into the category of “occultism” the subject matter contained within them deals very much so with the subject and has provided a foundation for my studies. Please note that whereas authors like Manly P. Hall, Blavatsky, Levi, Clymer & Levey do in part form the agreed-upon foundation of what is considered classic occultic canon, the topic is vast, to say the least. So vast in fact, that no one man could possibly encapsulate it in a hundred lifetimes.

Occulted knowledge by default attempts to explain the raw essence of the forces which govern our world as well as our interaction with those forces. It is, for this reason, this great tree of collected and preserved knowledge branches off into many disciplines of science, speculation, and theory. It is for this reason also that my personal library contains subjects which I found personally useful in my studies although these sources wouldn’t necessarily be considered “Occult” literature per se. Still, the subject matter they contain were often born in the very mystery schools which still survive to this day.

The Bible

I would like to say that I hold The Bible to be the greatest and most occulted book in our world today. I say this with the greatest respect and as a student of knowledge while coming from a non-Christian perspective. If I had but one book to read for the rest of my life, it would easily be the Bible. It’s ability to transfer its timely and applicable knowledge as the human race evolves in both wisdom and capability points to its timeless value and genius. The wisdom & knowledge in this book has served mankind since its inception no matter one’s education or station in life. This book has proved itself to be holographic in nature, self-revealing in concert with man’s advancement and growth as a species. History points out that this structured and planned unfolding body of knowledge shows no sign of becoming exhausted as so far, it has adapted seamlessly with our technological advancements while simultaneously speaking timeless truths to our core nature and guiding our hearts. The Bible is truly a multi-dimensional masterpiece and my first choice.

Western Witchcraft and Occultic Theory:

  1. The Power of The Witch – Laurie Cabot
  2. Making Magick – Edain McCoy
  3. Witch Crafting – Phyllis Curott, H.Ps
  4. The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly P. Hall
  5. The Entire Collection of the Theosophical Publishing Company – Most books written by Rev. Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer, Dr. J. T. Betiero, & Pashal Beverly Randolph, M.D.

Occulted Botany

  1. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs – Scott Cunningham
  2. The Master Book of Herbalism – Paul Beyerl
  3. The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs – Richard Alan Miller
  4. Wicked Plants – Amy Stewart

Occultic Reference

  1. The Secret Language of Birthdays – Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers
  2. The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook – Adele Nozedar
  3. The Book of Symbols – Taschen
  4. Signs & Symbols – Beryl Dhanjal
  5. Occult Glossary – G. de Purucker
  6. Encyclopedia of Gods – Michael Jordan
  7. Sabbats – Edain McCoy
  8. Quadrivium – Walker & Company / Wooden Books
  9. Stalking the Wild Pendulum – Itzhak Bentov
  10. The Hidden Treasures of the Ancient Qubalah – Elias Gewurz
  11. Sacred Geometry: Philosophy & Practice – Thames & Hudson


  1. Freemason For Dummies – Christopher Hodapp 33 Degree Freemason (I use this to reference the lies and rubbish peddled to the “profane.” It is not an honest source for honest inside Masonic knowledge.
  2. The Secret Founding of America – Nicholas Hagger
  3. The Spirit of Masonry – Foster Bailey


  1. Eye of the Phoenix – Gary A. David
  2. Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the American Southwest – David Hatcher Childress
  3. The Suppressed History of America – Paul Schrag & Xaviant Haze
  4. The Most Dangerous Book in the World – S.K. Bain
  5. Who Built the Moon – Christopher Knight & Alan Butler
  6. Children of the Matrix – David Icke
  7. Tales from the Time Loop – David Icke


  1. The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot
  2. The Science of God – Gerald L. Schroeder
  3. Hyperspace – Michio Kaku
  4. Visions – Michio Kaku
  5. Biocentrism – Robert Lanza, MD
  6. The Matter Myth – Paul Davies & John Gribbin
  7. Mind Into Matter – Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
  8. The Cartoon Guide to Physics – Larry Gonick & Art Huffman
  9. Physics Made Simple – Ira M. Freeman
  10. The Universe in a Nutshell – Stephen Hawking
  11. About Time – Pual Davies
  12. Universal Laws Revealed: Keely’s Secrets -Dale Pond, John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Cayce & Many Others
  13. Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man – Dean Hardy, Mary Hardy, Marjorie Killick, Kenneth Killick
  14. On The Shoulders of Giants – Stephen Hawking
  15. Chemistry for Dummies – John T. Moore Ed.D


  1. The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran
  2. Tao Teh Ching – Lao Tzu
  3. The Tao of Physics – Fritjof Capra
  4. The Power of Myth – Joseph Campbell
  5. The Teachings of Don Juan (a Yaki Way of Knowledge) – Carlos Castaneda
  6. Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration
  7. Being and Vibration – Rael Marlow
  8. The Secret Knowledge of Water – Craig Childs


  1. Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West – Michael Moore
  2. Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West – Michael Moore
  3. Herbal Medicine of The American Southwest – Charles W. Kane
  4. Plants of Arizona – A Falcon Guide
  5. Shrubs and Trees of the Southwest Deserts – Janice Emily Bowers
  6. Woody Plants of Utah – Renee Van Buren, Janet G. Cooper, Leila M. Shultz, and Kimball T. Harper
  7. River and Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon – Kristin Huisinga , Lori Makarick, Kate Watters
  8. Wildflowers of the Mountain West – Anderson, Gunnell & Goodspeed
  9. Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province: Exploring Ancient and Enduring Uses – William W. Dunmire & Gail D. Tierney
  10. Deserts – The Audubon Society Nature Guides
  11. An Illustrated Guide to Arizona Weeds – Kittie F. Parker
  12. Weeds of the West – Western Society of Weed Science
  13. Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie
  14. The Zuni Indians and Their Uses of Plants – Matilda Coxe Stevenson
  15. By the Prophet of The Earth: Ethnobotany of the Pima – L.S.M. Curtin
  16. Los Remedios: Traditional Herbal Remedies of the Southwest – Michael Moore
  17. A Taste of Nature: Edible Plants of The Southwest and How to Prepare Them – Kahanah Farnsworth
  18. Sonoran Desert Food Plants – Charles W. Kane
  19. Early Uses of California Plants – Edward K. Balls
  20. Remedios Populares Caseros y Cura Por Las Plantas Medicinales – Editores Mexicanos Unidos, S.A.
  21. Botany For Dummies – Rene Fester Kratz, PhD
  22. The Herb Book – John Lust
  23. Herb Bible – Earl Mindell
  24. Healing Plants: A medicinal guide to Native North American Plants and Herbs – Ana Nez Heatherley
  25. Brother Crow, Sister Corn: Traditional American Indian Gardening – Carol Buchanan
  26. Chilies to Chocolate – Food The Americas Gave The World – Nelson Foster & Linda S. Cordell
  27. PDR For Herbal Medicines 4th Edition – Thompson
  28. Botany In A Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification – Thomas J. Elpel

Arizona and Old West

  1. Weird Arizona – Wesley Treat
  2. Place Names in Arizona – Charles H. Newton
  3. Arizona Place Names – Will C. Barnes
  4. First Through the Grand Canyon: The Secret Journals and Letters of the 1869 Crew Who Explored the Green and Colorado Rivers – Michael P. Ghiglieri
  5. The Incredible Grand Canyon for all ages – Scott Thybony
  6. Watchtower at Desert View – Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter
  7. Montezuma Castle National Monument – Rod Timanus
  8. The Raven – Lynn Hassler
  9. Arizona Nuggets – Dean Smith
  10. Picaco Pass Arizona’s civil war story – Larry Hedrick
  11. Buckhorn Mineral Baths And Wildlife Museum – Jay Mark & Ronald L. Peters
  12. Roadside Geology of Arizona – Halka Cronic
  13. Under The Copper Dome: The Arizona Capitol – Michael D. Carman
  14. That Cowboy From Burro Creek – Grace Neal
  15. Arizona: A Cavalcade of History – Marchall Trimble
  16. Arizona Outlaws & Lawmen: Gunslingers, Bandits, Heros & Peacekeepers – Marshall Trimble
  17. Tragic Jack: The True Story of Arizona Pioneer John William Swilling – R. Michael Wilson
  18. Circlestone: A superstition Mountain Mystery – James A. Swanson & Thomas J. Kollenborn
  19. Superstition Mountain: A Ride Through Time – James Swanson & Tho Kollenborn
  20. The Chronological History of the Superstition Wilderness Area, The lost Dutchman Mine, and the Adjacent Central Mountain Region – Tom Kollenborn
  21. The Story of Superstition Mountain and The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine – Robert Joseph Allen
  22. Into The Unknown: Adventure on the Spanish Colonial Frontier – Susan Hazen Hammond
  23. Snakes and other Reptiles of the Southwest
  24. Arizona Rocks & Minerals – Bob Lynch & Dan R. Lynch

Native American Studies

  1. The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona – Jefferson Feid & Stephanie Whittlesey
  2. Centuries of Decline during the Hohokam Classic Period at Pueblo Grande – Abbott
  3. Expanding the View of Hohokam Platform Mounds: An Ethnographic Perspective – Mark D. Elson
  4. The Hopi Survival Kit – Thomas E. Mails
  5. American Indian Myths & Legends – Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz
  6. Geronimo: My Life – AsTold to S. M. Barrett
  7. Apache Legends – Lou Cuevas
  8. The Apaches: Eagles of the Southwest – Donald E. Worcester
  9. When The Red Gods Made Men – Will H. Robinson
  10. The Hands Feel It: Healing & Spirit Presence Among a Northern Alaskan People – Edith Turner
  11. Native Healer: Initiation Into An Ancient Art – Medicine Grizzlybear Lake
  12. The Wind Is My Mother – Bear Heart with Molly Lark
  13. Medicine of the Cherokee: The way of Right Relationship – J.T. Garrett & Michael Garrett
  14. Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of the Lakota – Wallace Black Elk & William S. Lyon
  15. Guide to Prehistoric Astronomy In the Southwest – J. McKim Malville

War and Politics

  1. The Art of War – Sun Tzu
  2. Mastering The Art of War – Thomas Cleary
  3. The Book of Five Rings – Miyamoto Musashi
  4. The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli
  5. Roots of Strategy – Brig. Gen. T.R. Phillips
  6. The Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes – Max Hastings
  7. The Mongol Warlords – David Nicolle
  8. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And The Crusades) – Robert Spencer
  9. Mind Manipulation: Ancient & Modern Ninja Techniques – Dr. Haha Lung & Christopher Prowant
  10. Mind Assassins: The Dard Arts of The Asian Masters – Dr. Haha Lung
  11. Guerrilla Warfare – Che Guevara
  12. Road to Revolution: Communist Guerrilla Warfare in the U.S.A. – Phillip Abbott Luce
  13. The Social Contract – Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  14. Essays & Aphorisms – Arthus Schopenhauer
  15. The Art of The Deal – Donald J. Trump


  1. Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Dylan Thomas
  3. Rumi
  4. Charles Bukowski
  5. Pablo Neruda
  6. Federico Garcia Lorca
  7. Jack Kerouac
  8. Jim Morrison
  9. Leonard Cohen
  10. Ernest Hemmingway
  11. Bob Dylan
  12. The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry – Edited by Alan Kaufman
  13. Mules of Love – Ellen Bass


  1. All books by Tom Brown Jr.
  2. All books by Edward Abbey
  3. All books by Louie L’amour (my favorite is “The Walking Drum”)

And my favorite fiction book of all time

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

Occult Literature Resources

Internet Sacred Text Archive –  The most comprehensive collection of books on religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric ever assembled. You can also support this archiver and purchase a thumb drive with thousands of ancient texts for $127.00. (I have no affiliation with this organization.)

Metaphysical Bookstore -In the metaphysical bookstore, you will find a list of all the Free PDF Books Authors and Free PDF Books.

Free Occult Books –  Hundreds of Free Metaphysical, Occult, Healing, New Age, Alternative Science,  Radionics, UFO, Martial Arts, Computer Books & Information Links

Open Culture – More FREE works of the occult. 1,600 Occult Books Digitized & Put Online, Thanks to the Ritman Library and Da Vinci Code Author Dan Brown

Occult Underground – Free Resources on the esoteric, magick, and metaphysics and paranormal.

Hermetics Resource Site – Here you will find a number of books that have been collected over the Internet and hosted on this website. These have been scanned and are available for free. You will most likely not find copyrighted material here as they readily remove it when asked to do so. 

Miskatonic Books – HIGH END OCCULT BOOKSTORE. Dealing in rare books. Miskatonic Books is an online bookstore that focuses on rare, limited edition and custom made books of the highest quality. We specialize in books on the occult, esoteric, ceremonial magic, Freemasonry, Rosicrucian, Witchcraft, Hermetics The Golden Dawn, Weird Tales, and Lovecraftian Fiction.

A Word of Advice When Putting Together Your Library

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