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It’s October 30, 2018, and Donald Trump has just sent 5200 troops to the US Mexican border. Like everything else surrounding our political system today, the occult runs deep through this event as well. George Soros, the globalists, and the Pope have done their best to construct a movement rooted in Latin American energies ancestry […]

It seems that the country as a whole isn’t buying the narrative storyline that this manufactured event is the work of a wackjob conservative. On the contrary, it’s more evident than ever that sorcery is afoot Of course there is the hoax itself, the impossible storyline that 9 bombs were sent out 13 days before […]

October 24, 2018, 13 days before the midterm elections, 133 days since Donald Trump’s birthday. Generic pipe bombs sent out to high profile Democrats Within the media cycle bubble Just in time for the midterm elections. A spell, a ritual, perhaps an ancient play being enacted across the stage that is the United States of […]

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Donald Trump and Lamech, father of Noah, Are numerologically and symbolically tied together through the bonds of Christian mysticism, Judaism, and American politics. Whatever ancient ritual craft has been laid here is thorough and prevalent throughout the first two years of trumps administration. This video explores numerology embedded by the mainstream media reflecting several of […]

Thank you, Erik, for your question and your Patreon support. This video explores the vortice of the Sedona area, specifically the Airport Mesa vortex.

What on the surface appears to be more Circus politics of an ever-unraveling Superpower is actually a well constructed Masonic ritual. In this video, we break down the concrete numerology which was incorporated into the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, confirmation hearings, and Confirmation ritual. It’s my opinion that This entire confirmation circus Was designed for the […]

One year after the tragic Las Vegas massacre, the perpetrators and survivors alike get together to continue reaping the energetic product of the event. A normal thing to do in any tragedy would be to put it behind you, but here in America, We don’t do this. This is because the majority of these events […]

It appears the Christine Ford is a CIA gatekeeper. Not only this buy her grandfather was CIA for over 20 years and her brother works for the firm Fusion GPS….Ford’s father also works for CIA shell companies. CHRISTINE FORD IS CIA. The allegations are a farce.

Looks like Hillary Clinton has the back door to the entire Internet. Not surprising yet just as shocking. This explains why Hillary Clinton seems to be clairvoyant. This explains why she never goes to prison and always know who’s going to happen. This also explains why anyone who comes up against her once a dead. […]