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De-Occulting Route 66: A Most Masonic Endeavor

U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System. Established November 11, 1926, this infamous American road originally ran from Chicago Illinois to Santa Monica California covering a total of 2448 miles.

Gold Map of Complete Route 66

Unlike any other road in the history of our nation, route 66 not only captured the essence of the American spirit but looking back had become something of a modern-day pilgrimage. In visiting the little towns which still dot this route one can find old gas stations and automobile memorabilia, diners and antique and curio shops, all clinging desperately to the nostalgia of the day.

The overcrowded and socialized Europeans also come from afar to ride motorbikes and drive cars from Chicago to Santa Monica on this once great road. There is something extremely powerful and long forgotten to be experienced in open space and freedom which comes with a personal vehicle. Something my generation takes for granted in the next generation is being conditioned to reject.

What is the underlying magic of route 66? How did this great road gain infamous status it did? Most people think history just unfolds naturally in the some things make their way to history while others do not. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Route 66 Masonic Origins

One can easily look at a few key figures and pin this Masonic undertaking to them. However, as I began researching this I quickly began to see a progression of Masonic interests and foundations which had been laid for the next Mason to take part in. But for all of

Cyrus Stevens Avery

Born August 31, 1871, Cyrus Avery is known as “The father Route 66.” and with just a little bit of digging one can quickly learn that C. Avery became a member of the Masonic Lodge in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1905 wherein he rose to the level of a 32nd° Scottish Rite Freemason. With a little more searching one will find that he was head of the Albert Pike Hwy. Association as well. Albert Pike being the foremost Freemason in the United States of America at the time and author of the infamous Masonic book morals and dogma.

Off the bat we see that “the father of Route 66” is not only a 32nd° Scottish Rite Freemason but was head of a highway association of the time which he named after Albert Pike.

It would be soon after C Avery would found the “US 66 Highway Association.” Nicknamed “Mr. Democrat,” the politically active Avery, who among other duties served as a Tulsa County commissioner, was a proponent of the good-roads movement even before he became the first chairman of the Oklahoma State Highway Commission. He served as a leader of the American Association of State Highway Official and also acted as a consulting highway specialist as the federal government developed a national system of numbered highways.

John Marshall Page

Route 66 Project Hwy. engineer. While researching J. Page I came across another John C. Page who was Commissioner of the US Bureau of Reclamation. Relation? The city of page Arizona is named in honor of this Mr. John C. Page. The town began in 1957 as a housing camp for workers building on Glen Canyon Dam.

Side note- the word reclamation quite literally means to reclaim. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “the act or process of reclaiming.” Synonyms include recapture, recoupment, recovery, repossession, retrieval. Note the RE. it is my solid opinion that the United States government, at a certain level, and that level being quite high, knows the the North American continent was once inhabited and they are currently in the process of reclaiming it. I’m convinced this history is well known to a select few. Those few being the Freemasons.

I do find it interesting that a relative of J. Page may have been the reclamation Commissioner of the United States worked with other Freemasons to construct a to use his masonry skills to literally build a masonry dam to reclaim the resources of the American Southwest.

John Woodruff

Perhaps equally as instrumental in the development of route 66 is John T Woodruff. His believe that without both he and Avery Cyrus route 66 would not have come into existence. Woodruff’s name is synonymous with Springfield Missouri which is known as the birthplace of route 66. This is why Springfield is the home for the “Main Street of America.” Woodruff played a key role in the development of the US Federal Medical Center, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Kentwood arms Hotel, the Woodruff building, Springfield normal school (now Missouri State University), and Hickory Hills golf course.

Woodruff and Avery are also said to play a key role in the naming of the road. As the myth goes the road had first been named route 60 but they decided to name a route 66 instead. More on this later.

B.H. Piepmeier

B.H. Piepmeier

Missouri Highway engineer Piepmeier can be found in the archives of the American contractor as having been the primary contractor for several Masonic buildings and lodges throughout his career. Whereas I can find no direct lodge he is affiliated with, given his company and propensity for building Masonic lodges across the country at the time it is safe to say he was a Freemason and will certainly part of the overall plan of route 66 as a Masonic shrine.

Edward Fitzgerald Beale

While not directly involved with Route 66 It’s worth noting that in 1857, Lt. Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a Naval officer in the service of the U.S. Army Corps of Topographical Engineers, was ordered by the War Department to build a government-funded wagon road along the 35th Parallel. His secondary orders were to test the feasibility of the use of camels as pack animals in the southwestern desert. This road became part of US 66.

This is the same Edward Beale rode with Kit Carson (famous known Freemason) and who secretly smuggled transmissions of early known gold deposits in the California area. He is most certainly believed to have been a Freemason. Beale made 6 crossings of the U.S. continent and Mexico during his time.

Henry Ford

Let us not forget Henry Ford well known Freemason and inventor of the production line which made the possibility of owning an automobile a reality for average Americans.

“presented the name of Henry Ford, of Dearborn, Michigan, to receive the degrees of the Rite from the Fourth to the Thirty-second, inclusive, and thereafter, the Thirty-third Degree, and asked for unanimous consent to ballot upon this nomination…The request was granted and the ballot spread and, it proving to be clear, Henry Ford was declared to be elected to receive the degrees of the Rite from the Fourth to the Thirty-second, inclusive, in some Valley of the Jurisdiction in which the degrees were being worked under the direction of the Sovereign Grand Commander, and the Thirty Third Degree after he has been duly created a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret [i.e. 32nd degree].”

Does one think it a coincidence that all of these masons are involved in creating one of the first road to cross the country while formal supplier of the automobile is also a prominent Freemason during his time?

Don’t forget Henry Ford was working for Thomas Edison (also a famous Freemason) when he supposedly invented the automobile in his shed.

So as we can see nearly every single person involved in the development of route 66 was a prominent Freemason of his time.

The Numerology of Route 66

Before we get into the number 66 let’s explore how this route got its name/number.

The Numbers Speak: The Real Reason the Number 66 was Choosen

Route 66 Length in English miles – 2448 miles.

Route 66 length in Scottish miles – 2171.5765 miles (Cyrus Avery was a Scottish Rite Freemason)

2171.5765 divided by 66 equals 32.90 or 32 9/10 which is the closest one can be to a 33rd° Mason without having the honor being bestowed upon you. Remember one cannot become a 33rd° Mason to their own merit. The 33rd° is an honorary degree only bestowed for meritorious service to craft masonry.

What are the odds that the Scottish measurement of this distance would encode the current Masonic degree the desired degree for 32nd° Freemason Cyrus Avery who is in charge of the project?

The Sheeple’s History of Route 66

The fall of 1925 Agrippa State Hwy. representatives and members of the Bureau public roads laid out a standardized numbering system for the future American highways. North to south highways would be odd numbers, with transcontinental routes ending in one E. to West highways would be even numbered, with transcontinental routes ending in zero. Avery was among the five highway officials chosen to assign the numbers, along with Missouri Highway engineer BH Piepmeier, who shared Woodruff and Avery’s grand hopes for the region’s highway.

On September 25, 1925 the group of five assembled at the Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis. There the plot outnumbers on more than 75,000 miles of highway many of which can still be seen in use while driving around today.

Avery’s Chicago to LA route was designated Highway 60. It broke the rules because the route wasn’t truly transcontinental, but Avery and Woodruff were quite pleased and securing a major number. Kentucky governor William Fields was a little bent that no 0 Numbered Hwy. crossed his state. Highway 51 north of Kentucky highway 70 went south so what happened to 60? He found it curving up through St. Louis and Chicago, and insult he refused to allow fields demanded at the highway from Newport News, Virginia, to Los Angeles become Highway 60 and Avery and Woodruff’s Chicago bound highway would take on much less important number 62. The highway board agreed to make the switch, leaving Missouri with more than 600,000 roadmaps featuring the now incorrect name I was 60 stretching across the state to St. Louis. Avery and Woodruff fought against the number 62 all for the spring briefly considering renaming the highway 60 N. before finally realizing they were losing the battle. It was on April 30, 1926, and Springfield Missouri that Avery along with Oklahoma Highway engineer John page and pipe Meyer discussed the dilemma at Woodruff’s colonial hotel. The men poured over a list of 24 Unused Hwy. numbers when one number suddenly jumped off the page. This was the number 66. It was then at 4 o’clock in the afternoon that Avery and Pete Meyer sent a three line telegram to Washington. It read:

The other states agreed and it was at that moment route 66 was born. The US numbered highway system was approved on November 11, 1926 and soon after where the United States was connected like never before. I was 66 quickly rose above all the rest thanks to the efforts of those four.

The True and Occulted History of Route 66

The true history of the creation of route 66 is similar to the above only this time we’ll add the occulted connections.

The creation of the consolidated highway route was supported by Oklahoma’s governor Henry S. Johnson. Johnson served as the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge of Oklahoma and was placed in power by a group of wealthy Democrats Freemasons and Ku Klux Klan. The Oklahoma highway department was made up of members was the KKK who had earned the backing of oil tycoon Pat Henry, the wealthiest Klansmen Oklahoma said the Johnson practice various forms of magic and called upon spirits to help them achieve personal success and will greater political authority. His counsel of political advisers base decisions on matters of state by involving astrology and the occult. Johnson even hired a mystical private secretary, Miss Oliver O. Hammonds, to help him achieve self-hypnosis in context spirit beings. This Hammonds, an organizer for women of the Ku Klux Klan, was appointed by Johnson to the position of Oklahoma commissioners of health.

The Harvard Crinson wrote:

“That Rosicrucianism, with its elves, pixies and goblins, should emerge from encyclopedic obscurity to become the foe of the representatives of Oklahoma goes to show how changed are the public evils which the politician of to-day must be prepared to fight. If the state secures the removal of Mrs. Hammonds, it is not certain that the victory will be so sweet. If her power is that of a “superior mental force, as a certain group of citizens say, the situation is rather more humiliating than crucial. And if the power behind the throne is really that of Rosicrucianism, who can consistently deny a place in politics to a cult of belief in alchemy?”

Enter Oklahoma businessman Cyrus Avery, 32nd° Scottish Rite Freemason And member of the Committee of Five. As we know from above Avery was the original organizer of the Albert Pike Highway Association named in honor of the infamous 33rd° Freemason and KKK leader. Avery was also a pioneer of the ‘good roads’ initiative, a project that some believe was part of a plan to connect a master system of highways to America’s Masonic lodges establish routes that would generate money for fellow Freemasons.

Cyrus Avery however did not support Henry Johnson in the general election, and was ousted from a position with the Oklahoma Department of roads, largely do to the influence of the KKK in Oklahoma. Cyrus was quoted as saying.

The Kluxers pitched me out on my head although they had to change the law and create a commission of five instead of three…. -Cyrus Avery

Cyrus Avery believed that the American Association of State Highway officials would adopt the use of the sacred and Kabbalistic number 60 (Base 60 numerical system) for the future roads program, thus he had 60,000 brochures printed showing this number across the state of Oklahoma. Much like we see today, numerology being incorporated into public rituals to facilitate desired change. However, it was later argued by the delegates of the committee in a new number was sought in the brochures were junked. On April 30, 1926 number 66 was agreed upon by Cyrus Avery and John M page for obvious occult reasons. Avery and page shared Henry Johnson’s belief of numerology and the power of 66 and thus settled on designating the highway system route 66. Six being utilized in ritual work as a number to bring about and manifest material pleasure and good fortune.

It’s easy to see why these highway associations were competing with one another. And no doubt Masons competing with other masons. To manifest a road upon which the world travels is to manifest the ability to generate wealth.

On 11/11 of the same year, the committee of five (Pentad) met again and officially establish the historical 66 Highway system. This highway was ultimately approved with the numerical designation of 66 by 32nd° Freemasons Cyrus Avery and Frank sheets former president of the AASHO.

The Freemasons of the day were embedding into the foundational infrastructure of these United States their own systems which they have used ever since to further their agendas. Where we have all benefited from roads the Freemasons who created them had the insider trading and no doubt benefited from the contracts as well as hotels restaurants and property across the nation. This is how power is achieved and maintained through Freemasonry.

Why 66?

Six was described by Pythagoras as a perfect number because one +2+3 = 6 also 1×2×3 = 6. God created the world in six days. The triangle symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and to balance triangles equal six. To being the duality or polarity of all things physical. The Star of David is to triangles, one inverted and laid upon the other.

Because six can be split into two groups of three, it’s seen as a number that can go either way and can be used for good or evil. The symbol used for the number six itself has ambivalence, for but the other way around it becomes a nine.

The witch’s curse, or hex, is so-called because six represents the number of copulation, the union of the triple Goddess with her mate. The word itself was the original origin for the word hag. The Egyptian hieroglyphics for six shows male and female genitalia underlining the sexual connotations of this number. Six being the number of creation resonates with the physical world and the pleasures and it. This would resonate with the root (route) chakra and the color red.

6+6 is also 12 and as we know is utilized throughout all of religion and occultism as it relates to the constellations or the helpers of the sun. Jesus had 12 disciples, 12 months a year, etc.

66 is the number of feet from center of plate to center plate and baseball. Baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday and open an high-ranking Freemason as well as a number of the Theosophical Society.

The 600 stone statues on Easter Island “average height of 66 feet.


Once again this infamous number pops up in the creation of the Route 66 road system. What is it with this number and why are the Freemasons so hell bent on using it everywhere they possibly can?

Armistice Day is obviously 11/11. Which follows that Veterans Day in the United States is now observed on 11/11. Of course, there are those in the world that see 11, 111, or 1111 every day on a recurring basis and have ascribed spiritual meaning to this. I myself recognize these numbers in disproportionate frequency.

But I think it goes back farther.

The Arc de Triomphe –

We are all familiar with this famous landmark however did you know that on 11/11 the sun rises in the east and shines right through the arch? Did you also know that from above it forms a 12 rayed Masonic sun?

Many famous victory marches have led past the Arc de Triomphe including the Germans in 1871, the French in 1918, the Germans again in 1940 and the French and the Allies in 1944 and 1945. Its importance and significance is obviously Masonic in nature and not nationalistic. There are things obviously bigger than national pride in the highe realms of power

I covered another monument here in Arizona last year which incorporates the use of the sun on 11/11 at 11:11 AM. It is the Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem Arizona and is also most definitely a Masonic creation.

Route 66 and the chakras

Does route 66 itself form a chakra similitude across United States of America? Are certain key cities representative of energetic chakras? There may be some evidence to support this.

Do Freemasons utilize the energy of chakras? Soccer is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle and refers to the subtle energy centers that rise up along the length of the spine. Does route 66 not form a direct similitude for this? The road itself being a spine and wheels traveling along it. Or cities marked as round circles or wheels on a map running across the nation.

Cities each have their own energy, personality, resources and gifts to offer the world. Each is unique and adds to the whole of the strength of our country. And then there is this:

Route 66 ends in Santa Monica. The bottom or root city on route 66. St. Monica and early Christian St. and the mother of St. Augustine of hippo is remembered and honored most in Christian denominations for her outstanding Christian virtues particularly the suffering caused by her husband’s adultery. What we think of today when we hear the name Monica?

Whereas it’s not a direct similitude all the components are there… Did the theater of Monaco Lewinsky play out according to some orchestrated Masonic play? Who knows.