Anthem, AZ’s Annual Veterans-Day Masonic Solar Ritual / Solving for “X”

Pillars of Pride

Known as the “Pillars of Pride”, the “Circle of Honor”, and “Anthem Veterans Memorial,” this Veterans Memorial destination located 36 miles north of Phoenix in anthem Arizona attracts thousands of veterans and patriots annually. Though many visit the site throughout the year to witness for themselves this “one-of-a-kind monument”, the majority of visitors arrive for the solar ritual which occurs precisely at 11:11 AM on November 11th. To the “profane” or “non-Freemasons” this is a public memorial event honoring our nation’s heroes. However, for the initiated, it is an altar, hidden in plain sight.

This article unveils the many occultic overtones, numerology, astrotheology, and energetic ritual progression as they relate to this monument and the ritual which takes place there annually as our society offers their children to the gods of war.

For the Profane this is a memorial dedicated to honor those who have served our nation in defense of freedom. For the initiated, it is a solar altar honoring ancient gods of war.

Occultic Overtones

  • First and foremost this is a SOLAR ALTAR. It was designed, built, and aligned to utilize the sun at a specific time and date in order to harness the unique energies at 3D based time locality. ei, astrotheology physics. Here, it is directed through blocks of marble which have been squared off (the works of man). Its purpose is to ILLUMINATE a highly Occultic and emotionally charged symbol of collective patriotism at this specific time and day and capitalize on natural earth harmonics.
  • All this, of course, is emotionally fueled by the “Profane”. This monument and the ceremony which takes place here annually incorporates into it the emotional energies of those most affected by war.
  • The time and day which aligns with the premeditated occultic numerical scripting of those who engineered the ending of WWI on Nov 11, 1918. (As well as its beginning.)
  • The time and day are ascribed to the honoring of the human SACRIFICE of war.
  • The entire monument is enclosed within the “circle of honor.” or, (A magic circle recognized universally
    The Pavers within the Circle of Honor

    throughout ceremonial ritual energy work, otherwise known as MAGIcK.)

  • The pentad (and ergo 72) dominates the site. Five being a hidden mystic number balancing out twos and threes representing the male and the female while at the same time splitting the number 10 equally in half. (10 commandments on 2 tablets.) This is a hermetic number and is used extensively by the Armed Forces.) (The Pentagon has 5 sides, 5 x 72 = 360) degrees or a whole/one/God. (The Pentagon = 11 numbers)
  • The monument itself is squared off blocks of marble (The work of Masons)
  • Secondarily incorporated into the monument are red brick pavers (Bricks = Masons)
  • At the heart of the Solar Altar is obviously the sun. The bringer of life. It is the main attraction of this ritual, its alignment through movement being the reason for attendance. THE SUN. or. The Son, The light, Lucifer, Knowledge, Ra, Horus, Apollo, Jesus, the point of illumination, giver of life, etc. The plaque at the site even encodes the word “Illuminate.”
For both the Profane and the initiated this memorial is a heartfelt dedication. For one it represents honor, duty, and nation. For the other, it is their religion.

I hold that this monument is a modern altar dedicated to ancient gods. A multi-dimensional instrument, constructed by those with the sacred knowledge of ancient physics.

November 11th, 2018 The 100th anniversary

November 11, found me in Anthem Arizona at the Veterans Memorial Park. I’d heard weeks earlier that there was a public memorial art piece in the park which at 11:11 AM lined up with the sun to illuminate the great seal of the United States of America.

What I thought was going to be a handful of people standing around waiting for the sun to move across the great seal of the United States, turned out to be a congregation of roughly 4000 people, marching bands, politicians, World War II keynote speakers, veterans, and active duty men and women in uniform participating in a highly organized and extremely Masonic solar ritual.

I wasn’t sure if the ceremony was always this lively or if it was because it was the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice treaty between the Allied nations and Germany. A local resident informed me however that the event continues to grow with each passing year.

My plan was to set up my camera and shoot a time-lapse video of the sun moving across the great seal but that obviously wasn’t going to happen as the entire monument was not only roped off but guarded by Sheriff’s deputies and a battalion of ROTC cadets in their dress blues. The monument really was being treated as a sacred shrine. An altar. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Let’s break it down.

Ritual Mechanics


November 11th at 11:11 am. The timing is obvious as it is the focal point of the ritual and was chosen for a number of reasons. First, it is the anniversary of the signing of the ceasefire, which for all intents and purposes ended the 1st world war.  While the “normies” believe things like this are arbitrary and coincidental, the weavers of these rituals have planned everything out to ancient order in the finest of detail.

Day of Week – SUNday = Day of the Sun (How fitting for the 100th-anniversary ritual)

Planetary Hour – 11 am on Sunday is ruled by the Moon = Moon.  (Balancing the sun)

Week of the month – 2nd = Building or gaining phase

Moon Phase

This year on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice treaty the ritual took place on a waxing moon. A building cycle. Growing, gaining, building, ramping up, etc.

It is a fact that given enough time this ritual will eventually cycle through every phase of the moon. But then again, any phase can be used depending on the current intent or goal of those who wield this device.

Numerology “5” “72” “36” “10”


November 11th leaves 50 days left in the calendar year. or “5”. The numerical timing value of this day also resonates with the 5 pillars, 5 branches of the military, 5 sides of the Pentagon, etc. (Remember the Pentagon attack on 911? 125 people died there. or 5x5x5. One can also see the Washington Monument from the Pentagon standing at 555′ tall and 55.5′ wide.  Oh yes, the military loves the number 5.

5 is also the 5th number of the Fibonacci sequence. Five is a unique number when utilized in ceremonial magick. It represents both even and odd (male and female) while splitting 10 evenly.


Here we go again. I’m not going to get into everything about “72” here but know that it is a fixative vibrational number and comes as part of the package with 5. For, 5×72=360 or whole or “1” or the creator/source. Think of 72 as energetic infrastructure. Here is why. There are 72 years to one degree of the equatorial procession (The wobble of the spinning of the earth due to its tilt off its axis). Because of this, everything related to Earth is fixed in 72. Especially humans. 72 years average lifespan, 72% water, 72 degrees room temp (most comfortable), 72 average beats per minute.

Of course, this is fixed into nearly every religion as well including Christianity. Jesus the (Son/Sun) died for 72 hours (3) days. Exodus speaks of the 72 names of God. The three original languages of the Bible are of Hebrew 22 letters. Greek 24 letters. English 26 letters. For a total of 72 letters. More on the number 72 


36 is represented in the Pillars of Pride in the form of the Sun. It is what numerologically ties the solar observation to the Sun/Son. If you’ve been on the path of de-occulting for any length of time you will have no doubt by now come across “magick squares”. They are numerical systems which encode deep and ancient knowledge which is able to transcend language and time barriers. I give you the most famous of magick squares, the Solar Square.

36 doubled is 72. This public ritual takes place at on 11/11 at 11:11 (11’s doubled) and is a solar ritual. Could this be another numerological similitude?

Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 


Ten is known as the number of “harmony in matter.” Biblical references to the number 10 are always reserved for God or matters dealing directly with the creator. eg- The ten commandments; In Genisis 1 we find the phrase “God said” 10 times; Jesus (The Son/Sun) says “I am” 10 times in John; The first 10 letters of the Bible are “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” These 10 words also lay out what physicists call the space/time continuum. Space, Time, Matter. All three are necessary for any one of them to exist. And they form our reality.

In this case, the entire monument is enshrined in a Magick circle, forming a 1 and a 0 “10”. The shrine splits itself numerically and vibrationally. It encodes the numbers 5 and 10 numerically and structurally generating sympathetic vibrational resonance, especially when it is “turned on” through emotional energy the of the ritual. Of course, all this happens when (The Sun/Son) arrives. More on the number 10.


“10” of course, and Power. The most complete and perfect number. Used when describing anything near perfection. OR, the Power Sign. “1” and “0”,  Male/Female, Masculine/Feminine, Phallus/Egg. Perfect in balance.

Masonic Materials

This altar is constructed of marble and brick, the medium of FREEMASONS. Freemasons are foundationally builders. Yes, they still build. They are not simply a fraternal organization collecting money for charity. Don’t forget, the inspiration behind this monument according to the official narrative was retired United States Navy Rear Adm. Ron Tucker. All Navy admirals are Freemasons.


THE SUN. The son, the light, illumination, the knowledge, Jesus, Apollo, Ra, Horus……. Like all solar worship, the Sun makes its way across the heavens and mortals line up to worship. In this case, they have constructed an altar to capitalize on some of its vibrational energies.

It is amazing to me that the profane arrive en masse to participate in this solar ritual not aware in the least of their own actions. They willingly partake in the collective patriotism and emotional outpouring, stoking the ritual until the 11:11 climax. Each and every one of them is literally waiting for the moment the Sun/Son arrives to  ILLUMINATE our occultic U.S. seal. It is the collective apex/climax of the event. This is, in fact, a SOLAR RITUAL enlisting the most powerful of light. The Sun.

Sound/Emotional Resonance

Patriotic music, national anthem, sailor’s songs, all filtered through a sound production system and delivered through loudspeakers. Of course, there is crowd participation singing too. Marching bands uplifted, and emotional female solos sombered emotional vibrations. Like any carefully choreographed production, there was rhythm, tempo, scale…

The emotional output of the profane is end goal here. It is the fuel. Like a preachers sermon, a politicians speech, council’s closing arguments; the goal of any ritual is to build through peaks and valleys maintaining for as long as possible. The longer the build can be maintained without losing phase, the more powerful and concentrated the release. Ritual magick is like sex in this aspect. In fact, there is an entire discipline of Magick devoted specifically to sexual energy. This is because the act of sex is one of the most powerful generators of emotion and energy available to humans. Albeit a “lesser magick” as it is rooted in the physical. Please note, “lesser” doesn’t denote weaker.

Guarding the Altar

Sheriffs deputies, Military troops, active and non-active men and women. They were all there. There was undercover security working the crowd as well. The altar was guarded and roped off for the entirety of the ceremony. Sheriff’s deputies paced back and forth pushing people off the ropes after they had taken their photos, for standing was not permitted at the rope. There were the uniformed soldiers standing at attention dispersed throughout the audience. NO. This was more than a show of appreciation for our armed forces. Someone or someones thought this whole thing through. This was being treated like the serious event that it was. It would seem that sufficient protection had been enlisted to see that it went off without a hitch. Of course, most people are unphased by this level of security in this day and age thanks to the nonstop media bombardment of negative news.

The Mock Sacrifice

Moments before the 11:11 grand finale, ROTC recruits marched out and lined up around the monument facing out in a show of protection. This occurred “5” minutes before the sun aligned with and illuminated the Great Seal of the United States. As the sun/god arrived to illuminate our collective repository of stated intent “the seal” children offered themselves to the defense of the altar and to the service of this god.

Of course, normies don’t realize any of this because ANCIENT SACRED KNOWLEDGE IS ONLY TAUGHT TO THE ELITE AND NOBODY IS EDUCATED IN RITUALISTIC MAGICK. In fact, quite the opposite was going on inside their heads due to a lifetime of grooming, conditioning, and propaganda. Emotions of Pride, respect, honor, and duty had successfully been elicited and were at full charge for the arrival of the Sun.

This was all very disturbing to me as these kids were offering themselves not only to this ritual but the energies behind it. Energies they don’t understand in the least. This was self-sacrifice. An offering of our nation’s youth to the next sacrifice of war. No longer do we pass our firstborn through the fire. No longer do we burn them alive on the red-hot hands of Moloc in public fashion. For we are much more civilized these days and have found a more productive way to honor the gods of war.

Solving For “X” / Honoring the Sacrifice

Why does evil telegraph its intentions before execution? This answer is simple. The law of Karma. A universal law understood by all, even when one can’t recognize or articulate it.  This law is so universal it is also represented in physics as the “first law of thermodynamics.” It’s represented in economics as reconciliation, or “balancing the ledger.” It appears in social groups as hazing or paying your dues, It takes its form in biology as consumption of food for the growth of the body. NOTHING IS FREE. Look to nature and you will see it everywhere for it is UNIVERSAL. The devil is, in fact, God’s yang. Or at least the energies which represent such concepts to us. Anyway.

SOLVING FOR “X”……..What does this mean? It means that if the United States is to enjoy the prosperity it does it must pay for it somehow. And pay we do. One can look at the fallen soldiers along with the spent labor and natural resources of this nation as the capital, or stored potential spent in the amassment of wealth, prosperity, and influence we currently possess.

This monument is nothing less than a spiritual public acknowledgment of this while simultaneously alchemically transmuting the masses or (profane) into cannon fodder (capitol) for future expenditures and campaigns.

Joseph P Farrell has done copious research on this topic and is spot on I believe. He has dedicated his life to the study of ancient knowledge and history. A great case for what you’ve just read is here.

The Profane / A Timeless Resource

Energetically speaking, this, AND ALL MEMORIALS are constructed to generate and direct human energy, specifically, emotional.  This energy which is guided through will and intent to its intended goal. As stated above, they are machines. Ancient machines embodying ancient physics which play hermetically with the human experience. For those with the eyes to see, this is very apparent. For the masses, it is not. And this is why they willingly give their energy, emotion, support, action, and lives to the institution of war.

Of course, in their personal reality which is structured, and insulated much like current social media bubbles, each one of them are being fed the information they require to support this institution. Whereas before, WW1, WW2, it was patriotism, freedom, honor, duty, country, etc…… Today it resembles more of a machine where soldiers join for personal gain and opportunity. For most soldiers, it is a job. But how did they hitch to this wagon in the first place? Recruiters. marketing, advertising, the promise of a better future, free college.

Is it their fault? One hundred years ago I would say no, however, today I would say most certainly. Anyone living in a first world nation has access to all knowledge which is ever been amassed. This knowledge is available for free at your fingertips on the Internet 24/7.

Arising within the parables and myths and content of nearly every religion on earth is the choice. Free will. In the Bible Jesus was given a choice, he was tempted with the entire world in fact. The same is true for Buddha, Horus, and on and on. This is meant to convey real-world knowledge. Just like these saviors, representatives of the creator, in today’s time we are all offered temptation, diversion, and circus as well. Today it comes in the form of pharmaceuticals, endless entertainment, endless stress, television, and most effectively national sports. At no time have we had access to so much knowledge and at no time have we ever been offered so much temptation and diversion. It would seem there is a reciprocal balance at play here.

But back to the point. Are those who participate in these public rituals responsible for their own actions? Well if they are ever to be free, if we are ever to shake the bonds of subjugation, then they must be held personally responsible. Regardless of the circumstances set upon them. 

If someone is actively participating in a solar ritual and organize their life around its structured goal, I expect them to not only understand what they are engaging in but the consequences of their actions.

Whereas this knowledge has been hidden for hundreds of years and is still being “Occulted”, it is never-the-less more openly available than ever before. There are thousands of researchers and even religious organizations such as the Gnostics, who are making this information available for free. It would seem people have no problem memorizing the stats of their favorite football players or what the Kardashians are doing this week yet they seem to have an aversion to real knowledge. People en masse, often take the path of least resistance and count on heroes and saviors to do the heavy lifting. This is the allure of religion and leaders. However, our entire system has been turned upon its people and the people themselves are being utilized as fodder for the machine. It would seem the profane are as useful as ever.

Twisted Hermetism

Not only is this monument designed to satisfy the gods of war while offering, quite literally, the sons and daughters of this nation as a sacrifice, but it harnesses the collective repository of concentrated emotional energy generated from this cause and uses it as a catalyst for future wars. SICK. This altar is a public dedication to the very people it sacrifices to the machine of war. Hermetic and self-sustaining, This is ancient sorcery squared. All war monuments generate powerful feelings and emotions ranging from pride and honor to pain, loss, suffering, anger, and revenge. All of which are steeped in patriotism and wrapped in the flag before taking root in the fertile ground of our tribal nature. Here, these feelings are nurtured pruned and fed until they are ripe and ready for harvest. The harvest which will come in the form of patriotism the next time the Globalists wish to make a push for consolidation.

Is Anthem a Masonic “Master Planned” Community

Freemasonry is insidious. It is good and bad, opportunistic and predatory. It can be many things to many people at different stages in their lives. It is a repository of ancient sacred knowledge and physics while at the same time a force of modern day control for the elite. An elite which incorporates this ancient knowledge into our modern day world in order to capitalize on them.  Which brings us to “master-planned” communities.

These communities are the perfect blank canvas whereupon to design and build from the ground up a framework which incorporates the ancient geo-energetic sciences known to Freemasonry. Numerology, geometry, symbolism, and countless other ancient sciences are all incorporated to build a “system” which positively facilitates the human condition. This is a good thing, right?  Well, yes, I’d say so. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the utilization of ancient sacred knowledge to better the human experience. That being said…

Who will wield and direct this concentrated amassment of human potential? The smartest and strongest of course. Those who possess the knowledge to do so. Is Anthem a Masonic community? You decide. (Taken from Wikipedia)

  • Anthem is a “Master Planned” community. Master Mason is the highest degree of Freemasonry.
  • Anthem was designed and consists of 3 subdivisions. (Freemasonry has 3 degrees; Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.
  • Anthem’s zip code is 85086.      8+5+0+8+6= 27.     27 is 3x3x3
  • Anthem is split into three main subdivisions. Parkside, Country Club and the Village.
  • Parkside and Country Club homeowners’ associations elect three representatives, while the village homeowner’s association elects one representative, to the seven-member Anthem Community Council Board of Directors. Those seven Anthem Community Council Directors elect one of those representatives who serves as president of that board and is considered the highest authority in Anthem.
  • According to Wikipedia,  36 percent of the community of Anthem preserved as open space. (Magic Solar Square.)


Located in the center of Anthem in the Veterans Memorial Park and right next to the Pillars of Pride is the largest constructed project in town. Yes, it is 4 baseball diamonds, but it is also, and obviously A SOLAR CROSS. This is the oldest known symbol in the world, found on every continent throughout all time. This symbol dominates not only the park but the entire town.

The SOLAR CROSS dominates not only the Veterans Memorial Park in Anthem but the ENTIRE TOWN. It is the largest constructed project in the community. Built to be seen from above. By the gods, by the Sun.

Compare these Solar Crosses with the one above.

[envira-gallery id="3955"]

Design and Building of the Pillars of Pride

The “official narrative” disseminated for public consumption is that the memorial is the idea of retired local resident United States Navy Rear Adm. Ron Tucker. I say “official narrative” because it is obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt that this altar is not simply a homegrown community project. Furthermore, the fact that the story begins with a U.S. Navy Rear Adm. seals the deal for me. (Yes U.S. Navy, your secret is out.)

U.S. Navy Admirals and Freemasonry.

Years ago William Cooper gave this interview. Bill Cooper is the author of “Behold A Pale Horse”. He was shot to death by ATF agents on his front porch in Eager, AZ  on Nov 5th, 2001 after blowing the lid off of the 911 terrorist attacks by exposing the fact that Osama Bin Ladin was a patsy. In fact, he called it before the attacks.

Don’t forget. Recently deceased John McCain was U.S. Navy and both his father and grandfather who were both U.S Navy Admirals were both confirmed, open, and practicing Freemasons.

No doubt, some serious planning went into this project and the Pillars of Pride memorial is not the grassroots project it has been portrayed as. And is this really so hard to believe? We know that Betsy Ross did not sew that flag and that Paul Revere never rode that horse with a lantern. We know that Columbus did not discover America, nor did George Washington chop down a cherry tree. History is a story. In fact, it is “His” “Story”. Whose? Well, that is a great question. So who really did design and erect this altar? We may never know, but officially and according to the official record.

Designer/Artist- Renee Palmer-Jones

Contractor – Haydon Construction

Engineer – Jim Martin (Solar alignment) The math behind the Memorial

The full official story of the constriction of the pillars.

“Every year we continue to get more media attention. People are fascinated by the memorial,” says Renee. “That’s exactly the intention––to bring attention to veterans. If it means they see a cool structure and they think about veterans on Veterans Day, that’s exactly why we built it.” -Renee Palmer-Jones

In conclusion

In recent years, the Pillars of Pride have transcended simple monument status to become something much more. It appears this project has been and continues to be a huge success. Energetically speaking,  it has surpassed its intended goal, which is to be a public solar altar celebrating and adding to the energy of war. Not only has it hermetically achieved this goal but the energies have radiated out and have now achieved a sympathetic status. I find this usually occurs with public altars when having been designed and built by those who have been churned out of the modern-day mystery schools and secret societies. For this is not a new science, it is ancient technology/hermetic symmetry. In a way, I look with respect and awe the final manifestation of this altar/machine which has been designed, built and operated in sync with its location, materials, and time of construction and dedication. Like Chase Field in downtown Phoenix, it is a masterpiece.

Did those involved with this project know they were taking part in the construction of an energetic solar altar? Did they know they were manifesting a machine predicated upon ancient physics? Or, do they see it simply as something much simpler? Well surely someone had to know. Someone had to make the final decisions. Was that the Anthem Community Council Board of Directors? Who was doing the nudging and trigger pulling on this project? Who is really behind this project? I’m sure we will never know the answers to these questions. Like everything else in our day and age, and perhaps throughout all time for that matter, we only get the official sanitized narrative disseminated for public consumption.

And don’t forget, that nearly everything in Freemasonry is multi-dimensional. This IS a monument to honor our veterans. It IS a public appreciation for their sacrifice, and yes, they deserve it and more. However, woven into this is another agenda. A deeper physics and knowledge which the profane are not aware of. A science so subtle as to go unnoticed and perceived as normal.

I’m willing to bet that if those involved with the construction of this monument look back through the lens of the information presented in this research they would be able to put the pieces together for themselves quite easily. Whether or not they would ever say anything is another matter as they now have considerable equity invested themselves. I guess it’s no different than any of the other projects erected around the “Valley of the Sun”.  But as for me.

I refuse to believe that a public monument with this many Masonic & occultic solar congruences just happened to coalesce organically, right next to a geo-glyph of an ancient solar cross, upon the inspiration of a Navy Rear Adm, on a time and day resonating with key numerological values which facilitate the intent of the monument. 

If you choose to take part in these public rituals please be aware of your actions and the consequences therein. That being said. Thank you to our vets, each and every one of you.

If you’ve made it this far you may be interested in the video I made justs days after my visit to the Pillars of Pride on this year’s Nov 11th celebration.

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I just found you and I am in awe! I’ve been reading and watching for 2 days now…I’ve gone deep but you are next level and I am soaking it in. Thank you for all this work and dedication that you’ve obviously put into this…it is greatly appreciated!

You’re quite welcome. Welcome to the revolution… There’s things each of us can do to bring this information Forward and fight this battle… There’s a point in everyone’s life will they stop looking at this material as entertainment and truly understand the gravity of the situation…. And then there’s another point where they decide to take action and do their part…. It’s up to each one of us to decide what that part will be. I decided to create a website and YouTube channel…. I decided to engage the masses and put myself out there…


I lived in a small community near Globe for about 8 months and the energy was insane! This information is in no way trivial…I decided to become a minimalist and have been on a quest for knowledge, spiritual and practical for years now. I’ve recently decided to check out some egalitarian communities as I am very into living off the land, ect. But I won’t make the mistake of retreating from the world and my wish is to learn and share though we all open our eyes when we want to. One of these days, I think I’ll try to head back that way for a tour…pretty sure it would be phenomenal. Until then, I’ll be tuning in.

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