De-Occulting The Donald Trump Impeachment Enchantment Ritual

Dissecting The Deep State’s Opus Magnum Spell That Could Only be Executed at This Time.

Political commentators and Occultists look at the world in a very different light. First things first. The Impeachment of Donald Trump is an enchantment. An attempt to cause a shift in Trump’s momentum through disgrace and public opinion. It’s no secret that the Democrats never had any intention of moving forward with the Articles.

But then again this is an enchantment. IT’S NOT REAL. There is no teeth, no end result, no forward momentum. It is smoke, mirrors, hearsay, accusations, & facts which crumble under scrutiny. But then again, an enchantment has nothing to do with reality now does it?

The Trump Impeachment is Nothing more than a Protracted “EnchantmentSpell.

Egyptian symbolism, esoterically inserted occultic numbers, public statements aligned with moon phases, the winter solstice, and the end of a decade, are just some of the ingredients thrown into this public ritual designed to remove one Donald J. Trump from power.

If the impeachment proceedings seem over the top to you; if every time you turn on the news it appears that the networks were facilitating a clash of titans pay-per-view event; if it felt like politics are ramped up to full throttle, you are not mistaken.

With nothing to lose and their necks LITERALLY on the line, the deep state, using the Democrat party has pulled out all the stops, doubled down on every attack, and have obviously enlisted the talents of professional ritual occultists for this year’s solstice cycle. Furthermore, it is the end of a decade, and the moon lined up perfectly to throw in her energies. This is big-league folks, and the elite has not let it go to waste.

However, to the average political junkie things appear to be business as usual, and it appears that half of the American sheeple have taken the bait, internalized, processed, and surrendered their energy to what is obvious to any occultist to be a grand public ritual we have come to know as the Impeachment of Donald Trump.

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“For every measure, there will be countermeasures.”

Trump holds rally during the Impeachment vote, countering the concentration of energy given to the vote. The media is the primary conduit through which the energies executed in politics reaches the larger resonance system known as the American people, and Trump is a master at wielding it.

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While the numerology alone lays out the blueprint and speaks to their efforts at hijacking the energies necessary to attempt to remove Donald J. Trump, the grandiosity of this work of energy, I believe, shows what’s left of their weak hand and represents a last-ditch effort before eventually digressing into an assassination attempt.

Numerology aside, the symbolism employed for this spell (energetic work) also speaks magnitudes to the brand of base magic being employed here and key political figures have assumed their esoteric roles within these public rituals while simultaneously maintaining their exoteric roles as elected officials carrying out state business.


A trained occultist will see that the timeline for the impeachment hearings has been unfolding on a very peculiar benchmark of dates.

Primary Ritual Timeline dates forming signature and vibrational fixatives within the Impeachment Ritual

I’ve run the numbers pertaining to the impeachment proceedings and it would appear that it is designed to retrograde. EVERYTHING IS COUNTING DOWN, to the New Year harnessing the winter solstice and the rising of the “New Son/Sun”

Moving backward from the date the House of Representatives impeached DJT.

  • December 18, DJT impeached: 13 days left in the year
  • November 15, second impeachment hearings: 33 days until impeachment vote.
  • October 13, Trump impeachment inquiry: 33 days until 2nd impeachment hearings.

You don’t have to be an occultist notice the numbers 13 and 33 feature prominently as the numerical fixatives within this ritual. This, of course, is the Masonic signature embedded as the primary execution dates for this political energetic operation. The numbers 13 and 33 also carry with them base numerical energy prior to the Freemasons co-opting them into the degree structure of their organization. There are 13 degrees in the York Rite and 32 degrees in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The 33rd only attainable through bestowment from the Grand Council.

The 33’s manifested by the Oct 13th and Nov 15th dates are not only numbers representing Jesus Christ, as J.C. performed 33 miracles & was 33 years of age when he was crucified, added together they equal 66. Or, the 66 books of the Bible.

Co-Opting Biblical Energy

Like most the dark energy work executed by the Deep State/International Globalists operatives, it hijacks the Biblical theme. This is simply because we are a Christian nation and the majority of Americans, even non-practicing American Christians are aware of the base story-line of Christianity. This allows the spell or energy-work to operate on the collective subconscious of all those who are aware of its goings-on.

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Acts 13:33 – God hath fulfilled the same unto us their children, in that he hath raised up Jesus again; as it is also written in the second psalm, THOU ART MY SON, THIS DAY HAVE I BEGOTTEN THEE.

Without getting into an extended dissertation of astrotheology, the number 33 represents the SUN as well as the SON in the occulted sciences. These two are interchangeable for those educated in the occult, and this most certainly includes the elite, who the sheeple have voted to govern this nation. All occulted knowledge stems back to earth physics and our interactions with it.

Secondary dates of execution within the ritual

  • December 14, Extended House arguments: 17 days prior to the end of the year. Q=17. Note that the Democrat-controlled House decided to push back the actual vote of Impeachment to Dec 18th so as to fix the vote to a 13-day countdown. This is quite important for group ritual work as a ritualized timeline allows for a 4th to 3rd-dimensional vibrational fixative while allowing symbolic messaging and intent to be sent out and organize or “entrain” collective thought-form among those involved in the ritual.
  • Nov 21, Congressional Impeachment Hearings: 40 Days till the end of the year. 40 is the number for the “Duration of suffering.”

Moon Phase

Again, designed to retrograde, the impeachment vote was taken December 18th as the moon was waning. Culminating is a NEW MOON on Christmas OR “The Birth of The SUN” The beginning of a “growing” cycle. The moon phase as it relates to this ritual was timed to harness and congeal the anti-Trump energies drummed up by the media across the nation/world in the wake of the impeachment vote and build them up THROUGH THE SOLSTICE, to the new moon/new year.

The winter solstice occurred actually occurred DEC 22 this year…NOT Dec 21st. This happens from time to time in the natural cycles. But in regards to energy and it’s implementation, it’s close enough. This means that the Solstice occurred EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE between the Impeachment vote and the Rising of the SN/SON Dec 25th.

Impeachment Vote – 19, 20 – (21-22)SOLSTICE – 23, 24 – X-Mas

New Moon fell on Christmas/26th this year. Remember one can use the 2-3 days either side of a new or full moon and collect its available energy for a purpose.

State of the Union Invitation

Nancy Pelosi also took full advantage of the numerical energies of the number “11” when invited DJT to speak at the annual State of the Union address.

11 is the first MASTER NUMBER and also the number representing DISOBEDIENCE. It embodies the energies/intents of the attempt as surpassing God’s perfection which is embodied by the number 10 or (Divine Completeness).

Pelosi also carried this spell/energetic work into the new year by fixing it to the energies being generated in the aftermath of the Impeachment vote. Could she also be foreshadowing or “SEEDING” a suggestive numerical intent that there will very shortly be a 46th president of the United States?

46 Days between invitation and SOTU speech. Where Trump will have to stand and make a speech with his back to his enemies while they openly plan for his demise.

The High Priestess

Image result for nancy pelosi

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi; (born March 26, 1940) is an American politician who is the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, representing California’s 12th congressional district. She previously served as the 52nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011, the only woman to do so, and is to date the highest-ranking female politician in American history.


Like Aleister Crowley was to Thelema and Beyonce is to the music industry, there is no doubt that Nancy Pelosi is the head witch chosen to execute this public ritual. If there was ever a dark lord from a proverbial “pit of filth” it would be Nancy Pelosi. Hailing from the depths of the filthiest, most overtaxed, liberal city in the nation where the homeless sleep, beg, and shoot up on the public sidewalks amongst used needles and piles of feces comes Nancy P. The darling of the elite left.

Nancy Pelosi’s Zodiac Sign: Aries

aquarius zodiac sign

Aries are popularly perceived as bright-eyed children who exhibit innate confidence, courage, and independence; Aries traits which make them naturally gravitate toward assuming leadership roles. It probably has to do with Aries’ planetary symbol which is the Ram; a determined fighter and a powerful adversary associated with Force, Power, Energy, Drive, Protection, Virility, and Fearlessness.

Aries is one of only four (4) astrological signs which carry a Cardinal Quality, the others being Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. A Cardinal Quality is an initiator of the zodiac which means these individuals like to get things going further characterizing the typical Aries personality as one who is active, driven and ambitious.

Because Mars, the God of War is their ruler, Aries are unafraid to go into battle.  The Element associated with Aries is Fire and those born under this sign are deemed to be enthusiastic, outgoing and generally adventurous with the burning desire to win play and win in life. Aries people are high spirited and highly active people. They are social and light-hearted people. They are also attractive human beings. For a full breakdown on N. Pelosi’s astrology breakdown check out .

Pelosi utilized and incorporated many catalysts during the impeachment hearings. Especially on the day of the impeachment vote.

Black Dress

While the news reported headlines such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is wearing black on the day House Democrats plan to impeach President Trump to emphasize that it is a “somber” event.

Pelosi’s attire on her grand day of Impeachment was more religious garb than anything else.

Image result for nancy pelosi red dress impeachment

BLACK – symbolized by the energies and influence of Saturn. It is represented by the element of Earth. As a color of magic, it can symbolize final endings and death. For Satanists, black is an elemental color that represents the void and the darkness, and for some, Satan. Often useful in curse magic, destructive magic, and bindings, and for absorbing negativity.

As striking and telling as the all-white dress of the freshman congresswomen after the midterm elections. Color is used regularly in U.S. Politics.

Image result for congress women all in white

This black dress was all about POWER AND AUTHORITY…

Image result for nancy pelosi

Smacking of the black robe worn by a judge and most certainly representing the power and authority of Saturn, the energy which oversees Western Law, Pelosi fully assumed and wielded the power and authority afforded to her by these energies.

Pelosi’s Egyptian Menet Styled Necklaces

The entire foundations of the U.S. Government are predicated on ancient Egypt. Why should it surprise anyone that the high priests and priestesses taking up positions at the alters of state wouldn’t dress the part and take advantage of the same energies their religious class has been enjoying for centuries?

Image result for nancy pelosi
Ay as Sem Priest in tomb of King Tutankhamun. Note the leopard pelt – this is an example of the Imiut.

Egyptian Priestess in Broad Collar/Menet Necklace

Image result for egyptian broad collar

ABOVE: Broad collar of Senebtisica. 1850–1775 B.C.

Image result for nancy pelosi

The necklace was associated with the goddess Hathor, and her son Ihy. As an important attribute of “the Great Menet” (as Hathor was sometimes called), it may have functioned as a medium through which she transmitted her power. In many images of the goddess, she is shown offering the necklace to the king. The queen was often a high priestess of Hathor and thus is often shown herself offering the necklace.

Hathor is also Horus or Isis’ mother.

When a female can’t assume the energies/role of a God they will almost always assume that of the God’s mother. In Catholicism, this void is filled by the Virgin Mary.

Other Necklaces Worn By Pelosi (It would seem Pelosi has her own stylized Egyptian theme going.)

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Nancy Pelosi

Power Symbol Front and Center

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Pelosi’s Necklace and Dress form an INVERTED POWER SIGN

Related image

I’ve spoken/written about this symbol at length in many articles here on The Phoenix Enigma. The power symbol is in effect the number “10”. It is the binary code. It is the phallus & the egg, alpha & omega, male & female, etc. It is a complete balance of power and represents AUTHORITY.

Pelosi chose to invert this symbol and incorporate it into her Priestess dress on the day of the vote. Whether or not anyone noticed, it was taken in and processed subconsciously for sure. No doubt that millions of people raised in this generation, slaves to their electronic devices, understood exactly what this symbol means. THIS IS HOW SORCERY WORKS!!!

Mace of the United States House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi was wearing a golden brooch of The Mace of The U.S. House of Representatives

Image result for nancy pelosi impeachment vote

The Mace of the United States House of Representatives is a ceremonial mace and one of the oldest symbols of the United States government. It symbolizes the governmental authority of the United States, and more specifically, the legislative authority of the House of Representatives.

Many people thought that the brooch Nancy Pelosi was wearing throughout the impeachment hearings was a Caduceus, while others thought it to be the Rod of Asclepius. Both of which are medical symbols.

Image result for caduceus and rod of asclepius

Caduceus – The Cadacueus is a symbol with a staff entwined by two serpents, often surmounted by a pair of wings. This signifies Hermes or Mercury in Roman and Greek mythology respectively.

The Rod of Asclepius – The Rod of Asclepius belonged to Aesculapius, who was the Greek god of healing. This symbol also utilizes a snake. Around 1400 BC, Moses used the bronze serpent erected on the pole to cure those who were bitten by snakes. Also, the shedding of a snake symbolized longevity and immortality.


In one of its first resolutions, the U.S. House of Representatives of the 1st Federal Congress (April 14, 1789) established the Office of the Sergeant at Arms. The resolution stated, “a proper symbol of office shall be provided for the Sergeant at Arms, of such form and device as the Speaker shall direct.” The first Speaker of the House, Frederick Muhlenberg (of Pennsylvania, approved the mace as the proper symbol of the Sergeant at Arms in carrying out the duties of this office.

Frederick Muhlenberg was a Freemason and one of the men who were present for the inauguration of George Washington.

Description of Mace

The ceremonial mace is 46 inches (120 cm) high and consists of 13 ebony rods bound together by four crossing ribbons of silver, pinned together and held at the bottom and at the top by silver bands. The bands are decorated with floral borders and a repoussé design. The name “Wm. Adams/Manufacturer/New York/1841.” is engraved in the cartouche, located in the front center of the bottom band. This shaft is topped by a silver globe 4-1/2 inches in diameter and engraved with the seven continents, the names of the oceans, lines of longitude, and the major lines of latitude. The Western Hemisphere faces the front. The globe is encircled with a silver rim marked with the degrees of latitude, on which is perched an engraved solid silver eagle with a wingspan of 15 inches. The total weight of the mace is 10 pounds.

  • 46 Inches high – Number of chromosomes that contain each cell of the human body, grouped in twenty-three pairs.
  • 13 ebony rods – When one binds 13 rods together and looks at them from the end they form this.
Image result for star of david in the us seal
  • Four Crossing Ribbons of Silver – Four is the number associated with that of Earth and everything of this physical world. Silver is for protection and binding.
  • Silver globe 4-1/2 inches in diameter / solid silver eagle with a wingspan of 15 inches – 4.5 / 15 =3.33333333333
  • 10 pounds – 10 is represented in the Bible as Divine Completeness.

Procedural usage of Mace

For daily sessions of the House, the Sergeant carries the silver and ebony mace of the House in front of the Speaker, in procession to the rostrum. When the House is in session, the mace stands on a cylindrical pedestal of green marble to the Speaker’s right. When the House is in committee, it is moved to a lowered position on a pedestal next to the Sergeant at Arms’ desk, more or less out of sight. Thus, members entering the chamber know immediately whether the House is in session or in committee.

The Power of the Mace

In accordance with the House Rules, on the rare occasion that a member becomes unruly, the Sergeant at Arms, upon order of the Speaker, lifts the mace from its pedestal and presents it before the offenders, thereby restoring order. House rules state that Members should be arrested when ignoring the authority of the Mace.

The last time the Mace was used was on July 29, 1994, when Rep. Maxine Waters declined to stop speaking. The Speaker Pro Tem, Rep. Carrie Meek, threatened “to present the mace.”

One can even see the bound rods making the border ring on the Seal of the U.S. Congress.

File:Seal of the United States Congress.svg

Silver & Calcite Bracelet

Although it’s hard to get a great look at all the stones in bracelet Pelosi is wearing, the Calcite and Silver seem to be obvious. This was worn on her right hand, or gavel hand. The hand which dealt out the power during the hearings.

Calcite – When used in metaphysics Calcite is a huge energy amplifier. Orange Calcite is known for harnessing putting to use the energies of the Sun.

Silver – Silver is known primarily for its protective qualities. Heeded since ancient days for its ability to ward off and kill mythical creatures to its modern-day use in colloidal Silver. Silver is the greatest conductor of all metals.

What is to come next?

As elaborate and clever as this enchantment spell was, I don’t believe the deep state and the Democrat party will be successful in removing Trump from office. He simply has the power and will of the people. REAL POWER. All the magic in the world can not cut through the occultic shenanigans being cooked up by the global elite.

Trump is a master at manipulating the media and is self-made. In fact, this is what pisses off the left and the Globalists the most. He is an example of what someone can become without the help of a nanny state.

Viewing this whole ordeal through the lens of occulted knowledge I believe that this will backfire and all these energies will come back full force on the Democrat party come the 2020 presidential election. Control of the Senate is a different matter, however. There is some shaky ground there and a real chance for the Globalists to gain control of our country through the Democrat party there in the next election.

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Good read knew there was more to the impeachment. Thank you for your work and time.

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Nancy handed out 30 gold and ebony pens on 3 silver plates (30+3=33). Thirty pieces of silver (plates). It also strikes me that the pens were black and gold, which are the same 2 colors Trump always uses in his Trump Towers, perhaps trying to siphon energy? Just spit balling here. Love this stuff — great website

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