[ De-Occulting Trump's Mount Rushmore 4th of July Speech ]

“In our Schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, PERFORM ITS RITUALS, RECITE ITS MANTRAS, AND FOLLOW ITS COMMANDMENTS, then you will be censored banished, blacklisted persecuted and punished. Make no mistake this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.”

Donald Trump
President Trump Defends Freedom at Mount Rushmore, Announces National Garden ‘Honoring Greatest ...


As I listen to Donald Trump make his speech, I get the unmistakable feeling that Trump has made a turning point. Could this be the moment we were all waiting for? This speech wasn’t the usual “Go America rah rah!!!” In no uncertain terms, Trump called out the cultural Marxists in our nation. Those whom myself, patriots, and woke Americans have been screaming about for the past two decades.

What is significant about this speech is the date it occurred on. Once again, the Trump administration took full advantage of not only of the available energies stored within the location and IDEA Mt. Rushmore, but the historic and current temporal aspects of this monument as well. All of this fitting seamlessly into the current political climate and events. Furthermore, Trump’s execution of implementing these ritual mechanics into a cohesive script was delivered flawlessly.

In Short. Trump harnessed the physics of the earth demonstrated and visible through number and cycle, and used it to amplify the collective consciousness of the American people during this 4th of July/Solar aphelion event to manifest energetic consequences. TRUMP JUST PICKED A FIGHT. JUST AS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS DID. ON THE SAME DAY, WHILE LITERALLY UNDER THE VIEW OF SOME OF THE MOST POWERFUL MASONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln.

What is the 4th of July?


These are the energies the founding fathers wove into the structure of our government. The collective celebratory energies raised and released are done so in accordance with this ancient knowledge of sacred physics.


The Solar Aphelion

(apo, “from”) + (Helios, “sun”) = aphelion =  Away from the sun

Early July, usually around the fourth, is the day of the year when the earth is farthest from the sun, or, the Solar Aphelion. This is the exact opposite of the Perihelion (when the sun is closest). If you haven’t noticed by this time, Freemasonry is rooted in astrotheology and its foundations are rooted in the ancient mystery schools which themselves were born from solar-based theology.

The following are excerpts from Robert Wilkinson’s website and affiliated social media sites collectively known as “Lifting the Veil.” Robert has laid this out better than anyone I’ve come across yet.   https://www.patreon.com/posts/sirius-esoteric-2839751 

“Every year our sun conjoins the star Sirius, at 13.5 degrees Cancer, during the first week in July; that is, as seen from the earth, the sun lies in front of Sirius which lies at the same celestial longitude as the astrological sign of Cancer in the sky. Astrologically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect celestial bodies can have.

Interestingly, the major axis of the earth’s orbit is such that we are farthest from the sun on July 4th and closest to it on January 3rd each year, so that at the beginning of our current calendar year, the earth lies between the Sun and Sirius, and Sirius “culminates” or “climaxes” (is at it’s high point in its nightly path and directly on the north-south meridian line) at midnight; and thus the midnight new year’s firework climactic explosions serve as a celebration of the meridian passing of Sirius as we pass between it and the sun, while the fourth of July celebrations express the explosive conjunction or divine union of our Sun with Sirius. “

Solar Aphelions

  • 2018 – July 6th, 9:46 am
  • 2019 – July 4th, 3:10 pm
  • 2020 – July 4th, 4:34 am
  • 2021 – July 5th, 3:27 pm
  • 2022 – July 4th, 12:10 am

Ritual Timing & Numerology

The Number 33

The timing of this monumental speech was also timed out to the perfect day, at least for the intended purposes of this ritual.

JULY 3rd

One would think that in order to take advantage of this energy the ritual would have had to happen on the 4th. Not so. Especially in light of the location of this ritual. Mount Rushmore.

Mr. Rushmore was commissioned on March 3, 1925. March 3rd is the number 33 in numerology. March 30th, also acts in the same respect as it too comes out to 33. This number has been used by Freemasons since its inception. It is known as the perfect number.

  • March 3, 1933, Governor Clarence Martin closed all banks when he declared a “Bank Holiday.”
  • March 30th, 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot and almost killed by John Hinkley Jr. 3/30 equals 33. John Hinkley Sr. was very good friends with George Bush Sr.
  • On 3/3/03 the UN World Prayer Center called for everyone to pray simultaneously at 3:30 pm.

Now, why is this significant? Because, the time between March 3, and July 3, represent exactly

33.33% of the year

There are also 122 days between these days. This number 122 is related to the end times. The bible starts with Genesis 1, and ends with Revelation 22 is referring this number as the Beginning of The End.

The 9-11 attack appears to link with the number 122, when we divide the numbers again with 11 ÷ 9 = 1.22… thus we see that it is a number of God’s judgment as well. It would appear that there is another 122 which shows up as well here. 122 X 2 that is, which equals 244.

This year was the 244th celebration of the Fourth of July.

When I first saw this I knew it wasn’t an accident, however, I was more than a bit impressed when I factored the completion date of Mt. Rushmore which is October 31st, All Hallows Eve.

33.06% of the year

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested 2 days before this speech on July 1st.

This day was the 183rd day of the year. On this day there are exactly 183 days remaining in the year. This is because July 1st is the halfway point on the yearly calendar. What does this mean in numerology?

1+8+3= (12) 1+2 = 3

1+8+3= (12) 1+2 = 3

The reduction of both of these reduce to 3. Placed together they make 33

As an occultist I’m not sure what to make of this, and it is a tactic I’ve not seen before in spell-craft. I can guess that someone is attempting to capitalize on neutral energy, a halfway point of potential. But I’m not sure. I’m going to have to sit back and take notes on this one.

Harnessing the Moon

Trump’s Fourth of July ritual took place during a Full Moon energetic cycle and Trump took full advantage of this as well as the energies of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

New and Full moon energies can and are harnessed 3 days either side of the intended targeted energetic resonance attempting to be harnessed. Working with the energies of the orbiting bodies is a “waxing/waning” situation. Energies ebb and flow like all things in nature as they move through their cycles. I’ve spoken about this much in the past when explaining moon magick and the energies to be harnessed therein.

This particular full moon was accompanied with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Or a “partial covering” of the moon. Eclipses are used in spell craft for what you might expect them to be. CONCEALING MATTERS.

What Is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse?

A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow. This type of eclipse is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon.

An Eclipse Never Comes Alone!

A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season.

This is the third eclipse this season

First eclipse this season: June 5, 2020 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Second eclipse this season: June 21, 2020 — Annular Solar Eclipse

There are only Three degrees in Freemasonry. Collectively they are knows as the “Blue Lodge”.

  1. Entered Apprentice
  2. Fellowcraft Mason
  3. Master Mason

Masonic Symbolism and Similitude

Mt. Rushmore Sculptor Gutzon Borglum was a FREEMASON

Taken from: www.phoenixmasonry.org

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial is situated in the Black Hills of South Dakota and has the largest figures of any statue in the world.  From left to right are depicted the faces of United States Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. 

Gutzon Borglum (John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum)  (1871-1941)  Sculptor and painter, born March 25, 1871 in Idaho and educated in public schools of Nebraska.  Studied art in San Francisco and Paris.  He received his Master of Arts from Princeton University and L.L.D., Oglethorpe University.  He painted, studied and traveled in Spain, Europe, and England until 1901 when he settled in New York.  Among his many marbles and bronzes are Sheridan Equestrian, Washington D.C. and Chicago, Illinois; colossal marble head of Lincoln in the rotunda of of the U.S. Capitol; bronze group, Mares of Diomeded in the Metropolitan Museum; Lincoln, Newark, New Jersey; Trudeau memorial, Saranac Lake; Trail Drivers Memorial, Texas.  He designed and began carving the Confederate Memorial on the face of Stone Mountain, Georgia, but a controversy arose with the association and he destroyed all the plans and models.  Borglum designed the Confederate half-dollar as well.  His greatest work, however, is the Black Hills carving which he designed and officially started on August 10, 1927, when President Coolidge dedicated it.  He lived to see the fourth head unveiled in 1939, but not to complete the work–which was done by his son Lincoln q.v. in 1941.

Borglum was an active Freemason, being raised in Howard Lodge No. 35, New York City on June 10, 1904, and serving as its Worshipful Master in 1910-11.  In 1915 he was appointed grand representative of the Grand Lodge of Denmark near the Grand Lodge of New York.  He received his Scottish Rite Degrees in New York City Consistory on October 25, 1907, but was suspended in 1921.  His Lodge possesses the gavel used by him in the form of a bronze lion’s paw, holding a stone from Solomon’s Temple.  He executed the bust of Edward M. L. Ehlers, who was Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of New York, that is now in the Grand Lodge Library.  His memorial “Silence” is in the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Hospital at the Masonic Home in Utica, New York.  The cornerstone of his studio on the hills above Stamford, Conn. was laid with Masonic ceremonies by the Grand Master of New York under special dispensation from Connecticut.  He died on March 6, 1941.

Lincoln Borglum, his son, and also a Freemason in Battle River Lodge No. 92 of Hermosa, South Dakota, worked with his father on the Mt. Rushmore memorial since 1932.  He was in charge of measurements and enlarging models from 1934-38 and superintendent of the memorial since 1938.  Following the death of his father in 1941, he was assigned to complete the memorial.

Note that granite is the Primer medium which Masons prefer to work

  1. George Washington – Freemason
  2. Thomas Jefferson – Freemason
  3. Abraham Lincoln- Applied to the Tyrion Lodge, but withdrew the application while running for President. Lincoln felt it would smack of pandering.
  4. Teddy Roosevelt – Freemason

This speech was A CALL TO MASONS. There is no doubt in my mind that this speech was Trump’s rallying cry to all Masons within earshot. From the inlaid 33 numerology to the moon phase and ritualistic framing to the entire Masonic structure. Keep in mind that this July 4th, 2020 public ritual was precursed with Trump’s personal request to put back the statue of Albert Pike, which was defaced and torn down during Black Lives Matter protests 15 days prior. Of all the statues that were torn down, why is this the only one that moved Donald Trump to pick up the phone and personally request the National Parks Service to refurbish and replace?

Albert Pike Statue

Albert Pike wrote Morals and Dogma some eight years before Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first wireless telephone message! Pike was a giant of his time who did extraordinary things in his lifetime. He was the ONLY Confederate soldier to be honored in America’s capitol of Washington, DC, where a huge statue of him dominates a major intersection (Judiciary Square). James D. Richardson, Albert Pike’s successor as commander of the southern Scottish Rite masons ordered the Pike statue to be erected in Washington, D.C. It was Richardson who, as a U.S. congressman from Tennessee, introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives the infamous 1898 resolution: It called for the federal government to provide federal land to Richardson’s masonic organization, on which to put up their statue honoring the master strategist of KKK terror.


From DailyMail.com: Full Article here

Trump ‘personally ordered the statue of Confederate soldier Albert Pike to be put back up’ in DC after it was torn down by protesters on Juneteenth

  • Donald Trump personally ordered for a statue of a Confederate soldier  Albert Pike to be put back up after it was toppled last week in protest of racial injustice
  • Two sources told NBC News on Wednesday that President Trump personally called Interior Sec. Bernhardt and asked the Park Service to put it back up
  • Trump has been working on an executive order to send anyone to prison for up to 10 years if they vandalize or destroy a monument or statue
  • He tweeted that the protesters are ‘anarchists & looters’ and claimed the toppling of the statues was random and meaningless
  • Trump insisted: ‘Some are great works of art, but all represent our History & Heritage, both the good and the bad’ 
  • After the report the statue is to return to public viewing, he said: ‘It is important for us to understand and remember, even in turbulent and difficult times’ 


PUBLISHED: 01:24 EDT, 25 June 2020 | UPDATED: 03:47 EDT, 25 June 2020


Trump called for toppled Albert Pike statue to be restored in DC: reports | TheHill
Albert-Pike-statue-on-fire-1 • Dean McAdams' Blog


Albert Pike is obviously the most well known Freemason in U.S. history. Beginning to see who is in charge here? And if there is any doubt, this act of desecrating statue of America’s Masonic grandfather spurred President Trump to issue the following promise.

President Trump then made it known that he is passing a Federal law wherein anyone who damages or defaces a Federal Statue or Monument will receive a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Why a minimum 10 Year Prison Sentence?

The #10 Meaning and symbology

  • Completeness in Divine order
  • Used when describing anything near perfection.
  • The number of harmony in matter.
  • Biblically, the number 10 is viewed as a complete and perfect number. It is made up of “4” the number physical creation, and “6” the number man. In such it signifies testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order.
  • 10 is the first number of extension Eg. 10…100…1,000…10,000
  • It is the greatest of numbers, only because it is the Tetractys (the 10 dots) but because it comprehends all arithmetic and harmonic proportions.
  • Pythagoras divided the heavenly bodies into 10 orders.
  • Occultist Mme. Blavatsky believed that the 1 followed by the 0 indicates the column and the circle meaning the principle of the male and the female.
  • The “1” and the “0” in 10 symbolically represent the phallus and the egg/womb. Even the shape of the respective numbers mimic the physiology of the human body. The masculine and the feminine. Or the joining of the two energies to create completeness.

In The Bible

  • The first “10” words of the Bible are “In the Begining, God created the heaven and the earth.” This occurs in (Gen1-1) “1” is the number of God. (Gen1-1)= I am that I am was spoken to Moses by God in (Ex-3:14) Pi anyone?
  • The first “10” words of the Bible teaches the space-time continuum. Space, Time, Matter. All three are necessary for any one of them to exist. Without Space, there is nowhere which to put Matter. Without Matter, there is nothing with which to move in relation to one another or to decay due to the law of entropy. One of the greatest definitions of Time which I’ve ever read is “Time is the measurement of the decay of matter.” And of course, one needs Space in which to put matter. “10” words defined all that.
  • Jesus spoke 10 “I am’s “ in John.
  • Number 10 is used to hundred and 44 times in the Bible
  • number 4000 and is used 10 times in the Bible.
  • There are 10 patriarchs from Adam to Noah
  • There are 10 patriarchs between Noah and Abraham
  • The number 10 is used 242 times in the Bible.
  • In Genesis 1 we find the phrase “God said” 10 times.
  • God gave 10 commandments to man. (Ex 20:1) (Therefore 10 represents man’s responsibility to keep the Commandments).
  • The tithe one pays in the church is a 10th of our earnings.
  • The Passover lamb was selected on the 10th day of the 1st month.
  • The 10th day of the seventh month is the holy day known as the day of atonement. 7 is the number of God.
  • 10 nations hostile to Israel
  • God moved back this shadow on the sundial of Ahaz 10° as a sign that he would deliver Hezekiah from his moral sickness and the city where he was. (Is 38:1-8)
  • 10×10 silver sockets on formed the foundation of the Tabernacle.
  • In the Temple, there were 10 lavers, 10 lamp stands, and 10 tables (2 Chr 4:6-8)
  • Jesus told several parables which focus on the number 10: 10 virgins (Mt 25:1-13), 10 coins (Lk 15:8-10), 10 minas (Lk 19:11-27).
  • The Holy Spirit descended on the apostles 10 days after the ascension of Jesus.
  • Jesus healed 10 lepers in (Lk 17:11)
  • Jesus gives 10 pounds to 10 servings in the parable in (Lk 19:13)
  • In the book of revelations the beast has 10 horns and upon the horns set 10 crowns. (Rev 13:1)

This number is recognized by most, if not all schools of ancient knowledge and esoterica as the number of Divinity and Divine Completeness.

Masonic Law is indeed woven into our very foundation

Ghislaine Maxwell

Continuing with current events tied into this ritual was the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on July 1st. We discussed this above and its connections to the number 33, but there is another connection that ties it at a second node point to the Freemasons.

This number is almost as important to Freemasons as it represents the perfected works of man. The number 27 is the number three cubed. A cube is a three dimensional square. This is represented in Masonry as the Ashlar.

The Number 27 is Three Cubed

Ashlar masonry

In ashlar masonry, square or rectangular blocks that are used are dressed and have an extremely fine bed and end joints. 

i) Ashlar fine tooled

It is the finest stone masonry.  The beds, joints, and faces of the stones are chisel dressed to remove all unevenness and obtain perfectly horizontal and vertical joints.

Taken from a Masonic Website

  1. The Perfect Ashlar, as a symbol, is the summum bonum of Freemasonry. That is to say, everything else in Masonry leads up to it. The V. of S.L. describes it, the checkered pavement illustrates it, the Great Architect no less than the Grand Geometrian desire it, and are satisfied with nothing less. When the craft has fashioned the Perfect Ashlar, it has nothing else to do.
  2. The Rough Ashlar is the people, as a mass, rude and unorganized. The Perfect Ashlar, cubical stone, symbol of perfection, is the State, the rulers deriving their powers from the consent of the governed; the constitution and laws speaking the will of the people; the government, harmonious, symmetrical, efficient – its powers properly distributed and duly adjusted in equilibrium.
  3. We call it the Perfect Ashlar, but we must remember that it is perfected only because it is completely adapted to the purpose for which it was made, namely; to exactly fit into its place in the building, and act as a binder for other stones.
  4. The Perfect Ashlar, in its character of a symbol of the State, represents an ideal to be striven for–the perfect State has not yet been finally developed. But, upon his first entrance into Masonry, the Mason is presented with Working Tools with which to shape and to gauge his work–the Gavel, symbolizing Force, and the Gauge, symbolizing Rule or Law. And the Perfect Ashlar reminds the Mason that his entered apprentice’s Working Tools are given him to use and that it is for him, a citizen, to apply them, using Force, properly held in restraint by Rule or Law, to, so far as in him lies, make his ashlar a Perfect Ashlar and his state a perfect State.

As you can see. The “Perfect Ashlar” is all about the metaphor of mans ability and work. Is it a coincidence that Maxwell was arrested in the 27th week of the year? This Maxwell ordeal is shaping up to be nothing more than a continuation of the embedded Masonic Elite power structure. They are guiding the entire operation in plain sight.

The Great List of Masons

Near the end of the speech, Trump lists off a number of great Americans, of which the vast majority of them turn out to be FREEMASONS. Including.

  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Fredrick Douglas
  • Buffalo Bill Cody
  • Wild Bill Hickcock
  • The Write Brothers
  • Mohamed Ali
  • Elvis
  • Thomas Edison
  • Walt Whitman
  • Mark Twain
  • Irvin Berlin
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Bob Hope

Also listed were some Iconic Masonic structures and accomplishments including:

  • The Hoover Dam
  • The U.S. highway system
  • & Manhattan Island

The vast majority of Americans will have had no idea that these great men were ALL FREEMASONS. However, Freemasons sure know. This was a dog whistle to them. Trump then went on to lay out his plans for the constructing a new national monument. The National Garden of American Heroes. How many of these people do you think are going to be Freemasons? LOL.

“Americans must never loose sight of this miraculous story,” Trump said of the American dream. “So today under the authority vested in me as president of the United States, I am announcing the creation of a new monument to the giants of our past. I am signing an executive order to establish the National Garden of American Heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.”

Donald Trump


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Is written everywhere that Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July 2

Katherine T Snyder

Christ had 12 Apostles, not 10, which I find very curious. 1+2=3, known as the perfect number. I wonder what, if any, other associations Jesus may have had. I’ll need to start studying the gematria/numerology of Christ, and wonder if he followed the geometric principles or was it all to chance. Or was he surrounded by other “freemasons” who were very calculating.

Freemasons were not around in the time of Christ. So, no… And yes he had 12 apostles. Same as the constellations in the sky. It is my finding that the allegory of Christ is actually that of the Sun as it moves through the heavens. I wrote an article on “The numerology of Christ” it can be found in the number studies section of this website. Just scroll down past the individual numbers and there are a few in-depth articles there.

Dear Sir:
Thank you for the well written articles I found them fascinating. My Grandfather was a Scottish Rights Mason where he studied medicine at Edinburgh University after leaving Germany to escape in the 30’s. He was Jewish and you could attend one of their university’s for free in the 1930’s before fascism swept Germany.

I have always wondered about their rights and rituals. The question I wish to ask you is are their different factions of both Good And Evil Masonic members. Seems like the Deep State are Luceferians battling against the Good guys so to speak or am I incorrect in my assumptions. If Donald Trump is a master Mason and Albert Pike admits in Rules and Dogma that they worship lucifer then does that mean that POTUS worships Lucifer as well and if so does that mean he is trying with his cohorts to bring in a reign of Lucifer and everything we are witnessing play out in America is one giant psychological operation to manipulate the population to accepting the Lucederian Reign. I hope Not. I am a Messianic
Jew who believes that Jesus was the Messiah and I do believe we are in a spiritual battle for mankind. Is Donald Trump legitimately fighting for or against the Deep state faction for the control of America. I would greatly appreciate your insights. Their is obviously a war going on behind the scenes and much is at stake and I know that the Three Gorges Dam will play a significant part of this massive battle. I am hoping that Even though Donald Trump is a Mason as you say I hope he is fighting for Mankind’s freedom and not part of some orchestrated endeavor to bring in the Anti Christ. Please clarify for me. I watched his Mount Rushmore speech and was aware of the Buck moon on July 4th /5th and was relieved nothing of massive occultist nature happened on the Buck moon as it fell 7 days after the Lunar partial eclipse. I believe the Deep State had a planned sacrifice of massive proportions planned for the Buck Moon event but it was stopped. Am I correct?

Jeffrey Z

Cory, i am interested about McQueen fashion designer also:)

Jordan Maxwell says the same.

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