De-Occulting The Mandalay Bay Floor Numbering Ritual

The Route 91 Harvest Ritual

It’s been just over six months since the Route 91 Harvest Ritual was performed and those who orchestrated the event are putting the final touches on their public sacrifice. The capstone if you will.

As of mid-February, the Mandalay Bay Hotel renumbered their floor plan. Floors 31-34 have now become 56-59.

It was February 6, the Mandalay Bay in conjunction with the mainstream media made the announcement for Act 3 of the ritual by telegraphing their intent prior to the renumbering. This occurred mid-February or, the new moon phase of the black moon month which occurs once every 20 years. OR perhaps to coincide with the planned Florida school shooting and harness the emotional energy raised there.

Note that this year “Mid February” is marked by a very special lunar pattern. January 1 and 31st are both full moons, (a Super Full Moon and a Blue Moon with a full eclipse) February has no full moon, and March 1 and 31st are both full moons once again. This lunar anomaly in the month of February is known as the “Black Moon” and only occurs once in 20 years. Is this yet one more coincidence and strange astrological anomaly which lines up with the Route 91 harvest ritual?


The official reason given by MGM for the renumbering is that they want to begin moving away from the tragedy and do not want the 32nd floor where the shooting allegedly took place to be associated with the morbid event. Never mind that the Mandalay Bay only has 43 stories, to begin with, and the new floors will be numbered 56, 57, 58, and 59. Floors 35 through 39, which won’t change in the new numbering plan, is used by four seasons Las Vegas as a hotel within a hotel. The top four floors 60 through 63 remain the same.

Does any of this make sense? Check out trip and read the comments under the article discussing this floor numbering change. It’s pretty unanimous that this numbering change is ridiculous. The same goes for the comments in every other article you’ll find on the Internet discussing the floor numbering change. It only becomes clear when one looks at this action through the eyes of an occultist. Here we go.

Floor 31 has become 56

Floor 32 has become 57

Floor 33 has become 58

Floor 34 has become 59


Anything jump out at you yet? Let’s examine some of the key numbers one at a time.


33 & 58

Right off the top, we see these two numbers joined together into the archives of history. One becoming the other. Transformation. Make no mistake, there is an important hermetic principle at work here. Both symbolically and numerologically. There is also something hidden within this union that calls upon and gives birth to an ancient energy repository. An ancient body of history, knowledge, blood, pain, and sacrifice which has laid dormant in the recesses of the collective human mind. Especially those humans living in the American Southwest or those of Hispanic descent.

  • 33 is the highest degree of Freemasonry attainable, while 58 is the number of people killed in the ritual. 33 is the highest degree within the Scottish Rite path of Freemasonry and is only bestowed upon invitation from the Grand Masons Lodge in Washington DC. Is it a coincidence that the 33rd floor is becoming floor 58?
  • 33+58=91 OR the Route 91 Harvest Ritual. OR the 91 steps on each side of the pyramid of Kukulkan (The pyramid where the Aztec Ritual Sacrifices were performed) This sacrifice, in turn, occurred in front of the Luxor pyramid. Let’s not forget, this sacrifice also took place in what was once the ancient land of Aztlan (the ancestral home of the Aztec people).

59 people were killed if you include Stephen Paddock.

  • We see this number represented as the final number in the renumbering plan. After declaring the final number dead (including Stephen Paddock) the number never climbed again.


Adding up the original floor numbers derives a total of 130. OR 13 (the highest degree attainable in the York Rite of Freemasonry)

  • Of course, the 13th Tarot card is the death card. The number 13 also factors into much of the symbology on U.S. currency, a complete witched coven, 1933 is the year of the Great Depression.
  • In the Bible 13 is always associated with lawlessness and rebellion. Nimrod was the 13th in the line of Ham. “The Dragon” appears 13 times in the bible. 13 famines are mentioned in the bible. King Solomon spent 7 years building Jeruselems Temple but 13 years building his home.
  • 13 inches -= 33 centimeters.
  • “New World Order” contains 13 letters.
  • Freemasons consider 13 to be the most correct of number
  • See my article on the numbers 13 and 33 here.

The new floor numbers total 230 OR 23

  • 23 OR 9-11-2001 (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) = 11
  • The shooting took place on the 254th day of Trumps presidency and September 11th is the 254th day of the year. Or 11. There are simply too many 11 connections to 911 to list here.

The difference between the two totals are 100 OR 10

  • I’ve yet to complete my piece on the Route 91 Harvest Ritual and the number 10 but believe me this is the number which dominates this event. It is this number which I believe is being used to mock the creator while at the same time riding its energetic coattails.

31+32+33+34+56+57+58+59 = 360 OR  3+6+0= 9

If one goes to an online Gematria Calculator and inputs “Mandalay Bay” one quickly realizes that in nearly any Gematria system “Mandalay Bay” derives at the number 9. This is actually quite rare for a word. In the few that it didn’t it came out 7 and 0.


The fact that floor 33 is becoming 58 (the total number of people who were killed during the event) should be a giveaway. Even for the layman who receives their occult education from the entertainment wing of the Pentagon (Hollywood), this should scream not only Freemason but occult ritual.

There have been reports that floors 33 and 34 were also used in the attack as staging rooms for the planned sting operation which was planned just prior to the shooting. Whether or not Stephen Paddock knew the full extent of the plans for this day remains unknown to everyone except Aaron Rouse of the FBI and the higher brass at the LVMPD. There is clear evidence at this point that Stephen Paddock was working in the capacity of an arms dealer for the FBI. That he was involved in the fast and furious operation based out of Phoenix and had been running guns regularly to Nevada is also not in dispute. It is assumed that his gambling addiction was partly a cover for his occupation as well as a way to launder his income from the Deep State. What is questioned however is whether or not Stephen Paddock was used as a patsy in this operation and simply decommissioned at the end of his career. I believe the latter to be the case. It is also becoming apparent at this time that Jesus Campos is the agent who killed Stephen Paddock regardless of what actually occurred in that room.

Marshall McLuhan is credited with saying:

“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

What does this mean? It means that those who orchestrated this event are being protected by the public’s perpetual state of being unwilling or unable to believe that this event could have been planned and executed by a group of political and financial elite. It also means that these people can practice their predatory religion and pick us off like untended sheep without fear of reprisal. All they need do is develop and maintain the narrative, show the horror of the aftermath nonstop for weeks, and publicly admonish anyone who disagrees with their narrative as conspiracy theorists, tinfoil hat wearers, and paranoid whack jobs. All of which was mastered around the time T.V. was deployed and honed down to a lethal technocracy over the decades.

I made a YouTube video months ago showing how the last Jason Bourne film foreshadows the Route 91 Harvest Ritual.

At the end of the movie, Jason Bourne evades the FBI by jumping into an elevator while at the same time going to the suite of a Las Vegas hotel to kill his nemesis played by Tommy Lee Jones.

After he jumps in the elevator, he begins messing with the wiring to trick the feds into believing he stops on floor 32.

When he gets out of the elevator however it shows him getting out on floor 58.

Where he forcefully breaks into a suite (Complete with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Las Vegas strip) and confronts Tommy Lee Jones.

How much more in-your-face can this get? At what point will Hollywood be seen as the entertainment branch of the Pentagon and be recognized for the predictive programming they are responsible for? Does anybody truly believe this to be a coincidence? I believe this gets back to the public incredulity mentioned earlier in this article. It’s just too much to imagine that there is an organization so organized, so sick, so depraved, and so intent on carrying out their ancient rituals in our modern-day world, that we explain away all of their actions as simply coincidence while buying into the mainstream media’s narrative as they disseminate it out for public consumption.


The Narrative IS the Ritual

But here’s the sick black magic of it all. The narrative itself is part of the ritual. A ritual both symbolic and kinetic which forms a foundation for the overarching intent and is fed real measurable energy by the emotions of those coming in contact with it, accepting it repeating it, being affected by it and developing their collective historical reality base upon it.

This is true magic. This is how it works. This is the occult in practice and in action. The magic you see portrayed in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is the fiction which has been presented to you as a similitude to magic and is the only level of occult education the masses purposefully receive. This is intentional and designed so that one associates magic with fiction, fantasy, and childishness, rather than physics, biology, and mathematics. This education begins with Disney cartoons for most of us and is reinforced with blockbuster Hollywood movies as we grow older.

In actuality, the real magic is advertising and marketing. Propaganda and speech. The understanding of human physiology and how to recognize, manipulate, isolate, harness, direct, and exploit the natural energies which the human condition produces. Including measurable physical, mental, and spiritual energies.

Within days of the sacrifice, the mainstream media began running interference for the FBI. Not only attempting to bury details but actually, re-script the events people witnessed. Report after report concentrated on key esoteric numbers and archetypical story-lines easily identifiable and relatable to those raised in modern American culture and weaned on Hollywood programming. This was done to solidify the narrative and drowned out any facts or witness testimony reaching the public through channels other than those of the state-sanctioned mainstream media. Accompanying this portion of the ritual was a concerted projection of energy and resources by the deep state into the gun-control agenda as well as a healthy dose of trauma-based social conditioning.

Just take a look at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Wikipedia page. “72 minutes from first shot to all clear” “23 guns found in Paddock’s suite” ” Floor 32″ “10 minutes of shooting” and it goes on and on.

Six and a half months later, however, the orchestrator’s of the Route 91 Harvest Ritual are fixing into place the final touches of their ritual, “sealing” their sacrifice. Much like the one World Trade Center which now stands were two once stood.

New York Financial Center at dusk

Like the eye of Ra ceremony which took place at Ground Zero.

Like the “tribute in light” installation which followed the destruction of the twin towers. Each beam of light containing 44 bulbs which each consume 7,000 watts. For those of you who don’t know, the name “God” is found 4444 times in the KJV Bible. While 44 is 22 doubled and 22 is the number of the “Sons of Light” referred to in 1Thessalonians 5:5.


All of these are nothing more than catalysts, triggers to evoke emotional energy. The reaping of the effects of 9/11 continues to this very day. As does that of every other tragedy whether organic or orchestrated by the deep state. Tragedy and emotional trauma are a wellspring of negative energy upon which these monsters feed. Fear, uncertainty, and chaos from which one can harness organize, and direct. E Pluribus Unum.

In my day-to-day conversations, I’m amazed at how many people have adopted the state-run media’s narrative of the Las Vegas shooting and made it part of their reality base. In our current age, where all knowledge is available within seconds for those who would care to look, so few people questioned or even verified the talking heads on their television screens. But why would they? The past three generations of Americans are victims of the public indoctrination system and have no foundation wherein they can even recognize what is transpiring in front of them.

Never mind that logic, grammar, rhetoric, and debate are no longer taught in elementary school, but the intermediate sciences of number, geometry, music, and astronomy are rarely even taught in higher education. And when done so, it is pulp, taught only surface deep and 100 miles wide. The science of number goes far beyond that of math and forms a measurement system of our reality, while the science of geometry goes well beyond that of plots and angles and forms quite literally the foundation of our existence. Music (or number in time) allows us to achieve resonance with different manifestations of matter and astronomy or (number in space and time) teaches us how to think and not what to think.

All this was once mandatory education in Western culture and much of it is still taught in Ivy League schools and secret societies throughout the world today. The elite and those who would be our leaders surly get this education while the masses are taught just enough to operate a computer and mow their lawns. Of course, along side this comes a healthy dose of political correctness and failed multiculturalism which keeps us all at each other’s throats.

Understanding the occult isn’t easy, but learning even the basics can help one understanding what they are watching unfold before them. Even if you don’t recognize the deeper hidden meaning of an event, question is still. Research it for yourself, reach out to those who are accomplished occultists and hear what they have to say. You’ll be amazed at what you have been missing.