Capstone Cathedral

“Do not rebuke mockers, or they will hate you; rebuke the wise, and they will love you.”

– King Solomon

Masonic to the Core

The design, numerology, and symbolism embedded in the Capstone Cathedral are without a doubt of Masonic influence. I didn’t know exactly I was going to discover when I began researching this North Phoenix pyramid, but this turned out to be one heck of a rabbit hole. At this point, the overwhelming amount of evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the numerology and Masonic symbolism encoded in the capstone Cathedral is without a doubt that of Masonic or in the very least occultic origin. Couple with this the testimony of the man who designed and built this pyramid and the influence of his openly Masonic mentor who preached regularly about the compatibility of Christianity and Freemasonry and there is no room for doubt that this North Phoenix Cathedral is a Masonic inspired site.

Capstone Cathedral (also known throughout the years as Capstone Auditorium, the Temple of Destiny, the Headstone, and the Great Pyramid) is located in north Phoenix near Tatum and Shea Blvd and incidentally in the neighborhood where I grew up. I have many fond memories of my friends and I riding our bikes past this north Phoenix landmark on our way to various adventures. Had I only known the history of this pyramid back then my childhood would have been that much richer. I recall a friend of mine once riding his bike up the side of it on a dare, and after speaking with Mrs. Kathy Frisby during an interview for this article I learned that that was not a unique occurrence but happened quite often. Something I’m sure the Neal Frisby never imagined when he first constructed his Cathedral in 1968.


Neal Frisby

At the center of this pyramid sits not only the capstone for which this structure is named but the remarkable man who built it, Neal Frisby. Evangelical Pentecostal preacher, writer, witness, and a man of prolific revelation. A quick search of Neal Frisby’s life will generate a rich and varied selection of commentary. Some from historians and authors, others from devotees, and still others from detractors who would label him an eccentric fanatic.

Neal Frisby

Most all the articles found on Frisby don’t fail to mention the fact he was a former barber and alcoholic as if this were meant to minimize Frisby’s deeds and mission during his life. Although true, this shouldn’t set the stage or define Frisby, or any man for that matter. Neal Frisby by all accounts was a remarkable man. True, he was definitely an eccentric as his dying wishes proved when he left his Cathedral and ministry to a man he just recently met. Although shocking for his family it wasn’t all that unbelievable.

If you lived in Phoenix during this time you no doubt knew him by his television commercials and weekly sermon broadcasts. And then there were the weekly publications which his ministry distributed worldwide. It was these publications which made their way across the globe that were instrumental in building Frisby’s ministry and bringing him worldwide attention.

Frisby claimed he was commanded by God to build this 4000-seat cathedral in the desert on the outskirts of Phoenix and like many profits from the bible, having once heard the word of God, Frisby obeyed without question. Once completed, this isolated pyramid was painted gold and fitted with a green capstone which lit up at night. Today, its dominion over the land has been somewhat subdued by the ever masticating Phoenix Sprawl. White paint has replaced the gold and the green capstone no longer lights up the desert night, but Capstone Cathedral beacons and commands attention nonetheless. Retail shopping and residential housing surround the Cathedral on all sides and the property itself is worth a thousand times its original value. This alone makes me wonder why structure hasn’t been scraped to facilitate condos.

I recall rumors from friends at school that the patrons of Neal Frisby’s ministry claimed that “when Jesus returned, he was going to set down upon the top of the church and walk down the slope into the Cathedral to greet his followers.” A brief search on the Internet will reveal others who have made similar statements, and it was beliefs such as this which labeled Frisby’s ministry one of fanatical Christianity. Frisby crossed over in 2005, but in an unexpected twist of fate, he left his Capstone Cathedral to former NFL football player Robert Brooks, whom he’d met only months earlier. Today the site is known as Capstone Center and is operated by Brooks as the Trendsetters Church International.


Masonic Overtones Everywhere

Researching the piece I came across the “True Elect Ministry” website which has posted a number of articles written by Neal Frisby. This one titled “The Rise of Cultism” makes it undeniably clear that pasture Frisby preached heavily AGAINST Freemasonry and all other forms of occultism. Still, standing in stark contrast to his teachings is very Capstone Cathedral which he personally designed and built. Not only can one see the Masonic compass and square embedded into the pyramid and capstone but there are dozens of other Masonic symbols encoded as well. If I didn’t know better I’d have guessed that the Capstone Cathedral was a stylized Masonic Lodge.

Note the Masonic Compass and Square on the east side of the Pyramid

First, there is the embedded symbolism visible only from above, or God’s perspective. Much like the Nasca lines that run across the Peruvian desert or the symbols built into the street grid system of Washington DC, London, San Francisco, Phoenix, and countless other entrenched Masonic strongholds, it definitely appears that a knowledge or belief system was being conveyed here. A telegraphing of position and understanding for others to observe.

Within this telegraphing, we first see the compass and square, not arbitrarily placed mind you, but integrated into the structure at the main entrance. This can only be seen from an areal perspective but is clearly the centerpiece of the structure. This eastern corner is the primary entrance and is fitted with an awning which differentiates it from the other three. We also see the compass and square above the door of every Masonic Lodge across the world. This is the same technique used in the Tempe Municipal Building, only there the architect has incorporated two of the infamous Masonic emblems.

This technique utilizes the roof (above), and the walkways leading into the structure (below). “As above, so below.” Of course, this is a fundamental understanding in all of esotericism. Good/evil, light /dark, tangible/intangible, physical/ethereal, and on and on. Nominee shadowing is Unlike the Tempe Municipal Building however, this is incorporated only on the east side of the Capstone Cathedral. Also, extending from the center of this compass and square is what appears to be a carpenters plumb fitted with a decorative circle inside of it. And lastly, from the aerial perspective, the surrounding parking spaces look like rulers. Granted, any single lane of parking spaces look like a ruler from above, but I never thought of them as such before this moment.


The pyramid itself.

The number “7”


First, there are 7 distinct layers to the structure of the pyramid. This was deliberate and Frisby talked about this in interviews he gave. The front awning is held up by 7 supporting beams. Of course, this is the number of God and represents all of God’s works in the bible. Think to Revelations. Seven angels, seven plagues, seven trumpets, seven bowls, etc. This is also the number representing the letter “G” in gematria. It is well understood within occultism that the number 7 is the wisest and most powerful of the single digit numbers. The letter “G” sits in the center of the compass and square in the Masonic emblem and carries with it a multitude of meanings.


The number “3”

We see this number throughout the capstone Cathedral as well. Pythagoreans taught that the number “3” was the “first true number.” It is the number of time: (Birth, Life, Death) (Past, Present, Future) (Beginning, Middle, End) We also see its sacred context embedded into the foundations of many religions. Of course, there is the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) In Hindu (Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva.) In Zoroastrianism (Think Good, Speak Good, Act Good.) One can peer into ANY religion to see this number. In folklore (The Three Little Pigs) (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) (Cinderella had 3 wicked stepsisters) (The genie in the bottle granting 3 wishes) and on and on. As it is true with all practitioners of symbology, for Frisby the number 3 held great meaning as well. And from reading his 68th scroll I have no doubt that he very much understood the significance of this number.

The numerology embedded here is not arbitrary but instead precisely laid out in meaning and function. Then there are the three rooms behind the parishioners seating. The entrance to which reads “THE VEIL.” There, a curtain, or veil, separated the parishioners from Neil Frisby’s inner sanctum. The last, or third one of which was Neal Frisby’s private quarters. This room was reserved for his private meditation and future healing rituals.

But “3” is also the first of several sacred numbers in Freemasonry There are 3 levels within Freemasonry (1.Entered Apprentice 2. Journeyman or Fellowcraft 3. Master Mason) True, there are degrees one may attain after reaching Master Mason through the Scottish or York rites, but there are still only 3 primary degrees within Freemasonry. This is why Masonic lodges have 3 steps at the front door leading into them.

From inside the cathedral, the sun shining through the capstone forms a triangle or “3.”

Rainbow seating

Rainbow Colored Seating in the Cathedral

A rainbow was designed right into the congregational seating and I don’t think Frisby’s congregation even understood this one. This held quite a bit of significance for Frisby and no doubt kept ever present in his mind his belief that he was the “rainbow prophet” as spoken about in Revelations 10. This may have been the same rainbow God showed to Noah as his promise to not flood the earth again. And no doubt the same rainbow upon which Jesus sits as depicted in many paintings throughout history. This also happens to be the rainbow upon which George Washington sits, as depicted in the painting on the ceiling of the Capitol Dome. The fact that Frisby asked his parishioners to look to the back of the one dollar bill for instructions as to how to decode his capstone Cathedral tells me he had quite a bit of understanding about esoteric symbology as relates to the United States government and was well aware of this fact.


The Capstone

The Capstone is the stone at the top of a pyramid, it’s traditionally carved from a solid piece of stone and completes the structure. As we all know, the pyramid is the most important symbol in Freemasonry and it is because of the wisdom encoded within it. Known to a lesser degree, it is the capstone which is honored most among the Masons. Once again, pointing back to Hunt’s Tomb, Governor Hunt and his family are entombed in a “capstone” or “pyramidium” and not a pyramid. At night, the green capstone of Frisby’s cathedral once lit up for all to see, but today it is dark. This reminds me of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas which boasts the brightest light on Earth beaming straight into the heavens every night from the black pyramid base below.

The Capstone


Designing the Capstone Cathedral

It was obvious to me that the architect designed this pyramid had a firm understanding of ancient knowledge and without a doubt integrated esoteric wisdom into the structure. Given Frisby’s position on the occult and his open disdain for it, I thought that perhaps the architect was a Mason and slipped this into his Cathedral. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it was Neal Frisby himself who designed the Capstone Cathedral. How does one begin to explain this?

Ordinarily, the incorporation of energetic Masonic architecture into the public sphere falls right in line with what the Freemasons do on regular basis. This is, after all, their modus operandi. They co-opt the work and energy of others in the world and feed off of it. Would the Masons have cared that one of their buildings embedded with ancient Masonic symbolism was being utilized by anti-occult Christians? Not hardly. I think they would welcome, encourage, and more than likely even facilitate it. It is no secret that one must believe in a supreme being in order to join the Freemasons, and they don’t care which one it is.


The science behind the craft

Compass, Square, Plumb, Rulers, Pyramid, Capstone, Worship, rainbows, the number 3. For the uninitiated, the Capstone Cathedral is simply a quirky structure, easily dismissed. However, for trained occultists, it is evident there is a whole lot more going on here. We not only see the classic occulted symbolism which has been adopted into most brands of mainstream Christianity, especially Catholicism, but we see the deeper, multidimensional symbolism which forms the foundations of Freemasonry and other ancient esoteric schools.

The Freemasons are masters of the primitive applied sciences including physics, physiology, psychology. Please note, I don’t use the word primitive to lessen or demean their knowledge, but instead use it in much the same sense as “lesser” magic. There is great power in understanding the manipulation of matter and men in a primitive, or non-technological world. The sneakiest part of all this, however, is that they still are. Almost nobody outside of Freemasonry understands that the ancient knowledge of architecture, sound, light, matter, and symbols are being utilized by the Masons with extremely effective results while at the same time going completely unnoticed. This is not by accident but rather the end result of a multi-generational plan. The elite has furnished us with electronic trinkets which have seduced us into a prison every bit as real as those with bars. We’ve fallen prey to this technological sorcery while simultaneously having been dumbed down so as to not even be aware of its stranglehold.


Was Neal Frisby a Freemason?

Neal Frisby himself asked his parishioners to look at the all-seeing eye on the back of the one dollar bill and to use this symbolism to help them decode and understand the Capstone on his Cathedral. The all-seeing eye in the pyramid, arguably the most Masonic symbol on any U.S. Currency. The seal which has the letters of the word “Mason” at the 5 points of a pentagram.

Latin script around the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill is encoded with M.A.S.O.N

Randall Herbert Balmer’s book “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: a journey into evangelical subculture in America” documented much of Frisby’s reasoning behind the copious use of the occultic symbolism in his pyramid. Looking back to 1989 when this book first came out, hearing these words, one would think them only from an eccentric Pentecostal preacher. However, today, terms such as occult, Illuminati, and Freemasons are at the forefront of mainstream pop culture as is the symbolism which surrounds them. Even those who don’t have occulted training recognize the basic symbols of Freemasonry and the occult. Reading the following selection from Randall Balmer’s book one can easily see that Frisby had been trained in some core fundamentals the occult even if he didn’t realize it as the occult itself. Either Frisby was so fanatical in his testimony that he never dove into the history of the symbolism which he affixed to Christianity, or he had mastered it and incorporated it into his particular brand of theology. That he understood this numerology is for certain, however, as one of his scrolls dives heavily into the numerological craft.

From Randall Herbert Balmer’s book:

“For an understanding of the top pyramid of green and red glass, the capstone, Frisby asks his followers to look at a one dollar bill. “On the backside of the dollar and at the left corner is the sign of the PYRAMID and at the top we see the’ capstone’ separated forming a ‘capstone eye’ with glory around it, revealing the ‘all seeing eye’ of God was rejected!” The base of the pyramid, moreover, “depicts the large groups that started in the 7 church ages through history and as it gets closer to the top it shows how” the Lord narrows down a small group separated in the eye to take away!” Thus, the capstone depicts the true followers of God (the followers of Frisby) who will be taken in the rapture. The capstone also represents Frisby himself, who believes he is the final prophet, the culmination of history and revelation, God’s mouthpiece in the last days.”

The symbolism continues inside every few rows the color of the seats extending from the platform changes the spectrum of color symbolizes both Frisby, “the rainbow profit” predicted in Revelation 10, and his followers, “the rainbow elect of God.” The star on the pulpit represents Jesus, “the bright and morning star”; the blue stripes signify the bruises Jesus sustained before his crucifixion and the red stripes the blood he shed for the sins of humanity. The lightning bolts represent the power of God’s revelation given to Frisby who writes: “in Bible symbology when lightning cuts through the air this portrays the spirit message going forth.” A sign above an accordion door to the left of the platform, on the south edge of the building reads “THE VEIL” in block letters. This is Frisby’s inner sanctum the last of a series of three chambers reserved for his use. In coming years, as the eschaton approaches, Frisby believes that the United States will pass laws against spiritual healing. The area behind the veil, then, will serve as a place of healing. Frisby, I was told, does much of his meditation and prayer here in the “chamber of revelation,” but it is also use now, albeit infrequently, as a place for “special healings” or “special ministrations of the spirit.” Frisby says that just before construction workers covered the floor in the room behind the veil, “the Lord Jesus gave me some secrets and I put them underneath and I will not reveal them until later.” The sanctum is the rough equivalent of the holy of holies in the Old Testament, a place reserved to the high priest and court don’t off from the people by the veil of the temple.”

Was Frisby aware of the Masonic hand which rests upon Phoenix and the underlying currents which have flowed quite literally through its streets since the town was founded in 1869. Was he secretly invited? Did the Masonic order facilitate the construction of his capstone Cathedral?

Inside the Capstone Cathedral. Seating for 4000

Driving by the Capstone today it may just seem quirky, but at the time it was not only the largest church in Phoenix, but the largest church, and pyramid in the state of Arizona, In the late 60’s a 4000 seat megachurch with an illuminated capstone constructed in the desert on the outskirts of town would have been a huge deal, Perhaps not unlike Bill Gates announcement in November 2017 that he has begun building the smart city of Belmont just west of Phoenix today. I have no doubt that the Masonic order of Phoenix would have encouraged the construction of Frisby’s Capstone Cathedral. And most of these men were prominent businessmen most likely knew Neil Frisby’s background.

As a side note, or maybe not. I find it interesting that this pyramid was constructed exactly 100 years after the naming of Phoenix, AZ. It was Jack Swilling, Lord Darrell Duppa, and a handful of other founding fathers of Phoenix who sat atop the ancient Hohokam ruins near today’s Sky Harbor airport and chose the name Phoenix. Lord Duppa was an open Freemason of his day and the Masonic Square encompass mark his tombstone. If Capstone Cathedral was Masonically inspired, a centennial monument is right up their alley. The numbers 100, 10, and 1 and all dominance numbers. They signify absolute perfection and control.

Although, distasteful to consider, an outside possibility remains that Neal Frisby was an occultist and knew full well the gravity of his actions. Perhaps seduced by the energies and power of the occult Frisby may have given into its seduction. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time this happened to a highly charismatic Southern preacher. Given all the evidence, one must consider the possibility that Neal Frisby either subscribed to a branch of Christianity which accepted these energies. Or, was in league with Freemasons or other occultists and acted in full knowledge that he was deceiving Christians and others, leading them astray and co-opting their collective energy and work into Masonic goals and agendas.

I tracked down Neal Frisby’s resting place and what I found was simply a shared headstone for Mr. and Mrs. Frisby. Nothing elaborate or ornate but rather a simple ending to a full life. What I didn’t find was also quite telling. There were NO Masonic marking of any kind on the shared headstone

Mr. and Mrs. Frisby’s Final Resting Place


William Marrion Brenham: Neal Frisby’s Mentor

If all this weren’t enough, there’s the man Frisby considered his mentor, the man generally acknowledged as initiating the post-World War II healing revival movement. The infamous southern Pentecostal preacher William Marrion Brenham, and it was this man who most influenced Neil Frisby’s theology and ideas. Frisby even mentions Brenham and two of his scrolls of revelations. One of them being scroll #2.

At first glance, these two men seem to be cut from the same cloth. Not just in their fanaticism and fervent tenacity, but the fact that both were faith healers, experienced multiple visions, foretold revelations and were considered to be prophets by their most loyal followers. But the similitude doesn’t end there.

A quick search on William Brenham will bring forth an army of evangelical Christians who consider him to be a false prophet. Couple his name with the word “Freemason” and you will find endless websites devoted to exposing William Brenham’s brand of theology as false teachings going so far as to label him possessed by demons and knowingly doing the devils work. Brenham however, claimed to be the end time prophet “Elijah” and his theology emphasized a few select doctrines, among them, eschatology, (the denial of an eternal hell) predestination, internal security, Oneness Pentecostalism, and the serpent seed.

Famous Photo of William Branham with the Halo of God above him.

Of these, the serpent seed theology I find to be extremely interesting as it has made its way into ufology as well as some branches of mainstream Christianity. This theology teaches that Eve and the serpent had sexual intercourse and from this cane was born. Consequently, every woman carries the literal seed of the serpent or the devil. It goes on to teach that Cain’s descendants occupy the higher echelons and institutions of society including education, science, government etc. It also professes that the serpent is the missing link between chimpanzee and man and was perhaps 10 feet tall and looked just like a man. This course gets into Genesis 6:4 the Nephilim, the sons of God and the daughters of man. This is where we pass through the doors of theology and into ufology, or what the Native Americans would call their star brothers and star sisters. This seems pretty far out there until you take into consideration that the Vatican owns the largest telescope in Arizona located on the top of Mount Graham and it is staffed with Jesuit scientists. It becomes even stranger when you learn that the Vatican named their infrared stargazing telescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R.! I do find it interesting that at us a certain level of research all of this becomes intertwined. But I digress.

Back to Brenham and ergo Frisby. W. Brenham believed and taught that the zodiac and Egyptian pyramids were equal to biblical scripture in the revelation of God’s word. Of course, it goes without saying that the sheer amount of an occulted knowledge contained within these systems is timeless and profound beyond most people’s ability to even comprehend. This is why these teachings, along with select others make up the foundation for Freemasonry as well as other occulted systems. It is also worth noting that Brenham first began preaching in a Masonic Temple which was later scrapped and replaced by a church. Not only this, but he spoke on many occasions to Freemasons about masonic teachings and the compatibility of Christianity and Freemasonry. William Brenham, Neil Frisby’s mentor was a Freemason.

Brenham died in a car accident Dec 24, 1965, after which a pyramid was placed on his grave as his marker, on top of which sits a sculpture of a Phoenix. Okay, so you have a southern Pentecostal faith healer who openly integrates Masonic teachings into his ministry and has himself buried in a pyramid crowned with a Phoenix bird in 1965. So what, you may say. How does this tie into Neal Frisby and the Capstone Cathedral?

William Brenham’s Masonic Pyramid.


Neal Frisby was a traveling faith healer who worked under a tent in Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio, pretty much all across the country. He told several journalists in his later years that God had given him a new vision in the late 1960s. He stated that God told him “settle in the desert, build a cathedral.” Is it a coincidence that Frisby settled in Phoenix, Arizona only three years after Brenham’s death? Years later his oldest son Curtis would recall that his parents didn’t particularly even want to be in Phoenix but that his father was following God’s command and saw it as some kind of test. Did Frisby see the Phoenix on top of Brenham’s tomb as some kind of sign and this influence his vision to settle permanently in Phoenix, Arizona? Both men were well-versed in Christian doctrine and both believed that only one true prophet walks the earth at a time. Did Frisby take Brenham’s passing as a sign that he was now to assume this role? Did he amalgamate Brenham’s teachings and theology into one doctrine and move forward to act out the role of a prophet?

Is it a coincidence that Frisby built a pyramid-shaped Cathedral and is it also a coincidence that Masonic numerology and symbolism was embedded throughout this entire structure? It was no secret that pyramids were fundamental symbols in the teachings of Brenham and Frisby throughout their respective ministries and obviously meant enough to Brenham to have himself buried under one.

Brenham believed he was commissioned by God to open the 7 seals and revelations as he proclaimed “I saw seven angels in the form of a pyramid that swept down, picked me up and I was brought east to open the seven seals of God.” Frisby stated in an interview “the base of the pyramid (Capstone Cathedral) moreover depicts the large groups that started in the 7 ages through history and as it gets closer to the top it shows how the Lord narrows down a small group separated in the eye to take away!” Thus to Frisby, the capstone depicted the true followers of God who are to be taken away in the rapture. Frisby also believed that the capstone represented himself as the final prophet, a culmination of history and revelation and God’s mouthpiece in the last days.


Same Symbol Different Meanings

Is it possible that Frisby didn’t understand the deeper connections between the symbology used by Brenham and its connection to Freemasonry and the deeper mystery schools? Brenham surely did and made no apology for it. Still, Frisby preached regularly against the occult, the New World Order, globalism, and all forms of secrecy and dark magick. In fact, one can still access YouTube videos and witness him doing exactly this. But, to look at Capstone Cathedral and Frisby’s interaction with it I’m left confounded. After all, the entire structure is a Masonic beacon.

There is the possibility that like everything else in his life, Frisby wrote his own ticket. That he was remarkable if a not tenacious man of great intelligence goes without saying. Perhaps he understood all too well the symbology incorporated into his work. Perhaps it was his attempt to co-opt these ancient energies and use them for good, perhaps in the Old Testament manner in which King Solomon did. Perhaps it was his intent to reclaim the symbols currently being used by the darker forces in our world and turn them back to God. I like to think this was Frisby’s higher work.

Maybe, like most everything in this world, nothing is purely good or evil but rather simply exists as potential energy. Like the force, in Star Wars. Electricity or water or emotion. Perhaps Frisby’s understanding of esotericism as a relates to the Bible was light years beyond what most people understand today. Frisby definitely had that Old Testament flair and is any studied Kabbalist will tell you, that’s with the secrets and mysteries of the wisdom of the Bible are tucked away.


“Who is the wise man? He who sees what’s going to be born.”

– King Solomon

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I’ve seen you’ve done a lot of research to put this together. Kudos!

However, the direction of this article to paint these men of God as occultist just because there’s so much “masonic” evidence is far fetched. If you check the bible very well, Humanity has always labelled the people of God as the “bad” ones.
Right from Joseph being sold by his brothers for his strange dreams or for Daniel disobeying Nebuchadnezzar’s orders and right down to Jesus himself who was called “Beelzebub”.

You should get my point by now concerning that. Another thing I want to mention is that right down through the story-line of the bible. The devil has always copied God and made things that belonged to God seemingly belong to him. All of these Symbolism are created by God but the devil, Freemasons and occult simply use them because they have learnt the power that exists in these ordinances.


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