Doors and Sound Passage

The “Doors and Sound Passage”

Holy esoteric symbolism Batman! If you’ve driven through Old Town Scottsdale you’ve probably seen this piece of Scottsdale public art. It dominates the southwest corner of Scottsdale and Camelback road in front of the Barry Goldwater Bank. It is called The Doors and Sound Passage. This Piece of “art” was commissioned by the Starwood Capital Group LLC, Golub & Company, and IDM Properties and developed in cooperation with the Scottsdale City Art Program. After it’s completion it was gifted to the City of Scottsdale and is considered a permanent piece of Scottsdale City public art.

The Doors

The doors are constructed of Ipe (Brazilian hardwood), mirror polished stainless steel, L.E.D. lights, and thousands of hand forged stainless steel rivets and strapping. The interior of the structure is actually a sound passage, with the sound coming from a speaker embedded in the ground under a triangle grate. The piece was formed by taking the three giant doors, standing them on their right bottom corner and leaning them together forming a triangle at the top. There are actually six doors in all; the three giant doors that make up the structure as well as a smaller door embedded within each of those. Three ground lights shine up from the base of each door lighting it at night. The structure is ringed by a broken circle consisting of three concrete benches leaving three openings in which to enter the circle as well as three garden planters on the outsides of the benches. Around the benches are two stained concrete expanding flower patterns. There is also a plaque next to one of the benches telling about the structure. On the plaque is a quote by William Blake. “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”


Plaque at the Site
Plaque at the Site

Breaking down the symbology

Please keep in mind that the what follows is an explanation of understood symbolism and numerology as it relates to esoterism. These are beliefs harbored but practitioners of the occult, those working within secret societies, and most mainstream religions across the world. It does seem however that there is a universal understanding of these symbols as they relate to the human condition. Some symbolists believe that the human brain is in fact hardwired to recognize universal symbols in its never-ending scanning and processing of the world. I’m willing to take that idea a step further and state that once

Note the three ground lights in front of the door.
Note the three ground lights in front of the door.

recognized these symbols are used for the practical means of organizing information and are eventually fitted into more complex systems, including religion and politics. These symbols would have been very important in organizing people in the past, especially a populace that had a near 100% illiteracy rate. Symbols evoke very strong emotions and memory in people and are used to move those people into certain action. Just think of the Nazi swastika for a brief moment. See what I mean? Now think of a Starbucks logo. Branding too is symbolism and in my opinion is nothing more than an extension of these ancient sciences.


The number 3

Three doors, three small doors within those doors, three illuminating ground lights, three mirrors, three benches and flower planters, triangles above and below.

This structure is without a doubt celebrating the energies of the number three. Within esoterism, the number three is the structure of harmony and the tribune of nature as all three sides support each other as a whole. It forms the three-sided triangle that is the symbol of fire, action, and will. While one symbol, it simultaneously faces three directions offering different and dynamic contributions to the whole. We see this everywhere.

  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Youth, Father, Sage
  • Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
  • Father, Son, Holy Ghost


In astrology three is the number of Jupiter. The largest planet in the solar system, massive and commanding of gravity, calling the shots and forcing other bodies to react to its mass and will. It is a force of over-reaching quality that always extends its influence until enacted upon by a stronger force. At the same time, it is a creative force and has great potential for creating entirely new paradigms, expanding the limits of the known. In short, it’s like mars without all the blood and uses its natural mass to make a change instead of more hostile energies.


Inside the sound passage


It is interesting that the artist decided to include mirrors into this project. They are placed on the inside of the large doors and form the walls of the sound chamber. As one stands on the triangle beneath them, one sees oneself reflected back from every angle; like a fun house. But make no mistake mirrors are serious business in the occult. Mirrors have been used in magic and the esoterism since they were first conceived and is widely believed by practitioners to be portals into other realms. Others believe that mirrors can pull from within the image producer energies they did not know they possessed. It is interesting to note and in the history of the human species, it is only recently that mirrors have been commonplace and available as standard household items. Most witches throughout history and still today will not keep an uncovered mirror in their home. To the occultist, mirrors are powerful tools and are always used as such. Think back to when you were a kid, did anyone you know ever play the game Bloody Mary in front of the bathroom mirror?

Looking straight up while in the sound passage


In this structure, the mirrors are reflecting back to the image producer while chosen music is piped through a triangular grate below his/her feet. The effect is the same as T.V. Or Television, or tele (hearing), and vision (sight). Multiple and simultaneous sensory inputs. When a mirror is placed in front of another mirror strange things begin to happen. An image is produced which is reflected in the other mirror, that image as a whole is reflected into the one across from it and the process is duplicated in turn into infinity. Only in this structure, there are three mirrors reflecting back to the user creating an even more intense effect. This play of light has profound philosophical as well actual consequences in terms of light and particle physics, enter the human brain and consciousness into the equation and you have a machine.

The pyramid at the top is formed by the three doors coming together.

To divert from mirrors for a moment, and qualify my last statement; ancient magic is nothing more than an organic and crude understanding of physics, or what we call “the rules of our reality.” It is an attempt to manipulate these energies to ones will and force a change in the denser matter that is this world of existence as we experience it. Here is the reason this knowledge has been coveted throughout all of history, it contains within its self the ability to create change and significant outcomes in the physical world and one’s own future. Today’s sciences have grown out of these ancient reserves of wisdom and are being pushed on every frontier as we speak. Make no mistake, organizations both private and government are well aware of this and are pushing the boundaries of the human condition wherever and whenever possible.

Notice any similarities to the photo above?

The shining pyramid above

Standing inside this structure during midday hours and looking up one will see a solar illuminated glowing triangle or pyramid formed by the space between the three doors coming together. Not only is it reminiscent of the “all-seeing eye” at the top of the pyramid on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill, otherwise known as the Eye of the Illuminati, it is an exact and real manifestation of this very symbol using the very thing in which it represents. The Sun, or illumination. This glowing triangle above is also the alignment point of the entire structure with one of the points pointing due east, it took me a little bit to figure that one out as the doors incorporate 3 angles and have no apparent alignment.

Pyramid grate in the middle of the sound passage. Music and sounds emanate from a speaker underneath. Lines up exactly with the pyramid above.
Pyramid grate in the middle of the sound passage. Music and sounds emanate from a speaker underneath. Lines up exactly with the pyramid above.

The flower pattern in the concrete around the structure is also aligned with the cardinal and ordinal directions. It is interesting to note that when standing inside the structure there are triangles both above and below you. One illuminating and opening to the heavens, while the other is dark and leads into the earth. The triangle above delivers the illuminating vision, while from the dark triangle below sounds and noises are heard. The duality of “As above, so below” is demonstrated here. This is yet another fundamental philosophy at the root of Freemasonry and most esoteric systems.



Giant doors

Looking up from the base of the doors.
Looking up from the base of the doors.

Obvious enough I would hope. If you’ve read other articles on this site you know my thoughts on giants or men of larger than average stature. The bible speaks of this race regularly as does every other culture throughout all of history. In this structure we have three GIANT doors, within these doors smaller doors are set, doors sized for a modern day man. Once again I don’t believe this to be simple aesthetics but emits from its very design profound conveyance. Of course, this harkens back to the Nephilim, or perhaps gods, entities, or other undefined energies. In my interpretation, the giant doors seem nothing less than a public altar paying homage to those higher powers which lend their wisdom and energies to those within the occult. And taking everything else into consideration, the small doors seem a declaration of obedience to these higher energies. Could it be that this structure is a shrine cloaked as art, and the masses infuse it with energy daily through their casual observance?

For many readers what I’ve just written will seem insane, but for those of you steeped in the esoteric and secret societies what I’ve just said is common knowledge. Symbols and symbolism hold and direct energy and intent, this is the idea of a logo or a brand. Brands are emotion connectors, and emotions are the fuel of intent. Intent + emotion + action = change. This is why companies spend so much money on brand recognition and defend those brands so fiercely in court. Brands are everywhere and are at the heart of our economy and politics. Even President Obama has a logo. It’s sorcery 101.


Concrete flower pattern

Google Map view of the flower pattern or "Octagon Star" in the concrete work.
Google Map view of the flower pattern or “Octagon Star” in the concrete work.

Viewed from above this appears to be a blooming flower or perhaps one flower within another and the two floral patterns are separated by a solid concrete ring. Upon closer observation, both flower designs have eight petals, or whats known as an “octagon star” in mathematics and have been used in many cultures and religions for thousands of years. Here are just a few

  • Egypt – The Ogdoad
  • Hindu – Star of Lakshmi
  • Celtic – Celtic Calendar
  • Gnostic – Gnostic Valentinism
  • Muslim- Rub el Hizb
  • Buddhism- Wheel of Dharma
  • Aztec – Piedra Del Sol
  • Christianity – Christian & U.S. Holidays
The Octagon Star goes back thousands of years and is at the root of the organization of most religions and mystic systems.

The Octagon Star is found in Muhammad’s Tomb, St. Peters Square in the Vatican, and on every compass, as it has been adopted as a marker for cardinal and ordinal directions, of which the Doors and sound passage are aligned with. Like I stated before, these structures are built for “those who have eyes to see” and there is much encoded into them.



The site sits IN FRONT OF THE BARRY GOLDWATER BANK. Could this be any more obvious? Barry Goldwater, a highly successful businessman, five-term U.S. Senator, Republican party nominee for the 1964 U.S. Presidential election, and high-level Freemason.

In fact, he was a Knight Templar in the York Rite of the Freemasons and was an honorary 33rd degree Freemason. Goldwater Bank is a well-heeled banking institution specializing in a broad range of banking interests. The fact that this ridiculously esoteric structure sits in front of a financial institution named after the most famous Freemason in Arizona history cannot be just “coincidence” or simply “public art”. Especially when you take into account that it was commissioned by international companies

Celtic Calendar on which the U.S. Holiday schedule was built.

specializing in real estate and construction.  Don’t masons build things too? Barry Goldwater was easily one of the most influential and productive politicians in Arizona history and is responsible for laying much of the groundwork for following Freemasons and the Masonic agenda. Could it be that in the minds of these Freemasons, the energies generated by this structure are being harnessed and used to advance their agendas? After all, a bank is a mighty handy tool to have if one wishes to create change in this world. In fact, I would say it is the one indispensable tool in today’s world.



Thousands of people a day admire this piece of art but probably don’t give much thought to it’s meaning otherwise. As I’ve stated in other articles, things done in occulted practices, especially Freemasonry, are always done for specific reasons. Symbols, structures, and rituals all have multiple meanings at different levels. For those who have learned even the basics of esoteric symbolism, structures such as these scream OCCULT. What was once a clandestine coding system used by these societies has been mostly decoded today and available to the general public at large.  One can go on YouTube and find dozens of documentaries on the subject, some better than others. Secrets in Plain Sight

Barry Goldwater Bank. You can see then flower pattern in the concrete in the foreground.
Barry Goldwater Bank.  In the foreground, you can see then flower pattern worked into the concrete.

is without a doubt the best documentary out there on this subject, and after viewing, one can not look at this world the same way again. Of course, there will always be people out there who, knowing nothing of secret societies, their history, or reach will consider all this to be imaginative nonsense. There will be others who may find it interesting but will believe that the artists simply incorporated this symbolism into a piece of art to show off some skills because of course there is no possible way a group of men could ever organize an esoteric based system which affords them advancement in their professional and personal lives.  And still, there will be others who will acknowledge that perhaps the Freemasons are behind this structure but will insist that it is a meaningless fraternity stunt. Such is the risk when presenting intrinsically obscured ancient knowledge systems to the uninitiated, and such is the power of symbols.


An unlocked door means that, occasionally, you might get a devil come in,

but a locked door means you have thousands of angels just walk by.

– Ian MacKaye