Chase Field Pyramid, Freemasons, and the All Seeing Eye


“Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.”
– Roman poet Juvenal

Chase Field, a Masonic shrine? A machine engineered to harness and direct human energy?  I say yes, but please, judge for yourself. Chase Field not only appears to be a seamless extension of the first (all seeing eye pyramid) laid into our street grid by Phoenix’s founding fathers but energetically speaking it would appear that this architecture expands and multiplies the original pyramid’s intentions. You may know from reading other articles on my site that I believe architecture to have the ability to affect people on a conscious and subconscious level, and when encoded with ancient knowledge systems architecture can actually harness energies, both human and earthly, which can be directed and exploited. It appears evident to me that as Phoenix grew, the original symbolism wasn’t enough to harness the available energies of the city, and that new Freemasons have picked up the torch so to speak and expanded on their earlier efforts and design. We can only guess towards the intent of this overt esoteric symbolism but I believe the following photos speak for themselves, and I offer my findings to you the reader.

Chase Field
Chase Field

Before we get started I would like to state for the record that the original pyramid with the all seeing eye discovered in the street grid of Phoenix was not discovered by myself but by Gary David and the credit goes to him. It is David who first discovered that Montezuma’s Grand Mason Lodge is, in fact, the all-seeing eye of an unfinished pyramid formed using Grand Ave, Washington, and Van Buren St. It was his research which inspired me to look further into the Phoenix street grid system and make this discovery. You can find Mr. David’s work detailed in his book Eye of the Phoenix.


Architecture and Energy

Pentagram in streets of Washington D.C.
Pentagram in streets of Washington D.C.

We all know that Washington D.C. was laid out and designed heavily incorporating Masonic and esoteric symbolism.

Many people believe that Pierre L’Enfant designed D.C. To be a working alter if you will, a machine which would harness and direct energies of the men who sat at the helm of this great experiment we call the United States of America. In this, he undeniably succeeded. Others, on the other hand, do not believe L’Enfant design to be anything more than aesthetics, and still a tiny group of people believe that any symbolism in

Pierre L’Enfant

the architecture of D.C. to be a complete coincidence. I do find it interesting to note however that what one chooses to believe is directly dependent on their level of exposure to this type of material. Many people in the world simply have no idea that this ancient system of energy manipulation ever existed, or still does for that matter.

The United States of America has risen to the top of global influence and currently dictates much of the world policy today. The U.S. was not the first country to utilize this symbolism nor was it a new science at the time. France, Spain, England, Rome, Egypt and many others have all incorporated energetic architecture into their cities. There is a phenomenal documentary on this subject titled Secrets in Plain Sight, it dives deep into this subject and explains much of the hidden intentions that lie beneath the architecture of our cities and nations. This rich and detailed subject is far too complex to go into here but if this sort of thing peaks your interest I urge you to watch this documentary.

The Original Montezuma Grand Masonic Lodge in Downtown Phoenix

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The Chase Field Pyramid

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Sports and Energy

Warning, I’m about to dump hardcore on professional sports. This has long been a topic that has interested me. When I was a boy I would watch my brothers and father sit in front of the T.V. and yell at it while watching football. I thought this quite strange as and didn’t understand the connection of their feigned anger and jubilation towards a game that was occurring a thousand miles away which had no relevance in their personal lives other than the energy and personal ego they choose to dump into the event themselves. I never understood how they could and would attach their egos, hopes, and real feelings of victory and self-importance to these sports teams and the outcomes of these games. I would watch my brothers buy jerseys sporting their favorite player’s number, hats, pennants, and all other paraphernalia, and through this, they were becoming apart of something more than themselves while economically supporting “their” team.

Sports Fanatics
Sports Fanatics

Watching them discuss sports I noticed how they became testosterone-fueled and began defending their choice of loyalty to their team and ergo further strengthening their bond with it. As a young man, I never understood this, as there was nothing for them to personally gain from this arrangement, as the victories are those of the team and not the fans. If anything it cost them time, money, and energy at the very least and the only pay off I could ascertain was short lived entertainment value and ego boost when their team won. But is it entertainment? At least in the old Greek city-states where organized state-sponsored games originally began, the town would see a boost in traffic and realize an economic benefit from their man or teams winnings, and of course, this happens today but I doubt that any of today’s fans are consciously thinking about these

Religious Fanatics
Religious Fanatics

e consequences. Fans and generally behaving on primitive instinct.

Which brings us to the word “Fan”. This was brought up to me by my good friend Robert. People often forget that

this word is short for “fanatic” and the words “fanatics” and “fanaticism” always carry with it negative connotation. Let’s take a look at the definition.

Fanatic-  “A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.”

Humm…… Uncritical enthusiasm, sort of like blindly following and supportive of something. Let’s examine the origin of this word.

Latin – fanaticus, pertaining to a temple, inspired by orgiastic rites, fanatic, equivalent to fan(um) temple + aticus, equivalent to at(us)

So we see that the word itself pertains to a temple inspired by orgiastic rites. Or, an orgy ceremony within a temple. (now envision for a moment being at the Superbowl.) That’s quite a lot of energy.

The energies involved with sports are often so high that riots and fights break out regularly. This is especially true in Europe in regards to European football. Sports fans often get so wrapped up in the personal value and worth they have instilled into someone else career and business (their team) that their egos require them to protect its value system through violence. This is the very definition of fanatic, and whats more, I am willing to bet that very few hardcore sports fans in this country have ever stopped to examine their own behavior or even consider for a moment their personal return on investment from all the time, money, and energy they pour into the world of sports.

I found a great article titled “The Psychology Of Social Sports Fans: What Makes Them So Crazy?” written by Thomas van Schaik, who writes for sports-related blog sites.  In this article Schaik examines many of the physiological aspects surrounding this phenomenon, even tracking this behavior back to more primitive tribal days.  Mr. Schaik has worked in the field of professional sports his entire adult career and has a good bead on the situation.

Sports and Politics

There have been many studies done on sports fans at sporting events in recent years and some of the findings are quite interesting. These studies are often performed by sociologists, but advertisers and government have been quick to cash in on the findings. Most of these studies have ascertained that when voices and behavior resonate in mass, people feel safe and strong, this releases endorphin in the brain and gives a sense of well being and euphoria. This is a natural reaction to the “herd mentality” and those in positions of power have known this for centuries. As one would think, it is basically a mob mentality mixed with a brotherhood and a sense of purpose. People feel safe and secure in their actions when they are witnessing thousands of others behaving the same way, regardless of whether or not the action is logical or moral. This also happens to be the same feeling that is programmed into our troops as they prepare for war.  The fact is, sporting events channel the masculine energies of men in times of peace and provide an outlet to our species natural aggressive tendencies. This being said, sports are more than “just games” they are in fact a social tool and most likely developed naturally in our species. I believe however that in recent years professional sports have been hijacked, and that a scientifically engineered culture has been built around the industry in order to help control behavior. It occurs to me that professional sports are one of the many opiates in the medicine chest of those who would be our masters. I have personally noticed that two things always seem to flourish in a democratic society as it becomes more socialized and less free. These two things are alcohol and national or professional sports. Europe leads in this department of course, as they are at the spearhead of social conditioning programs and complete economic/banking control. Next would be Australia, NZ, and Canada. Basically, those lands still controlled by England. I don’t believe this to be coincidence or a simple cultural phenomenon.


It wasn’t long ago that major sports players actually held jobs, and simply played their sport on the weekend. It used to be in our society that sports were for children, that when one grew up, he or she put aside childish things and became an active member of society, however, all this changed around WW1. As soon as we became industrialized and populations began to grow social engineers were in need of a National opiate, and because it worked so well they pulled it right from the playbook of the ancient Romans. Early national sports were facilitated by our government, and if you pay attention to your city elections and taxes you will see that they still very much are. I’m willing to bet that you can remember the last time you and fellow taxpayers got gouged by your city in order to build your privately owned team a new stadium.

All this being said, I don’t think sports are intrinsically evil or negative by any means. Like I said, I believe them to be a natural product of human behavior. They serve a vital roll in the development of our children, especially our boys and young men. Sorts teach things like patience, fair play, being humble in victory, and gracious in defeat. After all, men require men to sharpen themselves upon. I attend little league baseball with my boy and it has been great for him. My opinions in this article are aimed towards professional, corporate sports and the national sports culture. Between countless ESPN channels, apps for your phone, morning sports reports, and never-ending armchair rehashing, one is given the opportunity to lose himself in a never-ending battle of teams, testosterone, stats, and in the end, emptiness. I have seen many people rattle off the stats of their entire team but when asked who their senator is they just stare blankly. They seem to have no clue as to who the judges in their courts are or even the process with which their very freedom rests upon. If one has been paying attention to the NFL, in particular, the past few years they will notice how the organization is taking on political issues such as gun control, and other civil policies. The NFL is indeed pushing an agenda, and what makes this so dangerous is that it is under the guise of entertainment.

I can point out how this out of balance sports culture in our society is so ingrained that even our political system mirrors it. Left vs right, red vs blue, Dem vs Rep. Rally for your team and defend it fanatically. Proof of this are the dozens if not hundreds of political channels and radio programs which polarize and galvanize the American people into one of two camps, while defining the official narrative, and beating it into the public psyche. For example. Should or shouldn’t American troops attack Isis? When the question should be. How did the organization known as Al Queda, morph into Isis and become funded and trained by the American Government in order to aid the rebels during their fight against Assad in the first place? But when one brings this up, and because it is not in the official narrative as this fact has not been beaten into their minds by the major networks, that person making the point is marginalized by his or her peers as a conspiracy theorist. Make no mistake, people think in patterns, and entertainment shapes these patterns daily.

This is the power of collective thought control systems, and mass mind control and in my not so humble opinion professional sports is simply the training ground for a conquered electorate. If begun young enough boys will learn how they should behave by observing their fathers yelling at a T.V. And placing a strong value system on sports culture instead of taking active roles in their personal freedom. This, in turn, will be realized as normal by the next generation and waalaa, you have a controlled national populace operating under herd mentality.


Scientific Corporate Ritual

So in actuality when a sports arena is filled with tens of thousands of people and those peoples emotional states are ramped up through battle(the game), alcohol, and music, and they feed on the collective energies; an orgy-like atmosphere is created by these (fanatics) fueled by ego. What you basically have here can be viewed -energetically speaking- as unwitting ceremonial participants. This is, in essence, a ritual. Place this arena at a precise power point within a giant ancient symbol laid out within a city’s infrastructure and you not only have a ritual taking place, you have an organic machine utilizing human energy, intent, and consciousness. This type of energy under normal circumstances is quite hard to amass and politicians spend millions every year in order to achieve this type of fanaticism in their constituents. It is hard to imagine that this amassment of energy just goes to waste. Of course, it doesn’t, advertisers see the value of it and capitalize on it in spades. But is there more going on besides that? The president sometimes throws out the first pitch does he not; the national anthem is always sung before games, further solidifying the mass conscious with an emotional unifying song. Moments of silence are often observed for different reasons, and sometimes speeches are made. It would appear that national sporting events are well-honed energy manipulators. The same goes for rock concerts.  Does one not feel a high or euphoria that comes from experiencing a great concert? Certain musicians have been known to be especially good at interacting with the crowd and leading them – so to speak – in the evening’s procession. Jim Morrison comes to mind first.

We can see how energy and energy manipulation is embedded into our lives to such a degree what we no longer see it for what it is.  I believe that as humans evolve and our consciousness begins to wake we will see these types of things for what they truly are. Someday our species will realize that we are more than just physical beings and will begin to understand our full potential and range in this world. When this happens, it is inevitable that we will also come to realize how others have been taking advantage of these systems and energies for thousands of years and using them to their advantage.

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