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Eyewitness Testimony & Interviews


Local Bellemont Resident Testimony (First on Scene)

Local Bellemont Resident (June 6, 2019)


Pilot Truck Stop Employee Witness (May 19, 2019)


Pilot Truck Stop Employee Witness Phone Conversation (May 21, 2019)

Tow Truck Driver Account Who Towed Isaac’s Vehicle From the Days Inn Hotel

Interview with Love’s Truck Stop Employee Witness

Interview with Isaac’s Close friend (Alicia) V2K Experience

Days Inn Phone Conversation (Recorded by Ghost Crab)

Days Inn Phone Call (Recorded by Phoenix Enigma)

Interview with Geo Harris (One of Isaac’s Last Conversations)

Last Conversation with Isaac Kappy

This is the last known conversation with Isaac Kappy. I say the last conversation, but this is not confirmed. The person who claims to have had this conversation with Isaac has not spoken to me. Which I find strange as he was quick to put out this synopsis of their conversation as soon as he could, but has since gone quiet. He has close ties to the Famalam and claims to have loved Isaac deeply but will not share the details of his last conversation with Isaac publicly past what he has said below.

He is also the same person who reached out to Nathan Stolpman and provided the following statement.

If the owner of the below words would like to speak with me and help us all better understand what took place there that night, I’d very much like to speak with you. I know you have my phone number.


Witness Interview Who Stated She Spoke With Isaac 12 hours After His Death

During the course of my investigation, I was contacted by a woman who claimed to have an approximately 30-minute conversation with Isaac Kappy the evening of the day of his death approximately 12 hours after his death. I performed two pre-interviews with her in an attempt to vet her to the best of my ability and “feel out” her story. I was contacted by Geo Harris, another friend of Isaac’s who informed me that this woman told the same story a month prior and has stuck by her story till the end. I have spoken to this person probably 10 times now since the beginning of the investigation and her story has never once wavered, changed, or become embellished. She seems a decent, caring person and has never asked for compensation or attention. In fact, she would not come forward with her name and asked that I not reveal it. I believe this woman believes she is telling the truth and that she believes she spoke to Isaac, her husband was witness to the event as well. To this day I don’t know what to make of it. It’s just something I’ve had to set down and let it be.