Scene Witnesses

The official Coconino County Sheriff’s Department report contained six witness statements, However, the lead investigator actually interviewed seven. I’ve spoken to four of the seven witnesses personally in the course of this investigation. Three of them spoke to me at length and one informed me she did not wish to “get involved” and was not willing to speak about what transpired at the Transwestern overpass the morning of the incident.

In examining the seven witnesses who gave statements to the Coconino County Sheriff Department in detail we made the following observations.

  1. Six of the seven scene witnesses lived in the surrounding area, however, NOT in Bellemont.
  2. The one witness to the event who did not live in the area is an out-of-state resident and had serious questions and feelings about the scene not shared by the other six witnesses.
  3. The witness who checked vitals on Isaac Kappy while another witness was on the phone with 911 just so happen to be an off-duty purchaser for the responding Ponderosa Pines fire department who was the first to arrive on the scene.
  4. Two of the primary witnesses involved are the sons of a local fire captain.
  5. Four of the seven witnesses are affiliated with the state of Arizona government occupations or family of local emergency responders within the jurisdiction of this event.
  6. Six of the seven have either the State of Arizona or federal government/military occupation affiliations.
  7. A local primary witness to the event instructed at least one other witness to write down the minimal amount of information possible to the one out of state witness.
  8. The one non-Arizona witness to the event was told that he did not witness a second vehicle run over/strike Isaac Kappy when he spoke up about it.
  9. A primary witness to the event whose vehicle may have struck Isaac Kappy a second time received a career promotion less than 30 days after this incident.
  10. The license plate belonging to the vehicle that struck Isaac Ford F-150 was not found in the ADOT database.
  11. The Ford F-150 which struck Isaac which the official Coconino County Sheriff report stated was registered to Scott Proctor’s father, William Proctor, was not shown to belong to him when full lifetime vehicle records were pulled for William Proctor. The vehicle is not registered to Forest Scott Proctor either.

Witness #1 Tanner Deck
Witness #2 Levi Deck
Witness #3 Robert Taylor
Witness #4 Erin Hudman
Witness #5 John Koch
Witness #6 Forrest Scott Proctor
Witness #7 Eric Beatty

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