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Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett is a staple in the world of satanic ritual abuse survivors. She’s authored multiple books on the subject and her story is probably the most well-known in the world. There are those who believe Fiona’s larger-than-life story(s) and then there are those who do not. One thing is a fact, anything anybody has ever said about satanic ritual abuse Fiona has claimed has happened to her. There those who think that she really did experience these events. There are those who do not. Then there are those who believe she did and due to the trauma, she began mixing fantasy with the facts and the stories grew.

This appears to be the definitive compilation on the proof that Fiona Barnett is an operation of some kind.

Indisputable EVIDENCE Fiona Barnett is an Operation

Then there is the issue as to she it all means now. Some think she is being used to either knowingly or unknowingly flush out other SRA survivors in order to have them silenced/killed. Others think she has been allowed to live by her abusers as she is still being managed by handlers and utilized in deep state ops. Whatever the case, it is apparent that Isaac believed her at one point and flew to Australia to meet with her. And there is REAL EVIDENCE to substantiate some of her foundational claims.

Fiona had claimed that she was raped repeatedly by Nichole Kidman’s father, Dr. Anthony Kidman. Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday (September 12, 2014) after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. Full Story Here.

SixDr. Anthony Kidman and daughter Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman also stared in the Eye’s Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s film which exposed the ritual sex parties and human trafficking of the elite. And most likely the film I got Stanley Kubrick killed. What are the odds that Kidman is more than likely a victim herself?

Fiona gives a news conference after the death of Dr. Anthony Kidman.

Isaac and Fiona

Fiona was one of two people including Eliahi priest who wrote a eulogy for Isaac and published it on the Internet. Unlike Mr. priests, however, Fiona’s was in part rather unpleasant and accusatory. In her eulogy, she states that Isaac was addicted to drugs. Aside from Thomas Schoenberger stating to me that Isaac once had a drug problem long ago no one who knew him whom I’ve spoken with knew Isaac to use drugs. And of course, the toxicology screen done upon his death came back negative for everything with the exception of marijuana and tobacco. It’s worth noting that immediately after Isaac’s death Fiona went dark for months and just recently surfaced and published an online book about Satanic ritual abuse.

Fiona Barnett’s Eulogy to Isaac Kappy

by Author on May 16, 2019

It is with a grievous heart that I acknowledge the death of Isaac Kappy and honour the God-given qualities that drew me to him.

When I invited Isaac to my home, I did so with informed consent. Many warned me not to, that he was part of an elaborate trap – which he unwittingly was. However, I felt compelled to do so. The Isaac I got to know over 2 months was not the person we saw on the internet. That was in part the actor, the pretender. The person my family, friends and I were impacted with was an intensely damaged, drug-addicted, moody, tantrum-throwing, attention-seeking pain in the arse whose emotional maturity appeared to have been stunted at about age 10 years. Many a time I was tempted to throw Isaac out – or throttle him. But my family would calm me and advise, “Just be kind. He’s here for a short time. You never know what he’s going home to. We have the opportunity to show him God’s love.”

It is evident from Isaac’s last words that he accepted Jesus into his heart just before he died. That fact has caused me more emotion and tears than his death because I thought I had failed in that department. I recall one time at the dinner table when Isaac seemed genuinely open to hearing about Jesus Christ. “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of Him. He’s a good guy, right?” he said innocently. But I was too angry at him at that moment to patiently and thoroughly share the Gospel with Isaac, and I was short with him. I regret that. I should have just left it to my husband to do what he does best and explain salvation to Isaac. So, when I received the barrage of early morning texts yesterday, informing me Isaac had “committed suicide,” I grieved for the lost opportunity to lead him to salvation.

But Isaac did not commit suicide. It is clear from the growing body of testimony that Isaac was murdered in the USA child trafficking capital of Arizona by opportunists who seized his last testimony as grounds for another ‘two bullets to the back of the head’ scenario. Was he thrown off the overpass? Was he ever there at all? Did military thugs shoot out his tyre and drag him to their nearby base for a dose of Seligman’s torture techniques?

Isaac did not go to Hell as I feared. A friend told me that Isaac’s salvation did not rely on that one lost opportunity, and that it was how I conducted myself daily that provided the main testimony. She is right. Isaac observed my family for the best part of two months. He was there when we said grace before dinner and gave thanks for him too. He got to observe my mother during a lengthy naturopathic consultation with her. He was there for my daughter’s ballet concert. I remember the look of genuine delight on Isaac’s face as he watched a stage full of young children stumble their way through their steps. And then at half time, he broke down crying outside, telling me how lucky I was to have a family, and how he didn’t want to be “a patsy.”

It seems I did not fail after all. It seems my family and I laid the seeds which others watered, others like the Christian who apparently conversed with Isaac as he was stranded on the side of a remote road, just before the pedo network seized him. I take comfort in testimonies like that.

The public have been left with conflicting images of who and what the real Isaac Kappy was. Some label him a Psy-Op, a DID MK-ULTRA plant, a patsy, a LARP, a fake, a bad actor, a user, a drugged hippie. Others hail him as a hero, a genuine whistle-blower against Hollywood pedophilia, a talented musician, an intelligent comedian. Isaac was all those things and more. He was easy to love, and easy to hate all at the one time.

But in the end, love won out. It’s so easy to judge, when ultimately no-one but Isaac and God knew what spiritual and physical demons he was battling. I always believed Isaac was DID, a victim like me, and that is where my compassion stemmed from. If only I had been a little more patient, a little kinder, I lament. I wish I could have had one more conversation with him or been able to see him in person again – after his conversion to Christianity. Isaac was the youngest of Christians when he delivered the most profound, wise, and mature Christian testimony in his final hours. His final words constitute Isaac Kappy’s greatest legacy. In that moment, God wiped his slate clean and accepted him into everlasting Paradise. And I look forward to the day I see him again, there in Heaven. Praise the Lord for that.

My sincerest condolences to Isaac’s family at this painful time.

Love, Fiona

Isaac first began talking to Fiona Barnett in August 2018 just one month after he came out publicly in accused Seth Green and other Hollywood elites of pedophilia. Isaac would continue his work in exposing the Hollywood pedophile rings for the next month. From September 17-23rd Isaac was on the phone daily with both Fiona Barnett and Eliahi priest. Eliahi was pushing Isaac to get investors for his diamond business in the Congo during these calls but Isaac was standoffish. Isaac was also finishing up his album during this week and spoke with several SRA survivors during this time.

Isaac would eventually fly to Australia and meet with both Fiona and Eliahi, staying with them in their houses while he was there. Personal text messages show that he would also leave Australia completely disgusted with both of them.

-Dec 10th, Isaac is with Fiona. Texts friend, “Fiona is NOT fun to be around, leaving tomorrow thank God. She’s just always angry and yelling and shit.”

-Dec 11th, Isaac messages friend: “Soooooo….Eliahi DUMB motherfucker. Driven by ego and narcissism. A few days after I hung with him he posted some shit on Twitter about having uranium.  And it was worded like a threat. Burned a bunch of networks.”

Isaac flew to Australia on October 22 and initially stayed with Fiona from the 23rd to an unknown time. He would return to L.A. on Dec 13th. The following is a live broadcast from Fiona’s Periscope as Isaac’s had been shut down due to actions by Gabe Hoffman.



Articles written by Fiona Barnett (13)

ITNJ Witness Statement

My name is Fiona Barnett. I was born Fiona Rae Holowczak, on 28 October 1969, in Sydney, Australia. I am a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA.

Child trafficking is run as a single integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the Whitehouse. Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters. I spoke with Rothstein who said he knew of an identical VIP pedophile ring that existed here in Australia, and that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the details of this.

The Australian wing of this child trafficking operation is coordinated by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician, Kim Beazley Sr. headed ASIO’s child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazley’s administration, I was prostituted, at age 6 years, to a pedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where I was raped by then Prime Minister Gough WhitlamAttorney-General Lionel Murphy, and Governor-General John Kerr. During this same excursion, future Prime Minister Bob Hawke raped me in a suburban backyard near Canberra, and former President Richard Nixon raped me in the back of a US / CIA military plane at Australia’s main military airport where Airforce One lands when it visits Australia.

After this, I was child sex trafficked from Sydney airport to California, USA, in a cargo plane. I was gassed and stuffed in a wooden crate like an animal. During this trip, I was raped by media founder Ted Turner at a pedophile party held at Disneyland, and I was trafficked to the annual summer camp at Bohemian Grove attended by notable politicians, businessmen, and other VIPs. I was raped by Reverend Billy Graham in a pink bubble themed cabin at Bohemian Grove. Billy Graham told me his good buddy Richard Nixon had recommended me to him. At Bohemian Grove, I was one of a group of children dressed as teddy bears and hunted for sport by men in the forest, to the theme song “Teddy Bears Picnic”. I also witnessed the ritual murder of a woman by male guests dressed in black Luciferian robes.

I will now lay the foundations for explaining the relationship between pedophilia, child trafficking, ritual abuse, mind control practices, and the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA.


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