Look, Listen, Kneel, Pray…. It’s T.V.


Where’s the fourth wall… You are the fourth wall… You are the participant…

-Sam Hall

We’ll start off with some stats.  From nydailynews.com, “By ethnic group, Nielsen finds that average monthly T.V. Consumption in the United States is as follows.


African Americans 218 hours

Whites 155.3 hours,

Hispanics 123.2 hours

Asian 92.3 hours.


In short, the average American watches

5 hours of T.V. a day. Or

70 days a year. Or

If you lived to be the average age of 80 years old, 15.34 years of your life IN FRONT OF A TELEVISION.  Let that sink in for a second.

One can look at this one of two ways. Either Americans are lucky to enjoy this abundance of relaxation time and should feel blessed, or they have been duped into thinking this behavior is somehow normal and are voluntarily engaging in their own programming. Allow me to cut to the chase and give you the answer.images-8

T.V. IS A WEAPON. It does not exist for your entertainment, and it never has. Through the use of high drama, flicker rate, and repetition; social conditioning is achieved and maintained on a non-stop basis. If you consume this technology, this begins when we are children and continues into adulthood. The science of this I will discuss later in the article.


History of T.V.

T.V., as we know it in its current form, was invented in 1926 and the first broadcasting company around 1939. This means that humans have only been watching television for 77 years. Lets put this into perspective. Unless you’re a religious creationist, humans have been around for somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 years. Through all of time, we have assimilated the stimuli and information we rely upon from actual people and tangible objects we see and interact with in front of us physically. Our eyes are designed to discern depth and distance and our ears to triangulate sound; all this providing us with information which equips us to feed ourselves while avoiding being fed upon.images-1

For nearly 200,000 years we have lived this way, learning from our environment and processing information within our own minds, discussing these experiences with others and collectively coming to an assessment of our surrounding world. It is only within the last 77 years we have been staring at a box in our living rooms five hours a day, repetitively assimilating images that supposedly depict reality, delivered to us from an industry which has captured, processed, edited, packaged, and marketed this information for our digestion at a PROFIT. An industry with not only massive government oversight but one which works hand-in-hand with said government at nearly every stage of delivery of its product.

T.V. An instrument of Government, not simply a consumer good.

Does anyone remember June 12th, 2009? The day the Federal Communications Commission mandated that all U.S. based television signals must be transmitted digitally? Do you recall shortly thereafter when the government implemented the “TV converter box coupon program?” A program in which the government subsidized Americans with the purchase of a digital converter box necessary to view broadcast television in its new digital format.

images-6Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why in the hell the government would be so concerned with your personal entertainment? The answer is that they are not. Television has been weaponized and is the primary tool used to control thought and modify behavior in our society today. Period. If you don’t understand this, you need to turn off your T.V. For a month step outside and get some vitamin D. Oh wait, the government fortifies that in your milk already.

Do you not think it strange that TV’s are in bars, schools, and doctor’s offices waiting rooms? Restaurants, government buildings and oil changing waiting rooms. People have become so conditioned to receiving stimuli from these things as to not even notice they are being force-fed propaganda on a 24-7 non-stop basis. This has positioned television to become the default source of reality verification and diversion for most of “sleeping” America.

images-1We are not talking about a consumer good which delivers entertainment to your living room any longer, but rather a technology which has been scientifically designed to mold politics, begin trends, influence the economy, shape social attitudes and most importantly, create a diversion. Television is at this point, the apex of technocratic sorcery and in a twisted way, is truly magnificent to behold.

But I only watch educational channels.  I don’t watch trash.

News Flash, you are still watching trash. Do you really need to know the mating ritual of the lesser species of dung beetles in sub-Sahara Africa? Is there any way this information adds to your survival and advancement or is it simply diversion marketed to intelligent people, filling up the memory banks of your cerebral cortex with useless pulp? Could you have watched your local city council representatives decide on a new tax initiative instead? downloadSomething which actually affects you. Could you have attended a city council meeting in person and met some of your neighbors? This most defiantly would have an effect on your daily life. That being said I will admit, it is pretty cool fact that Dung beetles are currently the only known non-human animal to navigate and orient themselves by visually using the Milky Way Galaxy, but still, there you are staring at a box, isolated from tangible reality and human interaction; assimilating manufactured stimuli which oozes from the machine on your wall. BTW, Do you know your city tax rate? How about even one of your city councilmen?

imagesIt is not even debatable that those five hours a day would be better-spent gardening, reading, or engaging in any passion rather than sitting idly being force-fed a scripted reality base. Even walking around your local park enjoying nature and experiencing your local surroundings is reaffirming your true reality within your community and engages you in your world while adding value to it.

Not only the content is damaging.

The weapon we know as T.V. is multifaceted. By this I mean the content of your “programming” is only one aspect of this sorcery, while in fact much more is actually occurring. For one, your losing time. You are NOT LIVING when you are watching T.V. Which means you are not making a difference, not engaging in local government, not raising your children, not building a life, growing food, perfecting a craft, or discussing local issues with your neighbors, etc. When you watch T.V. You are CONSUMING. You are the 4th wall of the paradigm, and you are a participant, whether you know it or not. And I use the word participant as would when referring to a medical study.images-2

Even while you are watching educational “programming” you are being conditioned to accept “reality” from “experts” and “authority”. Maintaining the standard that only accredited scientists, or those with PhD’s possess credible answers because they have been vetted through our system of collective institutions and this somehow adds to the credibility which permits them to be on T.V. After even a short time of T.V. consumption we begin to become conditioned to believe that “true” and “official” answers come from places of authority and celebrities. This is why celebrities are used so effectively in advertising and public opinion campaigns.

Humans are pack animals and it is pack instinct which guides our actions and thought processes anytime we engage with our fellow man, including those which deal with categorizing information. Humans like to think that they have risen above the animal kingdom to such an extent that collectively we have overcome the traits which have allowed our species to survive in the wild for 200,000 years. We have not. These same traits or instincts which have been ingrained in our genetic memory are the very instincts the technocratic elite have so skillfully succeeded in mastering and exploiting.

images-5If you’ve read any of my other work you know I use the words “sorcery” and “technology” interchangeably. Truly there is no difference, as one man’s tools are another man’s sacred objects bestowed upon him by a deity. Just look to the Aztec civilization of Central America and how they considered (early on anyway) Cortez to be their returned deity Quetzalcoatl, or the cargo cults which originated in the south Pacific in the wake of contact with commercial networks and colonizing societies in the late 19th and early 20th century. This seems to be the case throughout all of history anytime a primitive civilization has met a significantly more advanced one and leaves little doubt in my mind what would happen should modern day man come in contact with an extraterrestrial species. Another thought, and equally as chilling, is perhaps this species is already here and they are the ones responsible for having implemented the technocracy we currently find ourselves in.download-1

Once again, humans are pack animals and look for a default hierarchy when organizing their families, lives, and communities. This is and has been the power behind clergy throughout all of our history. However today, religion has been replaced by the gods of science and commercialism and we have a new profit at the altar. TELEVISION. Only this time, it is everywhere. Not just in a church, we visit once a week but in our homes, schools, and businesses as well. It is a ubiquitous presence and has worked its way into our political system, commerce, entertainment, and education. It is truly insidious and one can only marvel at its implementation.

Conscious and subconscious programming

Time for some science. When consuming Television your brain waves transition from beta to alpha patterns. Beta state you currently find yourself in as you read this article. It is the state of wakeful alertness when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks, problem-solving, judgment, and analysis. Alpha, on the other hand, is that dreamy state you find yourself in when first waking up in the morning, or when you “zone out” while daydreaming. Alpha is also the state hypnotists put you into when reprogramming your subconscious during hypnotherapy. This is often done to help people overcome bad habits such as smoking, or to alleviate phobias. The science is simple really as it reprograms the subconscious mind, the portion of your brain which is quietly called upon each and every time the brain processes information.

imagesAs information is fed into the organic computer known as your brain it is processed by both the conscious and subconscious regions. However while the conscious part of your brain can differentiate between reality and fiction, the subconscious can not. This means that every time you watch someone get shot on T.V. your subconscious processes it as an actual event. This “event” then has a real effect on your levels of stress, perceptions of reality, and decision making. So after years of watching actors getting shot and killed on T.V. the accumulation of this reality base begins to affect you in real life in a very real way. This is because the subconscious is involved in every decision making process you have. In short, YOU ARE BEING PROGRAMMED.

Flicker Rate

Flicker rate is the rate at which light flashes or flickers on your T.V. screen as the content is being generated and transmitted. What was once a clandestine military project and later a conspiracy theory is now open and accepted historical fact. In the 1940’s the U.S. government conducted studies on what flicker rate was most successful in moving people into a hypnotic state as they consumed T.V. content. The rates which were most effective were then isolated and implemented into the broadcasting networks. The “golden age” of T.V. was, in fact, nothing more than a psyop. With today’s high def screens the effects of this technology have only multiplied and the sorcery becomes that much more effective.images-9

With the flicker rate dialed in, brain waves begin to slip from beta to alpha in a less than a minute after turning on a television. After a few minutes, the brain is fully engaged in a receptive alpha state and programming is taking place. Scientists also found out in the 1940’s that reprogramming a human mind is much more effective when using negative or sexual content. These lower states of emotion are extremely powerful and allow access to the brain at a deeper level. This is why the bulk of content on television is geared towards violence, lust, envy, and revenge. This is real, this is not fantasy or conspiracy theory. This is what is happening every time you consume television.

The next time you see anyone watching television I want you to take a close look and observe their behavior. They will be in a state of higher alpha and completely receptive to the programming which is taking place. Children are especially susceptible to the technology and are the most affected, they will often have their mouths open. Do you ever notice how when some people come home they immediately turn on their T.V.’s? This usually happens with those who are most addicted to this technology and there is a reason for it.images-1 When the brain slips from beta to alpha it disengages and becomes a receptive device. At this point, dopamine production is increased in the brain and a feeling of relaxation and security is produced. This is simply a biochemical response to outside stimuli, in this case, T.V. What does this mean? It means that T.V. is not only mentally addictive but physically addictive as well, and this is due to the flicker rate.

National Televised Sports=Modern Day Rome

Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt


Sports and television. A darker, more insidious alliance has never been formed for the subjugation and enslavement of a free people than that of sports and television. I’ve written at length about sports here, but it’s worth covering again.

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, SEPT. 3-4 - FILE - In this Sept. 26, 2010, file photo, a television camera is seen high over the field before the start of an NFL football game between the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams in St. Louis. The NFL was already a highly valuable property when the league signed new TV deals starting in 2006 that have it currently bringing in about $4 billion a year. But since then, the gap between the average viewership for NFL games and everything else on TV has grown markedly. The revenue pie distributed by the new collective bargaining agreement could be much bigger in a few years. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

National sports, in my opinion, are the apex of diversion and enslavement training in our society today. For both children and adults alike. What was once friendly competition between men in times of peace, and healthy social entertainment for a community has been weaponized and exploited to such an extent that it now serves as an opiate for the masses and a tool wielded by the elite and used to train men to behave and think in collective patterns? Full grown men lose themselves both mentally and emotionally into sports, devoting hours weekly, and often a daily, to their sport of choice becoming absorbed in its emptiness. These same men who puff and bluster around their friends in public when discussing or watching major sports usually can’t even tell you who their elected congressmen, senators, and judges are. Things every free citizen has a duty to be educated in and act upon. Not surprisingly they generally have no basis for current events, either local or global and often live a one-dimensional fantasy world which revolves around entertainment and consuming large quantities of alcohol. Did someone say fantasy football?

182464-312308-fansjpg-620xThe psychology of sports addicts is fascinating and is a study in and of itself. However for our purposes here allow me to point out, and it’s quite blatant really, that the proliferation of national sports and alcohol is rampant in socialized slave-nations. Just pick any western nation where sports and sports players are worshiped and held up as heroes. With the exception of the United States, they are overtly socialists and offer few if any opportunity for upward economic mobility or personal innovation. That being said, the U.S. is rapidly following suit of these other “free” nations.

Simply put, national sports have been weaponized and have become a diversion for male energy, and what better artificial matrix for men than a testosterone filled competitive world of ego and domination. Those who would be our masters know this all to well and have erected huge arenas, in all our major cities in order to facilitate this diversion. What’s even more sickening is that most of these arenas were built with tax dollars voted into existence through economic development initiatives by local politicians who themselves have been seduced into this empty waste of time and energy. This diversion is now so intertwined with Television, broadcasting, politics, commerce, tourism, local business, and advertising that it is cemented into our lives and will be going nowhere anytime soon. It is another perfect weapon which has been perfectly deployed and fixed into position through economic means. There is only one solution to this, it is quite simple actually and costs nothing. There is an old saying. “If you want something to go away, stop buying it.”

The Future of T.V.

I think Television is on its way out to tell you the truth. It is a dated medium and has already been replaced by the computer. In fact, if it wasn’t for ESPN, cable would have been dead 5 years ago. Last year one in five households canceled their cable subscriptions and assumedly now get all their media content from the internet. Internet providers are offering up packages left and right trying to get consumers to hang onto their cable but it is futile.

images-7The highest consumers of T.V. are the older generations coming in at around 8 hours a day. This is no surprise as they were raised with this medium and are now sedentary. That being said, the focus has changed and advertisers and government are no longer fixated on T.V. stats alone but think of and refer to this idea as “screen time”. Across the board and equal among all age groups screen time is about 8.5 hours a day.

The younger the generation the more phone screen time, while the older you go the more T.V. screen time occurred. Interestingly the 35 to 45-year-olds watch the most videos and movies.

What does this mean? It means that the technocrats have already changed up the game and have moved on to the next medium. While they will hold onto the demon television for as long as they can so long as it is effective at subjugating the population, they have already devised and deployed newer and more effective technology to enslave the populace.download-2

Introducing, The Smart Phone. Do I even need to even mention the word zombies? This device has effectively, in less than 10 years not only enslaved an entire generation but nearly half of the world. Commerce, business, leisure, EVERYTHING is conducted on and requires a smartphone as of the writing of this article. People are entranced by the ease at which information is accessed and utilized with one of these devices, and you know what. The smartphone to is transitory. This is simply a stepping stone to complete immersion into a digital interface. Where it will go from there is anyone’s guess, but still, here we are.

I can only urge everyone reading this to critically evaluate what you do with your time and your days. Be aware of what you are giving up even when it appears you are gaining. For I will tell you. The laws of physics and those of this dimension dictate that for one thing to gain another must lose, and everything is trying to survive just the same. Those who would be our masters are far ahead of us in this game of technology, they control the systems and the institutions. Even though they are few, they are clever and have worked us into the prison planet we find ourselves in today. Have you ever paused to wonder how a tiny few wound up owning all the land and resources of the world and are renting and selling it back to the rest of us? We outnumber them millions to one but they have created a paradigm in which we allow ourselves to be sedated daily, and we comply.images-4

I don’t pretend to be a Morpheus by any means, but it is time to wake the hell up people. It’s time to get mad and begin living again, and you can start with one simple deed. KILL YOUR T.V. Don’t sell it, don’t infect someone else. KILL IT. Kill it with passion and kill it in a manner it deserves to die in. Do it with an ax or a large hammer. Do it with a small arsenal like I did 20 years ago, or simply your favorite handgun. If you don’t have a gun, ask a friend who does. I don’t believe there is one gun owner across this country who would forgo the opportunity to punch a solid hole through one of these things at 200 yards or open up on it in close quarter fashion. However you decide to do it, just make sure you do it right. Make sure that cursed, black, contraption from the pit of hell never transmits another lie. Then share this article so someone else can do the same.

Thank you for your time, and readership. Be well, and live.

I’ll leave you with this.

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