Nancy Pelosi’s LAST SUPPER: De-Occulting Signing the Articles of Impeachment

Continuing along with the De-Occulting of the Impeachment proceedings, on January 15th, 2020, Nancy Pelosi took the stage and made a short speech just prior to signing the House of Representatives Articles of Impeachment.

And just like the rest of this ordeal, it’s oozing with occulted numerical fixatives and embedded ritual.

Masonic Signature # 1


Nancy Pelosi, the person chosen by the deep-state/left to do everything possible, both legal and illegal to remove trump from office; has, in her name the “High Signature” of what I believe at this point to be Masonic sanctioned actions.


In English Ordinal (one of the most common ciphers in gematria) Pelosi’s name comes out to # 133. Why do I call this the “High Signature” of the Freemasons? Because it embodies both the numbers 13 & 33 simultaneously.

133 = 13/3 & 1/33

These are the two most sacred numbers in Freemasonry. This is why there are 13° in the York Rite & 33° in the Scottish Rite.

I am seeing this signature more and more is the heavier rituals. It was most recently present in the murder of Nipsey Hussle and Jeffery Epstein. Please peruse this site for more articles where you can find this.

Nancy Pelosi as The Christ

First things first, know that this is a SOLAR RITUAL. For the normies and sheeple of America this is politics, but to those who have the eyes to see and the wisdom to understand. THIS IS A SOLAR RITUAL.

And Pelosi is written into this one, from the beginning, as the Christ (or solar) figure. It is the energies of the Sun which are being drawn down and capitalized upon here. The SON/SUN is a storehouse of available ethereal thoughtform which is tapped by the elite/Illuminati regularly for their ritual and spell work.

The beginning of this portion of the ritual began with something EVERYONE is familiar with.

Note that those on Pelosi’s left are grouped nearly IDENTICAL to those in Divinci’s painting. (Grouped in 3’s, with people standing forward and in back of others respectively.)

Notice on Pelosi’s right we are missing one person.

It is the missing Christ in the center which they are attempting to drawdown. The energy Pelosi is blending herself with. Pelosi is the Conduit.

Nancy’s (Priestess/Christ) Attire

Unlike the passing of the Articles of Impeachment on December 18, 2019, Nancy was far less decked out this time around, and I believe there are reasons for this.

January 15th, Signing of the Articles of Impeachment

Note the RED & BLUE ties of Adam Shiff and Jerrold Nadler are the same as the colors The Christ wore in Divinci’s painting, with Pelosi wearing the pink OR “feminized red” that Christ wore.

Note also that Christ wears no necklace. Could this be why Pelosi, who almost always wears a necklace/Menet is not clad in one on this day?

This is the PRIMARY energetic similitude being telegraphed in this ritual. THAT OF CHRIST and more than that, Christ at the last supper.

Here is the bigger question.

The Power Symbol Again

December 18th, 2019 (Passing Articles of Impeachment)

Notice that on January 15th Nancy is not wearing the gold necklace, pin, or Calcite bullet bracelet she did at the Impeachment vote, however, the cut of the neckline of her dress still forms the “Power Symbol” and she is still adorned with gold-trimmed buttons and gold bracelets on her left arm.

The button placket running up the front of her dress combined with the circular neck, form an upside-down power symbol.

Significance of the Color Pink

Upon first De-Occulting this aspect of the impeachment ritual, Pelosi’s pink dress threw me for a bit of a loop. Pink is such an odd choice for any occasion requiring power and assertive dominance. However, the ritual mechanics are clear at this point and what’s more, Pelosi has worn this color on a few occasions and a pattern has definitely been established.

In ritual practice, the color pink is primarily used in conjunction with energetic work resonating with the concepts and intentions of Love, Romance & Peace. Ergo and less known, the color pink also resonates with the vibration of VULNERABILITY. And CHRIST most certainly was THE LAMB. This color most certainly resonates with the feminine and of course, Christ was the balanced embodiment of GOD. But one this is a fact-

Pelosi has worn a pink dress on more than one occasion during the course of her efforts in the impeachment proceedings and also during times of power assersion.

January 3rd, 2019 – The swearing-in of the 116the congress

This dress appears red in this photo, however, this is the dress that sparked multiple articles about Nancy Pelosi’s “Hot Pink Dress” and whether or not it was ok to publically discuss her “sexiness.”
Pardon me while I vomit now.

May 23rd, 2019 – Pelosi took to the podium and stated: “Make no mistake, Trump wants to be impeached.” She went on to say that she could impeach Trump without an inditement.

Numerology of the (Christ Similitude) Pink Dresses & What It Means

These are the dates in which Pelosi wore a pink dress while officially discussing impeachment business. All three of these dates have everything to do with the signing of the Articles of Impeachment on January 15th, 2020.

January 3rd, 2019 – Swearing in of the 116 Congress.

From Jan, 3rd 2019 to Jan 15th, 2020 is: 377 days / 1 year and 12 days OR (12 months 12 days)

  • Pelosi’s inquiry lasted 12 weeks.
  • Pelosi + 11 people on stage with her during her speech = 12
  • Pelosi begins speaking at the 11-second mark in the official YouTube video release of the event. Again, her as the Christ + 11.
  • 12 pens were used to sign her name at 5:25 pm. 5+2+5=12.
  • And HERE IS WHY, THE 12 CONSTELLATIONS which the SUN/SON travels through in its annual cycle.

I find it more than interesting that Pelosi is an Aries sign and it just so happens to be right next to Pisces. For the non-astrotheologists out there, it’s pretty easy to see that through the language of symbols and solar worship, the most recent deity to be worshiped as the sun Christ has been “REBORN” into its age (the age of Pisces) as Jesus Christ. After all, we are entering into the Age of Aquarius which is next and all mainstream religions are on their way out. But, for the purpose of this conversation. Jesus was a fisherman a (fisher-of-man) and Christianity is known by this sign for a reason. Even if Christians don’t and have worked this tidbit it into their collective mythos.

May 23rd, 2019 – Public threats of impeaching Trump.

May 23rd, 2019 to Jan 15th, 2020 is: 237 days OR (7 months 23 days) AS well as (33 weeks 6 days.)

237 days

Each is a numerical anagram of the other as each contains 2,3 & 7.

237 Left with 27
723 Left with 72
Take the remaining 3’s and we are left with “33”

These numbers are found EVERYWHERE in occultism and ritual work

We saw 27 & 72 most recently with the Epstein murder. These numbers had EVERYTHING to do with the facility he was being held in AND the guards who most likely stood down while he was murdered. Check out De-Occulting Jeffery Epstein’s murder here.


  • 27 has EVERYTHING to do with Freemasonry. 27 OR 3X3X3 is a masonic number representing many things. For starters, it is the perfect number as it is a perfect cube. 3X3X3. And we know how Masons like to square things off both physically, and metaphorically.
  • Dark matter is thought to make up 27% of the universe.
  • When one matches up the opposing corners of two Pythagorean rectangles they line up at 27°’s
  • The solar saros series 27 was 1280.1 years, and it contained 72 solar eclipses


  • Two of the House of Representatives Managers are 72 years of age. 72+72 = 144. The 144,000 chosen in the Bible.
  • Represents the number of Earth
  • The number 72 is a number known, in esoteric numerology, to be a master number. That is a number that encompasses patterns that replicate the frequencies and vibrations of certain energies of the manifested universe.
  • 72  x 12=864 OR the diameter of the Sun. (The number of the earth multiplied by the number of constellations or months or disciples “12” renders, what is commonly referred to in the occult as the number of the sun 864 OR 864,000-mile diameter.
  • I believe there is an as of yet unrealized significance between the numbers 72 and 23. I find them often used as a conduit, or bridge to each other in occult ceremonial rituals.  Especially the recent rash of mass shootings in the past decade.  (7 + 2 = 9 )+ (7 x 2 = 14.) 9 + 14 = 23 (a number used extensively in occult ritual).


  • Jesus was 33 when he was sacrificed.
  • Jesus performed 33 miracles.
  • Hopefully, no further explanation of the number 33 is required with this readership. However, if you don’t know, please see the #33 page in the numbers research archive.

237 Left with 7
723 Left with 7
Take the 7’s and you end up with “77”


  • There are 77 generations between Adam and Jesus. Using this number embeds the numerical vibration of the SON of God OR the SUN.
  • The atomic number for iridium is 77. Iridium stems from Latin meaning Iris or rainbow. In paintings, Jesus is often portrayed sitting on a rainbow.
  • The 12th perfect number contains 77 numerals.

237 Left with 23
723 Left with 23
Take the 23’s and you are left with 23 & 46

23 & 46

  • Pelosi signed all her signatures during and between 5:24 and 5:25. (5+2+4=11) & (5+2+5=12.) 11+12 = 23.
  • The most famous and quoted of all the Psalms is Psalms 23.
  • It is believed that Adam and Eve had 23 daughters.
  • Matthew 18:20 – “Where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst.”
  • B.C. Or Before Christ is the 2nd and 3rd letters of the English alphabet. BCE (the politically correct usage of this abbreviation is 2+3+5 which 10 or the (number of the completeness of God).
  • W is the 23 letter of this alphabet. The symbol for that letter is two points down and three points up.
  • The human biorhythm cycle is generally 23 days. One measures a circle beginning anywhere.
  • It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate through the human body.
  • 23 Axioms in Euclid’s Geometry.
  • The Knights Templars had only 23 Grandmasters. Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last of the Templar Grandmasters.
  • 23 is the first prime number in which both digits are prime numbers and add up to another prime number.
  • Pentagram: the angle between the rays of a symmetrical-pointed star is 72 degrees. Also, the angle between the legs of a pentagon is 108 degrees (the complementary angle of 108 is 72(108+72=180)). (2^3)*(3^2)=2*3*2*3*2=72. (Note that 5 (2^2)*(3^3)=3*2*3*2*3=58. Numbers are 2*3*2*3*5=180 multiplied in each equation.)
  • Two-thirds of numbers that are divisible by 2 are not multiples of 3.
  • In the Qabalistic Tree of Life, the 23rd path is associated with the Hanged Man Tarot Card.
  • Revelations of The New Testament has 22 sections the 22nd having 21 lines; implying a progression to 23
  • The most frequent numbers in the Book of Revelations are 4 (the powerful beasts), 7 (seven seals, seven churches, etc.), and 12 (12 apostles, etc.). 4+7+12=23!
  • The human body has 46 chromosomes, which are paired, in somatic cells. Generative cells have half this number, 23, which is the number of chromosomes each parent gives to human

January 15th, 2020 – The signing of the Articles of Impeachment.


Let’s get down to brass tacks and rip this spell apart.

Pelosi The Conduit

Through De-Occulting this ritual I believe I have a pretty good idea of the metaphysical technique employed during this energetic operation.

  1. The writers of this ritual planned 377 days ahead for the potential opportunity to finish out the spell as it did. It began (as far as I can tell on Jan 3rd, 2019 with the coming in the 116th congress.) 77 as we know from above is a number STRONGLY associated with Christ. (Above)
  2. May 23rd, 2019 was a booster/set up day. Adding to and continuing to build the impeachment momentum while reinforcing the Christ similitude. (Above)
  3. Dec 18th, 2019 13 days till the end of the year, and aligning with the winter solstice, the birth of the Christ, a solar eclipse, 210 days OR 2+1+0 = 3 (Masonic #3) from May 23rd. and Pelosi tied herself to the Christ energy. (Above)
  4. Dec 20th, 2019 Pelosi invites Trump to speak at the State of the Union Address. Exactly 40 days from the invitation. 40 = Duration of Suffering. This was to tie the momentum/energy of the Impeachment vote into the next year. (Above)
  5. Pelosi sits on the Articles of impeachment for 29 days. OR 11. The number of disobedience. (Above)
  6. Jan 15th, 2020, Pelosi performed a timed similitude of “The Last Supper” to grow the resonance with the Christ energy (The SUN) and harness its attributes for the signing ritual. (Above)
  7. Pelosi speaks for a numerically significant period of time and ends the ritual at another specifically chosen time to incorporate the vibrational energies of the numbers into the ritual. (Below)
  8. Pelosi signs the Articles of Impeachment in a ritual manner, with ritual crafted pens, for the magickal task of carrying the raised energy forward. (Below)

Throughout the entire Impeachment proceedings, from beginning to end, Nancy Pelosi has performed as Head Priestess. She successfully managed to tie herself to the Christ energy and then transfer it to the signing ritual while capturing the collective consciousness of 10’s of millions of impeachment supporters and incorporating their energy into the ritual.

This gave the mainstream media a collective focal point while simultaneously appearing absurd enough to spark the Republicans into focusing on it after Pelosi’s remarks of the impeachment being a “Solom and Somber” event. The stunt was just inappropriate enough to pull in those who normally wouldn’t take in political news.



The heart of this ritual was THE TIME SIGNATURES

Pelosi took the stage with 11 fellow democrats and on the official CNN Pelosi began speaking at the 11-second mark, she stopped at the 5:41. That means Pelosi spoke for a total of 5m 30s seconds OR 330 seconds.


From the time Pelosi began speaking to the time she handed the signed Articles of Impeachment to one of the Managers was 8m 46s OR 526 seconds. 5+2+6 = 13.

The entire ritual lasted a “Numerical Reduction” of “13

There is your 13/33 Masonic “High Signature”

On top of Nancy Pelosi’s name which also comes out to 133.

The Pen Ritual (The Catalyst Force Multiplier)

January 15th may have set a new benchmark in U.S. political shenanigans, but it was the pens that made all the news. HMMM…..I WONDER WHY? The answer is:

The Pens were the “RESONANCE FOCAL POINT” of this ritual.

Note that the pens were scripted to be a convergence point for the media and public. The pens, news coverage of the pens and the signing event itself were intended to carry the energies of this ritual forward.

30 pens, each bearing the golden name (SUN, SON, CHRIST) of Nancy Pelosi.

30 Pens Each Bearing The NUMEROLOGICAL VIBRATION of (133)

30 Pens Ebony pens trimmed with gold. Ebony reflecting the ebony from which the Mace of the House of Representatives is crafted of.

A listener of my YouTube channel pointed out to me that Trump Tower is decked out in Gold. Could this be a resonating factor tying it to Trump?

Image result for trump tower inside

30 Golden Pens Carried in on 3 Silver Platters. 30+3 = 33

The idea behind the gold and silver is quite simple. It is the Balancing of primary and necessary energies.

Gold = Sun, masculine, Male, Giver of Life

Silver = Moon, Feminine, Female, Nurturer of Life

Together these complete and balance out the energies required to produce a hermetically balanced spell. Even in masculine dominant spellwork, it is advantageous to bring forth and balance primary or base energies for success.

Note that Pelosi had 6 men and 6 women on stage during this ritual. Again, balance.

Why did Pelosi use so many pens to sign her name?

The answer is again NUMER MAGICK. Here is what happened.

  • Pelosi used a total of 15 pens for the signing.
  • Pelosi began signing the Articles of Impeachment at 5:24 pm. She signed the first 3 during the 5:24 pm minute before it switched to 5:25.
  • Pelosi used the subsequent 12 pens to sign the remainder of the Articles completely within the 5:25 min mark.
  • 3 pens were used in the first-minute signing. 5+2+4 = 11
  • 12 pens were used in the second-minute signing. 5+2+5 = 12

The #12 reveals itself again here. This time in a hermetic union. 12 X12 = 144. OR the 144,000 chosen ones in the Bible.

The Sun and Moon

There were two eclipses between the Impeachment vote and the signing of the Articles.

Eclipse #1 took place on December 26th. The day after the birth of the Son/Sun.

The Moon was in a waning phase this whole time.

Eclipse #2 took place on January 10th. The day of God’s perfect completion. The same day as the Full Moon.

There were 15 days between these two eclipses when one starts at the end of the first eclipse starting the 27th. AGAIN. 15 GOLDEN PENS WERE USED. And she signed the Articles on the 15th of January.

15 + 15 + 15 = 45

Someone, please remind me who the 45 president of these United States is.

Without a doubt the Golden pens and Silver platters had EVERYTHING to do with harnessing these energies and releasing them into the ritual.

Thoughts on The High Priestess

It is my opinion that Nancy Pelosi isn’t long for this world. Along with everything else stated above in the article, it is my opinion that this was simultaneously an EXIT CEREMONY.

I base this opinion on a few factors.

  1. Nancy Pelosi looks pretty well worn. She appears to be in failing health as she slurs and mumbles regularly. This has been explained away as her being drunk, but I don’t think so.
  2. This entire ritual centered around the Last Supper similitude. This may be her “Last Supper” so to speak. Her last battle.
  3. All magick of this magnitude requires a sacrifice.
  4. We saw the same thing with the John McCain 5-Day funeral ritual, which he had the luxury to write himself when he stated so in an interview.
  5. It appears to me that Nancy Pelosi was given the chance to make a grand exit and put a cap upon her career to add to her legacy, much the same way John McCain did as he used his funeral to make one last strike at Donald Trump.

Note: I am stating this opinion from the perspective of an occultist who has De-Occulted the above events and recognized the energetic signatures. I, in no way, condone or encourage anyone to enact violence upon another person with the exception of when one’s life or well being is in immediate acute danger at the hands of another.