New Mexico “DEEP STATE” Compound (Local Sheriff running cover again)

One thing all these mass shootings and deep state operations have in common is the complacency of the local sheriff. From the February 14 Florida school shooting to the Aurora Theatre massacre, to Sandy Hook; and more recently the Las Vegas shooting and now whatever was going on in northern New Mexico. Few Americans fail to realize the power and position of their local County Sheriff. Not only is your County Sheriff your last line of defense from federal overreach but he or she is elected by the people and answers to no one but the people. The sheriff has the power to detain disarm and escort out of the county federal troops. The sheriff has the power to question and or interfere in any federal agency operating within the county, and the sheriff has the power to legally raise a militia or armed troops otherwise known as Posse Comitatus. He even has the right to deputize prisoners if he so chooses. What follows in this video is a detailed questioning of the actions of the Taos sheriffs department and they’re standing down to the federal investigators. What’s more, it is a questioning of the outright lies being told by the Taos County Sheriff and open questioning of obvious facts that are not lining up with the official narrative. The official narrative of the situation has it scripted that it is an Islamic training camp that was training 11 children to commit school shootings. There is obviously not enough evidence to point to this nor is the compound any more than a temporary shelter made up to look like an Iraqi training camp. The entire area looks like it was thrown together to project the maximum effect of a training camp.