The following list contains, some but nowhere all the advice, rules, and regulations which have been implemented nationwide since the Corona-Virus outbreak hoax. And yes, I’m settling on the word “Hoax” now. So as much as it pertains to the intentional misinformation, over reaction and outright LIES which have been spun to us from the authorities.

As you read the following list, please keep in mind your freedoms and the fact that they are eroding away before your very eyes with not only your consent but YOUR PARTICIPATION.

  1. You can’t leave the house for any reason, but if you have to, then you can.
  2. Masks are useless, so don’t bother buying and hoarding them…Save them for the professionals who need them. But in New York, you are required to wear one in public to protect yourself and others, however, it is useless, but it may be mandatory in your region.
  3. Stores are closed, except store those that are open.
  4. You should not go to hospitals unless you have to go there. You should only go there in case of an emergency, provided you are not too sick.
  5. This virus is deadly but still not too scary, except that sometimes it actually leads to a global disaster.
  6. Gloves won’t help, but they can still help in certain situations.
  7. Everyone needs to stay HOME, but it’s important to GO OUT and exercise, but not too much.
  8. There is no shortage of groceries in the supermarket, but there are many things missing when you go there in the evening, but not in the morning. Sometimes.
  9. The virus has no effect on children except those it affects.
  10. Animals are not affected, but there is still a cat that tested positive in Belgium in February before anyone else had been tested, plus a few tigers here and there…
  11. You will have many symptoms when you are sick, but you can also get sick without symptoms, have symptoms without being sick, or be contagious without having symptoms.
  12. In order not to get sick, you have to eat well and exercise, but eat whatever you have on hand and it’s better not to go out.
  13. It’s good to get some fresh air, just don’t get fresh air near anyone. Most importantly, you don’t go to parks or walk. But don’t sit down, except that you can do that now if you are old, but not for too long or if you are pregnant (but not too old).
  14. You can’t go to retirement homes, but make sure you take care of the elderly and bring food and medication.
  15. If you are sick, you can’t go out, but you can go to the pharmacy. (Face masks still aren’t effective in this case, so don’t buy them, save them for the professionals who need them.
  16. You can get restaurant food delivered to the house, which may have been prepared by people who didn’t wear masks or gloves. However, make sure you decontaminate your groceries outside your house for 3 hours after you get back from the market.
  17. Every disturbing article or disturbing interview starts with ” I don’t want to trigger panic, but…”
  18. You can’t see your older mother or grandmother, but you can interact with older persons working in essential businesses.
  19. Donald Trump Gov Cuomo and most of the Senate fall in the category of those most susceptible to dying from COVID-19 yet they themselves meet dozens of people per day, are not quarantined, and will not wear a face mask. But D.C is about to see a spike and you are mandated to if you live in NY city and can’t maintain social distancing while in public.
  20. You are required to stay at home and practice social distancing yet Donald Trump meets dozens of people from all over the world every day and will not wear a mask.
  21. Dr. Fouci preaches social distancing yet stands 2-3 feet away from everyone during press conferences.
  22. The virus is EXTREMELY contagious except that the president is still holding press conferences wherein nobody is wearing face masks or practicing “social distancing on stage.”
  23. Shopping baskets have been removed from most major grocery stores (except the stores that have decided to keep them) because they are not able to be sanitized yet grocery carts are somehow safe and can be safely sanitized.
  24. In keeping in compliance with social distancing, big box stores are limiting the number of people they are letting into their stores at one time. Instead, they have turned their employees into guards and force people to stand in line and congregate outside the store before you are permitted to enter, in an effort to minimize social contact in the store.
  25. You can walk around with a friend who doesn’t live with you, but not with family members who don’t live with you.
  26. You are safe if you maintain the appropriate social distance, but you can’t go out with friends or strangers at the recommended safe social distance.
  27. The virus remains active on different surfaces for two hours. No, four. No, six. Wait did we say hours, maybe days? But it takes a damp environment. In certain cases, but not always.
  28. The virus stays in the air – well no, or yes, maybe. Especially in a closed room. In one hour a sick person can infect ten, ergo, all our children were already infected at school before they were closed, but the schools were closed in order to protect the children, but, the kids won’t achieve herd immunity until most have been exposed to the virus.
  29. Just remember, stay at the recommended social distance, unless you find yourself in a situation which requires a greater distance, which studies show, the virus can travel further, maybe.
  30. We don’t know how many people are infected as we have only tested so far those who were “almost dead” to find out if that’s what they will die of…Instead, we count the number of dead
  31. A COVID-19 related death is anyone who dies of ANYTHING and tests positive at the time of death.
  32. We have no treatment, except for Hydroxychloroquine which begins curing people in a matter of hours and has a 98% success rate and is not dangerous unless you take too much (which is the case for all medications).
  33. We should stay locked up until the virus disappears, but it will only disappear when we achieve herd immunity, which requires everyone to contract the virus and building up antibodies to it. But to do that we must no longer be locked up.

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I don’t know who or what to believe.Everyone says different version.Im taking care of myself until further notice.Just being careful nothing major.Good luck.

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