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Disaster preparedness has become a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. and for good reason. Our country isn’t just heading for uncertain times and chaos. WE ARE THERE. If you are just now thinking about preparing for an emergency I’ll be the first to tell you that you are well behind the curve, however, it may not be too late depending on your particular circumstances. Below are some links to pages designed to get you pointed in the right direction and in many cases fill voids in your particular preparedness plan that you may not have even been aware of.

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I have been reading and listening your video, articles and interview. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. The work you do is extremely important and crucial to our time now and the future. I myself is out of body traveler and I go out daily and have seen many things taking place in astral plane. ( As you know, it hit astral before things manifest in our realm) I have taught how to de-energize the evil forces over the years, but it has come to the point (now) that things are shifting very quickly and the their forces are powerfully multiplying. I myself is preparing for what is coming as much as I can and continue to do so for my family. I started to include you, your family and your work in my daily prayer. May God Bless you who spread the truth and fight against darkness for the sake of humanity.

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