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Scene Photos & Videos

All AZDPS & Coconino County Sheriffs Office Photos

Official Photos Taken by and Received from the Coconino County Sheriffs Office

Official Photos Taken by and Received from the Arizona Department of Public Safety

Note: only 35 of 52 of the photos I received from the AZDPS are posted here. Due to the graphic nature of those 17 remaining photos, and out of respect for the surviving family members, we have chosen not to publish them. They are available as a matter of public record from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.


All Body-Cam Incident Scene Footage

Officer Luna Body-Cam Footage #1


Officer Luna Body-Cam Footage #2


Officer Luna Body-Cam Footage #3


Officer Jamison Body-Cam Footage #1


Officer Jamison Body-Cam Footage #2


Camp Navajo Security Patrolman Private Dash-cam Video

Here is the 19-second cell phone recording the Kappy family received from the Coconino County Sheriff Department



The following 1:55 clip is the original evidence I received from the Coconino County Sheriffs Department. 


The following video was a discussion that took place concerning this evidence the day I released it.


About the Camp Navajo Dash Cam Video

The above dashcam footage was some of the last pieces of evidence to be released by the investigating authorities during this investigation. It is important to note that it was not included with the original evidence I ordered from the Coconino County Sheriff’s office two months prior. Although there was reference made to this video evidence in the Sheriff’s report and a truncated, much shorter (17-second) cell phone recording of it was made available to the immediate family within a week of the incident, the actual evidence obtained by the sheriff department from the witness who provided it was not put into evidence until approximately two months later.

How I obtained this video

I first became aware of this video a little over two months into my investigation. While speaking with Isaac Kappy’s mother I was informed that the immediate family was provided a short (17-second) recording of Isaac sitting on the Transwestern overpass just moments before he died. The Kappy’s offered to send me the clip so I could examine it in detail. Upon receiving it I organized an in-person meeting in California with all the members of the research team. During our meeting, I revealed the new evidence to the team in person. It was there that one of the members realized that the file was actually a recording shot from a cell phone and that there was in fact another original and longer recording somewhere. 

Upon learning this I called the Coconino County Sheriffs Department and informed them that I was in possession of a 17-second clip and that I was aware that this piece of evidence did in fact exist. After verifying that this evidence existed I was first informed they could not release it to me because the evidence belonged to another investigational body, namely, the Camp Navajo National Guard. I informed them that they had already released it and it was listed in the report itself so it must be in the evidence bin.  They then agreed to send it to me however after a week I still hadn’t received it in the mail. It was then I called the Coconino County Sheriff’s office again to question why as it should have only taken a couple of days to reach me from Flagstaff. I was immediately put in touch with officer Matt Freshour. Officer Freshour apologized and simply said that it never got sent. He then asked for my email address and told me he would simply email me a download link to the video. I thanked him and within minutes received an email from him. In that email was the download like to the original 1:55 video the CCSD received from the Camp Navajo secrity patrol driver.

Here is the email I received from Officer Matt Freshour

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is easily the most highly suspicious piece of evidence released by the authorities in the course of this investigation. Upon releasing this video on YouTube and my Twitter feed I estimate that there was approximately a 90% rate of organic suspicion concerning the footage itself. Other YouTubers subsequently released the footage with similar responses. One of the only channels to find no suspicion with the footage was LiftTheVeil who used the evidence to strengthen his narrative, which is also the official narrative has put forth by the authorities. To be fair, one member of my research team also feels the video is authentic and not doctored in any way. (yes, I attempted to maintain a balanced team throughout this investigation)

We know a couple of things in regards to this video.

  1. This video was not included with the rest of the evidence I initially received from either the CCSD or the AZDPS. It took exactly 100 days for them to release it to anyone. 
  2. The full-length dashcam evidence released to me on August 20, 2019, was not entered into the evidence bin until a few days prior to my receiving it. Instead, the Coconino Sheriffs Dept claimed it was actually sent to the Department of Public Safety on an accident where it floated in limbo. That being said I did not receive this video when I ordered all the evidence from the Arizona State Department of Public Safety (DPS) either. If this was the case, it should have been in the DPS evidence bin. But it wasn’t.
  3. The chain of custody for this piece of evidence appears to be broken and its whereabouts are in question for over three months.
  4. Although this video came from the Coconino County Sheriffs Dept. it is highly suspected by everyone who has seen it, including me. However. 
  5. This original evidence was never sent to the family but instead, a 17-second cell phone recording of the screen playing it with no sound was provided as evidence that their son was on top of the overpass moments before the event.
  6. No ironclad proof has come forward at this time proving that the video was doctored in any way. (If you have expertise in video editing and believe you can help prove this one way or the other please get in touch.)
  7. The homeless man who looked identical to Isaac has not been seen since May 12 and has not been seen since.
  8. No one saw Isaac walk to the bridge or actually get into position on the rail that morning. No security camera footage from the pilot station was obtained which would have seen Isaac walk across the parking lot. There has been no video evidence obtained from the Days Inn Hotel either. Either one of them would have shown Isaac either walking out to the bridge or perhaps being chased, followed, acting erratic, etc. No one saw Isaac walk out to the bridge. Even the eyewitness I interviewed, Robert Koch (the 911 caller) and one of the primary witnesses to the incident, did not see Isaac in front of the Pilot truck stop on the bridge when he first drove across it (northbound) only minutes prior, one his way to the Pilot truck stop, before leaving and heading back towards the 1-40 eastbound on-ramp.
  9. There’s a huge discrepancy between Isaac’s behavior as is portrayed in this video and his behavior as relayed to the 911 operators moments later. This discrepancy is also noted in the eyewitness testimonies found in the Department of Public Safety reports and my independent interviews.
  10. There is no other person or moving object (person, train, truck, tree blowing) in any frame of the video once the vehicle turns onto the bridge and approaches Isaac’s position. This is important because it means there is no other human reference or reference of motion involved in the entire stretch of video.
  11. Isaac does not move at all in the entirety of this footage. Even though the vehicle recording the footage passed only feet from him and in the footage you can see two other vehicles crossing the bridge while the security patrol vehicle is on the off-ramp. We were told in the report that witnesses say it looked like Isaac was “Meditating”, and this has become the official narrative. Strange indeed. 
  12. The pixelation is horrible and the resolution of this video is atrocious. When the vehicle moves past Isaac’s immediate background behind Isaac is out of focus and there’s a portion haloing Isaac that is extremely blurry. If the resolution is this bad from a few feet away how come when the patrol vehicle is on the off-ramp we can see what looks like Isaac on the bridge in the distance. There appears to be a little white figure sticking up on the bridge at least a quarter-mile away. Remember the pixelation is horrible, yet we can still see Isaac from that distance in the camera. I’ll say that it would appear someone took great liberty to shop that in.