The “Famalam”

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The “Famalam”

What is “The Famalam”?

To say that the formation of Isaac Kappy’s Famalamburguesa was an organic event is an understatement at best. Once Isaac broadcast his initial periscope the seed was planted that would grow into the Famalamburguesa or Famalam, for short.

What is the Famalam? It is a close-knit group of people that either reached out to Isaac or he reached out to them during the genesis of his movement to shine the “bright white light” into every corner of Hollywood to expose the culture of pedophilia and abuse of children and to name names as they were exposed. Their purpose was to also help Isaac educate others who had no idea of what has been going on right in front of them for decades if not centuries. And to reach out to survivors of abuse and help them in any way they could. These were loyal and dedicated partners of Isaac’s that would protect him and each other at any cost.

Who is the Famalam? That is a question that has been asked for some time, especially after Isaac’s death. To describe it best I would say there was sort of a hierarchical type of structure to the Famalam. At its core were a group of about 8-10 people. Also known as the OGs. These were people that connected with Isaac fairly early on and were consistently in touch with Isaac and each other and even some were located geographically close to him. They were the ones who worked together to build the framework for the coming movement that Isaac had ignited. Kelly G. (Sharkbelly Kelly), Geo Farnsworth, Brett Trimble, & Carrie, are just some. This group was also responsible for spreading the word for others to join the Famalam and build the movement for truth and the exposure of those who harm children.

Some of these people were instrumental in setting up the technical and social media infrastructure which the group would use to move the message forward. This included setting up secured data dumps and encrypted impenetrable chat rooms where information could be shared. They also set up a system where new members to be double verified to avoid stock accounts and intruders. Others in the group were beacons of light and goodness Isaac felt were necessary to balance out the energies of the group.

Isaac rarely publically pushed anyone away, instead, he realized the dynamics of the situation and allowed a core group within the Famalam to form. A group that was separate and distinct from the greater group of people who would loosely come and go, those who were just wrapped up in the energy moment and wanted to be near a Hollywood personality.  This core group was made up of those people who were taking an active interest and who were willing to participate in the work being done.

After Isaac’s death, the Famalam fragmented and went in different directions. All directions leading to keeping spreading the light and keeping Isaac’s memory alive and vibrant forever. Still, there are many members and a few OG’s who stuck around and still congregate together to keep Isaac dream live.

This Is Our Kappy


Final letters from the Famalam to Isaac

Each member of the Famalam was asked, if they so chose, to express what Isaac meant to them. Some choose to do so and others simply couldn’t. Here are their words.


Isaac Kappy Happened into my life one day while I was watching a YouTube channel. The channel went live and picked up Isaac Kappy from “comic con” in 2018. I had never seen him before in anything that he did previous to that day.. I was immediately attracted by the things he was saying about Hollywood. He was calling out those that he knew and knew of that were pedophiles. He said things like “they are all liars” and I know this to be true.
I have a particular aversion to liars myself he was so adamant about them being liars and called them out for nefarious deeds I wanted to follow and help him in his mission somehow. I followed him on Twitter and he followed me back. I followed him on periscope and he followed me back he seemed very reachable. Since he had followed me on Twitter I decided to send him a private message… I never expected an answer but I got one. I wanted him to know how proud of him I was for doing what he was doing. I thought he was very brave. I had not been active on Twitter much until I followed Isaac. I had not been MAGA or following Q or anything much in the way of being proactive online but he made me feel brave. I didn’t know what I had to offer other than to encourage him in his fight. Every chance I got I told him how proud of him I was. I was the mom of a son and I just felt like that my position was to encourage him. I didn’t even know how much he needed that and when he responded to me I told him that I was a grandmother and a mother and he started calling me Grammie. He was about the same age as my own children. He was so sweet to me. When he began to do’s periscopes I watched and participated in chat. If he saw me he always gave me a shout out which was so sweet. He was a light a bright light that shown in my life for almost a year. We continued to talk over private messages mostly about God and love and faith and light and I just gave him my heart as a mother and as a grandmother ??. There was no way I was going to stop encouraging this young man. Even if I hadn’t heard from him in a while I would send him a message and say something like “have I told you today how proud of you I am?” And he would come back with “no you haven’t told me that today” I would, of course, tell him how proud of him I was and he would say thank you Grammie and I love you and that’s how our relationship began. He loved diamonds because they shown brightly and he was always highlighting the diamond in his messages to me and others in chats.???? Through these chats and periscopes the Famalam began Famalamburguesas he called us. He was a very charismatic individual talented loving kind but drove “hard in the paint“against those that were doing Nefarious things against children and others… He kept calling out specific people and things got very heated at times. He spoke like someone from the inside who knew that these people were harming children and he said that children deserved to live in a world where they were not being harmed by pedophiles. I totally agreed and felt like I had a mission as well to fight for my own grandchildren and other children anywhere that came upon my path. He was easy to love and easy to listen to and fun and he cared for everyone in his groups. He encouraged us to help those that he came across that had come out as survivors of Satanic ritual abuse and pedophilia and we did so with his encouragement. He never would take any money from us for himself. He would ask for us to support others but not him because he didn’t want anyone to think he was doing it to gain. He came under heavy attack and was eventually taken off of Twitter and even periscope for a time. He was so excited one day when he tried to Periscope and it actually worked where it had not worked in quite a while. He started Periscoping again throughout the spring. There’s so much I could tell you about Mr. Isaac Kappy but I’d like you to know one thing… He had a good heart he wanted to love and he wanted to have a normal life. Just like anyone else. He came under heavy attack by not only those that he had called out for nefarious actions but he came under attack by those that he was joining the fight with. Other truth warriors and others who were fighting against child trafficking and those that were fighting for our president to “Make America great again”. This broke his heart in such a big way that I feared he would never recover from it. He expected to lose his friends in Hollywood but he didn’t expect to lose the support from the truth community in the Maga movement. He fought so hard to do the right things and when he didn’t receive the support and the embrace back from that community it hurt very deeply. He touched many people around the world with his charm his talent and his passion and was a positive force for good. That is how I will always remember him. He certainly was a positive force in my life and in the lives of those who knew him. Many people have judged him harshly rather than studied what he did for good. To those people, I say shame on you. You call everyone a “Larper” or a “fake” that you don’t understand or don’t want to understand. Some people just can’t help but be negative. Some of them were paid I believe to come against him and to turn his light out. But that light came from God came from heaven and that light will never be turned out. He wasn’t a savior he wasn’t a deity he was just a man who wanted a better world and especially a better world for children. He was hoping to inspire people to do the right thing. I know he inspired me and he made me brave. And to him, I say “thank you, Isaac… Have I told you today how proud I am of you? And have I told you today just how much I miss you… I miss your light I miss your love… I miss your smile. I miss your song… You were a blessing to me And so many”.
No one is perfect no, not one… Isaac was like a mirror and when you looked at him you saw yourself. And some people don’t like to see themselves…I pray that you are one of those people that looked at Isaac and became a better person.
I could speak about how his life ended and how mysterious all of that is and how it has broken our hearts to lose him but he is in a place of safety now a place where God has him busy working for good. All of you who judged him be careful… I believe that his path was anointed and whatever it is that he did that he was judged for he has been forgiven.
I can honestly say that I never turned away from him. I was called to be his encourager And I never wavered from that.
I am So proud of you Isaac… We will meet again. ❤️??? Love Grammie


The Ties That Bind

I did not have the pleasure of knowing Isaac Kappy for very long and not, as well as some others. To be perfectly honest with you IK was an enigma to me. I happened upon someone’s YouTube channel that replayed his periscope videos. I found him on periscope, for myself, and began following him. I was on with him the evening he suggested moving the whole group over to telegram so that we could interact with one another in real-time and concurrently. It was an amazing idea! Interacting with Isaac was something to be experienced. Listening to him and observing his interactions with people and the way he connected with them with such flair and ease. It was just a thing to behold. I don’t need to recap his journey. People can research that for themselves. I will say that IK was genuinely distraught and his angst and distress was not something that could have been faked. He was as authentic a human being as anyone would hope to meet in life. He struggled with being a leader, but he was “called” to do it. Let me say that I’m a Christian, so I believe the paths that our lives take and the people we encounter, more often than not, are divine connections. God put all of us who make up Isaac Kappy’s Famalam group together for His divine purposes. There are life long connections that have been made and are reinforced on a daily basis. I, for one, am grateful beyond belief for the relationships that I have formed with people from very diverse backgrounds and ethnicities and ages. I don’t see myself ever leaving this group. We support one another in ways that families do. We argue and have verbal knockdown drag outs and we’ve even lost a few from the group along the way. Isaac left his legacy to the world and his love to the Famalam. We are forever thankful that we were a part of his life and that he was a part of ours. Let me leave you with John 12:24 scripture, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a seed falls into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it dies, it brings forth much fruit.” Although we would much rather have Isaac Kappy here, interacting with us and watching current events unfold on a daily basis, (something he loved to discuss), his death has brought the attention of the world with it. So many accounts on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are devoted to him and SRA and the machinations of the Deep State and the Cabal and all of Hollywood. He did his part by not simply exposing pedophiles – he blew the lid off of their evil! For that, we should all be thankful and appreciative of the man named Isaac Kappy.

     - Karen


It was in 2004 that a friend told me “The World Trade Center was demolitioned.” She had seen Loose Change 2 or something.  Right away I knew she was right and couldn’t believe I’d let the whole Building 7 collapse slip right through my bullshit filter.  Then I started to learn about the suppression of Tesla technology, then the suppression of real medical cures- like light therapy, Rife machine, colloidal silver, MMS, etc.  Constantly doing searches on all of these in 2007 I stumbled upon where I learned about MK Ultra, satanism and the rampant child torture, sex abuse and sacrifice that goes on amongst the “elite”.        I felt completely alone and petrified.  Even my friends who knew 9/11 was an inside job didn’t want to hear about it.  “The world is run by a satanic cabal, and the media is part of it.” I said to my best friend from high school.  She said “The world is run by greed.  As far as the media goes you don’t have to worry.  I know how it works because I’m in it.”. Her vanity and pride in her own ability to get to the center of any desirable social situation was long a given in my life, but I was not reassured.  Instead, I understood that she had sort of fallen in love with her own need-to-know clearance.       Over the years I’ve gotten used to being alone in my obsession to research the dark side, although I do have one old friend who is as awake as I am.  But last July, when I first heard Isaac Kappy’s confession that his Hollywood friends were pedophiles, I couldn’t believe my ears.  Not because I didn’t think it was true but because he was speaking so much truth- about many things- and because of his manner.  His manner was very much that of a kooky, brilliant artist who was charismatic with jokes constantly flowing forth from him.  He reminded me of some of the artists, writers, etc I used to know, but he loved Trump and Q and hated pedophiles and people that harm children, just like me.  I knew I would have gotten along great with him- no problem at all.      Another powerful thing that Kappy did, in addition to becoming an online fighter- like certain Youtubers- was use Periscope.  Every time I heard that whistle it was either Isaac Kappy or the President, but usually, it was Kappy.  He reached out to us and we would discuss the day’s news events- like married people do.  He would navigate the rapid stream of comments remarkably well and I was always excited when he answered me in particular or said my name.  My family heard this too and would chuckle.  Soon Kappy formed a group on the app Keybase which I joined but I lost my access since my son deleted it..  Then Isaac was kicked off Twitter and Periscope and the winter months were sad- until about late January or early February- Isaac’s account began to work again!  I caught that first scope.  Something had really been missing and it was the community we were becoming though we didn’t know each other.  I kept envisioning a big party where I would get to meet everyone and Isaac too.  I was sure this was going to happen in fact, and in late April he invited us to come to meet him if we wanted.  (By then we were in the Telegram group.) I said yes I’d come but I was too broke and far..  But alas Isaac Kappy passed from our Earthly plane on May 13, 2019.       Although I only shared minimal PM’s with him, I really adored him and his heart.  I know he knows who I am.  I am so grateful he was here and that he started his community of “famalamburguesas”.  Some of us have gotten to know each other in Telegram- but also I know his “fam” was global!  Thousands of people are still grieving his passing, yet we remain so grateful he 1 fought for the children, 2 kept his mind open and 3 reached out to thousands of us online, making us a global force to be reckoned with.

– Sibyl 


Maybe it was the hair. Perhaps it was the larger than life personality. Whatever it was, Isaac Kappy was always noticeable. You knew when he walked down the hallway in school or celebrated on the basketball court with the friends. He was one of a kind.

I met him when we both attended Sandia High School in Albuquerque, NM. We had a group of friends that often played basketball together after school, and Kappy would usually join in. Great memories.

I transferred to another High School my senior year, and as is the case with many schoolmates, our friendship dwindled. We lost contact for the next 25 years. I knew he was amazing with the violin and was pursuing his music. Later, I heard through friends about his acting roles. I was proud of him and rooted him on from a distance.

Since November of 2016, I had been following Mark Taylor because of his prophecy on the election. At some point, Mark started talking about Q and Liz Crokin on child trafficking, and I became curious about her investigations. At one point Liz did a full YouTube episode on an actor named Isaac Kappy. She claimed he reached out to her, and his information matched hers. The video was about a half-hour long, and the whole time, my head was trying to get around what I was hearing. There could only be one Isaac Kappy. Not my Kappy, Is it? Eventually, she showed a picture, and I was floored. I couldn’t believe it. I called a mutual friend, and he shared that Alex Jones had just interviewed him.

During this time he was shut off from most social media, and I couldn’t figure out how to get a hold of him. Eventually, he popped back on Periscope, and we were able to reconnect. I was proud of what he had achieved but far more proud of who he had become. He was willing to make the right call when it was easiest to stay quiet. I respect that deeply about him.

Watching him on Periscope was engaging, because it seemed as though nothing had changed about him, yet everything had. I felt for him, because I realized the extent of what he was exposing, and knew it would be challenging for him to have a normal life. Of course, if you knew anything about him, you would know little was normal about him anyway – if there is such a thing.

The last month was hardest for me. Kappy didn’t seem healthy. It didn’t seem as though he was in a healthy environment. I figured he was tight on cash, but as usual, his call for money was toward Mikey; which let me know the person he was. It felt as though things were closing in on him, but I didn’t even know where he was.

As everything has unfolded, I still think about him often. I miss him. I miss the, “What up jaykimbo!” He helped me understand the world around me. He presented qualities of life that I strive to reflect: speaking up at your own expense, bravery, and making the best of painful situations. I miss his famalam hugs at the end of his Periscopes, and brackets and jackets. Most of all, though, I miss my friend; but honored to be be able to call him that.

Jason Kimberly


I had never seen Kappy before the viral Mac video.. being a truth seeker for most of my life, I was intrigued to see what the newest whistleblower had to say… I was on the fence for a while, maybe even still, trying to decide if, in the beginning, we were hearing actual info or disinfo. Eventually, it didn’t seem to matter, the truth seekers of the world already suspect or know that true celebrity comes with a massive, sometimes unspeakable price.
I wasn’t alone, so many people, from different places, cultures, and perspectives, coming together because we saw something in him that he didn’t necessarily see in himself.
I’m not sure when I became an actual member of the famalam… I’m also not sure when I realized that I had grown to love the kind, warm people that were there with a common interest, to somehow comfort and assist another human obviously in need of support and understanding. More importantly, regardless of the origins of the group, there came a time that he found HIMSELF hopelessly in love with the diverse and caring family he had accidentally made… he claimed that we might turn on him if we knew what he did. What he didn’t realize in that moment, is that he relinquished himself for us to forgive him, regardless of the deed itself. It taught me true, unconditional forgiveness that I guess I could not comprehend before.
I had never seen him in a movie, for that matter, had no idea who he was until he started the vids, so I guess our start was purely voyeuristic on my part, at some point we became friends and eventually brothers. I’ll admit that I was mad for allowing myself to get so emotionally invested in the whole thing… why did I set myself up for another hard fall? Then it hit me. Maybe my role is just that, to grieve his loss, as painful as it is, and be there for his famalam, my famalam… I’ll continue to consider it a privilege. Love you Isaac…. Love you fama.

Thank you also, Cory, for you’re excellent investigative journalism and for offering us a forum to express ourselves concerning this tragic story and loss.


I found out about Isaac on social media when I started learning about Hollywood and pedophilia. I saw him on Twitter than on LTV. First I thought is this guy for real then the more I watched him the more I knew he was authentic! He truly truly cared about people. I learned so much from Isaac and when he invited people to join him on Telegram I did and never looked back. Sadly he was taken from us way too soon but the man with the heart of gold is now at peace.

Linda Mann


Isaac Kappy was and still is a beautiful bright shining light. So bright, that he was the lighthouse that drew us all in, to stand up and fight for what is right in this world. He was a voice for those who couldn’t speak, and a soldier uniting an army of people to rise up and fight this good fight along side him.

We talked about angels and the book of Revelation quite a bit and I truly believe he was an angel in heaven that chose to come to this earth to wage war against those who commit crimes against Gods children. He won his part of the battle! He exposed the truth and we will feel the ripple effects for generations to come.

Now he has his big, beautiful wings back again. Although he was never really without them, I believe they still had a way of showing themselves at times here.

His love was contagious. I miss him. I miss his laugh. I miss his voice. I miss his presence in this realm. But I rejoice in knowing he’s continuing this fight on the other side and helping to guide all of us on our journey. He leaves a lasting legacy here with us and it will live on through LOVE, his music, and his art.

I love you Isaac and I’m a better human being for having known you. I promise to do as you asked by loving, serving and seeing the light in others and myself.


Nikki aka ikkinevorg

ikkinevorg aka Nikki, [29.08.19 08:20]
From a young age, books were my escape. I began reading at a 5th-grade level by age 6. I devoured information and craved more. While other kids were reading about talking bears and kids who hated homework, I was reading ghost stories and mysteries of the universe. I was fascinated with “the unknown”. Once the internet was created, I had an entire new world of information to explore. I became fixated on topics that most would consider “conspiracy theories” and “urban legends”. My most researched topics were 9-11, the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, and the Mandela Effect. I was convinced that somehow, they all were connected. And because one day I clicked on a ‘recommended for you’ video on YouTube, I discovered the missing link to all my years of study and research – Isaac Kappy. And his exposure of Hollywood.

Seeing Isaac on his first Periscope video – the one from Comic-Con – was an amazing moment for me. This man was passionately screaming that all my suspicions about the world were true and connected! There was something refreshing and intriguing about him…and I admit, I am just naturally drawn to my fellow curly-haired people. The first few weeks of his scopes, I began to realize that Kap and I had a lot in common, even down to the phrases we used when we speak, our age, our upbringing, and music. I loved how open and honest he was to a bunch of strangers he “met” on the internet and his lack of fear to say what was on his mind. I became motivated to come out of my shell and finally “go public” with things I had kept rather private in my daily life – my love of God, my love of America and Trump, my belief in the deep state/cabal and the world-wide atrocities and corruption. I became a proud Patriot. I joined Twitter and started following all the people Kappy and the people chatting in the scopes recommended. Everyone was right there as soon as a scope started, waiting for our (((HUG))) from Isaac, ready to see what our mission for the day would be. We were officially “The Fam” and we fell in love with Isaac and with each other.

When Kap decided to get the groups on Keybase up and running, I was approached by Geo to be a moderator of a couple rooms. I was both flattered and humbled – it felt great to be asked to help! I became better friends with the Fam over on Keybase – there were Zoom parties and more action groups doing things on Twitter. And, for me, it was a more intimate place to talk directly to Kappy. As time went on, our chats went to DMs, which migrated to DMs on Twitter and Instagram and then to texts and occasional phone calls. The bulk of our private convos will remain between Kappy and I, but I will say that one of my fondest memories was a giggle-fit he and I had on the phone late one evening, when we both not once, but twice, had a “jinx” moment with the most random comments. That’s when I started calling him my ‘Brother from Another Mother’. Our frequent convos halted for a while when I got the text “Hi Nikki! I’m boarding a plane to aus rn:)))))”.

When he got back from Oz, I felt like my friend had changed. He was a bit more distant, aloof, and sometimes cranky. I chalked it up to the fact that he had been fighting for the cause, 24/7, for over 6 months, mostly physically alone, being accused of all sorts of awfulness from people online and in his life. But I did notice a change. And then, he wanted to start the Telegram groups, and we had a whole bunch more people join the Fam. Our texting was more infrequent, but we still kept in touch. One night, he messaged me late, heart-broken and exhausted because a close friend had accused him of being a Mossad operative. We talked it out, and I think I helped him feel a bit better. I told him how he had been an inspiration to me – that had I not met him, I may have never felt the courage to speak out on Twitter about the atrocities of the world. I may not have met so many other brilliant people and gained all this new knowledge.

And that, no matter what, I never doubted him. I knew that he was a good guy and I loved him. It was probably our last real “deep” conversation. A few days later, I got a phone call from Geo and link to the news article about the accident. My heart was broken.

On May 15th, I started wearing a pendant that says “HOPE” to keep Kappy with me always. The following week, I went to a Trump rally in my hometown, and on the bus ride there, I stood up and announced to a bunch of strangers that “I am here today because of and in honor of my friend, Isaac Kappy, who would LOVE to be doing this!” and the people applauded, as I stood there in tears. As soon as I got inside the rally, I met Vincent Fusca and when I hugged him, I whispered, “Kappy says hi” and was given a huge grin in return. (I’ve never told the Fam any of this until now…was too heart-breaking for me to share.)

I had gotten into Isaac’s music early-on. He had mentioned his old band, Monster Paws, on a few scopes and I found one of their albums on Spotify. I thought it was cool and would listen to it on occasion. I loved his scopes when he would play his newer stuff – Brackets & Jackets was EPIC! It wasn’t until after he left us that I really started listening to the Monster Paws stuff again – and this time, it felt like Isaac was speaking to me thru these old songs. His music has become an important part of my life, and I am so sad that there will be no more new songs. He was so talented – I don’t think we had even seen the best of what he had in him.

Kappy – I may not see you again in this world, but I will see you again, Brother. I can’t wait to finally (((hug))) you and dance and sing and laugh. This mortal world is missing a huge light, but I am trying to keep that light shining. For you. You made me brave. You helped me find a wonderful new family full of amazing people. You weren’t perfect, but you were real. You were inspiring and a brat and hilarious and a genius. You could be the most chillaxed person one minute and a raving madman the next. But no matter what, and no matter what other people have to say, I never doubted you or your integrity. You are one of those rare souls who comes into our lives with intense purpose. And I love you, Brother.

Nikki aka ikkinevorg
August 29, 2019


Isaac is truth and love. He taught me to be brave and to remember to always stay in the light. Love you, miss you Babs ???



Prior to first watching Isaac Kappy whistleblow on Pedo-wood, I had read the Crispin Glover letter and Corey Feldman’s story. I had already been aware of the systemic food and water poisoning. I had just learned the truth about vaccines right before Issac went public with his story last year. His story was my wake up call. I could no longer be silent to appease my sleeping peers..

I never knew how grotesque and Real the darkness was until I followed his posts. It was when I started hearing about Q that I took to YouTube and came across the interview Isaac did with Alex Jones. I was in awe of how he handled himself and the nature of the content he was sharing! Everything I always suspected to be true was being laid out in plain English. My mind was blown.

I dove in deep, so to speak. Researching any and everything I could, to better equip myself for this spiritual war-which I only just learned I was in. I am about action. Learning how real this all is, and not being able to do anything to remedy the rage and pain I felt, was agonizing!

Isaacs plight called to me. I reached out because I felt I was needed..and I felt I needed help.

I couldn’t talk to anyone and I would never go to a therapist with the things running through my head; Isaac seemed like the only person I could turn to, so I did. Half expecting him to not answer and half hoping he wouldnt..(so then I could pretend he was a fraud and this whole pedo-wood/pizza gate barf fest was not entirely real)
Then he replied.
We only spoke in private a few short times. First in 2018 on IG and again in early 2019. Each time he would ease my hysteria with such compassion and wit. I think those are my two favorite qualities of his, aside from his musical talents ofc!

The last time I reached out, Isaac felt how badly I was struggling to cope and I know he understood my need for action in this whole awakening process. My soul couldn’t rest.

I was basically in tears during our last convo on IG, that’s when he offered “I have a group on telegram with a lot of great, very awake people. I can add you to it. Would probs help with the isolation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.
I felt a huge amount of relief and calmness just reading the offer, and he was right, it basically eliminated the isolation ?

The force that lead him to go public and to broadcast on scope each time he did, is the force I hope to keep alive now, with my own actions.

Regardless of the flack one may read about him and his story, it is undeniable at this point- Isaac’s life and (suspicious, to say the least) demise are THE catalysts this Great Awakening needed; I believe what he said in his last scope “they will write books about this one day”

I know for certain that I will never stop planting seeds of love, light, and truth. #wwg1wga just like my friend Isaac did ???

I thank God every time I pray, for putting Isaac in my life. Btw That’s another thing he lead me to doing..I had prayed a few times as a child, I taught myself the Lords Prayer from a Precious Moments Bible I was gifted, but I was not raised in a religious home and gave up praying in my teens. I am now learning my relationship with Elohim and it feels amazing.

Isaac and The Famalam have pulled me out of some very dark places and have shown me so much love and resiliency in this spiritual fight; I am blessed to know him and all of you. Even though it was a short time I was gifted to enjoy his presence and converse with him, I will cherish every second of it until the day I leave this realm too.

He came into my life at a time when it was all just too much to go at alone, anymore.
-Thank you isnt enough to say-
I am so incredibly grateful to this universe and all its wonder for leading me to and letting me know, Isaac Kappy & Fam ? ???


Prayer Warrior

I first heard Isaac on YouTube. He began telling about his Hollywood friends. I couldn’t imagine his bravery as I knew this would possibly put his life in danger. At first, I was shocked and wondered how could anyone perform these evil acts against children. Then, I started my own research. Pieces of the puzzle started fitting together. I became awakened or red-pilled. I remember being so depressed and grieved. For weeks, I didn’t want to be in public or go anywhere. The information I was learning was overkill to my spirit.
Then, I began following Isaac on Periscope. I joined in the chats and found a community where I belonged. At first, I was so cautious about discussing with my friends and family what I had learned through research, Isaac and the community on Periscope. My husband and daughter were very receptive. My son and daughter in law felt I was treading on false beliefs through conspiracy theories. I lost some dear friends and one, in particular, has really grieved my heart. We were kindred spirits who shared so much through the birth of our children, loss of parents and in the loss of her husband over a span of 45 years. We prayed together and visited each other through the years. However, my belief in Q, military tribunals, and in Satanic Ritual Abuse weighed heavy on our relationship. Through all of this, Isaac and the community was a comforting presence in my life. I never met Isaac in person, never talked to him directly on the phone as many of you but only talked with him through messaging a couple of times. Isaac made everyone feel welcome and was so conscientious about treating others with love and respect. My name is very odd and hard to pronounce and when he said my name correctly on the scope, I felt like I belonged. My comments were validated and I felt I was a positive addition to the group. When Isaac talked about the group on telegram, I knew I wanted to belong to the famalam.
I was a new person and I had a new mission in life. I joined prayer groups, started a monthly Ladies Community Prayer Breakfast where we are involved in daily prayer for victims of human trafficking.
Joining the familam has been such a blessing to me. Meeting so many others with the same mission has truly changed my life. We are not perfect and have struggled through our differences but we all believe that each of us is a child of God and our most vulnerable, the children should be protected and cherished. Human trafficking is a horrendous crime against humanity and we who are awakened to every facet of its existence will continue the legacy of our dear friend, Isaac and continue the fight until no one who is involved will be able to walk down the streets.
Isaac was taken away from us so soon but he touched our lives in such a way that we will never be the same. He was used of our creator God to awaken all of us to continue his mission and I know we will see him again. That is a promise for those who believe in Jesus Christ His son, as their Lord and Savior.

-Prayer Warrior

Shark Belly Kelly

What Isaac Kappy Meant to Me:

On July 23, 2018, I was browsing YouTube (which is something I never did) and I came across a video on the Truth Inferno channel, it was Isaac’s video from San Diego the previous day. Why did I pick that video? Only God knows. I watched in earnest as his passion was palpable and I was searching for something to take me away from my current state of despair and utter lack of will to live. I had just lost my husband unexpectedly, the love of my life, the month prior and my world had never been darker.

Isaac began to talk about A-list pedophiles in Hollywood and that we, the general public, had no idea what’s really going on there and in our government. I wanted to know more because others had tried to tell me similar stories but I wasn’t having it. I was beyond intrigued and horrified at the same time. Within a couple of weeks, I opened a Twitter account, an Instagram account & a Periscope account, just to make sure that I could keep up with everything. It was the beginning of an amazing experience of community & family (The Famalambergesus) & a cherished friendship.

Isaac’s daily Periscopes were like therapy for me, as weird as that sounds, being that the content of our conversations could get very dark, but Isaac found a way to make me feel at home & comfortable. It was a distraction from my pain and I was able to focus the energy of that pain in another direction. I used it to soak up every bit of knowledge he would share with us so that I could share it with others & Isaac was a plethora of information.

At the end of August, Isaac was packing & getting ready to move. Myself & Beth Love offered to come & help him with a yard sale being that we both lived nearby. Beth & I drove out to Silverlake on the morning of August 26, 2018, & spent the day with Kappy, sorting through clothes, doing at least 3 short Periscopes (of course), wearing silly hats, laughing and eating breakfast burritos that Isaac walked to get for us. Isaac was very hospitable & we both (Beth & I) felt very comfortable. No airs about him at all & it was as if we had all known each other for years. My favorite parts of that day were when we arrived & when we left because that’s when hugging ensued. Isaac’s hugs were just like you would imagine, heartfelt & loving ?

From that day forward, Isaac & I maintained a friendship & connection through talking on the phone, texting and on social media, as well as, in his regular Periscopes. We talked about many things & he always helped me to see the positive side of things even when that feat seemed impossible. His insight into the nuances of life helped me to look inward, from another perspective, which isn’t something easy to achieve. I grew very fond of Isaac & I told him I would always have his back. He knew I wasn’t kidding so he invited me to help him keep track of all his opposition. That little venture produced many head-shaking moments, as well as, laughs & belly rolls. Isaac was a GREAT shit talker, just keeping it real, ? & he was funny as hell!

In December when Isaac came back from Australia, I decided to surprise him & pick him up at the LAX. I invited Carrie (Care Bear) & Beth Love but neither could make it so I took off after work that morning (I work graveyard) & picked him up. We spent the day driving around trying to get his car keys so that he could pick up his car & drive back up to Apple Valley. Isaac wasn’t the same person that I met in Silverlake that day and seemed very pre-occupied, anxious & agitated. I knew that something had changed but had no idea what it could be.

For the next 5 months, Isaac would continue to shine a light for others to see the evils in this world so that they would be able to protect their children & grandchildren. He remained a significant person in my life & I always looked forward to his words of wisdom & especially his humor. One of my favorite memories was when he called HRC. I was in the laundry mat & I was laughing so hard that literally everyone was staring at me. When he called her “Babbs” I lost it even more, what a character he was. I also loved it when he would tell us a story or read an article in a different accent. His Australian accent was my favorite, maybe because he was so good at it.

I have many good memories of Isaac & I will cherish them always. His love for others was one of the most intriguing things about him even though he did not feel worthy of that honor. I hope he understood how much he meant to so many of us & how much he affected our lives in so many different ways. I believe he saved my life, for that I will always be grateful & I’m glad I told him so. Isaac was one of the bravest people I have ever met, along with his dedication to doing the right thing, while sacrificing everything, is a testament to his character & integrity. I will always do what I can to maintain his legacy which is being a warrior for the truth & especially a warrior for the children.



My sister told me about the Franklin Coverup in 2015 which opened my eyes to the evils of child trafficking and pedophilia by people we were supposed to be able to trust. Then, in November 2017, I began following Q on 8chan further confirming what I had learned but on a horrifically larger scale.

So when Isaac first went public, his story rang absolutely true for me. I couldn’t believe how boldly he called out people he personally knew in Hollywood. He didn’t mince words, he didn’t put it gently. He shoved the truth in society’s face and didn’t apologize for it. He was unashamedly Isaac, and this was one of the many things I loved about him. He had the courage of a lion, a quirky, witty sense of humor and a heart of gold. How could you not love someone who was heroically brave but so very real and down-to-earth at the same time?

Isaac wanted nothing from us but to listen to what he had to say and make the truth known to people. Isaac gave up everything he had to expose the evil he saw. He lost his home, his income, his safety, and so much more after becoming a whistleblower. But it wasn’t “stuff” that Isaac valued, it was people. Despite having no income, Isaac gave what little he had to survivors of abuse. He listened to them and supported them when they needed someone to talk to. The love he had for people was a light in the darkness.

I spoke to Isaac through direct messages and on his Periscope, but not nearly as often as I wanted to. I knew how busy and burdened he was and I didn’t want to take up his valuable time. Not reaching out to him more is one of my biggest regrets. Because I now know that I wouldn’t have burdened him, he would have been happy to spend time talking to me. I was blessed, however, to catch his last scope live. I was able to tell him that night and the next day that I loved him, that I was praying for him and that we stood with him. I’m grateful for that.

Isaac’s joy was infectious. He brought us all along on the most amazing ride and created a family for us to belong to.
His absence still breaks my heart, but I know I will see him again…someday. Isaac did God’s work and when the smoke clears, his legacy will be undeniable. We love you, Isaac.


Cheryl Moody

Dear Isaac,  I miss you and … 
Your presence in this crazy world
your beingness on social media 
your big smile
your HUGE heart 
your daily presence in my life
your voice as you told wild stories
your humor layered in each insult of pedophiles
your intention to balance injustice
your courage, your courage, your courage
your music as the soundtrack to your diatribes
your rap lyrics in Brackets and Jackets 
your art on the walls behind your periscope videos 
your creativity  
your encouragement of my efforts to impact the world and save kids from child trafficking 
your magic and how you brought so much joy to the famalam your ho-nesty
your truthtelling 
your softening when you spoke of God 
your faith in us average people 
your leadership 
your positivity that we would win 
your stalwart faith in Q 
your example of compassion 
your humility 
your wisdom 
your willingness to share your knowledge 
your humanity 
your impact here on earth 
your love 
your hugs 
the way you touched so many lives 
the way my heart would leap and my face would smile when I heard the Periscope notification.  
We ALL miss you and believe in you and your goodness.  
I love you and am so grateful for your presence in my life.  
We will meet again in the afterlife, I’m certain, and we shall HUG as an-gels.
Thank you, kind sir, for being you, wonderful lovely brave you.  
Your friend and avid supporter

-Cheryl Moody  


E Lyon, [19.09.19 21:15]
A wide-eyed young man with a caring heart, bursting with passion is hard to miss, and as you might guess, this one was no different. For a short arc of time (far too short really), this particular one named Isaac, sparkled his way into our hearts one day last July. There he was…with this bounty of curls, and his favorite pink shirts, and his yellow aviators, effortlessly telling us his best stories.

All kinds of stories too. They ranged from his childhood in Albuquerque to past friendships to dust-ups on Twitter. He generously showed us his art and meditated with us. He even put on a mud mask or two for us. You never really knew what he would be twisting his hair over next, but it was gonna be good. And, it always was.

And, those cyber hugs. Weren’t they the best? They always felt genuine…somehow.

In quieter moments, Issac would be confiding in us about personal things (which felt keenly intimate) or giving us his take on the news. He’d put words together in such a way that you couldn’t help, but find yourself hanging on every single one. Just when you thought the conversation was turning serious, he’d jet around in his rolling chair, playfully pointing his finger and singing, pow! pow! pow! time to a favorite tune. That unmistakable mix of silly humor, and gifted musician, never failed to pop up unexpectedly or hit the mark when it did.

During an earlier scope, I suggested renting a van for a
road-trip to him, so he could meet us all. Yeah, it was sort of a whimsical, wild fantasy. Surprisingly, he actually agreed! Now, of course, you can’t help but wonder how great it would have been to meet him, and how things might have shaken out differently if something like that really did come to fruition.

Repeated thoughts arise of how there’s no question, real sweetness ran liquid through that talented, quirky, high-IQ whirlwind we all witnessed. There Issac was. An impossibly effervescent, crystalline soul, just gleaming at us.

Now, with a heavy heart, I can’t help but wish we could go back, and grab him out of those on-line images to prevent him from leaving us. But, what else is there to do? We reflect on what we are left with. His videos. His music. His messages. The new friends we’ve made. For those things, we can be both grateful, and sad, because memories of that unforgettable wide-eyed earnestness, leave us with a terrible missing-Issac feeling deep inside.

So, to Isaac, until we meet your gentle countenance again, dancing across the heavens in your MAKE MAGIC hat, just know, missing you super-big is simply gonna be a thing.

Love Always and Forever,



September 12, 2019

Dear Isaac,

               I have spent the last 4 months writing to you in our DM box on telegram. So many of my thoughts about what happened to you are there. Today I want to write one final letter to you, an open letter to you and everyone who will read this.

Thank you, Isaac, for being a genuinely good human being. You were a champion for the most vulnerable of us all.  Your disdain and outrage for the violence against children set a precedent for us all.  You gave so many the courage to take off their rose-colored glasses and see the truth of what is happening in this world. 

You spoke out against violence and perversion even when it was being created by your closest friends. This takes strength and character that few possess. Nothing about this task was easy for you and you were heavily persecuted and abused for it. You never gave up on your friends, and you never gave up hope for justice.

Thank you for creating a space where victims might feel safe enough to talk with people who will believe them. You gave us the courage to share our stories. You listened to them with intention. Thank you for creating a space where people came together to work for the cause of truth and hope.  Thank you for being a light in dark places, and a natural and sweet example of love.

Thank you for teaching us about the importance of love while engaging in this work. You left us with the warning of how easy it is to be consumed by the darkness if we do not actively seek the light.  Hatred for evil will destroy us and loving those that do evil is critical. You showed us real hope through forgiveness in the manner in which you spoke to your friends when asking them to be better people and loving them despite the things they were doing.

I learned some things from you that will forever change my life. You taught me that a soul can only take so much on their own. None of us is meant to carry any burden too long alone. I will never leave a warrior on his own again, no matter how hard he protests. I am sorry. I wish I had stayed.
We are not meant to be alone in good times or bad. Friends are important and we need to set aside our fears and get hard in the paint with them for things that truly matter.

Prayer works. You told me that you felt the prayers of everyone for you and that they kept you alive. Prayer is powerful and does bring miracles big and small. I know we don’t always get our prayers answered the way we hope. I prayed for you often.  I know I speak for all of us when I say I wish they had worked a little better to keep you safe and here with us. We miss you so much. I cherish the memory of holding your hand and praying over a meal with you in gratitude for the moment we had to be together.

I am responsible for the kind of life I live. Believing that this evil exists in this world is not an adequate contribution to the solution. Mending broken relationships and owning my actions is a necessary process in releasing my ego and becoming a brighter beacon of my own unique kind of light. The suffering I had as a child does not define me today, but it certainly can be an ingredient that forms my purpose and call to action.  

One small voice can make a difference. You showed me that sharing my story with people who are ready to hear it can teach them, motivate them to move into action and give comfort and validation to those who also suffered. I learned that every one of us can do something and that no matter how small it may seem, it matters.

My voice may shake, but I will never be silent about these things again. I waited too long as it is and will forever be grateful to you for helping me find courage of my own. I will not give up. I will not leave anyone alone or behind.  I will carry other warriors when they are tired too. I will create refuge for the warrior and the victim alike.

The laughter and playfulness that you shared with us reminds me daily that we are winning when we are having fun. We are lifting the energy in the world and brightening dark places. Undoubtedly, the humor might be dark at times, but laughter and hugs are easy and free and healing. You kept me company during my evening meal as I would re-watch your scopes. You gave me things to laugh and cry about, you got me fired up and inspired me, but most of all you gave me hope that the world was waking up and there would be justice for all this evil and children would be cherished and safe.

Kappy, you knew as a tiny boy that you would bring a “present” to the world and you did. You gave everything you had to make it a better place.  I will dig deep and stretch to become a better human being too.  I will work for this cause with everything I know how to do. You gave me the gift of your trust, your deep honest hugs and a chance to bring you some comfort even if it was only for a moment.  I am honored to have known you.

So Much love,