The Anatomy of Ritual Magick (Part 1) Physics

The Anatomy of Ritual Magick (Part 1) Physics

(Part 2 Will Cover Ritual Construction)


Ritual Magick is the understanding and application of an ancient and prolifically practiced system of occulted physics.


Ritual Magick has been defined as the following.


“The science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.”

-Aleister Crowley

“The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

-Oxford dictionary

Ceremonial magic is the ancient art of invoking and controlling spirits by a scientific application of certain formulae.

-Manly P. Hall

Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.

-Author C. Clark

Three reasons I wrote this article

This article dives into the nuts and bolts of ritual crafting and how it is implemented both on a personal level and in society through orchestrated events and public policy, with an emphasis on the later. My first and primary purpose in writing this piece is not to attempt to teach people how to perform ritual magic as there are endless books and resources out there already but to teach them how to recognize it for what it is and give them the knowledge to deconstruct it when it has been weaponized against them.

Second. I’d like to begin to bridge the gap for those who know nothing about this subject and may believe that ritual magic is some kind of fantasy which Satanists engage in. Disney has done a phenomenal job at solidifying into the collective consciousness this fallacy, and churches have done a wonderful job of demonizing it all the while practicing their own rituals. 99% of people have never even thought to address this subject as anything less than a product of imagination, yet many of those same people go to Catholic mass and partake in the very act they regard as fantasy. My goal is to bridge this chasm with historical information and a solid foundation of science.

Manly P Hall. One of the leading occultists of the twentieth century.

And lastly, this is also written for the young witch with limited life experience who may have been sucked into one of the empty ego-driven paths of the occult. One of the thousands of paths which get lost down the personal agenda of a charismatic leader who happened to chance upon a platform. Every system of Ritual Magic you may encounter is predicated upon what you are about to learn, whether or not those practitioners are aware of it. That being said, this article does not provide the knowledge required to master this science, as I have only shown my lantern down the path you seek. I have cut to the chase and am offering up the root of the true power as it pertains to this subject and I have let enough irresistibly tasty crumbs that you can not help but follow. Know that this is not a Hollywood movie and will require a lifetime of dedication to master.


This is not Satanism

FIRST. I AM NOT A SATANIST AND THIS IS NOT SATANISM. Nor is it a system which has been sent from the abyss of hell to lead you astray. IT IS PHYSICS. If you are a God-fearing Christian who believes that anyone who studies the occulted art of physics (which came about as a result of creation itself and was “discovered”) has lost his/her way and now belongs to Satan, then there’s nothing I’m going to say to change your mind anyway. Some of my best friends are among you. From my learned perspective, you have a cursory understanding of the history of theology as a whole and have made the conscious decision to subscribe to one narrow belief system with its respective set of rules and consequences. Which isn’t wrong either as it actually falls in line with the subject matter at hand as it relates to vibration and resonance. But just for the record, I am an Occultist and a student of astrotheology, if you choose to label me anything other than what I have described myself as to you, then that is your business, not mine.

PHYSICS: The heart of Ritual Magick

Admittedly. This article lacks a certain amount of what some would consider passable scientific evidence.  This is quite simply because the topic discussed herein is OCCULTED knowledge and has not been brought up alongside, or within our common understanding of science. However, if one dares to duck down the alleys of occultism one will find copious volumes of literature both ancient and modern which predates that of our modern scientific institutions. One will also find that it is ingrained in nearly every institution western culture has created.

For those of you who do not understand the mechanics of what is commonly referred to as Magick, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Sorcery, wizardry, enchantment, witchcraft, energy-work, Santeria, Brujeria, Charms, Hexes, Spells, etc. You are not to blame. This knowledge has been purposely concealed from the general populace as the science it is and reintroduced as fiction and fantasy. This is taught to us at a very young age through Disney cartoons and fairytales. Not because it is fictitious or fantasy as we have been led, but rather because it is extremely foundational to our very existence and has always been used by the ruling elite (church & state) to direct and control humanity. Sometimes violently, and always subtly.

The Caduceus. The traditional symbol of Hermes. Two snakes winding around a winged staff.

This “science” is what makes up the very professions of advertising, marketing, architecture, debate, politics, law, engineering, and more. Professions which shape and direct the masses and are predicated upon base sciences which include physics, physiology, music, mathematics, neuroscience, chemistry/pharmacy, sociology, banking, and others.

To understand the information about to be presented, I ask that you set aside your preconceived ideas about the structure of society and what you assume it to be and how it evolved to its current form. And I say society because, in the end, the point of ritual magick is to manipulate just that. For most people, I will guess that the control mechanisms of the larger edifices of our species have never entertained their fancy. For others interested in this subject and entered professional fields which embraced these sciences, most have been funneled into the academic system, lead down the narrative path and churned out into the fold. The path which holds that civilization came about naturally as Man filled the void of nature and need. Whereas this is true, it fails to explain much and omits the foundational knowledge.

If we are going to untangle the anatomy of ritual magic we must lay down some foundation. First and foremost, one must understand that

Ritual Magick is Physics. It is the understanding and application of the of the laws of nature in concert with cause and effect of intent, action, and will.

Governing Physics

In the following section please note the remarkable similarities between the findings of modern-day physicists and knowledge held by ancient mystics.

1. Light

In 2018 we know that all material things are composed of measurable and defined energy and radiation. And by everything we mean everything. This includes all the clich√© objects used by witches and sorcerers throughout time including herbs, crystals, stones, colored cloth, water, fire, earth, animals. Each one of these objects emits refracts and reflects light. Not just the spectrum of light visible to the human eye but x-ray, ultraviolet, infrared, radar, etc. My regular readers know how fond I am of Biblical knowledge, so it is here I shall point out one of the coolest things you’ll ever know about the Bible.

In the King James version KJV the 46th word in the Bible is “Light” Gen 1:3. In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Light is also found 10 times in only 7 verses in Genesis 1. The #10 representing (completeness in divine order) and #7 (The foundation of God’s word) These are the only numbers in the Bible other than the #1 which directly point to God.

It is such a sad fact that so many people view any study of the Bible as a capitulation to Christianity instead of reading it for the treasures it holds. Treasures which predate Christianity by thousands of years. Back to Light

To summarize Fritjof Capra when explaining the quantum field theory in his invaluable book “The Tao of Physics” – the quantum field is a continuous medium which is present everywhere in space. Solid objects are only temporary condensations of energy which come and go in the field. Gen 1:2 anyone?

Light is the factor which makes the material world possible. Quite literally, Outside of Light nothing exists. 

So the next time you hear some grunge doubt half-baked hippie in Sedona droning on about being a “light being” technically their correct. Even if they can’t explain it to you outside of declarations of being on the “love train” and that acceptance of everything is sourced in the Goddess energy and is the key to universal peace and harmony blah blah blah.


The characteristic of human visual perception predicated upon varying wavelengths of light reflecting off objects and coming in contact with the human eye. Objects have different colors because they absorb light with some energies and not others; ones that absorb all colors are called black ones that reflect all the colors are called white. What we call color falls in between.

So we see that color is not a thing in and of itself but rather a reporting characteristic on a spectrum which speaks to the object off which the light was reflected. A ripe strawberry is red because the physical matter that makes up a ripe strawberry absorbs every other light wave except that of red.

Color speaks to the vibrational makeup of an object, or at least the surface of that object.

When working with objects in rituals color is extremely important as it denotes the vibrational frequency of the object being used as a catalyst to multiply the energetic effects within the ritual. Of course, we see this exemplified in every religion on earth, as well as national flags, advertising, symbolism, and on and on.

2 Vibration

Nothing is at rest. NOTHING. Everything in the physical universe is on its way somewhere. And even though everything is moving, everything vibrates with its own rate of vibration and makeup as well. This is why your hand will not pass gently through a wall but instead either the physical matter in your hand or the wall will become displaced if attempted. Your hand or the wall would need to be vibrating at the same frequency in order to pass through each other, at which point if the vibrations came out of sync, they would fuse.

Matter is made up of molecules and molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms vibrate and scientists don’t know how or why.

Molecule- an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. A molecule is the smallest particle in a chemical element or compound that has the chemical properties of an element or compound.

Photo of a Hydrogen Atom

Atom- the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element consisting of a nucleus containing combinations of neutrons and protons and one or more electrons bound to the new nucleus by electrical attraction; the number of protons determines the identity of the element.

What is most interesting about Atoms is that they vibrate. Or rather, the space between the nucleus and the swirling electrons vibrates. And here’s the kicker. Scientists don’t know why. This is one of the most perplexing mysteries to science and ties in with the question of the origin of life and it is here that modern science and ancient religion dovetail.

It is also here that those who perform ritual magick take note. If everything in the physical universe is vibrating fields of light, then all one must do to manipulate the universe is to learn to manipulate those fields. Of course, this can be done in the physical as it’s done in everyday life. eg. The growing of food, the construction of buildings, in short, the moving of physical matter. This is no mystery, and as supernatural as it is, when one stops to think about it, it is what humanity considers normal.

But there is also room to manipulate less obvious fields. The more subtle fields of light energy which are the foundation of our existence. This is where ritual magic comes into play. And this is the knowledge which has been coveted throughout the ages. This is also what’s currently being sought after at MIT, Texas Instruments, and higher scientific institutions.


3.  Organization = Information = Directed Thought = Intent

It is an existential truth of this world, that every construct of man, without exception, is the product of the organization of matter, energy, and ideas. (Three things which are arguably one in the same.)

There is no exception to this, yet to understand and make sense of it, one must understand the basic laws of physics which govern our world. Specifically, as it relates in this case, the 2nd law of thermodynamics, or entropy. This law states that the entropy of an isolated system always increases, OR, everything moves to a state of chaos unless acted upon by an organizing force/information. These two things are one in the same. Humans are information systems which require the input of information or the product of organization in order to survive. Humans are genetically designed to extract resources from our environment and manipulate, or organize it. At our most primitive we rely on basic organization of tribal clan and family systems to organize labor and resources. Yet as we evolve will rely on larger and more complex systems of organization. These eventually turn into institutions. eg farming, government, law, education, etc. Examples of information systems are obviously books, computer programs, or a lecture. But also music, mathematics, vibration, and DNA.

Every living this which moves and breathes is an example of packets of information which are executing their genetic programming. Living information systems which have the potential to change their own experience, and as science allows in the future our very programming. Nonliving systems too contain information, but it is the information we humans impart to them which make them useful and valuable.  Books, computer programs, city street grids, or a house for instance.

The basic systems of information systems which occultists work with include number, music, mathematics, and astronomy. These are the base occulted sciences known as the quadrivium. Other disciplines include pharmakeia, physiology, chemistry, geology and Earth energy, psychology, and brain science. From here, thing branch out into sorcery.

Got this? OK. Onto the next.


The Supernatural Coffee Mug

I’m going to assume that everyone reading this article consumes copious amounts of coffee as I do. It is for this reason I’ve used the following example.

The coffee mug from which you are currently drinking is nothing less than the product of a supernatural progression. Someone or something had to dig the clay from the ground, mold and work it smooth, form it into its current shape, fire it in a kiln, glaze it, fire it again, ship it to market, and sell it to a buyer. So what is supernatural about that you may ask. seems like a straightforward manufactured product. Well, here is the obvious thought which escapes so many. This coffee cup began as an idea. A weightless, massless, intangible idea. It could not be seen, held or shared until its concept was either vocalized or put to a medium which conveyed the idea within an information system agreed upon by two or more people. It literally materialized from imagination (the first one at least).

Of course, as we consider the creation of this coffee cup we begin to realize the sheer amount of other independent systems which aided in its creation. multitudes of people bringing forth their ideas and creativity to help shape and mold the world we live in.

Simply put, that $.99 coffee mug sitting on the shelf at the Goodwill represents the finished product of hundreds of years of a multitude of sciences and disciplines as well as a tangible physical object which once existed only in the mind of another as a weightless massless untouchable concept. In short, you are holding the physical manifestation, of an idea as it has manifested in our three-dimensional reality.


The Seven Hermetic Principles

I wasn’t going to go into any specific magickal text in this piece, but this is fundamental to understanding this subject matter. From the sacred text “The Kybalion” come the Seven Hermetic Principles (or Laws) These form what is the actual, as well as the philosophical structure of Magick. Note how these principles also form the basis of understanding of modern-day physics and psychology. They are as follows.

  1. The principle of mentalism- All is mind -Observation of subjective reality
  2. The principle of correspondence- As above, so below –
  3. The principle of vibration- Nothing Rests; everything moves; everything vibrates
  4. The principle of polarity- Everything is Dual, Opposites are identical
  5. The principle of rhythm – Everything flows; in and out
  6. The principle of cause-and-effect – Every cause has an effect
  7. The principle of gender – Everything has a masculine and a feminine

Any ritual they constructed must take into account the seven principles and work hermetically within them. The farther from these base laws that one veers the less effective the ritual. This is not a punishment, it is simply the alignment of resonance. What’s cool is, as one learns to structure their life around these principles and incorporate them organically amazing things begin to happen. One begins to actually start constructing magick (aligning) as a way of life.  It has been said, “A man who masters an art reveals it in his every action.”


According to Pythagoras: The amazing harmony in the universe, whether musical or moral, can be explained and experienced as numbers. Number was the first science learned in the quadrivium before moving on to music, geometry, and astronomy. The ability to grasp a tangible understanding of not only our three-dimensional world but higher dimensions can be and is often only experienced through number.

We can outline, map out, and track nearly every aspect of our experienceable reality through number. Number, of course, lends itself immediately and naturally to systems of organization and interplay.


Modern mathematicians are just as enchanted was number and math as ancient mystics were. In this nothing has changed. The great question that mathematicians asked themselves is: Were numbers invented or discovered? For as simple as that question seems, it is been argued for over 1000 years and the jury is still out. The one thing they can agree on, however, is the language of number permeates our dimensional barrier and continues to perform where the spoken word fails to do so. I have a feeling this will change one day as we discover more about light and frequency. But for now, number allows us to see the shadow of higher dimensions.

Each number one through nine contains properties both philosophical and actual which represent concepts and actions as played out in our reality. Numbers are used most heavily by practitioners of higher magic as they are foundational and are taken in and processed by the target unconsciously.

The 911 attacks were centered around the numbers 11,77, and 125; while the Las Vegas Shooting centered around the numbers 10, 72 and gematria forming similitudes with the Christ. These numbers form base vibrational frequencies upon with narratives and realities are woven. The media reports the storyline and the numbers are absorbed by the passive participants who in turn have emotional reactions and thoughts which fuels the initial ritual/attack. These energies are milked for everything they can elicit through 24/7 news cycles, fundraisers, theatrical victim and witness interviews, ongoing parades, monuments, and memorials. Nowadays they even set up immediate Go-Fund-Me accounts and blood drives to harvest physical capital at the same time. I don’t need to mention the use of blood in ritual sacrifices.

Learn more about the properties of numbers here. 


The Global Consciousness Project and 911

The Princeton based Global Consciousness Project began in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of the global consciousness with physical systems. The project monitors are geographically distributed network of hardware random number generators in a bid to identify anomalous outputs that correlate with widespread emotional responses to sets of world events, or periods of focused attention by large numbers of people. Is a collaboration over 100 research scientists and engineers at Princeton University.

No one thought too much of this project and to be sure it had critics aplenty. However, all that changed on 9/11. Beginning 10 minutes after flight 11 hit the World Trade Center scientists noticed a fluctuating deviation throughout the moments of the five major events during which ever-increasing numbers of people around the world were hearing the news and watching in stunned disbelief. Although the readings from 9/11 are the most pronounced results they’ve recorded to date, there are plenty more to be sure.

What’s even more exciting is that other data shows that the collective consciousness began changing five hours before the event. This suggests collective precognitive insight as well as an un-fixing the laws of time as we experience it. This obviously carries with it profound consequences and would no doubt be of interest to those who wish to control the human species.

Dr. Roger Nelson explains it like this

“my consciousness inside my skull, and yours, extend out into the world, and then intermixed. Were like little neurons, in a giant brain, we know nothing about.”

What does all this mean? It means that the science is in. The data clearly represents that humans have the ability to affect the physical on a mental level.

Besides does one really think that Princeton University would be hosting and funding this project if there is nothing to it and the reward for the knowledge gleaned from it wasn’t important to someone?


Your Brain: An organic 3rd to 4th Dimension Interface Computer.

If you ever had a dream while sleeping then you understand the title of this section. Some modern scientists would have you believe that dreaming is nothing more than the brain sorting through the information and experiences to which it is been subjected. But many other scientists believe that what is experienced in a dream is no less real than what we experience while awake. Ancient shaman mystics knew this and put as much weight on dreams as they did wake time reality. We spend about a third of our lives in this state of reality so why shouldn’t we put serious consideration into what goes on there?

We know a number of things happen when you sleep. First of all, sleep can be divided into two broad stages, nonrapid eye movement, and rapid eye movement sleep. 75 to 80% of our sleep happens in NREM and the balance REM. It is our most vivid dreams which occur in REM, and it is here mystics believe the body naturally goes into an interface with higher dimensions.

Think of it as jacking into the Internet and being able to communicate with someone or something else which is also jacked into it. The effects of ritual magic take place and work here just as they do in the physical world. The trick is to access this dimension while awake to direct it with your intent. To do this we use a technique called meditation.

Meditation –

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Meditation and brain waves are the key to ritual magick projection. One can either generate these brain waves within themselves and send out energy via the ritual, or they can use the effects of a ritual to cause the target to generate these brain waves and program the target simultaneously to generate vibrational resonance and get the most bang for the buck. Think of it as drafting and NASCAR. This is, in fact, the science behind television, propaganda, marketing, and advertising. Although it has been most effectively used in conjunction with the television and producing long-term states of hypnosis and programming it has been used in the aftermath of false flag attacks by inducing long-term fear-based mental trauma.

The five possible brainwave states from lowest to highest are: Gamma, Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta.

Right now your brain is in Beta as you’re reading this. However, if you begin daydreaming, mindlessly doodling, zoning out, etc. you will have slipped into high alpha. Alpha is also where you find yourself upon first waking up before becoming fully awake.

It is here I will cite a section from Laurie Cabot’s book “The Power of the Witch” Which I highly recommend everyone read, whether or not they are practitioners of the occult. “Witchcraft” literally means the craft of the wise. And this becomes extremely apparent when reading Ms. Cabot’s book.

“Alpha is the springboard for all psychic and magical workings. It is the heart of witchcraft. The alpha state is a scientific basis for magic. In order to develop your own psychic powers and learn the ways of the craft, you must learn to control alpha.”

I couldn’t agree more. A firm grasp on the laws of physics and one’s ability to control their own state of being and master alpha brainwave will take you further down the path of the occult then all the robes, incense and dogma combined.

To achieve a waking state of alpha and control it we use the ancient art of meditation. There are a gazillion ways to do this in no particular way is necessarily correct, but the tried and true method of sitting in a quiet place, getting comfortable, closing your eyes, and deep breathing seems to work for most.

Keep in mind that for the average person who meditates the meditation itself is the end, but for mystics, it is just the beginning as there is much work which can be done once one arrives.

From the state, one can begin to actively “see” with their third eye in the higher dimensions. They can also tap into resources and information and bring it back with them. Many people think this is what Tesla, Einstein, Steve Jobs and now Elon Musk do on a regular basis for their inspiration. And I tend to agree.

One can also begin setting up a presence in this higher dimension and use it as an avenue in Ritual Magick. Think of it as sending an email as opposed to snail mail. It’s instantaneous, nearly no energy is lost in the transfer, and is virtually undetectable to 99% of people who are not aware of this state of consciousness.


Signs & Symbols

Admittedly, my favorite corner of the occult. I absolutely love symbols. From their history and implementation to their craftiness and extreme power they intrinsically possess. One could say that symbols are the playground of the occult. There is no arguing that signs and symbols rule the world.  The power symbols carry with them is self-evident as they have been with Man since he was first able to scratch in the mud. For it was during these first scratching that religious leaders used them to not only tap into his own subconscious but to control the actions of others.

A symbol is a vibrational information field which communicates information to the brain through the eyes in the same way the ear delivers auditory information to the eardrum. 

The Iron Cross. Didn’t we see the symbol above? Isn’t this a photon? Hummmmm.

I find it amazing that it has gone widely unnoticed by the average person that within the past two-hundred years or so symbols have been deployed and mingled with the science of marketing and advertising to such a degree that to call it anything other than weaponization would be to downplay its usage.

Do you want to know how much power symbol has? Just walk into a synagogue with a swastika on the front of your shirt and sit down and wait to see what happens. Without a word being uttered or a fist being raised that one act caused physical changes in people’s blood pressure, flight or flight responses, emotional states of being, and a dozen other body systems. This is honestly because a swastika isn’t just a couple lines it represents an idea, a mindset, and agenda. It represents death, suffering, and nightmares. It represents 12 years of a regime that would have marched across the face of the earth and forced its will upon every other living soul.

The word logo comes from the word logos, which is one part of the trivium ethos pathos and logos. It means to appeal to logic or to convince an audience by use of logic or reason. However, the true definition goes well beyond that, and can most closely be described as”the word or that by which the inward thought is expressed.”

Why do companies suspend hundreds of million dollars on logos and logo placement? Because it works. McDonald’s arches, the Nike Swoosh, Apple’s computer’s apple with the bite taken out of it (Adam and Eve biting the apple).

Of course, we also have religious symbols. The crucifix, witches pentagram, and the star of David. Obviously, I could have a 100-page website listing religious symbols and every one of them would elicit emotional responses to thoughts and feelings in people who have emotionally invested in them.

Symbols work because they operate on the reptilian part of the brain of patternization and habit. It is a powerful shortcut which the brain takes advantage of in order to process information more quickly. They also take advantage of the tribal instinct within humans. Humans naturally form into small groups for safety and security. Whether in a farming village one thousand years ago years ago, the trenches of World War I, or a group of girls at your local Starbucks. Humans are pack animals. They form bonds with their fellow humans and then share symbols to reinforce those bonds. 1000 years ago it may have been the banner of the ruling king, and the trenches of World War I there was squad patches, and at your local Starbucks, it’s brand-name bags and clothing. Mystery schools have always known this and have always advised the religious and ruling elite in their use. Of course what the average person doesn’t know is that the elite has worked their own symbols into the corporate logos to further enhance their vibrational power.

The Starbucks logo. A mermaid with a split tail and unseen yet inviting crotch. This is the 4 incarnation of the Starbucks logo as the sexuality had to be dialed back.

Coats of arms, flags, and banners, symbols on money, architectural flair, it goes on and on. Symbols are one way to have an unknowing populace become personally and emotionally invested in your cause. A symbol itself while only a design manufactures respect loyalty and devotion from those it comes in contact with. This is some serious magic.

Although most definitely symbols are still used to control the masses in religion and affairs of state, the real power of symbols has been seen in the use to generate loyal customers through branding. Entire books of been written about this and schools devoted to teaching it. It’s called marketing and advertising is not thought to be in an esoteric topic, but at its root, this ancient knowledge stems directly from the occult and operates no differently today than it did 1000’s of years ago.


Further Study (Sources)

In no way does the information in this article constitute a complete archive of knowledge as relates to the topic of physics in the occult and sorcery. As I’m typing these words I have over 1500 books resting quietly on shelves behind me. And we haven’t even touched on Ritual Construction yet,  that is in part two.

Books on history, poetry, physics, medicine, botany and herbalism, works of classical literature, military history, and architecture. There are books on the theory of time, time travel and holograms. Geometry, astronomy, and divination of number. Out of body experience, vibration, and hyperspace. And of course, the classic works of Magick which cannot go unread if one wishes to understand this art.

Each one of these books has added to the totality of my understanding of this world. And at a certain point, I find that all this knowledge is connected.

Don’t think you’re going to walk into your bookstore and pick up a book on witchcraft and be able to conjure fireballs and lightning from the palm of your hand. that’s not how this works. It is a long road to being able to put into practice the ancient science of the occult. It is the road of a scholar. A very patient scholar.

There is another side to this art we didn’t even discuss. Archetypes or God and Goddess worship as an external manifestation of the practitioner. In fact, we didn’t discuss hundreds of things crucial to this art. In the end, and at a personal level, all the ritual, and ceremony is simply a tangible self-help exercise. It is meant to force one to look inward. To bring to the surface one’s own flaws and problems weaknesses and challenges and better one’s life through personal accountability and hard work. All of this is meant to force one to take control of their own life make their own decisions and have their own agency. To consciously internalize through ritual your desire and then back it up through action in the physical world. That is the point of all of this. For those who would use it conquer and control and those who would use it to understand and be free.

Below is a short list of a few of my favorite books as they relate to this topic and from which I pulled heavily for this piece. I intend to hammer out a book list on my resource page for those who would be interested. If you are interested and I don’t have them up please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

“Making Magick” – Edain McCoy

“Power of the Witch” – Laurie Cabot

“The Tao of Physics” – Fritjof Capra

The Holy Bible KJV

“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” Manly P. Hall


Part 2 – Ritual construction