The Anatomy of Ritual Magick (Part 2) Ritual Construction


The Anatomy of Ritual Magick (Part 2)

Ritual Construction

(Part 1 discusses Ritual Physics)


So, we’re going to construct a magick ritual. Or write a spell, if you will. Or still, a more accurate way to state it is “We are going to construct a machine that recognizes, harnesses, focuses, and projects available energy to achieve the desired effect. Our intent will direct the machine, and our willpower will power it.”

Think of it as a charismatic leader of a nation, corporation or a platoon. It comes down to the willpower of one man to command, organize, guide, and direct the available energy and resources at hand to achieve the desired outcome. Only here we are dealing with subtle energies at a foundational level of our reality. Here we will be attempting to manipulate the energetic fields which make up our physical reality. To influence and nudge it.

(Sidenote) Imagine what you could accomplish if you have an entire group of charismatic leaders. Well, in Ritual Magick, this is known as a coven of witches. It is the syncing up of many vibrating systems which begin to resonate and then oscillate within a single focused intent.


For those who know me my personal life, they know that along with botany, poetry, and the occult, I’m a lover of fine fragrance. Appreciating fine fragrance is one of the greatest pleasures I derive from this world. Like wine, or a great novel, the layering, complexity, and interplay of the nuance which makes the finished product is of the utmost joy for me to experience and navigate.

No doubt, it is this interest which has caused me to view other subject matter in a similar foundational construct. It is the layering within fragrance which I have found a similitude. In doing so I don’t hold any monopoly on definitive truth as relates the subject matter at hand but instead, have simply and fortunately happened across a universal law as it relates to the hermetic construct in the physical world.

Not only have I constructed many rituals in my days using this method but I have deconstructed many mass shooting events and obvious systems designed to harness and direct public or (free) energy. For as long as the general public is unaware of this science they will simply feed the system. However, nature abhors a vacuum, as they say, and someone or something is always waiting to collect.

The construction of perfume, a similitude for ritual construction

The following is taken from (why reinvent the wheel?)

The Top Notes – Also sometimes referred to as the opening notes or headnotes, the top notes of a fragrance are generally the lightest of all the notes. They are recognized immediately upon application of the perfume. The top notes are also the first to fade given their light molecular structure, but this does not mean they aren’t of utmost importance.

The top notes of a fragrance represent the first impression. It is hugely important that the top notes not only succeed at luring you in but also smoothly transition into the heart of the fragrance. Common fragrance top notes include citrus (lemon, orange zest, bergamot), light fruits (grapefruit, berries) and herbs (clary sage, lavender).

The Middle Notes – The middle notes, or the heart notes, make an appearance once the top notes evaporate. The middle notes are considered the heart of the fragrance. They last longer than the top notes and have a strong influence on the base notes to come. A perfume’s heart is generally pleasant and well-rounded. It is often a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones; sometimes infused with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom. Common fragrance middle notes include geranium, rose, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, lavender, coriander, nutmeg, neroli, and jasmine.

The Base Notes – The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated. The base notes mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the fragrance but are typically associated with the dry-down period. The job of the base notes is to provide the lasting impression. These often rich notes linger on the skin for hours after the top notes have dissipated. Common fragrance base notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, and musk.

Without the combination of the three levels of notes, a fragrance just wouldn’t be aromatically appealing. But together, they create beautiful scents.

Similitudes of the above as they relate to layered construction


A City:  1-City infrastructure 2-People living and working in the system 3-Local color, public art

Vehicle: 1-Frame, engine, tires, etc 2-Person driving making use of it. 3-Style, accessories, color

Soup: 1-Base Stock 2-Main ingredients 3-Spices

A novel: 1-Plot 2-Characters and character development 3-Style of writing, author flare

A house: 1-Frame, piping, wiring, floor, roof etc. 2-People living inside it, bringing it alive 3-personalization, smells, things, and effects

You get the idea. In essence:

  1. Infrastructure/Base/Foundation/Fixed

  2. Human involvement/Action/Work/Flowing

  3. Aesthetics/Style/Impression/Volatile

When these are constructed properly we simply know it and it works. Just as a human mind recognizes the 3 to 5 ratio as beauty and we are naturally attracted to it, as it is void of entropy or information corruption, the human mind also recognizes the construct of organization. This is why women are attracted to capable men and this is why children are drawn to and thrive under authority and discipline. And to combine the two, this is why women are attracted to men in uniform. There’s something intrinsic within the human mind which craves alignment of matter. It is the opposite of chaos and allows for life.

Life and the sustaining of life is quite literally the preservation of the organization of information. 


Knowing what we know of particle physics and now quantum physics, it is not only a near mathematical impossibility that life exists only in this dimension but Quantum computer scientists have publicly stated that they are currently using quantum computing to pull resources and information from other dimensions. Information does not organize and coalesce upon itself. It is a literal impossibility as it would move directly against entropy and violate every known law of physics within our universe.

On we go.

Layering a Ritual

So, we know that the ultimate goal in constructing and executing ritual is to make physical change using subtle energy in our physical reality. We understand that physics is at the heart of this endeavor and we understand how physical matter is organized for maximum attraction, potential, and usefulness.

Keep in mind this formula of organization is the same whether you are attempting to build an institution which feeds and houses the homeless or if one is attempting to construct a mass casualty event like 9/11 or the Route 91 Harvest Festival Las Vegas shooting in order to shape national policy and exact control of the populace.


BASE (Foundation of the Ritual)

Define Intent

This is the utmost foundation of any ritual as it is the path the energy will take once it is released to do its work. Think of it as your business plan. Still, this is not as easy as one may think as humans rarely know what they want. Most people think they do, but those same people have extreme challenges even identifying the root of most problems as they relate to challenges in their life. I myself am guilty of this. This is due to a number of factors including, behavioral instinct, environmental factors, and filters through which we all process information. I believe Jordan Peterson said it best when he stated: “most people don’t even have themselves put together enough to know what they want, much less do any good in this world, how are you going to save the world if you can’t even clean up your own room.”  I believe this is why the Bible, as well as multitudes of other holy texts, caution to people to avoid practicing these arts. Much damage can be done if one’s intent is not pure.

As we get older and more experienced in his life we are able to read a person’s intent in their facial features, expressions, and the life they’ve created for themselves. This is because they eventually end up outwardly manifesting their internal frequencies. It is inevitable. Humans are reality generators.

Again, the intent or goal of the ritual needs to be clearly defined and imprinted within one’s mind before they begin as this is the basis of all creation and the source from which everything will derive. If your aim is not true to its target it matters not how clean your rifle is or with what skill one squeezes the trigger.



Time is one of the four dimensions wherein your ritual will take place. The other three are latitude, longitude, and elevation (these are covered in the next section.) Although time can be thought of as an arrow traveling forward, we are beginning to realize that it is ALSO a record wherein one can pick up the needle and move to a different location. With this in mind, time IS, in regards to relativity a matter of location as it relates to the position of the earth within our solar system. eg time of day, year, etc. But the idea of TIME itself is still very much debated at the highest echelons of academia. The time we are dealing with as it relates to this level of ritual work is location-based time. Most every aspect of time has to deal with the position of Earth and the other planets, so you will see it is the influence of the planets or their vibrational qualities which are being harnessed.


Hour of the Day OR Planetary Hours – This system dates back to medieval times. It harnesses planetary energy according to the hour of the day. Divides the hours of daylight and the hours of darkness each into 12 equal divisions so that day and night planetary hours are calculated separately. This technique you will need to know the exact times of sunrise and sunset for your location. Of course this change latitude

At the spring and autumn equinox, every planet has exactly 1 hour of uninterrupted influence. At winter solstice each night is longer every planet has about one 1:20 minutes during the night and 47 minutes during the day. The reverse is true for Sumer Solstice.

Day of the Week – Planets also exert primary dominance over specific days of the week. Each of the seven major planets governs one day of the week when its influence is most strongly felt. If you recall the Las Vegas shooting happened Sunday night at 10:05 PM and bled over into Monday. Upon deconstructing the update your ritual it became evident why both days were utilized.

  1. Sunday = Sun
  2. Monday = Moon
  3. Tuesday = Mars
  4. Wednesday = Mercury
  5. Thursday = Jupiter
  6. Friday = Venus
  7. Saturday = Saturn

Week of the Month – Some sorcerers, depending on their system, may break the month up into quarters. As four is a terrestrial number, this can factor into their ritual. This is separate from moon phases.

Moon Phase – Most definitely the single most important astrological factor when crafting a ritual or spell. The moon is central to all life on our planet. It not only regulates the rotational spin of Earth but the tides, wobble, seasons, procession, and dozens of other astronomical factors. Without it, life would not be possible on our planet. One can say that the moon was either built to facilitate human life or humans were constructed around the functions of the moon. That human behavior is affected by the moon is no secret, including biorhythms, women’s menses, aggression, etc.

The use of this primary base energy can be divided into one of two basic parts: waxing (from new to full) or waning (from full to new). Magick associated or resonating with gain should be performed during or shortly after the new moon for strongest vibrational resonance. And of course, the opposite is true for magick centering around loss or diminishing. In this case, a full moon is required. To perform this backward is to set yourself up for failure from the getgo and this is one of the surest tells of ritual magick being performed during a mass casualty shooting event.

Trump is very big into moon phase resonance. The majority of his more important legislation has been centered around either new or full moons.

Moon Sign and Moon void of course – I’m not going to go into these here, but both of these are important to the timing element of ritual craft as well.

Seasons – Seasons can be used if one resonates requires a particular energy of the year. Spring for fertility. summer for launching a war, winter for legal matters, etc. Humans function on biorhythms and the time of year greatly affects our moods, habits, actions, the spending of money, sexual appetite, and so on.

Lets us say a lawmaker wanted to get a piece of legislation passed that was going to be a good deal for farmers. He would launch his campaign/ritual in the early winter just after the fall harvest. The farmers are tired and docile, the fields are resting, in short, it is downtime. The Farmers will also have the time and energy to get behind this lawmaker and add energy to the ritual/intent in order to see it to fruition. If the legislation isn’t so good for the farmers and he’d want to sneak it by, then he would do just the opposite, when all other energy is being diverted elsewhere and there will be very little energy either good or bad.

The Age – Now I can’t prove this and I don’t think anyone else can either, but it’s my suspicion that the age the earth is in holds an even deeper and more grounding primary vibrational tone which colors all other vibrations we experience. I think this is what brings about the golden age of enlightenment as well as the dark ages which we humans have passed through many times before.

Resonance Timing – And then there is Subconscious resonance timing. I became aware of this years ago but didn’t understand how prevalent it was until I began deconstructing mass shooting rituals. I was even more amazed to find it peppered throughout the Trump presidency. Nearly everything President Trump does lines up with a significant date or moon phase.

Even his status is the 45th president hold extreme significance. His age of 72 years this year which he turned on the last day of Ramadan. The fact that he was 70 years seven months and seven days old when he took the oath of office. It goes on and on.

As a pertains to mass shooting events: the Route 91 Las Vegas massacre transpired on the 254th day of trumps presidency. September 11th is also the 254th day of the year.

Next time there’s a mass shooting event in the media covers it like flies, pause and begin deconstructing the location and timing. I can almost guarantee you will uncover an elaborately constructed ritual. (HINT) Do you want to know how to tell a real shooting event from a deep state ritual? Simply look at the coverage and the attention which is given to it. Organic shooting events and don’t go off like some Hollywood movie with parents giving interviews eight hours after their kids were murdered. Take for instance the latest shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis. Straightforward, motive opportunity execution. Press packed up and left within days. This tells me it was an organic shooting.


Location is the other three dimensions wherein our ritual will take place. In higher rituals, organized by the shadow government, locations are chosen for the energy they possess. In terms of the school shooting false flag events, they are chosen to harness the energetic fields of pubescent children while eliciting the instinctual protective reaction of the general population. The Boston bombing was chosen in a Masonic stronghold to capitalize on the energy of the race while shattering the illusion of safety and security Americans once knew.

The twin towers were not only chosen as the location of the 9/11 attacks they were constructed 33 years prior for the very purpose of collapsing them on that day.

This is also true with the Alfred P Murrah building in Oklahoma City, which was named after a 32nd° Scottish Rite Freemason. The building had 3 rows of 11 columns, (3 x 11=33) and sat just north of Waco Texas on Route 72, site of the Waco Siege sacrifice 3 years prior. Once again we see the #72 worked into this ritual as it is a grounding Earth number. This attack also took place in the heartland of America. It was the first most violent domestic bombing of its kind when the shadow government kicked off this phase of their operation back in 1995.

Power Spots – Locations are also chosen for their electromagnetic fields. It is well known that ancient Native American sites, as well as European Pagan sites, were chosen and utilized for the natural energy which they emit. So much so that when the Christians conquered they built their churches right on top of these ancient holy sites. And when the Muslims conquered the Christians they scraped the churches and built mosques.

It’s the location which is the energetic generator. All one needs to do is construct a machine over top of it to harness and direct that energy. We call these churches, And once a week they are filled with people who concentrate mental/spiritual energy upon a mutually agreed-upon path. Hawaii and Sedona are two locations which stand out among the strongest.

CERN is located on the very ground the temple of Apollo once stood, the locals believe the location is the gateway to the underworld.

Symbolic Significance – Locations are also chosen for their symbolic significance or ability to resonate with the mass consciousness. 911= an attack on America; Boston bombing= attack on our community; Sandy Hook= an attack on our children; Aurora theater shooting= an attack on our culture; Las Vegas Shooting= attack on our level of safety and open society. All of these locations were specifically picked in conjunction with these events to chip away at the heart of America, our way of life, our norms, and our expectations for the future. Although each of these events can be seen as a separate ritual, and they are, there is a bigger system in which they all fit. Think of them as battles in a theater of war. Or acts of a play.

The Las Vegas Sacrifice took place in front of an obelisk, in front of a sphinx, in front of a pyramid which boosts the brightest light in the world shining out of the top into the heavens.



HEART (Action and Body of the Ritual)


Catalyst: 1. A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change. 2. A person or thing that participates in an event.

Here is where most people begin to recognize the occult. Catalysts make up the objects used in a ritual. Candles, crystals, and chalices for example. But any experienced sorcerer knows that nearly any and everything can be used as a catalyst so long as it resonates with the intent and it properly charged. Catalysts do not possess power in and of itself but will contribute to the overall goal through its vibration.

Popular catalysts include: candle and fire, color, chord strings and knots, divination, spirits, image/ dolls, incense and air magic, herbs and botany, cooking, numbers, oils and resins, planets (extremely powerful), stones/crystals/minerals, sympathetic magic (the law of attraction), water magic, weather magick.

However, in deep state rituals, many other objects are used.

911 catalysts: The Twin towers. The towers themselves were demolished and in their place was erected a single tower. Or “e Pluribus Unum” from many, one. The very act of knocking down the towers and replacing them with the tower freedom was the symbolic and sympathetic magic used in this ritual. There was also the tribute of light production which shown for exactly 33 days after the attacks. Of course, the number 11 featured prominently. New York was the 11th state, the towers look like the #11, Flight #11 was the first plane to hit the tower and begin the attack, the buildings had 110 stories (zero is a placeholder), 9/11 (9+1+1=11, and it goes on and on.

The catalyst a sorcerer chooses to use in a ritual depends on the goal. If one were conducting a love spell he would use the color red, red candles, orange blossoms and or rose for instance. The planet Venus would be invoked, and the element of water would be utilized. All of these catalysts resonate with the frequency of the emotion we identify as love.


In Deep State false flag Rituals, execution of a ritual looks like two planes hitting the twin towers. It looks like hundreds of people running from bullets at an open-air country music festival. It looks like a bullet passing through the head of a president while he is riding in a motorcade. It looks like a car chauffeuring an English princess slamming into the side of a tunnel. You get the point. It is the action taken by the sorcerer, the kinetic portion of the ritual which brings it to life.

It is interesting to note that as these false flag rituals have become more sophisticated the execution phase has been extended and is blending into the follow-up. It’s hard to tell anymore where these rituals begin and end. 9/11 was straightforward enough. It was classically modeled in the Western magick tradition. There were clear-cut lines of preparation, execution, and narrative follow-up. The parades and memorials which have just recently been completed are capping the ritual and bring it to a close.

The route 91 Las Vegas shooting ritual is a different matter however and broke all the rules. Almost anything anyone can say about this event holds some truth and plausibility. Of course, there were many mass casually shooting rituals in between but the Las Vegas shooting steals the price. I often refer to it as 9/11 2.0, and for good reason. I, nor anyone else on the side of the battlefield know exactly what happened there that day, but the foundational numerology fixed into this event in conjunction with the role-playing of the Christ archetype and the shenanigans of the FBI in the cover-up aftermath places this ritual at the top of higher magic execution. Not only were 58 people killed during the sacrifice but several others in the following weeks. Several of whom were killed in ritual execution style.

In the case of the Las Vegas shooting the media also played a crucial part in the execution of the ritual as it pertained to the generation of emotional energetic fields. Usually, this occurs in the follow-up phase as people gather around the televisions, Internet screens, and office coolers to have the narrative reinforced through literal brainwashing techniques. But we saw the media actually scripting this event as it unfolded. In hindsight, the images being shown on television and the people being interviewed (at least those involved in the ritual) were executing a rehearsed false flag operation.

No doubt this technique was first used in the Boston bombing where the deep state grossly overplayed their hand when they attempted to film crisis actors pretending to have had their limbs blown off and being treated in the streets. This was their first attempt at it went terribly. There are dozens of documentaries pointing out the hilarity of the fake blood and impossible medical scenarios that were horribly re-created and attempted to be passed off as news footage. There was even the cliche hero in the cowboy hat that day. But with the Las Vegas shooting event, they not only peppered in the actors with the real carnage but they put the primary perpetrators (Jesus Campos & Stephen Schuck) front and center as the heroes and victims. While executing Stephen Paddock the archetypal (Christ). A very tidy operation to be sure. I’ve made a dozen videos now following this shooting and I’m not about to let go. For more information please visit the video section of the site on my YouTube channel.

On a less sinister level, the execution of a personal ritual follows the same rules but on the microcosm. As the sorcerer executes the ritual drawing on personal willpower and desire these catalysts form a natural resonance with the intended goal at which point the sorcerer has created a system. He has organized the vibrational frequency, with his intention and taken the steps to manifest in this physical dimension. After the ritual sorcerer will backup or reinforce the ritual with actions in the physical world. If it was a love spell he will go out with friends to meet people, exercise and workout to make himself as attractive and healthy as possible, and most importantly dedicate the time required to achieve the goal. All the while, the ritual that was performed days or weeks ago is still resonating and carrying this intention forward.



Follow up

As we’ve already laid out, every successful ritual REQUIRES follow-up. Once the initial execution has been performed and the ball gets rolling the follow-up becomes a matter of stoking the fire and directing the energy. When the initial execution was successful this can be quite an enjoyable and satisfying leg of the ritual however of the physical manifestation you’re attempting to create runs against the grain of current reality then this leg of the ritual is nothing but work.

This is also where conspiracy analysts and occulted analysts like myself sniff out the scumbags responsible.

This is also the portion of the ritual where seemingly normal and even expected actions are taken. Go fund me pages, blood drives, memorials, parades, statues, public honors and recognition, presidential and congressional speeches, and of course the big one NEW LEGISLATION.

9/11 follow-ups – Anthrax attacks. It seems America has forgotten all about the anthrax attacks which eventually got tied back to a U.S. government bioweapons lab and then promptly buried. Terror alert system: Who remembers the color-coded terror alert system cranked out by our government weeks after the attack. Green, Blue, Yellow, & Orange. A color-coded system for dumbed down population. And only four colors so it was easy to understand and people wouldn’t get confused. This is nothing more than Pavlovian training that elementary kids receive for behavior modification and control. It’s also interesting to note that America has been at the orange and yellow (Color Magick) level since that day. This program was relatively successful in keeping Americans in a perpetual state of fear until the mass school shootings were ramped up. Of course, there are all the parades and foundations and scholarships memorials etc. which still rehash and reopened the wound of 9/11 allowing lower vibrational energy to be harvested, both acutely and adding to the general fear-based state of trauma Americans currently live in.

Vegas Shooting – Follow-up obviously saw a major anti-Second Amendment push, however, I don’t think they were ready for the pushback. And quite honestly I don’t think they counted on Trump throwing a monkey wrench into the leadership of the FBI derailing whatever plan they had cooked up in the aftermath of the Vegas sacrifice. October 8, 2017, exactly 7 days after the Vegas attack all the hotels on the strip turned off their marquee lights between 10:05 and 1015 in honor of the people who died in the ritual. A ritual in itself to be sure. A ritual utilizing numbers and once again lower vibrational frequencies. I’d be willing to bet anything there were high priests and sorcerers taking full advantage of this and practicing some pretty god-awful black magic in hotel rooms on location that night. There is also a massive blood drive going on in Vegas during the same time.

It’s amazing when you step back and look at it all. That the things we consider normal and natural course of events have been first structured and institutionalized to the point where they seem normal, and no one stops long enough to ask the questions: why are we doing this? Who is really benefiting? And how much is this costing me?

Media –

The media plays just as an important part in these rituals as the very act of carrying out these rituals themselves. In fact, at this point, I’m convinced that these false flag rituals have been modified and the execution phase is being rolled into the followup leg. This tactic wouldn’t have been possible before the Internet and 24-hour news cycles, but it sure is standard operating procedure now. We’re beginning to see a blending of reality and fiction; victims and actors; ritual and real-life.

This is very sophisticated magic and nearly impossible to defend against if you don’t know when and where the attacks will take place. The only remedy for this is to cut the head off the snake and torch the pit. This is easier said than done when the entire media apparatus has been successfully co-opted and is no longer actively investigating and reporting but instead serving those who are committing the atrocities.

How many times did you see the twin towers fall? How many times have you seen John F. Kennedy shot in the head? How many times have you seen people running in horror and fear for their lives at the concert venue in Las Vegas? Well, in reality, each of these things only happened once, yet if you are subject to television-radio or the Internet you live them hundreds of times.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and fiction. Any image it sees it simply stores away as data and calls upon it regularly to manufacture a base reality construct. YOU ARE LITERALLY BEING PROGRAMMED THROUGH TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES IF YOU CONSUME MAINSTREAM NEWS. The fear and horror apprehension and anxiety produced by these images continue to be reinforced every time you witness the event. Every time there’s a moment of silence. Every time there’s a parade. Every time you visit a memorial. And the media is always there to cover it.

Only today, these very sophisticated algorithms. The color blue is used when they want you to think and be serious, red background for passion and anger. Fast-moving words at the bottom of the screen engage her eyes and rapid eye movement causing a state of anxiety which is necessary for the reprogramming of your noodle.

The media has been a weaponized


We touched on this above but memorials deserve a little extra attention as they are in effect permanent alters. Their places which have been officially sanctioned, set aside, and determined to be a 4 Dimensional location in space and time where humans come to consciously feel a certain way and think certain thoughts.

Memorials are built out with specific architecture, catalysts, and symbolism. They are specifically designed to elicit and harness lower vibrational energies which are conducive and resonate with feelings like anger, hate, anxiety, revenge, etc.

I think it amazingly twisted how memorials are built using taxpayer dollars to facilitate the harnessing of negative base energies and the perpetuation of the atrocities which took place. It is within most State-mandated education curriculums that we bring children to these memorials during school years. Our cities also encourage their visitation through advertising and tourism.

I personally don’t visit memorials. I also make it a point to try and live in the present. Of course, this is not easy to do and like everyone, I fight the urge for nostalgia as well as the preoccupation about worrying about the future.

911 Towers of LIght (Show for 33 days after the attacks)
Las Vegas Sacrifice took place in front of this Pyramid.

Moving Forward

I  thought about making this a three-part piece wherein I go into ritual execution in the last article. But that gets into the actual practice of Magick and I have no desire to teach this. If the reader is seriously interested in this there is no shortage of resources out there. Once again, I will be posting my preferred book list on my resource page here on This is not necessarily because I encourage everyone to practice this art, but rather because for those who are left empty and searching for a meaningful path of real knowledge in this world I feel they should at least be pointed to the right direction. Less they wind up being absorbed into the fanaticism of national sports and Hollywood programming.

One last thing. FOR THE OCCULT COMMUNITY. This community can be a touchy bunch, with hundreds of competing ideas, dogmas, and practices. There is often infighting to such a degree with battles involving curses and such which rage on for years. Battles that rival and put the Bigfoot research community infighting to shame. Let it be said AND UNDERSTOOD, that the information presented here is not necessarily the end all to the topics presented AND that the details may differ from what you may have personally learned or have made a part of your practice. If I have missed the mark in any particular area that you feel crucial, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Other than that, feel free to take what you will and add it to your body of understanding.

Thank you for reading. Be well, and Be Kind.

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Thanks for this two-part article. It gives voice to what I have thus far only been able to feel and know intuitively. We are indeed being played by evil magicians. Also, we are lost in the scope of our diminished capacity to see, let alone understand any of it. This brings me to my question. Apart from applying the understanding your work provides, rendering ourselves capable of refusing to emotionally react in the way they desire, or support the laws and changes they want to forge, how does knowing this help render their magic useless? I am a woman in my sixties who has spent my life on the path of awakening; consciously engaged in personal growth and spiritual awakening since my late twenties. This work is central to my life and where most of my energy has been focused. This is an uncommon path and I feel it would take armies of similarily awakened people to grasp your depth of knowledge and dismantle this kind of organized and focused sorcery. I hope I am wrong and their destructive ways will be ended. Thanks for all you do. I love your youtube videos and have benefitted so much from all you share. You have put a blurry picture into clear focus, my brother.

To answer your question, look at the current situation with Kevin Spacey. The video he released the day before yesterday. That right there was an act of sorcery. He attempted to utilize the energetic work he possesses through his ability to act along with the momentum of his popularity and merged it with the energetic momentum of house of cards through his character in order to help garner support for his upcoming pedophile sexual harassment case in January. Understanding the energetic work. the mechanics. Allows us to recognize what is happening and break the enchantment take a step back and notice the charade for what it is. Allows us to ground back into our own natural energies and not be subject to the addictive intoxicating glitter of those energies.

I appreciate your support on my channel it’s been a hard road to get some viewership and keep it. It was going very well early on but then YouTube censored me with the shadow banning and the algorithms in Google slammed my website down in the algorithms as well so it’s been an uphill battle. One thing I ask is that if anyone finds my work useful or valuable please repost it as that is the most effective way to help out in this war. Thank you again for your support if you’d like me to make a video covering any specific topic feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to get that done. I also got a Patreon page which helps out a little bit. Even those not making a ton of money when it makes a sustainable income I’ll be able to back off from working and start creating a ton of content.

Happy holidays my friend don’t be a stranger.
Cory D

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