It is no secret that factions within the U.S. and global government have and are continuing to perpetrate mass violence and social conditioning psyops designed upon the American people. These are designed to inflict a state of division, hopelessness, and ultimately paralysis among the population as our nation and then the world is morphed into the next phase of economic, social, medical, and psychological reality. 
Whereas psyops have been a fixture within the U.S. govt since its inception, it has only recently turned upon the American people. And furthermore, it has only been since the development of more recent medical and technological advancements that this dark hand has pulled out all the stops and moved forward with brazen intensity. It is no secret that not only the CIA, but FBI, DIA, and all military branches have liaisons within Hollywood and have for years. On this site, you will find entire articles devoted to this very topic. 
Here is a shortlist of videos that show the progression of the evolution of the entertainment wing Deep State production company

The 911 False Flag Attack   

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I believe it goes without saying at this point that the majority of not only America but the world understand that the September 11, 2001 attacks were not only carried out by joint, U.S., Saudi, & Israeli parties but that it was a fundamental turning point for Western civilization.  What most people fail to realize however are the occulted aspects of this event that underpin the entire operation/ritual. YES, the September 11th attacks were ritualistic in both design and nature and the vibrational effects are still being felt in our world today.  

Whereas the entire event from beginning to end was an elaborate ritual, this was the first official ceremony/ritual in the wake of the attack



(Click here for full De-Occulting of the Pulse Nightclub shooting)


In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting the Orlando Sheriffs’ office put out this video


Which gave rise to these


And the Corrections Department?


Must have been a huge allotment of govt cash for this psyop. Seems they had so much they had to truck all the way down to the library and get them in on it too. 



(Click here for full De-Occulting of the Las Vegas Shooting)
The Las Vegas Shooting which took place on Oct 1, 2017, was one of the greatest lies to ever be deployed on the American people. More of a cover-up than a false flag really, the actions of the FBI were actually a response to an organic Saudi-led terrorist attack on American soil in retaliation for covert U.S. forced regime change in Saudi Arabia. Still, the methods employed in the aftermath of the shooting were taken right out of the American social conditioning intelligence playbook.
Although the attack was perpetrated on conservative Americans at a country music festival and it struck a core nerve with most Americas, the Feds were quick to bury the story to the best of their ability. While wet works teams cleaned up (killed) any survivors coming forward publicly about multiple shooters, the mainstream media covered the story in a wet blanket. What was fodder for a year’s worth of tabloid material was buried so quickly even the normies took notice.
This is when the intel agency’s “production” team moved in and applied the formula.  


Step 1 – Venerate the heroes


Step 2 – Roll out the children


Step 3 – Write a country song about construction workers, single moms, bars, patriotism, and God.





(Click here for full De-Occulting of the Parkland Highschool Shooting Sacrifice) 

While not a dance video, this little gem of psyop production was a successful attempt at producing a community-based movement that could then be politically weaponized and steered into anti 2nd amendment propaganda.  The government has always used children when politically expedient as it is a healthy instinct to protect children and will usually get people emotionally engaged. The keyword here is “emotionally” not “logically”. 


This piece shows you how nearly EVERYTHING can and will be used to further the LGBT community or the RACISM/ANTI-WHITE agenda.  Check out the shirt of the girl being interviewed. It says “DISARM HATE” Only the “Disarm” is written in the LGBT rainbow. This girl was just one of the many students that were turned into underage government agents of disarmament propaganda. David Hogg is the other angry demon-faced one who comes to mind. Yet, the same David Hogg whose father worked for the FBI. Pay attention at the 8:00 min mark. 


Que the anti-gun agenda



(Click here for full De-Occulting of the Coronavirus)

And of course, the event, the phenomenon, the most bizarre worldwide spectacle of them all. The dancing COVID doctors and nurses. Cringy and bizarre by any standards, this psyop flew juxtaposed into the faces of a global population who had been imprisoned in their homes and were still in shock from the 24/7 eugenics propaganda being pumped into their living rooms and minds by an elite group hellbent on reducing the population through government-funded weaponized virology labs.   


More doctors and nurses so busy saving the lives of COVID patients in overflowing hospitals that they all have the time and energy to make dance videos. Hummm. Who the hell buys this shit?


And the MSM right on que.


This has to be real as it just smacks of frigid communist PR campaigns


Even the Iranians are getting in on the plandemic. Wait aren’t they enemies?


And my favorite



Seeing that the COVID-19 propaganda worked so well they decided to continue the operation into the lockdown phase


Governments had to show the citizenry that their feelings of mistrust, anger and rage were misplaced and that their neighbors understood why they were all imprisoned in their homes for a year. 


Que the celebs


“I’m just a bill” worked so well in the 70’s someone decided to do a remake.


The imagery in this little piece of propaganda actually goes against what the CDC and science has shown to be true about getting the vaccine. Still that didn’t stop them from making it.