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I’d like to start this article with some personal words. The information contained within this article is that of a metaphysical or indeed occulted nature and is not meant to take away from, trivialize, or minimize the reality of what happened to Isaac Kappy. The point of this article is not an attempt to turn anything into a circus or inject mis or disinformation. And as a researcher, I understand that nothing contained herein would be admissible in court. Nor is this information presented with the intent to hurt any surviving friends or family of Isaac Kappy. 

My website, work, and channel are based primarily on occulted knowledge and how and where it intersects with the underpinnings of our civilization including, government, media, entertainment, education, economics, politics, etc. Here we deal with false flag events, mass shootings, high profile murders/deaths, as well as numerology, religion, ancient sequestered knowledge, and so forth.

I dove into the Isaac Kappy investigation upon the request of several of Isaac’s friends following a video I did about driving past the scene of the event on the morning of May 13th, 2019. I did my absolute best to conduct a real and honest investigation including, acquiring all available official records and evidence, interviewing Isaac’s friends, interviewing the witnesses who were at the scene the day of Isaac’s death, photographing and documenting evidence at the location before it was destroyed, acquiring Isaac’s last bank records, interviewing everyone Isaac spoke with his final days, constructing several timelines, acquiring the 911 call records, etc, etc…

As I’ve stated, I conducted a tangible, transparent, and fact-based investigation, making sure to separate any metaphysical, occult, or supernatural leanings or rabbit holes. I can tell you, this wasn’t easy, as at the time of his death Isaac was involved in the Qanon movement attempting to expose pedophilia, child trafficking, Epstein, satanic sacrifice, etc. Topics that overlay regularly with the occult and metaphysics. I wish to say I remained objective the entire time, but I know I was not. Especially near the beginning. Between the many personal attacks on myself by online disinformation and chaos agents, and the highly emotional nature of the subject matter surrounding Issac, including speaking with his surviving friends who loved him very much, it was an extremely volatile ride. Still, I did my absolute best, taking nearly 6 months off of work to complete it. And if I had a chance to do it all over, I’d definitely do a few things differently.

This being said, there is a component to this investigation that I can not and will not ignore; the metaphysical component. And that is what this article entails. The following information is presented to demonstrate the numerological and ritualistic foreshadowing present in Isaac’s acting roles as they relate, for whatever reason, to his death. I do not present this information in any way to cheapen or make a circus out of Isaac’s life or death. Nor is it presented to profit off of. I presented this information on a live broadcast on the evening of August 5th, 2021 beginning around 7:30 Arizona time on six platforms. Like all the other information pertaining to Isaac I’ve disclosed over the past few years I did so free of charge, with no solicitations whatsoever. Please note that all the pages on my website dealing with Isaac Kappy have been demonetized. 

I truly believe there to be a metaphysical/occulted component to Isaac’s death and the information that follows isn’t the first time I’ve come across it. There is an entire section of the Isaac Kappy Mind Map devoted to this aspect of the investigation. For Isaac’s surviving family and friends, please know that I present the information with the utmost respect. Through our past conversations I know where many of you have settled your final beliefs as to what happened to Isaac, but please know that tens of thousands of others have not. With this, I present the following.

Buckle Up!!!

At this point, I shall not attempt to make this a stand-alone piece, in regards to the background information of Isaac Kappy. If the reader wishes to know who Isaac Kappy was, his life, goals, & mission please see the Isaac Kappy Mind Map, which I have spent nearly 2 years building. It is a complete and transparent presentation of the investigation myself and others conducted in the wake of Isaac Kappy’s untimely death in Bellemont, AZ on May 13th, 2019. At the time of his death, Isaac was terrified that people were out to kill him and was on his way to Albuquerque, NM to see his parents and perhaps hide out for a little bit. Up to that point, and for nearly 2 years prior to his death, he was extremely outspoken about specific persons in Hollywood whom he swore were engaged in organized pedophilia and child trafficking, several of whom were his close friends Seth Green and Green’s partner Clair. Others he named included Tom Hanks, Stephen Speilberg, James Gunn, and dozens more. 

How could a guy from Albuquerque, NM know so much about the dark underbelly of Hollywood you may ask? Well, Isaac was an actor/singer/songwriter and had spent nearly 10 years acting various minor parts in several Hollywood movies, TV shows, and local Albuquerque, NM film projects including, Terminator Salvation Thor, Breaking Bad, Time Cougars, Beer Fest, The Night Shift, Klown Kamp Massacre, Lemonade Mouth and more.

During my investigation I obtained official records, contacted and spoke with many of Isaac’s friends and family, visited the location of his death several times, spoke with and interviewed 4 of the 6 witnesses in the official report, contacted all official agencies involved in the official state investigation including the Coconino County Sheriffs dept, AZDPS, Medical examiners office, etc, as well as the towing company that towed his car, the hotel he checked into the night before his death, and interviewed several locals in Bellemont who had a different story than the official version. At no time did I ever think to go back through Isaac’s filmography though. There never seemed a reason to do so, not even when I was de-occulting the numerology surrounding his death.

HOWEVER, while rewatching the Breaking Bad series with Alicia, Isaac’s scene eventually came up, S2 E1. Isaac plays a random guy in jail screaming for his phone call. This is when a few things caught my attention and I realized some chilling connections and numerology. I’m not ready to say there is a grand conspiracy involving the writers/directors/producers of the Breaking Bad series or its offshoot shows as there is no proof of anything of the sort. I am willing to say that there is quite a bit of symbolism, narrative similitude, and parallel subtext, however.  What does this mean? I do not know. The possibilities and my theories follow the article.  

Isaac Kappy in Breaking Bad

Isaac appeared in Breaking Bad S2E1 titled “Seven Thirty-Seven” 

He had an extremely short scene wherein his lines consisted of the following – 

Hey Hey, Where’s my phone call man? Owwww


OK, So nothing earth-shattering in and of itself, However, There is some serious occulted subtext here.

For starters, the building portrayed in the above scene is actually the Simms Building located at 400 Gold Ave. SW Albuquerque, NM. 

But it was the windows that caught my attention. 

So we got 300 windows, and if you look below 13 floors

13 Floors + 300 windows (Cancel the zeros) =

“133” The High Signature

(Please see here for the full #133 “The High Signature” article )

Keep in mind that this building is shown seconds before Isaac’s one and only scene in the entire Breaking Bad series. So in essence, what you have is 

“133” The High Signature” = Isaac Kappy

Isaac died on May 13 which is the 133rd day of the year



Now. The scene immediately prior to this one is the scene where Hank and Marie are having a conversation in front of their house. During this conversation, a neighbor boy is playing with a red remote control car in the street. At a point during Hank and Marie’s exchange, you can hear the boy yell “Lookout” just before his car almost crashes into Marie’s foot. The boy says “Sorry Mr. Schrader.” and Hank picks up the car/truck turns it around and sets it back down so the boy can drive it off. A few moments later Marie purposefully runs over the red car/truck and we see it smashed to bits on the asphalt. 

Here is a photo of the truck that ran over Isaac Kappy. This picture was obtained from the AZDPS evidence bin


The address of the boy with the remote control toy was 4904


4+9+0+4 = 17

I don’t think I need to tell my readers again that 17 = Q  and that Isaac was a true believer in the Q movement.

This episode is titled “Seven Thirty-Seven” 

7+3+7 = 17

Better Call Saul (Switch)

While Isaac Kappy played a 5-second role in Breaking Bad he WAS NOT in the spin-off series “Better Call Saul.” Still, I believe there to be a very real, occulted, and significant connection between these two as it relates to Isaac Kappy and what may have happened to him.

Each season of Better Call Saul opens with a flash-forward segment of Saul managing a Cinnabon in Omaha, Nebraska in the future. These insets are all shot in black and white. Followers of the Breaking Bad series will know that this stems from a scene in the Breaking Bad episode “Granite Slate” where during a conversation Saul tells Walter “If I’m lucky, a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” 

As shown above, Isaac appeared in S2E1 of breaking bad. And as noted before, each season of BCS opens with a black and white shot flash-forward of Saul Goodman. Whereas these insets are used to tell the viewer what eventually happens to Saul and they follow his mundane life as a Cinnabon manager, there is one flash-forward that foreshadows Isaac Kappy’s death in extremely precise detail. Whereas Isaac doesn’t appear in Better Call Saul at any point if we go to S2E1 of this series (the same Season and Episode in which Isaac appeared in Breaking Bad) we see something very interesting.


The scene starts out with “Gene” Saul Goodman’s new name, closing down the Cinnabon for the night. While taking out the trash he accidentally locks himself in the mall’s dumpster room. Here, he contemplates using the emergency exit to get out but realizes that there is an alarm on the door that would notify the police. So he decides to sit and wait to be let out by the mall janitor, who will eventually come to throw out the mall trash. During this time Saul sits on a milk crate in front of a graffitied concrete wall and waits. While waiting he finds a screw on the floor. A few hours pass and the janitor finally shows up and Saul gets up and leaves. It’s at this point that the camera zooms in close to where Saul was sitting and we see that Saul has scratched “S.G. was here” into the wall. The episode then cuts to the show intro.

Whereas this scene was used to allow the viewer insight into the mind of Saul and relay that even though he has changed his name to Gene he still thinks of himself as Saul Goodman and not James Mcgill (which happens to be Saul’s real name in the series) anyone who is overly familiar with the events surrounding the death of Isaac Kappy will see many hidden foreshadowings of Isaac’s death in Bellemont, AZ. 



Direct Relational Numerology

First things first. Isaac appeared for his one and only Breaking Bad scene in Season 2 Episode 1. The Occulted messaging detailed below also occurs in the black and white flash-forward of Season 2 Episode 1 of Better Call Saul. Whereas there will be 6 of these black and white flash-forwards before the end of the series, this is the only one I have found any occulted messaging relating to Isaac Kappy or Bellemont. There are also many other relating numerological correlations in the next section following this one.

Name of Episode “Switch”

Secondly, the title of the episode is called “Switch.” If one reads the Wiki on this, you will learn that it is a nod to a switch in Saul’s new office in Santa Fe. During Saul’s first day in his office, he finds a switch taped in the on position with a note reading “Always Leave ON, Do NOT turn OFF.” Saul then turns it off in a show of asserting his freedom and independence. It is no secret that many people have thought from the beginning and still believe that Isaac is in witness protection. I personally do not believe this, but many do. I have to admit, that the title of this episode does lend credence to this theory, however, I believe there is another explanation for this. (See the end of the article for my personal thoughts on this.)


OK… Here we go.

The first thing which caught my attention, of course, was the direct numerological connection between Isaac Kappy’s BB episode appearance and the BCS scene. This was the S2E1 correlation. Once I noticed this in conjunction with the strange scene where Saul is trapped in the dumpster room I looked a bit deeper into the obviously manufactured graffiti on the wall behind Saul. If there was ever a perfect place to inlay occulted messaging into a film it would be a graffitied wall as it provides every artistic license one could ever hope for. This is what caught my eye first.

Notice the name “MORIAH” written across the other image

Who or what is Moriah you may ask? Moriah is the name given to a mountainous region in the Book of Genesis, which is the setting for the would-be location of the SACRIFICE OF ISAAC. However, at the last second, an angel appears to Abraham and instructs him not to sacrifice Isaac and provides a ram instead.

Genesis 22:1-19

22 And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am.

And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.

“MORIAH” is written level with Saul’s head in the shot, as to identify him with this place.


The image in which the name MORIAH is scrawled across would probably seem like random scrawling unless one knew the location of where Isaac Kappy died AND was familiar with Arizona.



Again, Genesis 22:2 reads

And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.

But what is the land of Moriah?

Could it be, Camp Navajo Army Base, the largest military base in the state of Arizona? The base is located in Bellemont Arizona. 

This is truly astounding.

Here is a rough outline of the Camp Navajo Army Base

(FYI… The outline of the base below is roughly 6 miles across)

Camp Navajo is a munitions storage and regional training site operated by the Arizona Army National Guard. Units located on base include:

  • HHC, Camp Navajo
  • 362nd Ordnance Company (EOD)
  • 819th Engineer Company (Sapper)
  • 856th Military Police Company
  • 1404 Transportation Company
  • 194th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting Team)

Camp Navajo is also an active munitions storage site, supporting numerous civilian and military customers. The camp is an inspectable site under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). It is also reputed to a DUMB or a Deep Underground Military Base. I wrote an article about it 4 years ago, you can read it here. Little did I know at the time that future events would coincide directly with Bellemont, AZ, and Isaac Kappy. 

I would like to state at this time that during my investigation of the events surrounding the death of Isaac Kappy it occurred to myself as well as a number of others that Isaac died on the highway directly in front of Camp Navajo. In fact, the place Isaac was standing just before “forcing himself off the bridge” is the actual road into the base. Isaac said several times in Periscope videos as well as in private to others that he was in contact with Trump in DC. In fact, he apologized for betraying Trump, Q, and the patriot community.  It not only makes sense but is quite probable that this military base was in some way foundational in Isaac’s death. My thought is that it was the base of operation for whatever happened to Isaac. 

The Homeless man

Enter “The Homeless Man.” During my investigation, I spoke with many residents of Bellemont who told me personally that the man who “committed suicide” that day was in fact “The Homeless Man.” Apparently, there had been a homeless man living in the woods behind the Pilot station from mid-February until 16 hours before Isaac showed up in Bellemont at 1 am on May 13th. After being shown a photo of Isaac, all the witnesses I interviewed claimed that that was the man who committed suicide. I even interviewed a girl who worked at the Pilot station who said she told the DPS officers about him. After the incident, when the officers came to notify the truck stop that they were going to be shutting down the road for a few hours, she told the officer that she knew the man who jumped as he’d been living behind the station. The officials never came back to speak with her. They had an eyewitness who gave a different account than the one the other witnesses gave and they ignored her completely. Nor did the officers pull and video from the Pilot station.

What is the possibility that a man who looks EXACTLY like Isaac is hanging out at the exact location Isaac dies from February until 16 hours before his arrival, in front of a military base on the only route between Isaac’s hideout residence and that of his parents home where he grew up? And furthermore, what are the chances that his car blows a tire and leaves him stranded in at this exact location where he just so happens to call his mother and tell her he’ll be late before “forcing himself off a bridge” the next morning? 

I hold that the homeless man was an agent of some kind. Most likely dispatched from the base. That there was a plan in place that went south for some reason. I hold that whatever happened to Isaac wasn’t the original plan or at least not the plan that Isaac had been told if in fact Isaac was knowingly involved with those who ended up killing him.  

Other Graffiti

Take a look at some of the other graffiti. Much of it ties to Isaac Kappy.

“Wink”  “dont TRUST ME”  “RISK”  “NIX”  “GS4”  “cRAZY”


Although I’m not a holder of the theory that Isaac is in witness protection and that this is all a ruse, much of the graffiti seems as if it could point to exactly this.  

“cRAZY” – Look at where the word “cRAZY” is written. It is scribed in the exact spot where Saul was sitting. If you’re a fan of either BB or BCS you’d know that the word “cRAZY” doesn’t describe Saul at all and that there is no way it could be a reference to him. I believe it to be an extended reference to Isaac. TMZ most certainly tried to make Isaac out to be crazy, as did numerous online social media enemies from California, and Nevada to West Palm Beach FL. The primary goal of this counter-intel online operation was to paint Isaac as a crazy, drug-addicted, failed Hollywood washout.   

“Wink” – As if saying, it’s all a joke. For those who hold the opinion that Isaac is in witness protection, this could be proof. 

“don’t TRUST ME” – Look above to the word “don’t TRUST ME”.  The word “don’t” is not in caps, while the words “trust me” are capitalized. It is a direct contradiction. Something a crazy person might say even. 

“NIX” – Meaning to destroy, delete, kill, or otherwise remove.

“RISK” – Self explanatory. Isaac was involved in a risky game of outing pedos in both Hollywood and DC. 

“GS4” – Taken directly, GS4 is a Federal pay scale level. (Note that the hourly rate of pay in 2021 is $13.03 an hour or #133), however, keep in mind that his wage is that of 2021 and not 2019 when Isaac died. Was Isaac secretly a government employee? Many say yes. And depending on one’s definition of employee, I don’t necessarily agree with this. Could Isaac have been working for a psyop or black ops program, perhaps even without his knowledge? Absolutely. But would have put him on the official pay scale? No. The fact is, Isaac died nearly penniless, with only a couple thousand dollars in his account. 


Could it be a reversal of G4S? The infamous global private security contract company? The pulse nightclub shooter was a G4S employee. This will make more sense when we get to the next section and see a piece of graffiti entirely transposed.

“WTZ243” Graffiti Panel

I looked at this still shot for a while knowing that something may be here before it occurred to me that all the pieces were here, just transposed. To be transparent, I’m not sure what the top character is. It’s not exactly a Z, nor is it an N. Perhaps just a symbol, a lighting bolt maybe. I’m not sure. The closest I can make of it is the Z’s used for showing someone snoring while sleeping in cartoons.  This interpretation does make sense when you see what follows.

However, the following 6 characters are broken up into 3 letters and 3 numbers OR “33”.  We’ll take the letters first. 

WTZ – While going over all the possible names that could fit these letters, the word “Transwestern” kept coming up again and again. The only problem was that the letters weren’t in the order that one would pronounce them the “W” would come after the “Z” phonetically. Like this “TranZWestern”. The Transwestern Bridge is the bridge that Isaac fell or was forced off of before being struck by Forest Scott Proctor in his red F150.  Now this may seem like a stretch, and I admit, it may be but check this out.

243 – The numbers 243 follow next.  This number is one reversal of the room number “234” that Isaac stayed in the night he arrived in Bellemont, AZ. 

The detached lazy Z’s coupled with the reversed Transwesten Bridge as well as the reversed room number does seem to adhere to a cohesive coding system. I’m not saying this is a fact. Like reading petroglyphs, it is always left up to interpretation, speculation, and guesswork as factual evidence is not available. If this was all a code, I believe it to be, without a whistleblower of confession from someone there will never be anyway to know. This is simply one de-occultists opinion on this matter as the “Z” or sleeping coupled with the “Transwestern brided” or location coupled with the “234” room number where Isaac slept all follow an extremely cohesive theme. 


Coded “Bellemont” Graffiti

A number of the other graffiti marks are occulting the word/location “Bellemont” in them, this is of course the location of Isaac’s death. 

First, there is the above “MORIAH” map that clearly lays out the town of Bellemont –


Lou Dog was the name of the Sublime lead singer Brad Nowell’s dog. Lyrics about Lou Dog can be found throughout the band’s songs. Brad Nowell grew up in, you guessed it Belmont Shore, Long Beach California.


“TBK” is a well-known slang for Taco Burrito King.

TBK has a location on Belmont Ave. 

Spanish Connection Grafitti

There are two graffiti scribblings that point to Spain. I wouldn’t mention this other than for the persistent theory that this entire event was a staged event and that Isaac is really in witness protection somewhere. I have to admit that this is a bit strange,  but as I’ve stated, I have a theory about this.


Taranilla is a small village in the northern Basque region of Spain. It seems to be a popular destination for bed and breakfasts and vacations.


The Reaper Panel

This is the graffiti that is closest to the door where Saul entered from. It too has a number of leading graffiti markings on it. 

“Ruze” – Whereas ruze isn’t a recognized word in and dictionary it is a play of the word “Ruse”. Meaning to trick, stratagem, or artifice. If either Isaac engaged in a ruse to fake his death or he was tricked into a plot wherein he was killed thinking another outcome was going to occur, the word “ruse/ruze” would surely apply.


“EPPLE” – Aside from being a product line for sealing, bonding, and adhesives, EPPLE has a modern/urban dictionary meaning as well. It means “Internet health food.”

The “PRIME” Reaper – Aside from appearing like it was drawn by the same hand as the one who did the “Moriah” tag, this one literally has Isaac Kappy’s signature right on it. Note the numbers written directly below the word “Prime”. We can’t make out the letters, but the numbers are 217. Isaac’s birthday was February 17, 1977. 

This tag is literally what appears to be a reaper coming for a prime target who is numbered 217. This is too much, and in light of everything else, can’t be a coincidence. 


The Unfinished Note on the Emergency Door

I honestly don’t know what to make of this. The camera stops on it long enough to make the impression on the viewer that it is significant, however, the last letter is torn off the instruction notice and even if it was complete it wouldn’t be a complete sentence and would be incorrect grammar missing punctuation, a comma after “must” maybe. There is obviously another notice which has been ripped down.  Again, I don’t know what to make of this.

The “Hangman” or “Bridge” tag

Another one I don’t know what to make of. A few observations.

  1. It looks to be that of a foot hanging from a bridge. 
  2. It sort of looks like it could be an overpass. 
  3. It is the only tag wherein someone used a straight edge
  4. One can read what looks to be “Big Fut” and then “UF” below it. 
  5. It looks like it could be a measuring scale.
  6. There is geometry involved. Among other things, the “G” in the Freemason’s symbol stands for geometry. 

Other than this I don’t know what to make of it, but it was put into this shot for a reason as the camera fixes on it for a couple of seconds.

The Clocks

Of course, whenever there are clocks or times shown in a movie, there is ritual involved. And this is no exception. I actually looked at this for a week before it hit me and I don’t know why I didn’t see it before as it is so obvious.

The first clock is shown as Saul is entering the dumpster room. (about to be trapped)

The second clock is shown as the janitor is entering the dumpster room. (about to release Saul)

I believe it is obvious to everyone at this point that whatever happened to Isaac Kappy was nefarious. Isaac did say publically as well as to several friends both in person and in public that people were coming for him for what he’d done and they were going to rip him limb from limb. He truly believed this and was scared out of his mind at the time of his death. My conversations with several of the people he spoke with between Apple Valley, CA, and Bellemont, AZ confirmed it.

Further Proof that the Writers linked Isaac Kappy’s Breaking Bad S2E1 appearance with Better Call Saul S2E1 Occulted reference to Isaac’s upcoming event/death.   

The writers of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul did something special with the episode titles in both BB-S2E1 in which Isaac appeared and the corresponding BCS-S2E1 in which the occulted graffiti appears. AND ONLY THESE TWO SEASONS. In BB-S2E1 they hid the grand finale in the actual episode titles. For those of you who’ve seen the series, you’ll know that in S2E13 (the final episode of the season) two planes collide over Albuquerque (ABQ), one of them a 737. This is coded in the episode titles.

Breaking Bad S2E1

Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over “ABQ”

From Breaking bad fandom.com we read the following


Side Note – Seven Thirty-Seven is the only season premiere episode that Vince Gilligan didn’t write. It was written and directed instead by Breaking Bad’s main character Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter White.

Better Call Saul S2E1

In S2E1 of Better Call Saul, the writers used each of the first letters of the episode titles to spell out the return of Gus Fring at the end of episode 10 (the last episode of the season.) 

The Letters are S, C, A, G, R, B, I, F, N, K

Unscrambled they form two words

“Fring’s Back”

Gus Fring is the character played by Giancarlo Esposito. The Pollos Hermanos kingpin/drug dealer



From an article titled Better Call Saul Creators Didn’t Expect You to Solve Their Gus Fring Puzzle”

Note that these are the only two seasons where the writers of both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul embedded within the episode titles occulted messages foretelling future events in the series. These are also the two episodes that tie Isaac Kappy and the occulted material related to his death together. 

Only Black & White Segments

The above red-boxed episode titles are also the only episodes to be opened with a black and white teaser before the intro for the entire season. Each of these teasers, in part, foreshadows the upcoming 737 plane crash in episode 13. These teasers along with the extended teasers at the beginning of each of the season premiere episodes of Better Call Saul including the S2E1 are the only times black and white was used in the series franchise.  This can’t simply be another coincidence?

Where else do we see Black & White in a ritualistic context

 – Masonic Temples –

The Chessboard consists of 64 squares alternately black and white and symbolizes the floor of the House of the Mysteries. Upon this field of existence or thought, move a number of strangely carved figures, each according to fixed law. The white king is Ormuzd; the black king, Ahriman; and upon the plains of the Cosmos the great war between Light and Darkness is fought through all the ages.  – Manly P. Hall

Saul’s $700.00 Check Scene

In BCS-S1E1, titled “Uno”,  there is an interesting scene wherein the month and day of Isaac’s death appear on a court paycheck Saul receives for defending 3 kids after breaking into a mortuary and mutilating a dead body. 

The above check bares the date 05/13/2002, Isaac Kappy died 05/13/2019
Exactly 17 years from the date. 17 = Q

Isaac was a huge believer in Q

The check occurs at exactly the 12:21 mark with 28:28 minutes in the show remaining

12:21 = 3:3 = 33

33 is the number of the hand of the Scottish Rite Masons. 

28:28 = 10:10 = 1:1 = 11

This check is being presented at the 12:21 mark in the S1E1 or 33@11
Within the number #3311, we have both The High Signature #133 and the number #113 the number of Deception

4+6+7+8+1+1+1+5 = 33

Saul’s character bridges Isaac with impending death again

The address on the check “160 Juan Tabo NE” is the address of Saul Goodman. If you remember back to Breaking Bad, Walter White’s assistant Gale Boetticher lived at “6353 Juan Tabo NE.” This is the location where Jesse Pinkman murders him in cold blood. The date on the check connects Isaac to Saul, Juan Tabo ave connects Saul to the murdered Gale. 

The exact same associative device/formula that connects Saul Goodman with that of Isaac in BCS-S2E1 when in the dumpster room, is used in this paycheck to connect Isaac with the murder of Gale.

And then there is this (Exact numerical resonance)


Isaac Kappy’s role in “Night Shift”

Isaac’s second to last acting role was in a 2016 show called “Night Shift”, where he played a rather significant role. Certainly, more of a role than he played in Breaking Bad, Terminator Salvation, or Thor. The only problem here is that this is in part 



What are the odds that the second to last role Isaac played he played a man who lied and pretended he fell off a building with “no railing” for opiate drugs? Of all the roles Isaac could have played and all the way there are to die, he chose to play this role, and then in real life (according to the official narrative) he falls off a bridge and then gets ran over by a truck. 

Here are stills from his role in Night Shift

Here is a still shot from an officer’s body cam from the scene in Bellemont



And then there is this


The License Plate on the Ambulance Reads

LKH – 12U

Just like the clock above, the license plate on the ambulance that responds to Isaac’s character falling off the roof with no railing reads

L= 2 K=3 H= 6 —— 1 +2 + U= 6
2 + 3 + 6 = 11- 9 = 1 + 2+ 6 
11 – 9 

Isaac Kappy’s initials

What are the odds that Isaac Kappy’s initials are encoded through Gematria on the license plate of the ambulance that is responding to him after his character allegedly falls off a building that has no railing when Isaac (according to the official report & witnesses) fell from an overpass roughly the same height?

Isaac Kappy’s Role on “Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack”

Isaac Kappy’s last official IMDb TV/Movie role

If one reads Isaac Kappy’s IMDB page they will learn that Isaac’s last TV role was on the Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack TV Show in 2016. S1E4 titled “Love, Life, and Outer Space”. 

If one reads the IMDb page on this episode of Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack they will see Isaac Kappy’s name of the top of the cast.

However, when you watch this episode you won’t see Isaac Kappy’s face anywhere. You will however see someone who appears to be Isaac leaning against the driver’s side front of a truck with his head buried in his arms.  What is more alarming than this however is the dialogue just before and after Isaac’s 5-second line-free, movement-free, acting-free scene. 

Drunk Guy – “We’re having a good time. No one’s been born born, no one’s died but hell we’re having a good time here.”

Isaac Kappy – Face in arms on the front of a truck

Drunk Voice – “Hey he got his face kicked in hard.”

Here is the full segment of which Isaac appears, see if you can spot him.



Here is the part, isolated

Why is Isaac billed at the top of the cast for this episode of this show? Why isn’t Alec Baldwin listed at all? WTAH? Why is Isaac listed as all when he doesn’t have any speaking of moving role when you don’t even see his face? 
So Isaac’s last role on TV ever is that of a man whose face you don’t see leaning against the front of a large truck similar to the one that hit him and on the same side of the truck no less. While hearing in the background someone saying “Hey, he got his face kicked in hard.” and just prior to this last role he plays a man laying on the asphalt who is lying about falling from a building that had no rail and then gets up and walks away?   
Couple this with all the coding and gematria in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and you have what appears to be a real-life conspiracy of epic proportions spanning at least 12 years.
I can see how some would still believe Isaac to be alive after seeing this. I have another theory at this time.


I believe that towards the end of his life, Isaac was involved in some extremely deep and dangerous political games. I know for a fact that he was approached by some extremely shady characters. I believe Isaac was being run in circles by 1st, and 2nd tier intelligence operatives while being fed both information and disinformation. I believe that if Isaac wasn’t approached before he came out publically about Seth and Clair that he was telling the truth as he knew it and the Hollywood Deepstate machine circled the wagons and eventually took Isaac out.

Some people have said that Isaac was playing a role from the beginning as an operative himself and part of something much bigger. I don’t necessarily believe this. However, like so many others involved in social media, many of them have been and are currently being used by intelligence agencies oftentimes without their own knowledge. Could Isaac have been an unknown middleman for the dissemination of disinformation? He certainly was passionate and charismatic. Exactly the kind of person intel operatives looks for. 

There is the very real albeit slim possibility that after Isaac’s last 2016 role on Dratch’s show, he began “acting for real.” That he got sucked into a real-life game of taking Hollywood into the field if you will. It wouldn’t be the first time an actor was involved with intelligence operations. History is thick with this repeating story. And who knows, maybe he was going to come clean. Maybe was going to blow the lid off of everything. It wasn’t only a few months after Isaac died that COVID19 hit and the world locked down. Epstein got arrested and then didn’t commit suicide. That the governments of the world began trying to force us to take a life-ending vaccination that WILL destroy one’s immune system. His last official acting gig was at the beginning of Trump’s administration. 

We all saw the dancing doctors and nurses. We saw the network TV studios degrade into garbage content as the glitter fell away. And we saw all those actors and actresses without their makeup, writers, and editors. So what did all those actors and actresses do anyway? We know they’ve been involved with false flag operations for decades now. From crisis actors and actresses to fake victims and testimony… From the Boston Bombing to the Nayirah testimony that propelled into the Gulf War. 

I toy with a theory, at this time, that Isaac could have been involved in something like this, or at least for a while. If so he was obviously deployed to the realm of social media to stir things up. I could be completely off base here as well, but whatever he was into I believe that he was made to believe something other than what eventually took place that culminated in his death. Whatever Isaac was going through it certainly involved voice to skull attacks and he was legitimately in fear for his life in his final week.

Could it be that someone planned Isaac’s official death and took parts from his movie and TV roles? Could it be that even Isaac himself helped to write it all out thinking he really was going into witness protection? 

I suppose anything is possible as Isaac didn’t leave much in the way of concrete answers for anyone in the end. In fact, he left quite the opposite. A self-loathing letter along with a vague and cryptic final periscope stream.

The other option is that there could be a true spiritual experience/connection going on here. Forces at work that have embedded themselves on multiple levels that all support one another and come to a cohesive conclusion. Like one of Einstein’s magnificent math problems. I’m not exactly sure exactly and I feel I’m beginning to wax philosophical.

But for now, these are my thoughts. Thank you for reading. 

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