The Las Vegas (SACRIFICE) Islam’s day of Ashura bloodletting

If I were to say Pyramid, sacrifice, equatorial moon phase, a religious day of sacrifice, sacred numbers, and the drinking of adrenalized blood drinking; you may think Aztec sacrifices atop ancient pyramids. However, I’m actually speaking of the Route 91 Harvest Festival.
The Las Vegas Shooting was among other things, an elaborately timed event, syncing up with moon phase, equinox, dates and time, and the Islamic day of Ashura (the 10th day of Muharram). BLOODLETTING.
Interwoven with this Islamic day of sacrifice are numbers embedded into the event and history upon with this sacrifice was carried out. The Route 91 Harvest Festival was, from beginning to end the most elaborately planned and carried out false flag event in human history. The level of attention, to times, dates, theme, location, and post-cover-up narrative scripting is without a doubt the work of something up until now never seen before.
In this video, we also examine current anti-aging science funded by the elites in an attempt to stave off old age and death, as well as the request for blood donations following the aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting.