TIMELINE (2018-2019)

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– July 22, 2018 -Isaac first tweeted about Seth Green accusing him of being a pedophile

– July 23, 2018 – Isaac Kappy drops the dime on Seth Green on periscope and Instagram livestreams.

-July 23, 2018 -Thomas Schoenberger gets in contact with Isaac via Twitter

-July 24, 2018 – Nathan Stolpman of Lift The Veil first mentions Isaac Kappy. His initial impression is that Kappy is “high as a kite” Nathan doesn’t seem to take him seriously.

– July 30th Isaac appears on Lift the Veil with Nathan Stolpman.

-August 1, 2018 – Isaac goes on Alex Jone’s, Info wars and talks about Seth Green and Clare Grant.

August 2, 2018 – Media Matters publishes a list of the right-wing amplifiers of the QAnon conspiracy theory hit list which includes LTV and Alex Jones (#1 on the list) among many others. Most of which revolved around the Q phenomenon in addition it also mentions Pizzagate. While Lift The Veil did cover Q at times it was clear that he thought Q was fake yet Media Matters still labeled him as an alt-right influencer.

-Isaac became connected to Vegan Mikey around this time.

-Deep-state Kate became acquainted with Isaac early August

-At this time Isaac was couch-crashing, staying with some friends he had in Hollywood

-Michelle introduced herself to Isaac via Twitter in August and offered a place for him to stay. Isaac moved his stuff to her house in Apple Valley (late August/Early September)

-Isaac connects with Fiona sometime around August

-August 3, 2018 – Lift the Veil discusses Media Matters labeling him as an alt-right influencer on his show. 

-August 4 or 5, 2018 – Lift the Veil interviews, Michael Whalen, about his experience with voodoo doughnuts owners involving child trafficking. The initial video has since been removed from youtube. 

-August 5, 2018 – Alex Jones/infowars gets de-platformed from Apple, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and associated app stores. 

-August 6, 2018 – AnOpenSecret claims Isaac Kappy is a fraud. Furthermore, AnOpenSecret claims that Kappy had both a patreon and youtube account neither of which was true. (Kappy did set up a Patreon sometime in late July and it was up for about an hour but then he took it down after people objected to it and he then told people not to send donations)  

-August 8, 2018 – Media Matters publishes an article about DoughnutGate and names Isaac Kappy, Lift the Veil, and Michael Whalen. – 

-August 10, 2018 – Lift the Veil has a second interview with Michael Whalen regarding Voodoo Doughnuts. 

-August 11, 2018 – Kam Hoffman aka ‘Exploring Reality’ reappears on youtube with a video titled ‘Isaac Kappy and Nathan shill or real? pizza gate?’ in which he attacks Issac Kappy and Lift the Veil as shills and possibly Satanists. 

-August 15, 2018 – Kam Hoffman uploads a video titled ‘” vegan Mikey” Michael Connelly is he a con? Illuminati dis-info agent? tom hanks a pedo?’  

-August 24, 2020 – Defango introduced Isaac to Eliahi Preist mid-stream on his channel.

-August 26, 2018 – Blayne Douglas sends out a periscope video from the hospital saying that he wants to leave $75,000 to Michael Whalen and Isaac Kappy because he is dying from meningitis and will soon be put into an induced coma. He also says he wants to give Kappy power of attorney over his estate. He claims to own a house in Ireland but he actually lives in Iowa. During the video, Blayne is very insistent that people make Kappy take the money because ‘without the money, there is no winning’. This was 100% staged and fake.  

-August 28, 2018 – First mention of Voodoo doughnuts by AnOpenSecret on twitter. Citing a police report obtained by The Oregonian/Oregon Live. Tweet

-August 30, 2018 – A rapid-fire series of tweets by AnOpenSecret decrying the whole thing as nothing more than a hoax designed to scam money.  

-September 1, 2018 – AnOpenSecret attacks a journalist for creating a Discord chat with the intention of gathering evidence that the owners of Voodoo Doughnuts may be involved in a pedophile ring. 

-September 4, 2018 – CDAN Blind Item #3 First mention of Voodoo ‘scam.’ (Note: Enty from CDAN is a good friend of Gabe Hoffman from AnOpenSecret) – 

-September 4, 2018 – Jason Boss makes a video stating he has gotten involved with Michael Whalen. Boss states he already knows Mikey very well now and considers him a friend and has helped him as much as he possibly can. Talks Mikey up for the first 7 minutes or so then plays a call he says he made to Portland PD at 10:00. 

-September 10, 2018 – CDAN posts Blind Item #3 about Michael’s PayPal being shut down

– September 17th – 23rd (Redacted) came down to visit Isaac at the house in Apple Valley for a week

-Sept 17th – Sept 23rd Kappy is on the phone with Eliahi and Fiona daily.  Eliahi was pushing Isaac to get investors for his diamond business in the Congo.  Isaac was finishing up his album this week. Isaac talked with several SRA survivors this week. Jim Carey called him on Sept 20th wherein they had an hour-long conversation.

-Sept 21st – Isaac sells a Bitcoin for around $7000.00. Was bummed the money won’t hit his account till the next week.

-Isaac started talking to Liz Crokin around late August/September

-October 12th, Isaac gets permanently suspended from Twitter after a months-long battle with Gabe Hoffman which ended when Isaac called him a “faggot” on Twitter.

-Mid-October Isaac contacted Art Tavana from Playboy and asked if they could do a “spill the beans on Isaac” article. The article never came to fruition due to security issues for other parties involved. Art Tavana suggested Isaac needed to “make a scene” so to speak, to create publicity for himself in some way. Isaac told him he was planning on going to Politicon and Art said, “Great, make a scene there.”

-October 20-21st Isaac went to Politicon.  He called and told a friend he was able to arrange to talk with David Brock briefly at the conference. When asked why he said he was going to “troll” him and others there who he hated.  He then met up with Brock, talked for just a few minutes, then got a picture with him. He also got a random picture with Laura Loomer (he had never talked to her before and never spoke afterward since that point).

-Parties involved spoke with Art Travana at Playboy again and Art was pleased with the “ruckus” Isaac caused at Politicon. 

-Isaac ran into Mike Cernovich randomly at the “W” in Hollywood on October 21st and they talked for a short while.

-October 22nd Isaac flies to Australia

-Issac Stays with Fiona initially from the 23rd until an unknown time.

-Isaac travels to different cities while in Australia

-The first week of November Isaac is in Sydney

-Isaac Claims he caught “Illuminatis” spying on him in Sydney on November 2nd.  He told Eliahi about it (they were friends at this point) and Eliahi told him they were “Private Label United Nations Agents”

-November 4th Isaac texts a friend and says “I’m alright.  Just kinda over everything. Tired of this stupid planet and all the idiots here.”

-November 5th-10th, in Melbourne?

-Nov 10th at 1:42 pm Isaac texts friend “I’m in Melbourne”; the same day at 2:15 he says, “On the plus side my mate I’m staying with in Sydney has two children and they love me so much…” (Sydney to Melbourne is 8 hours and 45 minutes apart)

-Isaac tells a friend how depressed he is.

-November 15th – Isaac texts a friend “In Small town on the Gold Coast,  Linked up with one of Eliahi’s mates”

-Messages friend, “Looks like I’m in Australia till 12/13.  Trying to be excited about it. Numerous ppl told me not to head back yet.”

-November 23rd, with Eliahi. 

-November 23rd, Isaac messages a friend in a text exchange and says, in regard to drinking while in Australia “Not very concerned about that.  No desire. Can count the number of drinks I’ve had in Aus in one hand.”

– Nov 25th – A friend of Isaac’s asked him about his money situation and Bitcoin: Isaac: “Tried to sell a week earlier but dude wasn’t returning my texts.  Cost me quite a bit. But yeah btc is dead.” -Friend: “I thought you sold when I was there.” -Isaac: “Yeah but I had another.”: -Friend: “You never told me that.” -Isaac: “Happened after you left. Dude was like, yo, here ya go.  Go somewhere safe. Bless him. Ended up giving Mikey like $2k.”

-Dec 8th Isaac speaks with Liz Crokin. She told him that “Joe M, DM’d her and said they had proof that Mike Cernovich was getting dark money.  COMPED.”

-Dec 10th, Isaac is with Fiona. Texts friend, “Fiona is NOT fun to be around, leaving tomorrow thank God. She’s just always angry and yelling and shit.”

-Dec 11th, Isaac messages friend: “Soooooo….Eliahi DUMB motherfucker. Driven by ego and narcissism. A few days after I hung with him he posted some shit on Twitter about having uranium.  And it was worded like a threat. Burned a bunch of networks.”

-Dec 13th, Isaac is back in L.A.

-Dec 15th, Fiona tweets: “WARNING! Ensin/Eliahi Priest works for Deep State, the same folk who set up George Papadopoulos.  All his intel is fake. He is used to entrap whistleblowers like me & Isaac Kappy. Report him to authorities for possessing enriched uranium – which he bragged about on his site.”

-Dec 15th, Isaac tells a friend he’s upset and that Fiona said Tim and Jesse were Deep State agents.  Jesse was a friend of Isaac’s (and possibly the only person Isaac still liked after coming back from Australia.  Tim is Jesse’s dad and supposedly “mates” with Aus PM Scott Morrison

-Dec 16th, tells a friend he’s not going home for Christmas “cuz my parents are NPC’s and I don’t wanna deal with it.”  Also says “Can’t believe I share DNA with them. They are so dumb.”

-Dec 16th, tells a friend “Australia bummed me out”

-Dec 18th, Isaac confides in a friend about his friendship with Tyler Shields – that his father was a CIA spook operator.  Tyler made it out like he was MK-Ultra’d and that Seth Green “hit him up” to run ops on Isaac.

-Dec 23rd, Isaac claims that Q loves him and that he was on 8chan “last night talking to Q”

-Dec 29th Isaac tells me, “I dropped some info on a pedo ring in San Diego last night”

-The same week he starts talking to Ace Frehley’s (KISS guitarist) wife.

-Jan 1st texts friend, “Been living like a hunted outlaw for over two years”

-Jan 3rd tells a friend “I made a very good bet on gold.”

-Jan 7th Craig Sawyer accuses Isaac’s family of being pedophiles.

-Jan 23rd 4Chan makes a thread on Isaac

-Feb 5th Fiona deletes her Twitter

-Feb 9th, Isaac texts friend: “Eliahi is a fucking dork. HAHAHAHA. I guarantee you no one will pay attention except for Asio.  He just trumped Wikileaks. It’s like he read a tutorial book on how to make the most insecure social media posts ever.”

-March 1st Isaac texts friend: “Shhhh Eliahi is fucked” but doesn’t explain further.

-April 7th Isaac gets Hoffman’s number and messages him that he’s doing a “sloppy job”.  Hoffman responds not to contact him at that number again.

-May 5th Isaac likes an Instagram post of Seth Green.  He explains to a friend that he wants them to know that he “still loves and cares for them”

-May 12th Spoke to a friend on the phone. Said that he called his parents and “all was well”, told them he loved them. Isaac never mentioned during this conversation that he planned to take off that night to go see them. They spoke of Mikey, and he said nothing bad about him, and that he was relieved Mikey found a safe place to live. He also said he wanted to make a “public statement”.  When asked if he needed help, he declined.