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Isaac’s Mission

The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: "Now, I Am One of Them"

Isaac’s mission was simple. To expose pedophiles and pedophile networks. However, the thrust of his efforts can be seen in two distinct momentums.

Isaac first broke onto the scene on July 22, 2018, in a periscope where he accused Seth Green and his partner Claire of not only being pedophiles but members of a pedophile organization. From that moment Isaac’s self-stated mission was to expose pedophiles within the Hollywood elite. Isaac was quite vocal on the 4Chan boards and appeared on many Internet talk shows and podcasts.

Isaac named names such as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, and dozens more in the following weeks. On his accusations, Isaac never once wavered. He claimed to know these people in regular sexual activity with minors, specifically, but not limited to child actors.

Isaac’s second push began after he returned from Australia on Dec 13th, 2018. Friends interviewed stated that he wasn’t the same Isaac who left. From this point, Isaac shifted from exposing the pedophile networks within the Hollywood elite to the national political stage of Washington DC. From this point, Isaac became involved with “Q” and the patriot movement and began speaking publicly about Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophilia connections between him and Clintons, Podesta’s, Alfontes, Anthony Weiner, etc.

It was immediately clear to his friends that something had transpired in Australia which caused the shift, and in hindsight, it is obvious that these events sparked the culmination of events that led to Isaac’s death.

I’d like to add that aside from the goal of his work, Isaac had another mission which he stated publicly and often.

To stay in the light & always have fun

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I pray that Isaac has been in WP all this time, if not then I send his amazing Angelic Soul (always to me seemed Pleadian but then I am based lolol) so much love and gratiture for the sacrifice you made for humanity, I hope YOU know that you mission has not been in vain! 🙂

I pray and know he highest outcome and greatest good for all IS manifesting on the Gaia/ the Earth plane, in the Love and Light of our One Infinite Creator.

Thank you Isaac, you are a Mighty of the Hero of the Great Awakening and We Love You Dear Soul! :))

See you in the New Earth Party!!!!


Thank you for your warmth and love…

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