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“Vegan Mikey” is the name used by one Michael Whalen, one of only two people ever kicked out of the Famalam for intolerable behavior. And yes, this is the same Michael Whalen who brought forth ritualistic child abuse allegations against Voodoo Donuts of Portland, OR. on Nathan Stolpman’s Lift the Veil show.

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Image result for vegan mikey
Image result for vegan mikey

Mr. Whalen claims to be an SRA victim who also later happened to get mixed up in the above mentioned Voodoo Donuts Scandal/Conspiracy. Shortly after Isaac came out on the Lift the Veil show in late July of 2018 Mr. Whalen contacted LTV himself and went on the air to tell his story.

Shortly after this show, people began sending Mikey money via Paypal. Thousands of dollars. This account was eventually terminated by Paypal because they saw the obvious fraud going on. Much of this was returned to the senders. So Mikey developed other revenue streams.

Cut To The Chase

I’m in speak with direct authority and bias on Mr. Whalen as I was in direct contact and worked with him for several months. Like everyone I meet and speak with I take them at their word and face value at first. It took me a month to realize what Mr. Whalen truly was.

When I came into the Famalam VM was already well entrenched and receiving monthly funds for his bills from an offshoot foundation. He was a member of a research group who was investigating Isaac’s death, and he had the full emotional and financial support of every member of the Fam which was about 77 people at the time. He had everything pretty well wired.

Mr. Whalen claims to be an SRA survivor however, there is no proof. Mr. Whalen claims to have filed complaints with the Portland police department concerning the donuts, but no proof of that can be found either. Below is the article and a link to the original article page.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland’s Old Town. IMAGE: Calvin Hodgson / Flickr.

By Matthew Singer |Published August 18, 2018  Updated August 18, 2018

Last week, Voodoo Doughnut found itself mired in an online conspiracy theory alleging the famous Portland doughnut franchise is involved in child sex trafficking.

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It started when a man identified as Michael Whalen appeared on a YouTube show on Aug. 4, claiming he saw signs of child trafficking during a party he attended at Voodoo owner Tres Shannon’s Portland house. The video racked up over 70,000 views, spread to online conspiracy hubs like the message board 4chan and sparked the hashtag “#doughnutgate.”

Whalen offered no direct evidence to support his claims, but told the show’s host, Nathan Stolpman, that he had spoken to authorities.

WW contacted Portland police—which would be the appropriate authority to contact—who say no such reports exist.

“The Portland Police Bureau is aware of the information being shared on social media but at this time has not received any reports substantiating these allegations from anyone by the name ‘Michael Whelan,'” police spokesman Pete Simpson tells WW.

Simpson clarified that there are no reports under the alternate spelling of “Michael Whalen,” nor is there anything on file related to criminal activity involving Voodoo.

“Should an actual police report be filed,” Simpson says, “the Police Bureau would take appropriate investigative measures to follow-up on information regarding criminal activity.”

While the original interview appears to have been removed from YouTube, Stolpman has since posted several other videos related to “#doughnutgate” that appear to add actor Macaulay Culkin and nearby rock club Dante’s to the list of alleged conspirators.

WW attempted to reach Whalen for comment. Records show a man by that name lives in the Portland area, but his last available phone number appears to be inactive. Messages sent to his Twitter account went unanswered.

Portland Police Bureau Says No Reports Have Been Filed Related to “Doughnutgate”

Now, there may have very well been a conspiracy and cover-up here, it certainly does have all the telltale signs and characters of one. But aside from this, Mr. Whalen’s character and behavior do not help his case. Mikey is a very damaged individual. Whether this was caused by his alleged abuse or other factors I am not sure, nor do I care at this point. No one will listen to Mr. Whalen any longer because he is a pathological liar and has burned every bridge which is ever been built for him by anyone who’s ever reached out to help him.

It is my opinion that Mr. Whalen is a sociopathic ConMan. I watched him scheme and plan events to such a degree and with such forethought to extract the maximum amount of money from people who loved him and considered him family. He requested and took money from single mothers, the elderly, groups and foundations, everyone he possibly could.

The Beauty of Mr. Whalen’s Plan

According to VM. He is in perpetual hiding because of the knowledge he has about Voodoo Donuts and other child sex trafficking operations. It is also for this reason he can’t work because he’s constantly being gang stalked, and these online gang stalkers are sabotaging every job he attempts to get. But at the same time if he ever did get a job people would know where he lived and they will kill him. Because he can’t work he can’t afford a place to live and requires the assistance of others on a perpetual basis.

VM was also in possession of Isaac Kappy’s deadman switch. Secret information on pedophile networks and key players in child sex trafficking operations which was entrusted to VM and VM alone should something happen to Isaac. Now he couldn’t come out with this information because it wasn’t ready yet and still required decoding and vetting. It would be a multi-month operation which would have required logistics, transportation, housing, food, medical bills, cell phone bill, child support money for his kid back in Portland, etc.

Now, vegan Mikey was willing to spearhead this operation and carry the load, in fact, he insisted on it, it would just require complete funding. He insists not so much that he cannot share this information with anyone.

This is vegan Mikey’s go-to tactic. He positions himself between funding and a carrot. He would later attempt to do this with Isaac’s music and Isaac’s family, stating that he in possession of music he and Isaac were working on but would never give it to the family.

Vegan Mikey Attempts to Sell Isaac Kappy’s Dead Man Switch to Robert the Deplorable

The following video is another perfect example of how Michael Whalen attempts to insert himself into any tragedy and PROFIT MONITARILY from it. Again, When it comes time to put up or shut up Michael simply attempts to move the carrot. He has no real answers, no real information, no true investment. HE IS A CON MAN.

Vegan Mikey Attempts to Explain Why He Won’t Make the DMS Public While Telling Me He’ll Turn Over the DMS

The following conversation is between myself and Michael Whalen (Vegan Mikey). He called me out of the blue while live streaming. I was aware of him live streaming at the time and took the opportunity to allow him to show his true colors to the world once again. VM is so full of rage and greed that he simply can’t get out of his own way. This audio is ripped from his live stream broadcast. Again, you will notice here all of VM’s attempts to divert, subvert, and muddy the one issue at hand. The alleged Dead Man Switch he claims to have in his possession.

Nobody Talks To Mikey!!

Here is the original link to the above video on Shark Belly Kelly’s Periscope.

Isaac and Vegan Mikey

Let me say out the gate that it is no secret that Isaac was a horrible judge of character. He knew that and his friends knew that. That’s why he employed the help of Brett and Geo to set up secured social media networking hub and vet members as they came in. Isaac saw the best in people, and that is how Vegan Mikey came to exploit him.

After the death of Isaac, Mikey portrayed their friendship as if they were best friends, but this is not the case. Quite Frankly because Mikey never put any time into Isaac. Isaac had taken Mikey under his wing and brought him into the Famalam where he could make friends and get the support that he claimed he needed. Isaac himself gave Mikey money on a regular basis, as he was always in need of food, bill money, rent, EVERYTHING.

It is apparent now in hindsight that Mr. Whalen latched on to Isaac in an attempt to add to his regular grifting income. Isaac was making big waves throughout Hollywood and the country for that matter and Mr. Whalen saw an opportunity to exploit his experience with Voodoo donuts. However, in the end, Isaac believed VM to be a drug addict.

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In the course of compiling all this evidence (screenshots, recordings, conversation, testimony) one thing has become extremely clear. Mikey was a weight around Isaac’s neck and I believe he did serious damage to Isaac’s state of mind, especially towards the end. It is the consensus of everyone I’ve spoken with that Isaac wasn’t equipped to handle someone like Mikey. Isaac just kept seeing the best in Mikey and Mikey broke his heart. For VM it was all just business and weakness and wrestling with his own demons. For Isaac, it was a burden he chose to carry.

How can I say this? OH, I can say this with certainty. And so can anyone else who dealt with VM in the Famalam before he was cut out like the CANCER he is. Now, to be fair. Not everyone in the Fam feels as strongly about Mikey as I do, but these people didn’t have the same level of interaction with him that I and others did either. Not everyone has the same level of engagement in the Fam. But for those of us who were in constant contact with VM, spoke to him daily, worked with him, etc, who and what Vegan Mikey is is crystal clear.

Robert The Deplorable Believes Michael Whalen (Vegan Mikey) Was Involved in Isaac’s Death

This video is not only hard to watch, it demonstrates the level of love and involvement others had in Isaac and his mission. In this video, Robert the Deplorable accuses Vegan Mikey of being “the friend who had Isaac Killed.” as well as attempting to scam him out of money for the DMS.

The Current State of Michael Whalen

The following video was selected from Michael Whalen’s (Vegan Mikey) Periscope channel. You can see the profound change in Michael from last year to this year. Unfortunately, most of Mr. Whalen’s videos are of this caliber these days.

Vegan Mikey and the Famalam

This first message was from a member of the foundation which was created by a few members of the Famalanm. It was created to help transition SRA victims from danger to a safe environment where they could then seek other help and get back on their feet.

Like I stated above when I joined Famalam Mikey was already well entrenched. He was receiving funds to cover his transportation needs medical bills and cell phone. He was also living rent-free in a “safe house” Isaac is set up for him just prior to him dying.

Mikey was supposed to be collecting receipts and showing them for his expenditures, but that was something he never did. Instead, daily correspondence with Mikey jumped from crisis to crisis. It was a never-ending barrage of bad luck and medical problems.

The only time Mikey ever came into the chat room to talk to anyone, was to complain about his health or bad luck or lack of money. He never offered any hope, love, or systems to anyone in the group. It really was amazing to witness this. The level of entitlement was astounding. As an outsider looking in I realized what was going on. Mikey was there because he was put there by Isaac and was socially untouchable. Now that Isaac was gone this elevated Mikey to the status he found himself at.

About a month into trying to develop the dead man switch with Mikey in the research group, Mikey pushed it too far. He called with the story that he had tracked down another SRA survivor and was bringing him in and would require further funding. Keep in mind at this point Vegan Mikey is living in a safe house and makes no money other than what he can grift off of people and the money he receives from the foundation. He attempts to spin the story that he located another survivor with a young boy who was molested in HIV-positive. So Mikey would require transportation and money for a motel for several days for them, as well as an ongoing monthly stipend of money to afford antiviral medication for the boy.

I PUT MY FOOT DOWN. As a voting member, I demanded that we see the identification of these people, photos of these people, I wanted to talk to these people on the phone. I wanted secondary verification from third-party as well. I want histories of these people, where they were from and police reports. Of course, none of that ever happened, because they did not exist. MIKEY KNOWS NO BOUNDS. It was then I realized what an utter sociopath he was and deviated investigation from Isaac Kappy to Michael Whalen for a week. It didn’t take too long to find everyone who had given money to him and trackback through this past year and the wreckage he had left behind.

Money Which Was Given to Vegan Mikey

In the course of this investigation, I came across information pertaining to Mr. Whalen quite unexpectedly. The Michael Whalen drama was beginning to bleed outside of the Famalam as Mikey was making serious waves in an attempt to generate more revenue. An interviewee reached out to me and told me the following.

She said that before Mikey was involved with the Famalam he was involved with her organization. An organization which Isaac helped to organize and set up in an to help rescue people of sex abuse, SRA, human trafficking etc… She stated that although they did not get the foundation off the ground and were just about to file all the paperwork when Isaac died, members of the foundation had been supporting Mikey on their own. She stated they gave him the following amounts of money in late 2018 early 2019.

  • Interviewee (Redacted) Location CA Nov 8th- $2,500.
  • Interviewee’s friend Clair 10,000. X 2. $20.000 in total.
  • Another member of the organization – 4,500.

During this same time. Isaac was also giving Mikey money when he requested it while he was receiving the following from others.

  • Jason Boss gave Mr. Whalen free rent for nearly 8 months before Jason kicked him out of his house. Of course, Mikey told everyone that Boss lied to him and set him up to fail as part of the larger gangstalking scenario he was living through.
  • Nathan Stolpman paid for Mr. Whalen’s hotel room for a couple of days – 179.00 per night

Friend to Isaac and member of the Famalam Brett T. at one point even organized friends to go to Portland with money and supplies to help Mikey and his son out. Mikey never showed and didn’t contact anyone for three days.

Somewhere during this whole ordeal, Mikey ALMOST talked someone into giving him a $60,000 home. Apparently, Mikey was working on a dying elderly man in an attempt to have him will his home over to him.

Money Sent to Mikey by the Famalam and Others

Mikey prayed on and accepted money from single mothers and people who could barely make the rent or buy food. Other than the monies transferred below Mikey was also sent multiple gift cards, cannabis oil, Food eg pizza delivery, and Uber and Lyft rides. Members of the Fam also chipped in to pay his Electric, Phone, and Water bills, The Fam even gathered funds and bought toys to send to Mikey’s son Reiley at Christmas. But those toys never got to Mikey because he wouldn’t give his address at the time. One Famalam member even gave Vegan Mikey her Christmas bonus.

Keep in mind there are many more who didn’t want to submit their receipts to this project. And others who also sent Mikey food as well. Ordered him pizza delivery etc.

Videos inspired by others who have found reason to despise Michael Whalen


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