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City of Tempe Municipal Building, Freemasons, & the Number “9”

All is number


City of Tempe Municipal Building

The City of Tempe Municipal Building (aka City Hall) located at 31 East Fifth St. in Tempe AZ, is yet another striking example of the Masonic dominance over the Salt River Valley. Not only is it obviously an inverted pyramid – smacking of ancient esoteric subtext- but it embodies such an enormous amount of Masonic symbolism and numerology as to dispel any doubt the entire site is an energetic machine of sorts. Standing head and shoulders above all other Masonic buildings in the Valley of the Sun it is my opinion that this structure was designed and built in multiple dimensions; by this I mean it was built embodying many layers of knowledge and code on many different levels.

View from the south east
View from the south-east

First, it is of brilliant design for our desert climate as it utilizes passive solar techniques and works in balance with the harsh landscape. Second, it is aesthetically striking as it resonates with people on an instinctive as well as physical level. It’s almost as if this structure is a gravitational body of its own and draws energy. You’ll soon learn how it incorporates ancient sciences which are known to gather, focus,

Lower garden level, takes advantage of natural underground cooling and shade from the structure above.
Lower garden level takes advantage of natural underground cooling and shade from the structure above.

and transmit energy. And last, for those with “eyes to see” there are messages to be read throughout the entire site. Not every facet of this structure is meant for everyone.

Though all this is simultaneously going on, people will naturally only take from it what they can be based on their own breadth of knowledge. City employees may only know the history of the building and admire it for its creativity while those who appreciate design will understand the solar advantages which are evident throughout the site. And still, those who have been steeped in the occult will see the numerology and ancient symbolism encoded into the site at every level. Lastly, there are those who understand that structures – when built to certain specifications – can and do take advantage of natural energies in our world. What better way to put these energies to use than through a government building. A body of people who already focus the intent, time, money and resources of an entire constituency of people in order to move our species forward.

This tiered system of awareness is exactly how the Freemasons themselves are organized. For each man comes to the organization and offers up what he can and will. From that, he is rewarded with advancement based on merit and ability. Simply put, he will take from it what he invests into it. This is not only a fair but actually mirrors the basic laws of physics as well as our universe; showcasing the multidimensional attitude and philosophy of the Freemasons themselves.


Thoughts on Freemasonry.

Before I get into the building I’d like to state for the record that I don’t believe the Freemasons to simply be a nefarious group of rich evil men hell-bent on world domination and destruction. While there are factions representing this behavior in any group I believe this organization to be far more complex than this. Simply put Freemasonry is many things, at many different levels. It is a fraternity, brotherhood, and philanthropic organization within the lower levels, yet it becomes increasingly spiritual and personally enlightening as one climbs up through the ranks. There is a great amount of self-discipline which in turn makes good men better and creates a stronger group throughout. Higher ranking Masons who have become disenchanted with the organization, however, have turned whistle-blowers and have spoken about ceremonial magick and rituals at these higher levels. Some have even stated that they left the Masons after having been asked to denounce God. Not their faith in God mind you, but rather a rejection of the God the Freemasons themselves believe exists. There have been some crazy stories which have made their way into the public sphere of awareness over the years regarding Masonic practices, but my goal here isn’t to demonize them. My goal is to point out that the Salt River Valley is a Masonic beehive of activity and agenda and has been since it was first co-opted by this secret society.

While I most certainly believe the above be true I don’t believe the Freemasons to be the apex of power which is creating the change we see in our world today. It’s my opinion that they are middle management, worker bees if you will. Recruiting from the ranks of society and testing who is willing and fit enough to become part of the work which they believe needs to be done. For I believe that the Freemasons receive their orders from higher authority. That being said they stake out their claims and mark their territory through symbolism and code. Most people who have gone beyond an hour and a half lesson taught through a Dan Brown movie will usually believe this to simply be elaborate “tagging” if you will, but it’s my belief that there is much more going on behind these symbols and structures than simple aesthetics. Although they are a secret society, a study of the foundations of Freemasonry along with the biblical text and esoterism will bring a person to understand that the ancient body knowledge once belonging to King Solomon now rests in the hands of the Freemasons, and has obviously been placed into motion.


Roots of Tempe

Lord Darrell Duppa

Today Tempe may seem to be a modern college town overflowing with microbreweries, hipsters, and coeds, but the very name itself harkens back to ancient Greece. Tempe was founded in part by a gentleman by the name of Lord Darrell Duppa. Duppa also named the city of Phoenix as well as New River. It should be obvious by this that Duppa was a man of some influence and foresight. Duppa is buried at the Phoenix Historical Cemetery near downtown Phoenix in the Masonic section near the great great grandson of Benjamin Franklin. On his headstone, you will find centered the Freemason’s compass and square flanked by the seals of both the cities of Phoenix and Tempe.

The City of Tempe is actually named after the Vale of Tempe or “Tembi” in Greece. A vale is a valley with a stream or a river running through it. The Vale of Tempe lies at the foot of Mount Olympus. In Greek mythology, it is believed that the goddess-huntress Artimes resided here often joined by her brother Apollo. The vale was also the favored local for many other Greek gods of legend as the scenery was so beautiful.

But why did Duppa choose this for a name? After all, Greece is a world away from Arizona. It’s interesting he also chose the name Phoenix for the neighboring city, this alone should put you on the path to understanding as both names hail from ancient Greece. Duppa was a high-level Freemason, he was extremely well versed in ancient mythology as well as Jewish mysticism, otherwise known as “the Kabbalah.” The Kabbalah along with Pythagorean and Fibonacci math make up the basis of Freemasonry knowledge. Although the City of Tempe website will say that Duppa was a contemporary man of his time and most likely came to know of the Vale of Tempe through Ralph Waldo Emerson and other contemporary writers, this shorted sighted explaining away of his knowledge of ancient religious mythos is embarrassing and showcases the mainstream historical shallowness. It’s funny how the website does not go into any detail about Lord Duppa’s heavy involvement in the Freemason Secret Society.

The Vale of Tempe
The Vale of Tempe or “Tembi”

The Vale of Tempe or “Tembi” is actually a narrow valley resembling more of a gorge at points with sheer cliffs rising up from the narrow base. The Peneus river flows through this valley cutting a path through the rough topography to the town of Thessaly. The vale harbors along its five-mile length, Fortresses, castles, and ruins adding to its great history. All of this, the harsh landscape and the lush oasis within the depths of the vale seemed to Duppa the perfect comparison to this new city that was being built on the banks of the Salt River. It was for this reason he chose the name Tempe.


Why here?

For my regular readers, you know by now that Phoenix, AZ is built on the ruins of an ancient culture. A culture which thrived here in the Salt River Valley between the years 300 BC and 1425 AD. Although we don’t know what name these people referred to themselves, we know them today as the Hohokam. This name was given to them by the Pima tribe and means “Those who have come before, those who are all used up, or vanquished ones.” The very fact that the Phoenix metro area is built on top of an ancient people who are as mysterious today as they were when archaeologists first discovered their ruins almost two centuries ago speaks in volumes to Phoenix’s intrinsic mystique.

Platform mound of Pueblo Grande located at 44th st and Washington.
Platform mound of Pueblo Grande located at 44th st and Washington.

The Hohokam were canal builders, they dug over 1000 miles of canals along the Salt and Gila rivers which irrigated around 80,000 acres of farmland. These canals were engineered to perfect gradient at 3 feet of drop for every mile of canal. They also constructed structures we call platform mounds. These mounds number 48 in all with some of them being as large as a football field. These mounds have been found from one end of the Salt River Valley to the other along the rivers and canal system of this once great civilization. These people were farmers, artists, and traders. They grew cotton and traded fabrics both north and south to other cultures. Among the ruins of the Hohokam have been found Macaw and Parrot bones and feathers, abalone, and seashells from the Gulf and Pacific ocean; buffalo hides and Leopard skins, obsidian, and rubber from what is now Guatemala. In short, these people were at the pinnacle of civilization in the Americas during their time. The platform mounds these people constructed are known as archaeoastronomical sites as they line up with true north, observe both summer and winter solstices as well as equinox. Some of them even record the lunar standstill which occurs every 18 years and 6 months.

Not too bad for a group of primitive Indians lacking mathematics, a written language, metallurgy, pack animals, and the wheel. But to answer the question of (why here?) The city of Tempe sits directly on top of, and adjacent to some of the most heavily occupied villages of the Hohokam people within the Salt River Valley. In short, the Papago Park area along with what is now Sky Harbor Airport is ground Zero for this once great civilization.

Is this all just coincidence or was there forethought and perhaps insight which guided the development of the new city which would “rise from the ashes of this once great civilization.” What about it’s neighboring city to the east, named for an ancient valley where gods themselves descended from the heavens to spend their days. Were the Freemasons aware of specific energetic forces of the SRV and did they design these cities with this in mind so as to capitalize on it? Are they privy to redacted history which may speak to what has transpired in the “Valley of the Sun” before the time of the Hohokam? It’s my suspicion that they are.


Background and official description

The City of Tempe Municipal Building is the brainchild of Michael Goodwin and Kemper Goodwin, of Michael & Kemper Goodwin Ltd architecture firm. It was constructed between 1969-1971 and Inaugurated on Oct 2nd 1971. The Structural Engineer was Hanlyn, Mann, and Anderson; and the contractor was M.M Sundt Construction Company of Phoenix, AZ.

The structure is simply (and not so simply) that of an inverted pyramid with its point stuck into the ground. This shape helps to keep the building cool during the hot summer months as the structure is self-shading. It is turned to a 45-degree angle so that all corners point to the cardinal directions as this also helps to minimize full direct sun exposure to any single wall. The building is also partially underground with the lower levels being accessible via a garden courtyard accessed from stairs and ramps from all four sides of the structure. This lowered vegetated area under the shade of what is usually the base of the pyramid offers a natural cooling effect in the hot summer months as well. These incorporated designs are collectively known as “passive solar techniques” and are quite effective in the desert. All feelings of Freemasonry aside, this truly is an amazing design. My hat is off to the Goodwins.


Michael Goodwin

Michael Goodwin was a bit more than just an architect who designed a groundbreaking building in Tempe, AZ. He served two terms in the Arizona House of Representatives, was the youngest person to ever become a Fellow at the American Institute of Architects, and was the grandson of Tempe pioneers Garfield and Jenny Goodwin.

Michael not only had a deep appreciation for architecture but his home as well. He was obviously hyper-productive and accomplished individual. I’m afraid however that I can not find any record of him being a Freemason. This isn’t that uncommon as most of the time Freemasons don’t advertise – so to speak – their affiliation with the society, they don’t necessarily work and keeping it a secret either. It’s just something that is there. No matter, Goodwin’s inverted pyramid speaks for itself as a Masonic shrine.

So let’s move along and jump into the esoteric science behind Goodwin’s inverted pyramid.


The Pyramid



Let’s get down to brass tacks. The entire structure incorporates and pays homage to the number “9”. This number dominates the entire structure to such an extent as to make it impossible not to notice. This extremely simplistic yet infinitely complex approach is the heart and soul of this steel, concrete, and glass machine. Let me explain.

  1. The entire building has been turned 45 degrees from the square base of the surrounding property. 4+5= 9.
  2. The angle of the sides of the pyramid is at a 45 degree to the ground. 4+5 = 9
  3. The pitch, roll, and yaw if you will of the 3 previous basic measurements all come out to 9. This is taking into account that the 45-degree angle of the sides of the pyramid are taken for both pitch and roll as they represent two of the three dimensions of the structure. 3 squared = 9.
  4. The base “point” of the pyramid where it sticks into the ground measures 45 feet on each side. 4+5= 9.
  5. The square footage of the first floor is 2025 sf. 2+0+2+5= 9.
  6. The square footage of the second floor is 5625 sf. 5+6+2+5=18. 1+8= 9
  7. The third floor is exactly 10,000 square feet. Whereas this isn’t 9, I don’t believe it was intended to be. The top floor is represented by the number 10. 10 is the complete number. In numerology and esotericism, 10 represents completeness, power, dominion, and projection. It is a dominance or control over the rest of the site.
  8. The address of this building is 31 east 5th street.  3+1+5 = 9
  9. The building was constructed between 1969 and 1970, but wasn’t inaugurated and occupied until 1971. 1+9+7+1 = 18. 1+8 = 9 (I will admit that this could be a coincidence. Then again, it could be right on time.)

IMG_20160220_162537626These measurements were taken from original PDF blueprints of the structure on a Tempe historical building website. We can see here that the number 9 is excessively encoded into the structure and is not where near a coincidence.

BTW. The method of achieving the number 9 from all the above numbers is known as the “digital root method” and the sum of the digits of any number is called its “root number.” It is a technique used in mathematics and esoteric sciences since numbers were first discovered.


Understanding the number “9”

So what’s so special about the number 9? A lot. In fact, most everything. Here we go.

We’ll start with root numbers. Using the digital root method one can not distinguish between 9 and 0.

Example. 362 or 3+6+2. If one cancels out all numbers which equal 9 the end product of the sum remains the same. 3+6+2= 11. 1+1 = 2. OR 3+6+2. cancel out 3 and 6 since they equal 9 and you are left with 2. This renders the number 9 the same as the number 0 and works to infinity. Esoterically speaking it is “everything and nothing at the same time.”

Take all number except the number 9 and add them together and you get 36, the sum of which is 9.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36. 3+6 = 9

Once again we see that the number 9 exists within all the other numbers while not being there. It exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. This duality is what makes it so attractive to practitioners of higher magic and the occult.

Take any number and add 9. The root number of the sum will always equal the original number or the original number’s root number you first added to 9.

Example 1. 6+9= 15. 1+5 = 6

Example 2. 62+9 = 71. Both 6+2 and 7+1 equal 8

Take and number and subtract 9 and the sum of its self will always yield 9.

Example 1. 62. 6+2 = 8 62-8 = 54. 5+4= 9

Example 2. 15. 1+5 + 6. 15-6 = 9.

  • There are 360 degrees in a circle, 3+6+0 = 9
  • Half a circle is 180 degrees. 1+8+0 = 9
  • Half that again and you get 90 degrees. 9+0 = 9
  • Half again and you get 45 degrees. 4+5 = 9
  • Half again and you get 22.5 degrees. 2+2+5 = 9
  • Half again and you get 11.25 degrees. 1+1+2+5 = 9

You get the point. You can do this into infinity backward into the microcosm. This makes this number quite special indeed.

It goes the other way too. If one were to add up equal degrees of a triangle within a circle you get

60+60+60 = 180 = 1+8 = 9

draw an equal square inside a circle and you get 90+90+90+90 = 360 = 3+6 = 9

draw a pentagon inside a circle and you get 108+108+108+108+108 = 540 = 5+4+0 = 9

draw a hexagram inside a circle and you get 120+120+120+120+120+120 = 720 = 7+2+0 = 9

Once again it goes on and on forwards or expansively into the macrocosm and into infinity. So here we have a number which can move backward and forwards into infinity, existing and not existing simultaneously. Are you beginning to sense the gravity of this number yet? Wait, there’s more.

There are :

86400 seconds day. 8+6+4+0+0 = 18. 1+8 = 9

1440 minutes in a day. 1+4+4+0 = 9

10080 minutes in a week. 1+0+0+8+0 = 9

505600 minutes in a year. 5

The sun is 864,000 miles across. 8+6+4+0+0+0 = 18 = 9

It appears that the number 9 governs time as well as space. At least our time. But then again, what do we care about time anywhere else as it is subjective and relative anyhow.

I have noticed something else strange about the number 9. It always seems to govern processes and structure out of the control of humans. Or another way of saying it may be “things not of an earthly realm.” Aside from pregnancy, which I personally consider to be a supernatural experience anyway (after all what can be more supernatural than consciousness entering this dimension through the physical union of two beings already existing here), there is really nothing human bound which is governed by this number. It is a spiritual or divine number.

I hope you are beginning to grasp of what architects, designers, mathematicians, and practitioners of higher ceremonial magick have known for thousands of years. For my purposes here I feel I have made my point, however, if you care to dig into the number 9 further be prepared to follow the white rabbit down a very deep hole indeed. There is also an endless repository of historical text pertaining to “9” and how it factors into almost every religion on earth from the Nordics, Buddhists, and Hindus, to the Jewish, Christians, and Native Americans of North America. This number truly is ubiquitous as it pertains to matters of a spiritual nature.

The Dark Side of “9”

Like “the force” any energy can be harnessed for good or bad. We have seen a number of logos in the public domain recently, which people claim bare the mark of the beast or “666.” I offer up an alternative. I’ve read the scripture for years and have never agreed that these symbols were satanic tags if you will. I’m of the opinion at this point that they are more likely the number 9 hidden in triplicate.


[envira-gallery id=”1721″]


Masonic Altar from above

This should be pretty self-evident, but I’ll explain it anyway. It appears that the entire project is laid out as one giant Masonic altar.

Areal view of the inverted pyramid complex. Note how the square pad itself forms the altar while the round-a-bouts form the pillars
Aerial view of the inverted pyramid complex. Note how the square pad itself forms the altar while the round-a-bouts form the pillars. Front and center is also the compass and square which is usually placed on the front of the altar.
Masonic Altar

When viewed from the above – north being up – the entire site is laid out in the exact likeness of a Masonic altar. The round-a-bouts in the street just south of the complex especially stand out as they are obviously meant to represent Boaz and Jachin (the two pillars) originally in King Solomon’s Temple. They have been incorporated rather effectively into the entire design subtly tying the complex into the greater community as a whole. When and how it all came together I do not know as I did not dig into the city records, but it is plain enough for all to see. I will be covering Boaz and Jachin in greater depth in my next article covering another Phoenix building which features them most prominently.

Standard Masonic altar
Standard Masonic altar
Masonic Altar
Masonic Altar

But where’s the obligatory compass and square?

If all this wasn’t enough, the sidewalks leading out of the complex form the official Freemason’s seal, or the compass and square. This design is obvious and plain enough for everyone to see but is seen better in the blueprints. Once again my hat is off to Goodwin in regards to his creativity in incorporating this symbol into the site. But wait. The official seal has the letter “G” in the middle of the symbol. Well if you must, this is a “G”overnment building.

Insert PDFs of compass and square


Compass and Square in designed into the sidewalks entering the structure.
Compass and Square in designed into the sidewalks entering the structure.

octagonal star base

The base of the entire complex when viewed from above is that of an Octagonal star. I wrote about this symbol in my article covering the Doors and Sound Passage which sits in front of the Barry Goldwater (high ranking open Freemason) bank on Scottsdale and Camelback Rd. but I’ll cover it here as well.

The Octagonal Star is an ancient symbol employed in many religions and belief systems around the world. Not only is is ubiquitous in almost every religion, but it has found its way into the organization of other information as well. For instance the compass and seasons. Because a square doubled and offset 45 degrees makes eight points in a circle the result is a symbol which can be seen as cyclic in nature. Here are some octagonal stars throughout history.

[envira-gallery id="1527"]



Ancillary decor


The power Fountain (To the South)

Power button fountain
Power button fountain

The power button fountain. I didn’t notice this fountain the first time I visited the site as I was transfixed by the huge upside-down pyramid. But tucked away on the south side of the building in the lowered courtyard there it was, and like the pyramid, this too is ultra simplistic in its design and implementation. Like the pyramid itself it isn’t encumbered with detail and complexity, yet at the same time, it speaks volumes. Because of this subtleness, it took me a few minutes before I realized what I was looking at. It’s a power button symbol, like on modern-day electronics. Now what I’m about to propose next may seem like a bit of a stretch at first, but taking into account everything else at this site I believe it to be in line and well within the realm of probability.

Universal power button
Universal power button

The universal power symbol first appeared in document # (EIC 471) in the International Electrotechnical Commission’s graphical symbols for use on equipment in 1973, however it was informally used before this.

Universal power button
Universal power button

Here’s how it came about. The ON/OFF button we know and use came about as a logical step in toggling on and off our electronic devices. However as electronic equipment became more ubiquitous in the world and international trade and increased, the old ON/OFF switch needed to be replaced. This was done by adopting the “1” and “0” binary code in order to bypass global language barriers and we still see this “1” and “0” system used on most electronics today. Eventually, power buttons came around and replaced the toggle switch. The power symbol on the “power button” we know today is simply a “1” and “0” superimposed onto each other.

What does this mean?

Without asking the designer of this fountain directly I can only surmise as to its meaning. But taking into account the plethora (love that word) of Masonic symbolism and my personal familiarity with this subject I feel I’m qualified attempt this. At first, I was guessing as to the possibilities of this fountain and put forth the following possibilities.

Power Fountain as seen from the street looking due north.
Power Fountain as seen from the street looking due north.
  1. First, this is a water feature, and that fact alone is quite significant. In fact, it is the only water feature on the entire site which further adds to its gravity. Water has always carried with it the meaning of life, movement, hope (and this meaning is magnified a thousandfold in the desert.)
  2. Nothing at all. This may simply be a minimalist fountain decoration intended to add tranquil ambiance to the lower garden area of the complex.
  3. This fountain is on the south side of the complex which means something in its self. There is a pyramid on the north side and a sculpture on the east (facing the sun). The west side of the complex enjoys no piece at all. This fountain contains a deeper message or meaning for those of higher rank within the Freemasons.

Then I found this. This is taken from a Freemason website explaining their own interpretation and meaning behind the four cardinal directions.

“When the sun is at his meridian height, his invigorating rays are darted from the south. When he rises in the east, we are called to labor ; when he sets in the west, our daily toil is over ; but when he reaches the south, the hour is high twelve, and we are summoned to refreshment. In Masonry, the south is represented by the Junior Warden and by the Corinthian column, because it is said to be the place of beauty.”

Mackey’s Encyclopedia

There you have it, and my hunch was right. “When he reaches the south, the hour is high twelve, and we are summoned to refreshment.” Seeing that this is the only water feature on the site, I’d say this is a hole-in-one. What ceremonial and religious significance lays behind this I do not know, but the connection is definitely there.

The Pyramid Dome (To the North)

Pyramid marking t he north side of the complex.
Pyramid marking the north side of the complex. Note how the lines in the concrete even line up with this pyramid, tying it to the main structure.

On the north side of the site sits a small pyramid. Once again I didn’t know what this meant at first but after coming across information regarding cardinal directions within Freemasonry I believe it to be decoded. According to Freemasonry, the north is observed by the following understanding.

A Stately Dome o’erlooks Our East,
Like Orient Phoebus in the Morn:
And Two Tall Pillars in the West
At once support Us, and adorn.
Upholden thus, the Structure stands,
Untouched by sacrilegious Hands.

John Bancks
Masonry, An Ode

This pyramid seems to be a representation of the “Stately Dome.”


The Sculpture (To the East)

Sculpture on East side of complex.
Sculpture on East side of complex.

This side of the complex is obviously dedicated to a person named Joanie Shaffer. Next, to a rather out of place sculpture there is a photo of Joanie with an appreciative caption referring to her as “City Hall’s Garden Angel.” The plaque goes on to thank her for all her years of hard work and dedication to the gardens which surround the site. There is a sculpture here as well which in my opinion really doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the motif of the site. It is abstract, silver and gleaming, and almost industrial looking. But I found this on the same Masonic website. It explains their belief in the Eastern cardinal direction.

Omnia anima bona est anima nova veniens ab oriente.
“Every good soul is a new soul coming from the East.”

Pico della Mirandola

Plaque next to sculpture.
Plaque next to sculpture.

Conclusiones 28.41


This seems to be in line with the photo, plaque, and admiration for Joanie Shaffer as it recognizes a “good soul.” Regardless of one’s view of Freemasonry, this monument seems a decent and appreciative addition to the site and the community.


The emptiness (To the West)

To the west of the inverted pyramid there is nothing, but once again I found this from the Freemasons.


“I will bring thy seed from the East, and gather thee from the West.”

Isaiah 43:5


Perhaps this biblical quote adopted by the Freemasons is meant to mean that the creator provides from the east, however, mankind’s “work and toil” lay to the west. Mankind did expand to the west. “Go west young man.” The Wild West. Etc. To this, I am only speculating. But the west side of the complex has been left open. Perhaps to gather? Could the absence of a feature on the west side of this complex be part of the energetic system of the site? I think it most likely.


Buildings: Physical manifestations of agendas

When first setting eyes on this awesome structure, even those not schooled in symbology will feel the natural centering and pulling of this building. This I’m sure was the architect’s goal, and in this, he obviously succeeded. But is this simply just a building? And an even better question would be – Is any building simply just a building? Buildings server purposes, they allow people to gather in security, privacy, seclusion. Or in groups and communities, to debate and settle upon a direction for their community as a whole. Sometimes they convey messages and meanings, other times intent and collective views. One can feel the heaviness and gravity of certain buildings when they enter them. The Sistine Chapel, U.S. Capitol, or Supreme Courtroom for example. Architects know the power of design and symbols. They understand that what they build often times has profound effects on those who come in contact with their work.

But there are also a deeper meaning to design. Sometimes buildings are erected in order to stake out territory. Castles are the most obvious example of this. The bigger the castle, the more formidable was its occupant. From these castles offensives and defenses were mounted and resources were procured and utilized making men rich while moving along deeper agendas. Today’s multinational corporations have replaced the monarchies of old yet their structures are no less impressive or ominous. These structures almost always encode their base affiliations. A hidden language if you will, for those in the know to see and take notice. This hidden language is not only meant to relay certain messages but meant to resonate at certain levels producing very real effects on peoples minds and behavior. It is obvious these groups are still staking out their territory for all to see, nothing has changed. Great structures incorporate all of these principles so as to engage people on every level and I believe the Tempe Municipal Building is such a structure.

Breaking through the programming

I’m sure some of you reading this article are new to this topic. Perhaps your daily reality is comprised of mainstream diversion; IE football, dancing with the stars, fox news, and CNN. To you, this information might seem like something out of the movie National Treasure. You may associate my findings with fiction because you once saw like it in a movie. Congratulations, you’ve just discovered a technique called “misinformation” where the elite release information into the public sphere of awareness in partial truth in order to control the narrative. This, in essence, defines what you believe to be real and fantasy and future discussions of the topic will follow this baseline of publicly defined reality – whether it is true or not.

You should know, that at this very moment there is a whole world out there just beyond this diversion and programming. A world comprised of ancient knowledge which makes up true power, and energy. This world has been kept from and used against you your entire life while those who wield it run our governments, learning institutions, and corporations. We are well into the second half of this game and the methods of control have been built into the very systems and institutions you call “daily life.” These institutions include education, banking, food growers and distribution, politics, entertainment, etc etc etc. Either through birthright or merit, these people have harnessed these ancient principles of energy and used them to create a prison planet where each man and woman has been reduced to a number. A human resource if you will. Humm.. Where have you heard that before? OH yeah, at your workplace. There is an entire department named after it.

There you have it. The Inverted pyramid of Tempe, Arizona. A work of art, an architectural masterpiece and beyond any doubt a Masonic Shrine. If I have missed anything (and I’m sure I have) or you feel corrections are in order please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your readership.

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Regarding the fountain — I find resonances with your ‘power switch’ notion. Just spitballin’ here, but I think I’m onto something 🙂 It may be symbolizing the Rod and the Ring — as found in ancient depictions of humans receiving wisdom and the right to rule from greater beings, i.e. the engraving at the top of the Code of Hammurabi.

The power is usually depicted as potential — the Rod tangent to the Ring. To activate, the power of the Rod would flow into the Ring, as the water here flows into the fountain.

This is fascinating. I have been studying numbers for over 20 years. I discovered that you can actually “change” the vibration of an “address” by doing a “remedy” in numerology. I have seen it work over and over again. So numbers do have an influence and I believe we are controlled by numbers and those who understand how to utilize this system will be in Power because of them. Our language is based on symbols that have numbers assigned to them. This is also another area of study. Currently – I am absorbed in the number 8 – the number of Power & Strength. Thank you for your insights!

Hi I just came from LIFT THE VEIL on youtube.
I live in Phoenix (ahwatukee) and am excited to read through your website.

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