Phoenix: What’s in a name?

There is a sacred bird called the Phoenix. I have never seen it myself except in pictures, for it is extremely rare, only appearing according to the people of Heliopolis once in five hundred years. When it is seen after the death of its parent.

Herodotus – The Histories

What’s in a name?

Growing up in Phoenix, AZ I always thought of the name of my hometown as just another name. It never occurred to me that it actually meant or represented anything and therefore never held any significance for me. I suppose when your young one doesn’t ponder the etymology of one’s hometown name. To be fair, I was a victim of the public education system and our local schools never bothered to teach us the roots of our fair city. As I moved into my teens I became vaguely aware that a Phoenix was somehow involved with Greek mythology, but still had no idea as to how that concept tied to our city. I would be in my mid 30’s before I would learn that my hometown was named in honor of an ancient civilization which once thrived in the very valley that Phoenix now enjoys.  Since then I’ve explored further and have become aware of deeper, more profound connection between this ancient bird/symbol and the powers which now control and guild our planet. I had no idea this symbol represented so much history and formed the foundation of ancient civilizations while simultaneously representing today’s secret societies and global corporate agendas.


The naming of Phoenix, AZ

The honor of the naming of Phoenix, AZ is given to Lord Darrell Duppa, even though it was a group of men who were there that day. As the story goes. A group of prominent businessmen (founding fathers of Phoenix, A36cd4fed78dae194fb03a03331dbb98fZ) were picnicking atop Pueblo Grande ruin, which is now a museum located at 44th street and Washington.  While
enjoying the day and discussing local news and business they cast their gaze to the south upon the subject of their conversation, the budding town of Pumpkinville. Yes, Pumpkinville.  This was the original name of the town we now call Phoenix, AZ. It was named for the abundance of pumpkins which grew along the salt river (both cultivated and wild) and it’s safe to assume nobody liked it much and this group of men made up Jack Swilling, Lord Darrell Duppa, and other prominent business leaders decided it needed to be changed. One of the men offered up the name “Stonewall”, in honor of the civil war general. Another suggested “Salina” which is Latin for salty. This would have been in recognition of the Salt River, the primary artery which flowed through town; but it was Lord Duppa who stood up and said.

“This canal was constructed in an age now forgotten. Prehistoric cities lie in ruins all around you. A great ancient civilization once thrived in this valley. Let the new city arise from its ashes. Let it be called Phoenix.”

Everyone took to the idea and Jack Swilling pulled out his dictionary to verify the spelling of it. Soon after this Phoenix, Arizona was incorporated.

What is a phoenix?

According to Britannica, the Phoenix bird is – A fabulous bird associated with the worship of the sun. The Egyptian phoenix was said to be as large as an eagle, with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry. Only one phoenix existed at any time, and it was very long-lived. No ancient authority gave it a lifespan of fewer than 500 years. As its end approached, the phoenix fashioned a nest of aromatic boughs and spices, set it on fire, and was consumed in the flames. From the pyre miraculously sprang a new Phoenix, which, after embalming its father’s ashes in an egg of myrrh, flew with the ashes to Heliopolis (“City of the Sun”) in Egypt, where it deposited them on the altar in the temple of the Egyptian god of the sun, Re. A variant of the story made the dying phoenix fly to Heliopolis and immolate itself in the alter fire, from which the young phoenix then rose.


The Bennu

goddess-phoenix-bennuThe Bennu heron (Ardea bennuides) is a large extinct heron from the United Arab Emirates. Its remains have been dated to the Umm al-Nar period (2500 – 2000 BCE). It is thought to be the inspiration for the Bennu in Egyptian Mythology, hence the specific name.


From Wikipedia. “According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum. It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris.”

Interesting how that above “myth” is an almost exact version of the story of creation in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The Bennu was a self-created bird, while God says in the bible “I am that I am” meaning that he always was. The Bennu flew over the waters that existed before creation. God of the bible created the waters before he created man. The Bennu issued a call which determined the nature of creation. God of the bible “spoke the world into existence.”

The Bennu bird was most likely the inspiration for the Phoenix used by the Greeks as the mythologies surrounding these two birds are quite similar. Whats interesting is this bird was actually real. The lifespan of this creature would obviously be a contested issue but the Blue Heron (Ardea bennuides) was a very real creature. It was also just as often depicted as purple or gray in color. Now you know why the City of Phoenix emblem is purple in color.




If you reread that opening quote by Herodotus at the top of this article and consider his choice of words when describing the possibility of the existence of this creature you’ll note how he records the eyewitness accounts as quite credible and matter of fact. I believe if one is to read and consider ancient texts, one should take it on its face without adding or subtracting from it. Plato’s accounts of Atlantis also come to mind when considering ancient texts. Keep in mind, to these ancient scholars these topics weren’t all that ancient but rather recent history. They recorded these stories and accounts over 2300 years ago.


Phoenix Dollar billThe Phoenix on the back of the Dollar Bill

Many researchers have come to believe that the bird depicted on the back of the dollar bill is truly a Phoenix and not an Eagle. This would obviously make far more sense seeing that every other symbol on this bill is either Masonic or esoteric in nature. If you believe this a stretch, you may be interested to learn that there is a global currency slated to replace not only the American Dollar but all the currencies of the world will be known as the “Phoenix Dollar.” Whether this currency will be 100% digital, like Bitcoin, or include printed bills remains to be seen. Currently, only 3% of U.S. money is in actual physical form (coin & printed bills) the remaining 97% exists in digital form. It should be obvious to everyone at this point that the globalists are moving away from physical money as fast as they can and intend on digitizing all currency as soon as possible. This not only allows for far greater control over resources and markets but manipulation of entire economies, countries and black markets as well.

How many of you reading this still carry actual cash? How many of your receive a paycheck? How about writing out a check to pay your bills? I’m waging not very many of you. The systems themselves have been implemented to which force you to go paperless. Fewer and fewer business accept large bills, some don’t even accept cash at all. Apartments for example often write into the lease that the rent will only be paid through electronic means. We are being herded into the next paradigm of money and resource management (both physical and human) on a global level, and the Phoenix emblem will be the face of this transition.

This agenda comes to explain how Autumn Radtke, an accomplished 28-year-old CEO of Bitcoin exchange firm First Meta came to be “suicided.” She was found dead on Feb 28th, 2014. Singapore officials officially called it suicide but the world is looking at it as yet another highly questionable suicide/death within the developing digital payment system/ banking industry. Earlier that same year, there was Li Junjie, a 33-year-old JPMorgan finance pro who jumped to his death from the roof of the company’s 30 story Honk Kong tower. His death marked the 3rd mysterious death of a JP Morgan banker. Others include 39-year-old VP Gabriel Magee, corporate and investment bank technology; He jumped off the Canary Wharf tower. 37-year-old Ryan Henry Crane JPM executive director found dead in his Stamford, Conn home. Other bankers outside of JPMorgan were Mike Dueker, 50-year-old, chief economist at Russell Investments and former Federal Reserve bank economist, found dead on side of road. William Broeksmit, 58, former senior risk manager at Deutsche Bank, dead from hanging, in his South Kensington home.

That’s a lot of dead bankers in early 2014. it seems the international banking cartels were cleaning house that year while at the same time sending a message to all other high ranking company employees. God only knows the details of what really happened in early 2014, but I’m sure there are more, many more that haven’t made the news.


phoenix_silver_dollarPhoenix global currency

In 1988 Economist Magazine ran an article which hypothesized that within 30 years the entire world would be using a standardized currency. However for this to happen all existing worldwide currencies would first have to be done away with and the first step towards this would be to group them into larger currency zones. This has already happened in Europe, we know it as the Euro. The Amero is planned for the Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Followed by an Asian and an African currency. Once this is accomplished, these monetary unions would come together to form a single global currency. As most every country would naturally resist doing this they would first have to have their economies set up, then collapsed. After which they would beg international banking cartels to swoop in and save them. These banks / NGO’s would then offer up a new currency, one which has already been prepared. We are currently seeing this occur in Europe.

Although this was the plan, I don’t think it worked out exactly as the globalists hoped it would. I recall hearing about an Amero sometime in the late 90’s. Even though a number of people came forth and stated that they’d seen the actual currency and knew where it was stacked and being held, it was called a conspiracy theory and ignored. Was the Amero prepared for the 911 aftermath? Was the hope that a devastating attack on the most powerful financial institution in the U.S. would trigger a negative financial spiral? Did something go wrong with this plan? Was the depression of 2008-2009 supposed to be the trigger? At this point, most economists believe that the U.S. financial collapse was engineered and deployed.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Sky Harbor Airport is a civil-military public airport 3 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. It is Arizona’s largest airport, and among the largest commercial airports in the U.S. In 2015, the airport served 44,006,205 passengers, making it one of the top 10 busiest in the U.S. by passenger count. It handles more than 1,200 aircraft operations a day, 100,000 passengers and more than 800 tons of cargo.

I’d say that’s pretty dang busy.

Now for interesting stuff. Sky Harbor is built directly on top of the capital, if you will, of the ancient people who first developed the Salt River Valley over 2000 years ago, a people we know as the Hohokam. The Hohokam were not a bunch of spear chuckin’, hide wearing, wagon burnin’ savages. They constructed or at the very least utilized over one thousand miles of canals; 200 miles of which were around 50-70 feet wide and 20 feet deep. The remaining 800 miles of canals were around 10-20 feet across and 5-10 feet deep. They constructed structures we call “platform mounds” every few miles along these canal systems and built solar observatories into the nearby Papago Mountains which marked both summer and winter solstice and equinoxes. These people recorded the lunar standstill through a window cut into the west wall of Casa Grande and there is some evidence that they also recorded the rising and setting of the moon, which of course measures procession. That is the advancement of the wobble of the earth due to its tilt off its main axis.

Sky Harbor Airport with Camelback mountain in the distance

Why did I tell you all that? Because the ancient Hohokam capitol is directly underneath the airport. I believe this may have been done intentionally in the same manner that the Catholics build their churches directly on top of pagan sites; and how Islam tears down Christian churches and replaces them with Mosques. I believe there to be natural energy centers in the earth, areas which can be utilized for their energies. I believe them to be subtle but extremely powerful, base energies if you will. Energies which guide or pull us at a root level. Energies which magnify intent and will. I believe these to be extremely powerful and are used regularly to a great degree all around us. Whether or not the original company “Scenic Airways” planned this in 1928 we have no way of knowing, but as the city and the airport grew I believe somebody figured it out and grew the airport purposefully. Once again, I’m not saying there is a nefarious conspiracy here. I am saying however that it is another fingerprint of a hidden hand which his guiding our species and marking their way with the same symbols they have been using for thousands of years.


Terminals 2, 3, & 4

This is most likely a coincidence, for I can’t see an entire wing of an airport being demolished to simply manifest a numerological product. It’s obviously far more productive and cheaper to simply construct architecture with these numerological codes embedded. However, cities do grow and infrastructure does require additions, demolishing, and face-lifts.

The original two terminals at Sky Harbor were known as West Terminal and East Terminal. With the addition of a third terminal in 1979, the first two were renamed Terminals 1&2. Terminal 4, also called the “Barry M. Goldwater Terminal” was then constructed and opened in 1990 and Terminal 1 was demolished and turned into a cell phone waiting parking lot. The name Barry M Goldwater should send up red Masonic flags every time you see it, for B.M. Goldwater was high ranking Freemason as well as a primary shaping hand in the development of not only Phoenix but the entire state of Arizona. He oversaw many Masonic dedications and was openly involved in the secret society. There is a highly esoteric Masonic piece of art which sits directly in front of the Barry M. Goldwater bank on the southwest corner of Scottsdale Rd and Camelback. I covered it in an article here.

Note the three ground lights in front of the door.
Doors and Sound Passage in front of the Barry Goldwater Bank in Scottsdale, AZ

OK. So with the addition of a forth Terminal named after a prominent open Freemason, and the destruction of Terminal 1; we are left with Terminals 2, 3, and 4.

2+3+4= 9

If you know the significance of the number 9 in architecture, specifically Masonic architecture, you know that it is encoded as a power number. It is a magical number in all esoteric disciplines, and still used and marveled at by today’s mathematicians. Do I think this was the original goal behind the growth of the airport? Of course not. Is it coincidental? Probably. Could one or more of the architects designing and laying out the new airport have kept the numbering system the same so that it equaled 9? I think so. It does seem rather strange that they just didn’t rename all the buildings after Terminal 4 was complete. For a further understanding of exactly what I’m talking about you can watch this short video. It explains it far better than I could and since it does I don’t wish to reinvent the wheel. Other researchers and artists have put much time and creativity into their work and I do not wish to minimize their efforts.



Egyptian Pyramid in Phoenix Street Grid

If this is the first article of mine you have read you are beginning to see a not-so-subtle Ancient Egyptian subtext in Phoenix, AZ and it couldn’t be more evident than in the street grid of the downtown Phoenix area its481defba0f1bb030d5a57f983374a789elf. If you are a returning reader then you already know that designed into the downtown Phoenix street grid is the
pattern of a pyramid (Cheops Pyramid to be exact.) I covered this in my article “Phoenix/Egypt” and at greater depth in my
Chase Field Pyramid” article. Below is a graphic of the original and still existing Masonic street design which forms an unfinished pyramid with an all-seeing eye. The Montezuma’s Grand Mason Lodge is located exactly where the all-seeing eye is located in every depiction of this ancient symbol. This is no accident.


The darker highlighted lines are the existing roads of Monroe and Grand Ave. The lighter highlighted lines are continued trajectories which form out the unfinished pyramid. The building in the center of the unfinished capstone is the Montezuma’s Grand Mason’s Lodge.

Phoenix Mission Mars Rover

According to Deborah Bass, Deputy Project Scientist for the Phoenix Mission “Phoenix is a lander that’s going to the north polar highlands of Mars to look for evidence of habitable zones. Places where life might have existed in the past.” Interesting, I wonder what kind of life?

Once again we see how the Phoenix symbol is brought into a project which has world-changing implications. The exploration of life on another planet. A rover which will explore “places where life might have existed in the past.” We have all seen photos of the canal systems on Mars by now I hope. For me, this naturally brings to mind the ancient Hohokam canal systems of Phoenix, AZ. The ones that were supposedly hand dug by a civilization that didn’t have a written language, mathematics, metal of any kind, pack animals, or the wheel. Over 1000 miles of canals engineered to perfection. A consistent gradient of three feet of drop for every mile of canal. And nobody stops to consider it even the least bit interesting that the founding fathers of Phoenix, AZ; mostly Freemasons choose the name Phoenix. The story of how Lord Darrell Duppa named Phoenix, AZ is told over and over and somehow it settles the issue and puts it to rest. I know, because I tell the story every day at work while guiding guests through our state.

phoenix_landerThe Phoenix Mars mission and how it relates to the esoteric is an article in its self, and one I don’t particularly wish to write. Richard C. Hoagland has done the best analysis possible on how it relates to secret societies, the shadow government, and ancient civilizations. Mr. Hoagland has invested a lifetime’s worth of work exploring the connection between NASA and secret societies, and in my opinion, his work is airtight. He is rather qualified as he has been the curator of Astronomy and Space Science at the Springfield Science Museum, Assistant Director at Gengras Science Center in West Hartford, Connecticut, and Science Advisor to CBS News during the Apollo program. He received the International Angstrom Medal for Excellence in Science, 1993 as well as an Ig Nobel Prize for Astronomy, 1997. It seems some of his data is hard for people to accept. You can find all this information rather easily online.

The primary mission was scheduled/anticipated to last 90 sols (Mars days) 9+0= 9. Here we see the number 9 again.


The U.N. Security Council Chamber Mural

United Nations Security Council Chamber

Seriously? Yup. Per Krohg, 1889-1965, a Norwegian painter designed and painted this piece especially for the council chamber. The mural which hangs directly above the table of 13 chairs in the U.N. Chambers has among other esoteric symbolism a centerpiece of a Phoenix bird standing above the ashes of its parent. Above the rising phoenix is a depiction of Adam and Eve standing apart inside of a vesica Pisces. Above Eve, Lucifer hangs among the vines of a tree and hands forth an apple (a depiction of original sin.) In the foreground is another depiction of the original couple only this time older and holding hands, at their feet sits their first born Cain. A circle surrounds the vulva of the vesica Pisces tying together the four main panels. This is done in order to depict the couple (Adam and Eve) as coming forth or being born. Below the Phoenix is a depiction of the slain beast of war, having been run through with a sword, abandoned weapons lay all around it. Other depictions include monochrome ghosts of dead soldiers walking past the Phoenix and lining up to pass through the door of death into next world. Souls being lifted up to the light with a rope. Scientists looking out into the stars and scientists looking into microscopes (macrocosm and microcosm.) Multiracial groups of people playing and working (a blending of all countries, no nationalism.) It goes on and on. The mural includes that of Judeo-Christian, Masonic, French revolution, and Masonic imagery. One would think that a mural consigned to be painted for the U.N. Chambers would include depictions of all religions of the earth, however, this one is composed solely of western roots and mythologies.

A mural, painted by the Norwegian artist Per Krohg in the colors and style reminiscent of a tapestry, was donated in 1952 by Norway to the United Nations. It decorates the Security Council Chamber. The mural symbolizes the changes which the world will undergo because of the efforts of the UN, and of mankind in general, to achieve peace, equality, and freedom.

While this mural has a lot going on, it is the rising phoenix and the Vesica Pisces which stand out as the mural’s main attraction.


So there you have it, the Phoenix. Did you ever think there was so much going on with this ancient symbol?  There is something far deeper going on in regards to this depiction of an ancient mythological bird.  There can be no doubt at this point that we will be seeing more depictions of this symbol as our world transitions into the next stage of our collective human experience.

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Bravo. I’ve lived here all my life and always even as a kid wondered why these names for our streets, cities, mountains, and structures. The funny thing is its not a conspiracy. It’s all “truth” in our face. If one cares to “see”

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