De-Occulting the 2019 Golden Globes Ritual

Although not immediately apparent to the sheeple and normies of the world, this year’s 2019 Golden Globe awards was another high point for Satanic Hollywood elite. A black hermetic ritual carried out in plain view for the world to see. This was not only structured at the foundational level of ritual mechanics, including color schemes, and incantations but incorporated ancillary agendas and wove several social causes into the energy being built up and harnessed that night. The end result is a public affirmation of doubling down of the Hollywood’s pedophile agenda.

There were definitely two award ceremonies taking place simultaneously at this year’s Golden Globe awards. The surface awards ceremony was the exoteric. The ceremony put on for the sleepers and normies. Those who have fallen to the sorcery of Hollywood, public education, and fluoride. Alongside this annual display of decadence and self-worship however was another ceremony. A ritual really. A ritual laid out utilizing ancient science and knowledge which is been sequestered from the majority of people alive today. High magick took place at this year’s Golden Globe awards. Institutionalized and ritualized magick, magick so ingrained in your daily life that appears to be entertainment. Magick so advanced that you don’t even realize you’re under its spell.

Ritual Mechanics


Color is everything is Magick, it sets the tone and conveys everything from rank and position in ritual ceremonies to actually performing the task of acting as a catalyst for the real energy being raised, harnessed, focused, and deployed. THAT’S RIGHT. This is PHYSICS. Color is used to resonate with the very intent of the ritual and act as a force multiplier. What’s more,

The color scheme for this year’s Golden Globe awards was RED, WHITE, & BLACK.

Unbeknownst to almost everyone who watch the Golden globes this year is the fact that all of the female nominees wore black dresses and gowns to the event. This was done to show solidarity with the “Times-Up” movement which is a spin-off of the #METOO movement Okay, simple enough. However, the hosts of the show wore red dresses. They also wore white dresses. These were not very specific times during the ceremony/ritual.

Meher Tatna, Reelected president of the 2018-19 FHPA (the organization which hosts the Global Globe awards) wore a red dress to the red carpet upon arrival to the ritual but later changed into a white dress for her two-minute speech 27 minutes into the event. There is no doubt that Maher Tatna and Sandra Oh were acting as high priestesses for the evening. Host Sandra Oh also showed up first on stage in a red dress. But later changed into white to accept her Golden Globe award. In terms of ritual mechanics, this maintains the

Where else have we seen a gathering of women donning black garments waiting in obedience while the leader of a ritual clad in red orchestrates the event?


Of course, in the realm of Satanic Witchcraft, there are more than three types of spell casting that Satanists can use. The color representation of black, white and red may be primary color associations for some Satanists, but there are more options than these. 

RED – symbolized by the energy of Mars, [also, Aries]. It represents the element of Fire. The color red can represent anger, rage, blood, desire, lust, passion, and the energy of action. It can also represent leadership or influence. For Satanists, a spell performed with the color red, can represent sexual desire, revenge, and aggressive magic. It is also useful as a focus of the will and to remove obstacles.

WHITE – symbolized by the energies and influence of the Moon. It is represented by the element of Air. White can add to security, protection, guidance to spiritual rituals, touching on the emotions and inner self. For Satanists, white can represent a new beginning, [or even transversely as LaVey recommended, to represent death, or a curse].

BLACK – symbolized by the energies and influence of Saturn [also, Capricorn]. It is represented by the element of Earth. As a color of magic, it can symbolize final endings and death. For Satanists, black is an elemental color that represents the void and the darkness, and for some, Satan. Often useful in curse magic, destructive magic, and bindings, and for absorbing negativity

Apparently, there was some infighting among the coven this year. So much so that it actually made tabloid headlines. It appears two actresses attending the ritual did not adhere to the pre-planned color schematics of the evening. Blanca Blanco and Barbara Meier opted to wear red and white, respectively. Perhaps they aren’t in the know, or perhaps we have a little competion withing the group.


76th annual Golden Globes Awards

Of course this was the 76 annual Golden Globe awards. 7+6=13. How fitting, as it is the number attributed to Lucifer and rebellion documented throughout the entirety of the holy Bible. There is a lot of power in root some numbers in this technique is used extensively in ritualistic magick. These numbers have power because they intrinsically vibrate by the number themselves as well as resonate with every other person in the know co-opting their energy into ritual. Numbers not only when the vibrational frequency but co-opt the energy of individuals.

93- members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association

93, where we come across this number before? Oh yes this is Alastair Crowley’s number made famous in his 1904 writing of The Book of the Law also known as (Liber AL vel Legis)

Number 93 comes into power for its ability to be a fixative of time itself.

93 = The base pattern of time construction.  If one draws lines across the face of a clock one will connect the numbers 12 with 6 and 9 with 3.  12+6 = 18 1+8 = 9  AND 9+3 = 12 1 +2 equals 3. A standard clock face embeds the number 93. It also reads 93 straight across.

The number 93 is of great significance in Thelema. A magical system founded by occultist Alastair Crowley. Alastair Crowley not only had deep connections with the US government and especially NASA during his day but he was one of the foremost occultists alive during his time. He penned several books. Book of the law, the book of lies, The three magical books of Solomon, Book 4, Magick. The name Thelema encodes the number 93 in its Gematria. 

Do we believe in coincidence that there are exactly 93 members in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)? 

It is a very powerful thing to number the members of any organization with fixative vibrational numerology. The founding members of the American geographical Society number 33. Of course it was written by Freemasons. The justices of the Supreme Court is nine, embodying infinite expansiveness. Of course the list goes on and on.

1944- HFPA Founding

Of course, the FHPA was founded in 1944. What’s a strange about this? For starters it has everything to do with Nazi Germany. World War II was beginning to wind down. The Americans were looking to grab Nazi scientists and pull them over to America. (Project paperclip). The US war machine was in full swing and technological advances were everywhere.
New lines were being drawn, countries were being divvied up and the Jews were about to grab a new chunk of real estate. The US would soon work into the postwar treaties that all oil traded on earth would be done so in US dollars. This is will propel the United States to the top of the food chain. But what else happened in 1944?

George Orwell penned his famous book 1984. The dystopian masterpiece where technology and entertainment is used to enslave the citizenry of a nation. The crazy thing about the novel is that everything predicted it has Artie come true. Looks like the new world order is a little behind schedule. And what is Hollywood if not the mechanism for the enslavement and mind control of hundreds of millions of humans? The sorcery of a new age and for many new technologies implementing ancient control mechanisms for an ancient control system.


Date January, 6th

From December 25th or the first day of the beginning of the rising of the Son/Sun; it is exactly 13 days to January 6th. THE NUMBER OF REBELLION. The Sun/Son rises on the 25th and the rebellion is celebrated and begins 13 days later.

1-6-2019 or 1+6+2+0+1+9=10=1 “1” is the number of the creator. Ritually this means the energy of the creator is being harnessed and perverted. An inversion of goodness.

The number 6 symbolizes human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the 6th day and is appointed to 6 days of labor a week.

In Hebraic law, the number 6 represents the test, work, and servitude. Slaves served 6 years, freed on the 7th. The land is planted 6 years then rests one year.

In the book of Revelation chapter 13, the sentence “it was allowed to do” (referencing Satan) is repeated 6 times.

Hour of Day

The Ritual began at 5pm on Wednesday. This hour of this day is ruled by the planet Mars. The god of war. This more than likely explains the red dresses worn by the leaders of the ritual as red is the color of Mars.

Moon Phase (NEW)

Of course. A new moon I knew it before I even looked. Mind you, not around a new moon but exactly on it, with 0% illumination. What are the odds that a 76-year running ritual and land exactly on a new moon went through some number added up to 13 at the height of Hollywood’s decadence, influence, and sorcery? I won’t go into the new moon here beyond highlighting that “gaining” magick is performed on a new moon while “diminishing” magick is performed on a full. The entire Golden globes ritual was about building and growing and doubling down and moving forward its agenda. But if your a regular reader of this website you know what this means. If not, do your research.

Ritual Execution

Otherwise known as the highlights of the evening. This is the actual ceremony itself as it unfolded. Highlights include:

Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg opened the ceremony coming right out of the gate with a reference to PIZZA. In 2019, in the aftermath of Pizzagate, Pedogate, Pedowood, Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, Corey Feldman, Anthony Weiner, and dozens more accused rapists and pedophiles. ONE WOULD THINK NOT TO EVEN MENTION THE WORD PIZZA. But no, they just couldn’t help themselves.

Christian Bale thanking Satan just before he throws up the 666 sign.

The Church of Satan also went out of their way to praise Christian Bale. Rolling Stone Rag wrote an article here

Flu Shots

For me, this was probably the most occultic charged portion of the evening. Wrapped up in this one skit were so many layers of double entendre, messaging, desensitization, sorcery, and subconscious conditioning that I didn’t know what to think. What appeared on the surface to be a dark joke was in fact a multidimensional kinetic action. This took everyone by surprise including the actors.

Wrapped up in the middle of the skit was also the similitude construction between placing the napkin over the head to avoid the vax and pedophilia. There is far too much to go into here but I made an entire video about the subject.

And there is more. The similitude between the napkin and Pedephilia go back further connecting not so distant dots.

Some Serious Business Getting Done

Meher Tatna took off her red Priestess dress and donned a white “moon dress” for an emotional delivery and kinetic portion of the ritual. Moon=white=emotion=famine. This seeming strange out of place 2-minute speech was executed in EXACTLY 2 minutes. In it, Tatna gave away 2 million dollars to 2 organizations. 2+2+2=6. Was this planned out this way? What are the organizations? One is a legal defense fund for overseas journalists, and the other is climate-related. Pushing forward there false man-made climate change narrative.

References to feminism and anti-male propaganda

Without reposting video clips of everything that was said at the Golden globes this year as a pertain to hyper- militant feminism and the constant nonstop ever present emasculation of men and male energy, nearly every individual who spoke either in announcement or receiving of an award took the opportunity to either attempt to paint the narrative that all men are rapists and evil or address the fellow coven members in the audience and speak to their solidarity.

Of course this was to be expected (exotericly speaking) as they were all dressed in solidarity and that was the primary theme for the night. However, a got a little overbearing and monotonous shortly into the awards.

Make no mistake, this was one of the primary “works” being whipped up and sent forth at this year’s awards. The further destruction of the male and male energy. Of course, this will be backed up and reinforced in every movie, sitcom, commercial, magazine cover, and interview which will take place this next year. You see is one thing to perform a ritual and execute an energetic action, but this must be backed up in the real world. These witches and sorcerers are well aware of the energetic principles involved as they weave this lower magick.

For more information on ritual mechanics check out my article here.

Thank you for reading I hope this opens your eyes to the reality and nature of our world. If you found this a value please consider donating to my Patreon

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