[ De-Occulting Tom Hanks: Deep State Hollywood Operative, High Priest, or Both? ]

Before I begin with this piece I’d like to state that while there are copious amounts of not only strange behavior, messaging, connections, accusations & coincidences connecting Tom Hanks to major events and nefarious acts, there is no direct evidence. Furthermore, there is no specific illegal action on his part that could legally tie Hanks to any one of the events I have drawn a connection with. That being said, this article is an attempt to compile some of that coded messaging and coincidence into one place and explain its connection to the occult. I’m sure this page will grow as Mr. Hanks continues his bizarre behavior, cryptic messaging & double entendre performances. It is my opinion that Tom Hanks has been tapped by government entities and has crossed the boundary from entertainer to operative, like many entertainers before him. I believe his involvement to be that of a Hollywood celebrity influencer in a broader conspiracy to facilitate operational messaging while simultaneously helping to drive the public narrative in regards to these events. It is my further opinion that all of this is wrapped up in the Occultism and Sorcery of Hollywood and that these energies are very much interwoven into these events.

For the record. In no way do I encourage or endorse any harassment, contact, or physical violence against any individual listed in this article.

Actors ARE Priests

I believe Tom Hanks or “Hanx” involvement in the above-mentioned matters to cross into the realm of the occult, as much of it involves symbolism and coded messages as well as principles of both higher and lower magick that run in congruence with his chosen career as an actor. These include archetypal personification and collective thought manifestation or Egregore. Actors never were, nor are they today, strictly entertainers. There were a day and age where actors were shamans & priests. Their job, to call down and host spirits and gods so as to interact with them in this dimension during sacred rituals and ceremonies. Actors began the “art” of acting during downtimes between these cyclical yearly rituals. During this time, they acted out the stories of creation and culturally relevant tales of morals, values, and expectations of behavior and duty for those who watched their performances. In short,

Actors were “influencers” of thought & behavior from the very beginning.

The United States government has been as much a part of Hollywood as the actors who navigate it and those who consume it’s sorcery and messaging. Actors who were known U.S. agents include. Ronald Dahl, Frank Sinatra, Ian Flemming, Julia Child, James Hard Dyke, Harry Houdini, Moe Berg, Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Sterling Hayden, Greta Garbo, John Ford & Christopher Lee.


An Open Secret

It is no secret that Tom Hanks or “Hanx” as he goes by on Instagram is into some seriously bizarre shit these days. And by serious I mean it would appear that Hanx regularly engages in social media deep state op signaling, bizarre Instagram posts which eerily decode to line up with very public tragic deaths and perhaps globalist agenda-driven depopulation programs given his association with Bill Gates.

What follows in this article is a cornucopia of occulted behavior, wherein any one of these incidences could be taken as a freak coincidence, when show all together they paint a far more cohesive picture.

America’s Dad

One of the hallmarks of dark ritual magick and sorcery is that it loves to mock. In fact, it needs to mock. Mocking not only serves to embolden the spirits of those who work with these energies while providing a sense of superiority and capability, but it also capitalizes on the available energy stored in the collective thoughtform of those the magick is being wielded against.

An example of this would be “artist” and I use that term lightly Andres Serrano‘s 1987 piece of a crucifix suspended in the artist’s own urine. It was the collective thought-form of all the Christians who saw this and reacted in horror which fed into the ritual. The final effect of the piece wouldn’t have been possible without A. Christianity and B. The Mockery.

It would appear that there has been a long time effort to paint Hanx as “America’s Dad”. I believe the simple reason behind this is Patriarchal Iconography. People naturally follow a successful benevolent patriarch. In fact, we are biologically programmed to observe and mimic those in positions of authority. Add media narrative and Hollywood sorcery to this and you have the perfect psyop for generational mind control. Hanks’s role as Mr. Rogers was designed to solidify this Hollywood bedazzling into the collective consciousness.

'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' trailer shows Tom Hanks as a perfect Mr. Rogers - Business ...

In this case, Tom Hanks has labeled himself “America’s Dad” in the highly bizarre Corona-virus SNL episode aired on April 12th. He said this-

“I have been the celebrity canary in the coal mine for the coronavirus and ever since being diagnosed, I have been more like America’s dad than ever before since no one wants to be around me anymore and I make people uncomfortable,” he said.

this is no small thing from a psychological standpoint. The concept of a father represents strength and protection, as well as a provider. A father is the pillar of strength for a family and more often than not determines the potential, upward mobility, and security of a family. The patriarch also represents in the subconscious as well as the conscious mind of most Christians, God. It is an automatic subconscious coat tail ride into the trust, acceptance, and security of America. Tom Hanks has labeled himself exactly this. At its heart, this is mockery. 

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

Whereas Isaac Kappy was the first to come out publicly and label Hanks a Pedophile, Sara Ruth Ashcraft also came forth on July 24, 2018, and made detailed personal accusations herself. SRA claims that Hanx purchased her from her father when she was 13.

“This is me at 13, the age I was when Tom Hanks purchased me from my father for sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll. I wonder how much he paid? I wonder how much $$$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?”

– Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

She has also accused Hillary Clinton of raping her where she directly accused Hillary Clinton of participating in a “ritual abuse event,” via Tweet. Responding to Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick on November 15, 2017, she said:

“I was only 8 when I encountered Hillary as part of an occult ritual abuse event. I’m now 36. It never goes away. As a fellow survivor, @atensnut I see you, I believe you, I stand with you to say #ItEndsNow.”

Now. Is there any evidence for this? To be fair. NO, there is not. Is it fair to slap someone with a label such as this with no proof? I’d also have to say no. However, on the other side of the coin, there rarely is any evidence surrounding matters such as these. And that is the precise reason so many of these crimes go unpunished and continue to flourish today. I mean just look at the line of women BOTH ALIVE AND DEAD who have accused BOTH Bill and Hillary Clinton of rape.

All of this in a time when political and social climates are at least feigning to address the horrors of human and child trafficking and sexual exploitation. Like any industry, group, or click, it always turns out that those within the inner circles had more than an idea of what was going on all along.

But why would any sexual misconduct have anything to do with the Deep State you may ask?

Pedophilia Is The Currency Of The Elite

It is used as both a reward and punishment system for those involved in politics at all levels. Since sex is a natural act and something most engage in on a regular basis, this aspect of the human condition is ever-present and offers an ongoing opportunity for others to exploit should the target have a lapse in moral judgment or weakness of the flesh. This of course comes down to the ancient struggle written about so often in nearly culture and time-

Hanx Hollywood initiation-Red Shoes & Pizza

Hanx may have been initiated into the inner Hollywood as early as 1985 when he starred in The Man With One Red Shoe. This was immediately after two of his first extremely successful first films he also stared in Splash and Bachelor Party. It would appear that someone had their eye on this talent and brought him into the fold in this public Hollywood initiation movie.

Red shoes & pizza are well-known symbols in the world of pedophilia and child sacrifice

Temptation Vs. Free Will


It has been stated in recent years that upwards of 30% of Washington has been “brownstoned.” That is, the blackmailing of individuals who have allowed themselves to be tempted into sexual acts of a scandalous nature, ei homosexual, adultery, and pedophilia and caught on tape. The victim is then notified of his or her situation and made to support political agendas lest his actions are revealed. On the flip side of this coin, the blackmailed victim is fed a continuing supply of vice and since he is caught anyway dives straight into the abyss, joining the dark side completely and protecting it. This, of course, involves grooming children. NOTE (This little girl was and is not Hanx child. She is a child actress by the name of Nikki Hahn.

Other Researcher’s Material and Research on Tom Hanks in Relation to Pedophilia and Human Trafficking


What is Tom Hank’s position within the deep state machine? At the very least it is obvious he is sending coded messages/instructions in his social media platforms. However, my instincts tell me he is quite a bit more involved than that. Hanks would be in the perfect position as an influencer as he transcends the worlds of entertainment, government, and the public. He travels the world regularly and knows everyone in Hollywood. Let’s NOT FORGET WHAT HOLLYWOOD IS. It is an occulted machine designed to steer the herd and keep people imprisoned in a structured narrative.

Tom Hanx Gives Double Entendre Speech to Graduating Class

Note that there are 13 bricks in this video

On May 2, 2020 Hanx gave what seemed to be a “Double” speech. A speech full of double meanings and double speak. It was obvious to me that this speech was very carefully crafted to provide two different meanings to two very different audiences. On one had you had the overt, or EXOTERIC speech itself. A speech written and directed to the graduating class of 2020. Whereas this was written for the graduates of Wright State University it was meant for all graduating classes across the nation. One the other hand you have the Covert, or ESOTERIC meaning of the speech.

For those with the eyes to see and the wisdom to understand the speech meant something else entirely different. Once your aware of who and what Tom Hanx is, it’s not hard to understand the double meaning behind this speech. This speech simply address the breakdown and restructuring of our nation that we are all collectively currently undergoing with all the Corona-virus & racial civil unrest. NOTE (There are 13 blocks behind Hanx. 13 = York rite of Freemasonry and the number of rebellion.

It was a SERMON / INVOCATION from an appointed High Priest of the elite for what was to come.

Hanx & Gates

To understand any more going forward one must recognize the connection between Tom Hanx and the true elite who navigate our world. True power lies in the ability to make magnificent things occur. The greater one’s ability to do this, the greater one’s true power. Bill Gates is such a man. If there was just the following coincidence between Hanx and Gates I would call it just that. However, Remember that Hanx was the first celebrity to come down with the Corona-Virus followed by a very public display of the situation. Gates on the other hand is at the alleged forefront of the war on the corona-virus attempting to forcibly vaccinate the entire world.

The pretext is that Gates is playing off of Hanx’s “Any Questions theme of the original skit. And seeing that Gates’s skit was produced as an ad for his Reddit r/IAmA “Ask Me Anything” thread, one would think that that’s all there is to this. AGAIN. Everything has multiple meaning and is intended for multiple audiences.

What are the odds that Gates just so happened to follow Hanx’s skit a couple of years before the whole Coron-Virus outbreak only to be the first celebrity to come down with the COVID19? Literally astronomical! I allege that this is a foreshadowing of alliances and events to come. These skits were meant for “those with the eyes to see and the wisdom to understand.” I believe it is also an energetic hedge as it clears and satisfies the energetic law of what many refer to as Karma.

Tom Hanx on SNL: Originally aired October 22, 2016

Bill Gates Reddit’s post: Originally posted on February 27, 2017

Hanx has even engaged with the ongoing pro-vax/coronavirus agenda by creating public service announcements designed to rely on celebrity status and shaming as the primary method of coercion.

Tom Hanks Instagram feed

Tom Hanks maintains an Instagram page which even normies agree is creepy. The cringe factor and level of creepiness here speak for itself and even those who don’t think Mr. Hanks is participating in occult ritualism have no idea what to make of his Instagram. It is not only the pictures that stand out as more than slightly “off”, but it is also the timestamps and comments that go along with them.


Here you will find dozens of pictures Tom “Hanx” has taken on his cell phone and posted. Most of which are lost Shoes, Gloves, and articles of clothing and effects, but there are also many photos of Tom pretending to open up or get into strangers’ cars. It seems Tom Hanks has a history of photographing lost articles of clothing and posting them on his social media. Not only do I not know any other famous people who do this, but I also don’t know anyone else who does this, nor do you I’m betting.

Stop and ask yourself the question. Why would a successful Hollywood actor who is

  1. Assumedly extremely busy making movies and being an actor,
  2. Has a public image to maintain and shouldn’t be acting creepy, and
  3. Should have better things to do with his time, go around photographing lost articles of clothing with strange accompanying comments, and posting them on social media

engaging in this type of behavior. Did some public relations manager somewhere convince him that this was a great way to get and keep one’s name in the public arena? And where in the hell is his public image consultants anyway? Lord knows they have a full time job keeping up with this shit.

NOTE: Just recently, as of June of 2020, Hanx has turned off all comments to his Instagram account as it was being continually bombarded with accusations of pedophilia and murder.


This also ties into the Corona-Virus psyop as it is widely believed that the G.F. incident was nothing more than another psyop executed to add to the chaos and entropy of our nation in a current time of crisis. Order out of Chaos.

On May 19th Hanks posted this to his Instagram

This post threw everyone who follows “Hanx” Instagram for a loop as it didn’t make any sense. It was this post as well that Hanks turned off his comment section. That’s right. Tom Hanks no longer allows people to comment on his bizarre and often disturbing Instagram posts.

I believe I have De-Occulted Hank’s message sent in this post. Here we go.

It is a photo of a smashed coffee cup lid and a Nine of Clubs playing card with the caption.

“Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21! Hanx.

Someone in the comment section mentioned that it was most likely a post in response to Ellen DeGeneres’s card trick video she had put out a few weeks before. However, this doesn’t make much sense.

Here’s what I believe this to be.

This Post Was A Trigger Pull For the George Floyd


This post was made on May 19, 2020. Here in the intended message conveyed.

  • Hanks says “Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce!”
  • The items form a not so obvious C and H.
  • This is the abbreviation for CHICAGO
  • C & H come out to 3 & 8 respectively in the Ordinal Cipher OR 38
  • The George Floyd Psyop took place on Chicago and 38th street.
  • Now renamed George Floyd Ave. This was done to cement a permanent physical location for the ritual psyop. An altar so to speak where people can dump their energy and others can harvest it.
  • The Coffee Cup lip he has labeled the King and the card the Deuce.
  • Nothing else made sense except for the obvious “C” formed by the deformed lid and the words “Coffee King”
  • When we researched “Coffee King” this comes up first.

Yup!!! Floyd Blvd.

First things first. Let me say that I don’t think this Coffee King Company has anything in the least to do with what the deep state, and our government perpetrates on us. It appears that this business was simply used as a name attachment for transmitting a “Go Live” order.

  • Hanks attached the “Deuce” to the Nine of Clubs, replacing the nine, making it the Two of Clubs
  • Note that the Two of Clubs, along with the two of diamonds, hearts and aces is one of the four unluckiest cards in a deck of cards. This card has no positive meaning so to speak when it comes to the occult.
  • More than this, its occulted meaning FITS PERFECTLY with the resonance intention of how this pysop was executed and carried out
  • In the Urban dictionary, the Deuce of clubs has another fitting meaning to what transpired after the execution of the G.F. psyop. It means “TO FIGHT”.

There is little doubt in my mind that the photo posted above by Tom Hanks, like many others was a signal to kick off a Deep-State operation. AND IT WORKED. There is also very little doubt in my mind that Hanks, along with many other Hollywood elites are wrapped up in government operations on a regular basis and use the occulted sciences and symbols and symbolism to carry out their plans in accordance with the ancient sciences in an effort to bring to fruition their envisioned system of governance and control.

It also didn’t escape the attention of some of my listeners that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked in a Club for over a year together.

Hanx & The Death of Isaac Kappy

Within three days of Isaac Kappy’s death, allegations were being made all over the Internet that Tom Hanks was complicit in the death/murder of Isaac Kappy.

It wasn’t enough that Isaac called out Tom Hanks directly which you can see in the above video. But Tom Hanks made a number of suspicious Instagram posts which at first appearing normal in the time they were posted but that many construed as threateningly ritualistic in hindsight of Isaac’s death. Upon further investigation of Hanx’s Instagram feed, one sees a number of bizarre posts, LIKE MOST OF THEM, which seem to follow similar patterns of quite frankly bizarre photos of random objects on the ground. Most of those items being children’s shoes, socks, gloves, and personal ID Mr. Hanks just happens to find in his daily travels? When does Hanx have time to make films?

First things first. There is simply no way Tom Hanks was not aware that Isaac had been accusing him of being a pedophile. I’m sure Mr. Hanks is a busy guy but at the time Isaac was making the social media rounds his message was everywhere in Hollywood and creating quite a stir. TMZ was also reporting on it, making a grand spectacle out of Isaac’s association is Paris Jackson. So, THERE IS NO WAY HANX WASN’T AWARE OF ISAAC KAPPY’S ALLEGATIONS.

Hanx Instagram posts concerning us in regards to Isaac Kappy are following three posts.


“Land of enchantment. And lost gloves. Hanx”

This first photo was posted on March 13, 2019. The 72nd day of the year. Number 72 factors into nearly all public occultic ritual murders/sacrifices. It is a vibrational fixative which is used in the timing aspects of these rituals. Think of it as a “base” or “foundation.” It factors heavily into almost all organized religion as well, but practicing occults love it. See the number 72 page on this site.

March 13th is also “3/13”, This number like “133” contains the same numbers. Isaac died on May 13th, the 133rd day of the year. 133 contains the numbers 13 and 33 which are the level of degrees in the York and Scottish rites of Freemasonry. “13/3” and “1/33”. It would appear that 313 also contains the same numbers only in a different order. It also contains 3/13. The 3 degrees of the Blue Lodge and “13” the York rite and also the number of Rebellion in the Bible.

Isaac was from Albuquerque, New Mexico THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT.

What did Tom Hanks possibly mean by “Land of enchantment and loss gloves.”? Could it be construed that Hanks is insinuating and warning that Isaac is “lost”? Jeffrey Epstein, recently deceased due to suicide of his own in a jail cell awaiting trial for the trafficking and facilitating of child sex slaves to the DC in Hollywood elite, also has a ranch in “the land of enchantment”

The white Freemason gloves are spotless, and they signify that the works of a man’s hands must be as pure and as spotless as the gloves. Aside from Freemasonry however gloves symbolize the works of the hands of man.

Note. The glove in this photo is white and dirty or soiled.


This second one was posted exactly 40 days prior to Isaac’s death is the one which originally drew all the attention to Tom Hanks. Note “Hanx’s” comment.

“Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.”

It would be 40 days later (the duration of suffering in the bible) that Isaac Kappy would throw himself off the Transwestern overpass onto Route 66 and then get run over by a Ford F150 (roadkill). Note the round cap with the letter “P” on it in the bottom of the photo. cap-P or Kappy.

Note. The glove in this photo, like the first, is also white and soiled.

Within Freemasonry and the occult, gloves (and hands) are a symbol of “human actions.” For more on this, please see here. https://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/sof/sof22.htm


The caption in this one reads:

@Hankskerchief! Bespoke perfection and gorgeous. Colin Hanks knows his kerchiefs! Hanx. #Hankskerchiefs

This next Instagram photo was posted the day of Isaac Kappy’s death, May, 13th. It is of a red handkerchief. Within the world of high profile occultic murders/suicides, there is the ever-present theme of the “red scarf.” High profile people are found hanged, often with red scarves, including Kate Spade and L’Ren Scott. The red scarf has become known as a symbol of those who have been “suicided” for talking too much or who was about to talk. And yes, these people all tie back to pedophilia.

Note the desert southwest motif with the big mountain on the kerchief in the background. Desert cliffs, a looming mountain, an RV, Native American symbols, desert flora. Across the street on Route 66 where Kappy died is a Camping World RV outlet store and Bellemont sits at the bottom of the largest mountain in Arizona called Humpfrees Peak. Bellemont means beautiful mountain.

The packaging on the red handkerchief reads ” 19 Ready Made in CA 77 ” Isaac was born 2-17-1977.

Has anyone thought to ask why somebody would custom order a bespoke kerchief with an RV camper on it? Of all the things one could put on a kerchief, someone orders a custom kerchief with a huge RV on it in the high desert. Has anyone thought to point out that “Hanks” name is right over the top of the blood-red kerchief? Signature/Stamp/Seal/Claim?

This Kerchief was bespoke or CUSTOM MADE PER ORDER.

Was the sacrifice supposed to be carried out in front of the RV camping world? Is that were Isaac may have been on his way to when he stopped? Why were there reports of a man who looked just like Isaac over at the camping world two hours after this event? What happened to the homeless man who looked just like Isaac who was seen for three months prior to this event but never seen after May 12? OR

Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque, the same town Isaac was from before he moved to California. “Breaking Bad” can be seen as what Isaac did when he betrayed Hollywood.

Run Forrest Run !!!

What are the odds that the man who ran over Isaac on Route 66 was named “Forrest” Scott Proctor Who’s name means “Manager of the Forest.”

Image result for forrest route 66
Image result for forrest route 66

“Blood on the road in front of an RV store”

Turner and Hooch

Forrest Gump isn’t the only movie that contains foreshadowing of the death of Isaac Kappy. Tom Hank’s 1989 film Turner and Hooch also makes an uncanny premonition.

In the movie, Tom Hanks plays the part of Scott Turner, a neat freak cop of the fictitious town of Cypress Grove, which is actually Pacific Grove, CA. In the movie, the building at the southeast corner of Lighthouse and Forest Avenues was used to represent city hall where much of the movie takes place.

SCOTT Turner on FOREST ave

What was the name of the individual who ran over Isaac Kappy?


ALSO. What about all the reports for the local witnesses who reported that the man who jumped WAS a homeless man with a dog who’d been living at the truck stop on and off for 3 months? It was said that he gave the dog away to another homeless couple the day before he jumped from the Transwestern overpass. That homeless man has not been seen since.

Ritualistic Timing of these posts

First of all. “3” posts. There are only 3 degrees in the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry. 3 posts, 3 degrees. This number is the primary number found scattered throughout most of these public ritual shootings.

72 Days between the first and second posting. 40 Days between the second and third. The last photos posted the day of Isaac’s death. I pointed out the significance of the numbers 72 and 40 above. But, there are exactly 32 days between the 1st and 2nd posts. OR the highest degree a Freemason can achieve without having the 33rd degree bestowed upon him.

Tom Hanx Reaction

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I find this in itself to be rather strange. There’s no Possible Way, Tom Hanks has not taken note that hundreds of people have descended on his Instagram and accused him of being complicit in the murder of Isaac Kappy. Those histogram posts are full of comments accusing him of exactly that and pointing out the ritualistic aspects I just pointed out above.

Mr. Hanks has obviously not removed the photos nor has he commented on them. One would think he would have a publicist or maybe even a good friend who would encourage him to take them down as they are bad publicity and make some sort of a statement about grand coincidences and such but that has not happened either.


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Great work! I wonder, do other priests like Hanks, use lost items to perform rituals? If so, I think I will be picking up lost item and throwing them away. Just the other day I noticed a glove on the ground and thought of Hanks. Need to break that I guess.

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Thank you both for your service in our quest for truth and justice.
I live in Mesa. This Az occoult history is sooo fasinating. Im going exploring! Much love. NANMASTE

Big fan of your articles, thanks for breaking so much of this down.

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I noticed that Sara Ruth Ashcroft’s initials, SRA, also stand for Satanic Ritual Abuse.

I wonder if sometime you might break down Hanx coded speech (about checking the Gates) at the 2020 Golden Globes.

In regard to damage control, were you aware that Hanx’ “son”, Chet’s instagram rant was removed a couple days after he posted it. He sarcastically denied allegations that his family was in the illuminati and made a comment about how we’d be sent off to Fema camps. This frightened me immediately, as Konvid was in the air and I knew they wanted to use those tcamps. Incidentally, Chet has many tattoos on his upper body. One is a huge illuminati pyramid with an all seeing eye and another tattoo resembles the logo or picture they like to show of the Konvid virus.

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